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That’s the one thing I hadn’t expected when I asked my wife, “So what are you saying, you want a divorce?”

‘Of course not’, or ‘don’t be silly’ was what I had expected to hear. I looked at Tonya, my jaw dropping. “Are you serious?”

She looked down, her long red hair hiding her face. “I — haven’t been happy for a while now, Eric.”

“But what about all of last week, our anniversary vacation…” I trailed off. I’d felt myself that after four years of marriage, we were getting stuck in a rut. But that was part of what had brought us here, to the living room of a rented house. We had been trying to sell the tiny house that I had owned when Tonya and I got married, but had recently packed everything up and left it empty in the hopes that it would sell more quickly. Tonya and I had just returned from a 5 day anniversary vacation along the northern California coast.

My mind flashed back to that vacation just days before. Images of her laughing as we drove, her long hair whipping in the breeze as she tried in vain to keep it contained. Images of her flashed before me — lying on her back in our hotel room, her eyes wide and mouth gasping as I slide my cock into her dripping wetness, her curly red hair down below proclaiming her true red-haired status, as if anyone really doubted. A flash of her soft breasts pressed around my cock, as I slide the tip into her waiting mouth, her pale eyes looking up at me. The sound of her screaming into her pillow as my tongue and fingers teased her over the edge after 15 minutes of denying her the orgasm she had so desperately craved. The walks on the beach, the sexy photographs at sunset on the bluffs, all of that that felt so good, so right — and she wanted a divorce? What. The. Fuck?

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Eric, and at this time in my life I was 29 years old, had been working at a promising job at a big high tech firm for five years, and had been married to my beautiful wife escort ataşehir Tonya for 4 years. Neither one of us was in a hurry for kids, so life was pretty simple.

Until then, in any case. Tonya’s silence devastated me at the time, but it was the turning point that started me on a two decade sexual adventure, that is still continuing. Polyamory, three-somes, four-somes, open relationships, BDSM, sub/dom play, and so very much more. I learned a lot from some amazing, wonderful friends and lovers, and even when I failed miserably, I learned and (eventually) grew. I dedicate these scribbling, and those yet to come, to those amazing people who shared their lives and souls with me. If any of you ever happen to read these, I hope you recognize yourselves and remember me fondly.

Let me get back to picking my jaw up off of the floor. Turns out I got in at the beginning of a growth industry. This was about 1991, early in the massive multiplayer online gaming craze. Tonya played a text only adventure game — hell, I started playing too just so we’d have something else in common. She had fallen in love with a guy in Texas, and she was going to move there to be with him. To be honest, the rest of that conversation, nearly 20 years ago, didn’t stick with me. What happened a few hours later though, did.

We were both emotionally exhausted. The tears, the explanations, the shouting and pleading, had left us drained. By the time we had to go to bed, we knew that the marriage was over with, and that Tonya would soon be going to Texas to start a life with a man she had never even met. That didn’t seem important as we closed the door, dimmed the lights, and started undressing for bed. I walked slowly over to her, her eyes not leaving mine as I approached. As I reached around to unhook her bra, she sagged a little into me, her eyes acknowledging what I already knew — this would be our last time.

I leaned down to kiss her, and all of the emotions kadıköy escort of the past few hours threatened to boil over, and our mouths started ravaging each other. She was more aggressive than she had ever been before as she sucked on my tongue, her hands struggling to release my erection from my jeans. As I popped free into her hands, I pushed her to the side and back, tossing her onto our bed as she gasped. I kept her from sitting up by nuzzling her breasts, then sucking hard at her small hard nipples. I kept my head moving down, and traced her cunt lips with my fingertips through her rapidly dampening panties. Putting my mouth over her clit through the panties, I formed a seal and blew, forcing hot air over the sensitive bud. As I pressed my tongue slowly onto the rapidly dampening cloth, Tonya’s breathing quickened, and she started to moan louder. Enough of this — she’s the one leaving me — if this is going to be our last time, I’m going to leave us both with some memories.

Sinking my teeth into the front of her panties, grazing her clit with my teeth as I do so, I stretch them as far as I can with my mouth, then grasp the sides of her panties and yank them down her legs as she gasps. She looks up at me as I strip off the remainder of my clothes, my 7″ cock jutting up and out in front of me. I step between her legs as she is still splayed mostly on the bed, and lean down to suck on her tits as I slide my hardness against the outside of her lips. She moans as I gaze down on her, my cock grazing her clit, her curly red hair matting with the dampness. I kneel on the edge of the bed, lifting her feet off of the floor and raising them over my thighs as I place the tip of my cock at her entrance. I hover there, looking into her eyes as she whimpers, raising her hips to try and force me deeper. Again she tries, raising her hips higher in vain as I move with her, keeping just the tip of my cock in her tunnel. Once more she tries, her lips forming maltepe escort bayan “please…” as I pinch both nipples hard as I slide all the way home, and Tonya screams “OH MY GOD!” I hold then, buried completely inside of her, feeling her pussy stretch around me as she gets used to the feeling of fullness. My fingernails tease her crinkled nipples, and she begins to rock against my cock.

I slowly begin moving now, kneeling above her, rolling my hips in order to hit that spot she likes so much. I move my right hand down, fingertips vibrating just above her clit, moving it within the hood, not so much stimulation to be irritating, but not quite enough to cum, either. I start to fuck her harder now, faster, and I look down at her closed eyes, mouth open and moaning and I wonder if she is thinking of her new lover.

As that thought crosses my mind, I take my hand and start lightly slapping her pussy, right on her clit, as I keep moving in and out. The sound of her moaning increases, as does the frantic motion of her hips, as I keep increasing the force of my slaps. My hand comes down harder and harder, as her moans get louder and more desperate. She cries out as I leave her empty, and I spin her around and toss her face first further onto the bed. I move up onto the bed, spreading her legs with my knees as I kneel behind her. I grasp her hips, and pull her up into a kneeling position, her soft red hair streaming down her back and brushing my wet cock. I push her head down onto the pillows with my left hand as I ease my cock back into her pussy. I stop my motion when I’m almost completely withdrawn, and Tonya whimpers and tries in vain to get me deeper. SLAP! “Ah!” she cries in surprise as my hand comes down hard on one rounded cheek. “Oh! Ah! Ooohh!” the cries continued as I kept slapping her pale ass, my handprints blurring into a glowing red spot as we fucked faster and faster, both of us selfish in our pursuit of our own orgasms. Tonya reached around and grabbed at my ass, her nails leaving broken skin behind as she tried to pull me deeper into her. I don’t know which of us started cuming first. But as we screamed out our release together, our bodies sweating and gleaming in the dim light, I knew it would be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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