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Public Sex

We climbed into the car together, so many things to do today with the holidays upon us. The stores were crowded and we thought we’d get an early start, each with a travel cup of steaming coffee and thoughts of crowded malls and parking lots looming ahead of us, neither one was talkative.

We slid in and were off on our way. We stopped off at one of the many stores on the list for today saving the mall for later since they didn’t open as early as some of the chain stores did. There were gifts we already had in mind so we wouldn’t have to wander unsure and knowing how he hated shopping anyway I didn’t want any arguments to ruin an otherwise pleasant day.

The air was crisp and as we walked through the parking lot and I couldn’t help but watch his legs move underneath the fabric of his cotton khaki pants and the tight ass I so adored. I let my hand slip from his hand and wander lower over his firm butt hoping to bring a smile to his face but he was busy watching cars back up and put a protective hand on my shoulder almost without thought.

His mind was obviously elsewhere and he wanted the shopping over and done with. We didn’t take long to pick up the gift for his mother, stand in line and head off to our next destination. People are always just a bit more friendly at this time of year and smile more often giving you that warm feeling inside.

As we climbed back into the vehicle, him on his side and me on mine I felt a familiar twinge between my ataşehir escort bayan legs that made me think a little excitement might make his shopping experience a bit more ………..adventurous.

As he backed the car out of the parking spot I slipped my hand over to his leg and let it slide between his legs. He glanced my way and smiled, pushing my hand away.

“I’m driving here, you’ll cause an accident” he commented with a sly smile on his lips.

I stuck out my lower lip which caused him to laugh and grab my hand and place it back between his legs. He squirmed just a bit to get my hand where he wanted it but I was already pulling it back out and slipping up to the button at the top of his pants. I struggled with the button a minute and he sucked in his breath to give me better access making me smile at how much trouble I was having. The button suddenly slipped from the material and was free. The zipper slid down easily enough and I could feel the hardness waiting for me there. Mmmmmmmm I loved how he felt under my hand.

“Now that you’ve got me going, what’s the plan?” he asked.

“Let’s just play it by ear” I said.

He stopped at the light and looked over at my eyes and I leaned over to kiss him, slipping my tongue into his mouth and drawing his tongue back into my mouth where I sucked it lightly before letting the kiss end seeing the light turn green out of the corner of my eye. I undid my seat belt and he began escort kadıöy searching for a parking lot nearby that wasn’t too crowded. I couldn’t help but smile at the mischievous light I saw in his eyes and that was all the encouragement I needed as I turned myself towards him and headed my eager mouth towards his cock that I was gently stroking and squeezing in my hand.

It was a tight fit between the steering wheel and I had to sit back up as he turned into the lot and found a semi secluded place to his liking. He parked abruptly and left the motor and heater running as he reached for the lever on the side of his seat so he could move back allowing me more access and pushed his pants aside freeing up his now rock hard cock.

I leaned over again and began to lick just the tip and slide my tongue up and down the shaft in long strokes trying to make sure I didn’t miss any of it as I moistened him with my saliva. He tasted slightly of his favorite soap from his shower this morning. I used my right hand to gently massage his balls as I continued to tease his cock, not allowing him to enter my mouth quite yet.

I licked the head and rim and went back to work on the shaft for a few more minutes….moving my hand to the inside of his thighs and slipping the other under one side of his ass.

I turned to look up at him and saw him look back and smile into my eyes before he began watching the lot to make sure no cars got too close, his maltepe escort mouth slightly open and his breathing a bit faster and deeper than it had been. With one quick movement I guided him into my warm mouth and took him as deeply as I could. I heard him moan and that just made me work my tongue up and down in opposition to the way my head was moving.

I’d alternate between sucking lightly to sucking hard, moving my hand under his ass slightly as I held his cock with my other hand at the base moving my head up and down slowly. I loved the taste of him, the smell of him, the smooth way his cock slid past my tongue and lips and felt him throbbing inside my mouth. I’d gently let my teeth graze him, and feel him stiffen.

He said “Keep that up and I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” I quickened my pace and he put his hands on my head, twisting his fingers gently in my hair. I could feel his balls tighten beneath my hand and moved back to roll them gently between my fingers.

“I’m cumming” he said in a deeper voice than normal. He pushed me down deeper onto his cock and I felt my pussy tighten in response, as he began to cum on the back of my tongue in hot spasms, his whole body quivering as he let himself go. I swallowed and sucked every last drop out of his still twitching cock as he loosed his grip on my hair. I let my tongue slide up to the sensitive head and licked gently in swirling motions and felt him respond to every move my tongue made.

I sat up and he let out a deep sigh, tucking himself back into his pants and zipping up quickly and efficiently, a satisfied smile on his lips. I leaned over and kissed him slipping my tongue into his mouth, with a feeling that shopping wasn’t going to be such a chore after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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