Shen’s Sister

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Characters in sexual situations are 18+ yrs.


His arms held her in a vise-like grip as he stood behind her in line at Starbucks. Lillian loved how her boyfriend held her. Sure his grip was constricting and her lungs felt like they were about to collapse, but it made her feel wanted. She felt safe and loved in his strong arms.

Shen nuzzled her neck, kissing her exposed skin, peeking out from her shirt’s collar. They were both in their school uniforms still. Shen wore the boy’s mandatory black dress slacks, white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and optional blue and green striped tie. He had worn a cobalt blue sweater in the school building since the administrator always kept it frigid. Lillian also wore the mandatory white button down shirt, but no tie, and tucked it into a pleated black skirt. The skirt’s hem stopped short four to five inches above her knee. Thankfully, it was a skort so she never had to worry about crossing her legs in class. She had worn forest green knee socks and black ballet flats, all standard items that were within the school dresscode. Blackwood Prep had a strict uniform and only allowed white oxfords, black bottoms (pants for guys and skirts-skorts for girls), black dress shoes, and any accessories like sweaters, ties, socks, or scrunchies had to be either white, black, or the school colors-forest green and prussian blue.

Blackwood didn’t stop its strict rules at the dresscode but continued its rigor throughout its academia and athletics programs. Assignments were graded harshly and stringently. If you didn’t show up to class on time, you were given a demerit. Three demerits sent you to detention which could mean anything from writing essays to scraping gum from under the bottom of the desks. Athletes worked hard two hours everyday after school and during the summer for preseason conditioning. If you showed up late to practice more than three times for any unexcused reason, you were put on athletic suspension for a month. Because of the harsh punishments doled out, most students caught on quickly and become the perfectly submissive and attentive.

Shen and Lillian had gone out to Starbucks for the hour break they had between school and sports practices. Shen had volleyball practice and Lillian had sailing practice. Her team was supposed to make it to states this year.

Finally, they got to the front of the line and Lillian ordered for them both since Shen was busy sucking on her neck. The barista eyed them, but brushed it off easily with encouragement from one of Lillian’s glamorous smiles. She had a way with people and getting them to do what she wanted.

While waiting for their coffee, Lillian turned around in Shen’s arms, her hands clasped around his neck. She kissed him, not erotically as she wood in private, but it was long and slow enough to tell him what she wanted.

When she leaned back he asked, “Excited for tonight?”

“Absolutely,” she grinned coyly. “You’ll pick me up at the docks around seven?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he eagerly kissed her again, his lips melding to hers briefly.”

Unfortunately, Shen had to let go of her when they got their drinks and headed out of the coffee shop. They hopped into Shen’s car and he drove them back to school where Lillian caught a ride with a friend to the docks for sailing practice. Even though they were close to the water, they weren’t close enough and the sailing team had to commute to the closest inlet everyday. It was half an hour from school. Shen headed to the gym for volleyball practice after giving his girlfriend one last, long slow kiss.


Shen was right on time, arriving promptly to the docks at seven pm. Lillian hopped into his car, her muscles sore and her uniform damp from having fallen into the water during an arduous exercise.

Her boyfriend kissed her anyways, his handing cupping her cheek. He even sucked the salty taste of her lips. She smiled demurely when he let go. During the ride to his parents’ place, Lillian was acutely aware of his right hand resting on her thigh. Occasionally, his thumb caressed her skin or his fingers dug into her flesh. Lillian responded by holding onto his upper arm and rubbing her thumb back and forth over his skin.

He refrained ataşehir escort bayan from kissing her during the ride, knowing he would miss when a red light turned green when he got distracted. It took great self-control on both of their parts. Soon, they arrived at a large brownstone. Shen’s parents were never home and his older siblings had all grown up and gone off to college or gotten a job. He was the youngest of five and his parents frequently traveled for work. They were practically never home but that worked out well for the young couple.

Lillian’s parents never cared where she was or what she did as long as she kept her grades up, finished her chores, and participated in a sport each season. She told them she was spending the night at a girlfriend’s house. Mom wouldn’t even notice she was gone, her hands were full with her younger twin brothers and annoying preteen, Justin Beaver and Selena Gomez obsessed, sister.

Shen opened the door to the brownstone house and they both traipsed in with their books and athletic gear. Lillian left her school things in the living room but took her gym bag to the guest bathroom. Shen did the same but showered in the upstairs bathroom. They had a routine down. First they showered because sweat and salt water drenched bodies were disgusting, then they took things up to Shen’s room.

Lillian was so excited and impatient that she showered quickly. She combed and parted her wet hair, then pulled on her revealing lacy bra and panties. She pulled on a pair of flannel shorts and a skimpy camisole, then walked out of the bathroom to find Shen waiting solemnly on the bed, wearing only a pair of rasta style shorts. His dark hair glistened wet and stuck up in all directions. He waited patiently for her to gather her things into her bag and then picked up his girlfriend like a potato sack and grabbed her bag with his other hand. Lillian complied meekly as he brought her upstairs and locked them in his room. He tossed her bag to the side of the door and dropped her on the bed, the springs bouncing with her immediate weight.

Shen straddled her and stated, “It’s Friday.”

Lilian placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down to press against her body, “Mmhm.

They had all night long and no need to worry about school. Shen began by oulling off her camisole and running his lips across her bare abdomen. Lillian sighed as his lips whispered across her skin. She dug her fingers into his scalp in expectation pf what would happen next when Shen began sucking on her skin right below her breasts. Soon, he had spotted her stomach with hickeys. He would’ve sucked on her bellybutton if not for her bellybutton ring so he satisfied himself with making a circle of hickeys around it and dotting her bikini line as well.

Before he pulled off her lacey underwear, Lillian decide to try something new. With a powerful thrust, she swung her leg up and over Shen’s side then rolled him over, expecting to be on top, but she didn’t realize how close they were to the edge and they landed on the floor, Shen taking the brunt of the fall. He chuckled at her intrepid thinking and sat up, pulling her into his lap. Lillian wrapped her legs around his waist and trailed her fingers over his smooth chest and lightly sucked on his jaw so as not to leave any noticeable marks. Shen gripped her thighs hard as the electric sensations of her fingers and lips turned him on. Lillian knew exactly where and how to touch him. She knew exactly how little pressure she pressed his skin and how slowly her fingers should trail along the contours of his body.

When he couldn’t take anymore, he stood up and thrust Lillian onto the bed violently. He dropped his drawers to the ground and yanked off her panties, no longer willing to go slow. Shen pushed her thighs wide apart and she gasped, always surprised at the feeling of his dick diving into her pussy. His body pressed down hard on hers as he grinded furiously. She rolled her hips up as the first orgasm spasmed through her body. Moans escaped through her body and Shen intensified the pleasure when he began sucking on her neck. Lillian could feel the sweat beading on his skin everytime she arched her back up and her stomach grazed against his. One of his hands escort kadıöy was entangled in her hair and pulled tightly while the other splayed across her hip. His full weight was born on his elbows, but Lillian just really wished he would drop his full weight on top of her so she brought her legs up and around his waist again and pulled him back down. His dick touched her G-spot and another moan escaped her lips. She climaxed and fell limp. Shen must’ve felt it for he pulled out of her and flipped over on his back, lying next to her.

After a moment, Lillian sat up on her side and ran her fingers over his body, starting at his hips and moving slowly towards his neck in a zig-zag fashion. When her fingers caressed his lips, he grabbed her hand and sucked on her fingers one by one. When he was done, he grabbed her neck with a firm hand and kissed her forcefully, his tongue not scared to run itself along the top of her mouth and along her teeth. She bit his lip in return and sucked on the blood that came out. With one hand still wrapped around her neck, the other slid down her back and unhooked her bra with a flick of his fingers. Soon he had bulled the garment off and tossed it to the floor.

Shen trailed his lips down her neck and across her collarbone as he pulled her into his lap and trailed his hands across her breasts, raising goosebumps on her skin. He quickly moved on, down her stomach and his fingers whispered across her clit. He added pressure and rubbed his thumb in a circle and Lillian moaned. She pressed her hips against his and forced herself on him. This time he remained still and the only thing he did was rub circles on her clit.

In their sitting position, Lillian was more agile and could maneuver herself around Shen however she wanted. His other hand still gripped her neck firmly and she pressed her breasts against his chest to alleviate the slight pain. He nibbled on her ear as orgasms rocked her body. Shen clearly knew his way around her body and it only took a few moments for him to fully stimulate her and override her senses. The next moment went by in a blur until she climaxed and found herself on her back underneath Shen.

Lillian felt a wave of drowsiness overcome her as Shen pulled a blanket up over them. He flipped her onto her side and slid his hands around her waist from behind. As always, his grip was strong and tight. She melded right into him, not minding the way his erection pressed against her tailbone. He threw one leg over her thighs in an extremely protective manner. With his body giving of a warm heat, she fell right asleep.


When she woke, Lillian found herself lying on her stomach, clutching his chest. Shen was still asleep but he had one arm pinning her against him. She would’ve been content to stay there but she had to use the bathroom. Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was five in the morning. Lillian tried to sit up but Shen’s arm had her pinned. Automatically, his other arm came up and clamped down on her. When she tried to extricate herself, he throttled her. And when she pinched him, he rolled over and moved Lillian underneath him. His full weight had her pinned uncomfortably. She struggled a bit more and slapped him. After hitting him a few more times, Shen lazily opened his eyes. He rolled off of her and let her go, frowning. When she climbed back into bed, Shen reflexively curved his body around hers and hugged her tightly in his constricting grasp. She nuzzled against his chest and would’ve fallen back asleep if not for the noise downstairs.

Shen bolted upright. He looked a the clock and scratched his head. Another noise from downstairs made him look at the door. Immediately, he jumped out of bed and pulled his shorts on.

He whispered to Lillian, “I’ll be right back.”

Shen left, closing the door softly behind him. After he left, Lillian pulled her clothes back on the crawled back under the warm blankets. A long quiet stretch of time ensued during which Lillian nervously fidgeted. Soon she heard a feminine voice drifting upstairs. Shen’s voice replied, but she couldn’t mae out the words. TTThey seemed calm though. Their voices with undiscernible words, floattted upstairs.

When the door opened back up, Lillian was surprised to find maltepe escort a woman at Shen’s side. She was slightly shorter than Shen, but she had the same silky raven hair and almond eyes.

Shen introduced her, “Lily, this is my sister, Katsa.”

Katsa immediatelypushed Shen out of the room and locked the door. Lillian’s heartrate went up fast. As she came over to sit by her on the bed, Katsa’s dark eyes drilled into mine with hidden intent. Lillian’s heart thudded violently against her rib cage.

“So your sleeping with my brother,” she stated casually, not at all how Lillian would have expected her to sound. When Lillian didn’t reply, she continued, “Shen might not have mentioned this, but I have a particular job that sort of makes me an unofficial expert in this area.” Lilian was confused but the dark-haired beauty went on, “I am a dominatrix. I specialize in shibari, an artistic form of rope bondage. And,” Katsa’s fingers trailed up Lillian’s bare arms and caressed her neck and cheek. “I would like to experiment with you and my brother.”

Before Lillian even knew what was happening, Katsa kissed her. It was the best kiss she’d ever had. Stunned, she watched as Katsa undressed provocatively in front of her. When she was done, she pulled Lillian off the bed and pulled off her clothes so both of them stood naked. Like her brother, Katsa liked to be in control and she was violent about it.

She pushed Lillian onto the bed and grabbed something out of her purse which she had brought with her. Lillian innocently didn’t recognize what it was until Katsa shoved it into her pussy. The device was large and took up alot of space. Katsa pushed the device as far back as it would go and Lillian moaned in mixed pain and pleasure. Then she took another device exactly like the one she had shoved into Lillian and inserted it into herself. Without warning, the device began vibrating. It was a soft, slow vibration but it immediately racked Lillian’s body with orgasms. She couldn’t help but cry out in blissful pleasure. Katsa was swaying next to the bed, in her own silent bliss, but abruptly lunged onto Lillian’s prostrate form.

Katsa began simply, running her tongue alongall the tender places on Lillian’s skin. She messed with Lillian’s ample breasts, fiddling with them, raising goosebumps on the prone girl’s skin. Every place Katsa touched, raised goosebumps. She didn’t stop until Lillian’s entire body seemed cold and numb. Then, Katsa touched the device still vibrating in Lillian’s pussy and changed some setting. Immediately, the device began vibrating faster and the spasms raced through her body. Katsa pushed the device even deeper, intensifying the affect, while also enjoying her own subtle pleasure lying next to the moaning girl. She smiled deviously.

When Lillian passed out, she turneeed the device off and pulled it out. She left in her own device and pulled her clothes back on, enjoying the subtle vibrations erotically stimulating her. Katsa opened the door and found Shen, miserably sitting on the floor in the hallway. He had been forced to listen to Lillian’s moans while Katsa did what she wanted with the submissive girl. Later, Katsa planned to make it up to him and have even more fun with them both. She walked down the hall, stepping over her brother’s lax form as she headed towards her old room to catch a nap.

When Shen found the strength to stand again, he stumbled back into his room and over to his neked girlfriend lying on the bed. Worried, he felt her pulse and found her heart rate extremely high. A thin sheen of sweat covered her cold body. Shen was appalled by his sister’s actions and couldn’t figure out what to think of it. He just hoped she left soon and climbed into bed next to Lillian, wrapping his arms around her limp body. He new she would recover, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t quite be the same. His sister was borderline insane and could’ve done something irreparable to Lillian’s mind. Katsa had done the same to him when he was little, always tormenting him, but this was something entirely different.


A bird’s chirping woke Lillian up as rays of sunlight met her eyes. Shen was behind her, his arms clamped around her waist, his cheek resting on her neck. She stretched in his arms and found she was sore. That was when her memories of Katsa all came back to her. She shivered, horrified, but also slightly pleased. It had felt so nice…

Shen, obviously awake, kissed her neck, startling he rout of her reverie, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

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