Sharing Secret Ch. 2

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Life with Sally while at College was wonderful, now that she knew my secret. The day that she discovered that I was a hermaphrodite plays over and over again in my mind.

But Sally has a cruel streak, and none so apparent as the day she introduced me to some of her friends.

“Here Shannon, I bought you something.” Sally was jumping with excitement as she jumped onto the sofa beside me, a small rectangular parcel thrust under my nose. Sally was always surprising me with something; she was so sweet to me. “It’s for tonight, you know, when we go out.”

With a puzzled look on my face, I opened the box and uncovered the contents. There was a complete white satin lingerie ensemble staring up at me. I removed each piece; stockings, garter, see through panties, a short waisted bodice and there in the bottom of the box, a black leather collar with a single ring and a decorative silver chain attached to it.

“What’s this suppose to be?”

“Come on baby, let’s get wild tonight!”

“Oh no, I’m not going out in this!”

“No, no, baby, I just want you to wear it underneath, you know, so that I KNOW you have it on. It will make me real hot knowing how you will be dressed for me later.”

“And what about this collar? Am I some sort of pet?”

“You’re my pet…growl…my little tigress.” Sally pounced on me, nipping and tickling, making me giggle. ”You don’t have to wear the chain of course, just the collar. You were going a bit Goth, right?”

“If you want me to.”

“Oh yes! Now, please, put these on and let me see you.”

I took the box into my bedroom, well, actually our bedroom, as Sally hasn’t slept in her room for a month now. Everything went on wonderfully, exciting me, my nipples even hardening. That also meant that my cock hardened and that was a little hard to keep inside the confines of the small panties. In the head, the slightly swollen cock head protruded up under the waistband.

“Music please.” I called to Sally. A few seconds later I entered our dorm room accompanied by a strong base rhythm. Sally was cross-legged on the sofa and she squealed with delight, clapping and cheering me on. I turned, I bent at the waist, and I put my foot up on the coffee table. My cock was now fully swollen and sticking obscenely up against my navel.

“I’ll have to put my girdle back on though.” I said, trying to tuck my penis back into the panties. Sally reached out and pulled me into her lap, kissing me hard, her free hand seeking out and finding my shaft. She teased me, squeezing and tugging.

“Oh Shannon, I love you! You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever known!”

“I love you too Sally.”

We cuddled for a little longer but we had to get going if we were to meet her friends. We pet each other the whole time we were dressing. As per Sally’s request, I put on my long black skirt and kick ass lace boots. My tops were layered and short enough to show off my belly button. Mascara and lipstick were my only makeup. The collar looked perfect with my outfit.

Sally on the other hand wore a form fitting vintage dress in a cream color, complete with lace gloves and four-inch high heels in white leather. She wore a huge silver cross around her neck along with several beads of costume jewelry.

We posed in front of the mirror together and announced ourselves ready.

We had to take a cab downtown but once there, we fir right into the busy night crowd. I was a little worried about the club Sally took us to but once inside, I saw that it was a strictly girls only club. That is, if you could some of them girls. There were plenty dressed like Sally and I but there were a few that looked like Harley Bike drivers with tits. Leather jackets, vests and those biker pants were everywhere. And each seemed to have a pretty girl with them that tagged along wherever their dyke mistress went.

Sally waved at a group in the far-left corner and we wound our way through. I was bumped into several times, and not all by accident. Sally’s group consisted of three other girls, dressed somewhat like ourselves. No biker dyke apparent. Introductions were made and I was fussed over as Sally’s new girlfriend. I was a little jealous that Sally had this history with these girls but they treated me very nicely. Soon, Aida took me up onto the dance floor while sally watched with great enthusiasm.

Aida was making some pretty heavy moves on me when we were joined by Sophia who demanded my attention. I was getting ataşehir escort dizzy with excitement when Masti, sally’s third friend grabbed me away from the other two and danced with me very seductively, bodies constantly touching. I had to maneuver away a little when she attempted to press a leg between mine and my raging hardon would have been felt despite the girdle.

I squealed when Sally joined us by dancing up behind me and encircling my waist. I bent my head left and back so that we could kiss. I was very excited and she knew it. Masti pressed against me in the front and together, the three of us danced. I tried to jump back when Masti pressed her palm between my legs but sally held me tight. I closed my eyes and whimpered and Masti’s fingers tried to close around my bulge.

“Please, don’t, not here, please stop.”

Masti gave me a last squeeze and returned to their table amidst the hoots of Sophia and Aida.

I turned to sally. “You told didn’t you!?”

“Ssssh baby, it’s okay.”

“How could you? Goddamn it sally, they’ll treat me like some freak.”

“But you’re my freak honey and I love you.” Sally tried to hold me close.

Suddenly there was a large mass appearing to our right. “It looks like you bitches need some help?”

The voice belonged to a shortcropped bulky dyke with tattoos down both arms and a bandana across her forehead. ”I could treat you both well.” She said, her hands on both our hips.

Sally turned to me “Should we go with Bertha here, or stick with me and my friends?”

I glared at Sally “maybe I will. Maybe Bertha will treat me better, maybe…”

Sally was smiling, her wicked devilish smile that always disarmed me.

“Yeah slut,” the dyke growled, pushing Sally aside, “you come with me and I’ll show you what a real woman can do for you.” She tried to pull me close and I began to struggle.

Sally gave the dyke a light tap on her arm and told her to let go of me. The dyke did but it was in preparation of decking Sally. Big mistake. Sure, sally was dressed in all frills but the dyke was in for a surprise. Sally let her throw a punch, but she slapped it to one side, causing the dyke to follow through into empty air. Sally’s left however, circled around and fell precisely on the dyke’s right ear, completing the momentum and sending the dyke crashing through the crowd.

The dyke bellowed and rushed. Sally’s judo and karate training allowed her easily to slip to one side and her right fist landed to the dykes exposed ribs. As she bent from the pain, Sally stepped in, pushed the dyke’s head down and at the same time brought her knee up. The thud of the dyke hitting the floor on her ass and then flat on her back was like thunder. Our little show was now the center of attention. I grabbed sally’s hand and pulled her away. We were joined by the three other girls and we slipped out of the club as fast as we could.

Sally was pumped and dancing around. Her girlfriends were equally excited. Aida hailed a cab and I had to pull Sally into the back with me just as the club’s door exploded open and the dyke charged out into the night searching for us. We had the doors closed and the cab just pulling out when the dyke slammed the trunk of the cab.

“Hurry!” I screamed and the driver took off in a shot.

Sally was laughing and bouncing on the seat. Masti and Sophia were crushed in with us, Aida was in the front. Sally turned in the seat and covered my mouth her own, pushing her tongue between my lips, her hand massaging my left breast. I was going to protest but she was so excited and it was kind of thrilling. I responded in kind. Sally maneuvered so that she was against the door, putting me between her and Masti. I felt another pair of hands on me and I broke my kiss with Sally to find Masti checking my right breast out, her hand sliding up my exposed midriff and cupping my breast through the light bodice.

Masti bent her face forward and kissed me, lightly. I turned to look at Sally and she nodded yes. Masti pulled my face towards her again and she began to kiss me more eagerly. The cab ride was intoxicating but short. We pulled up to a four-story brownstone and we slipped out of the cab. The cabby wanted to know if we needed a guy but Sally assured him they had all the cock we needed. I blushed madly.

It turned out that the three girls lived together here, in an apartment on the second floor. It was actually very nice; a separate kadıköy escort bayan kitchen, dining and livingroom. Each of the girls had a bedroom. While I wondered the flat, more drinks were served and Sally called me into the kitchen. Sally was dangling the small chain in her hand, smiling at me again in her sexy way. She beckoned to me with a crooked finger and I came to her. Sally fastened the chain into my collar and drew my neck forward till she was able to kiss me. Her lips were sweet with wine and she pushed some into my mouth.

I felt the collar being tugged a different direction and I saw Masti had the chain in her hand and was pulling me towards her. Our lips met again, her hands sliding over my back and down my arms.

Sophia had the chain next and she pulled me tight against her. Aida’s turn next, the chain passed around and around until I was dizzy with all their attention. Sometime during the circle, it was decided to cast off clothes. Each girl took a turn to peel something off me and I found them to be equally undressed each time I came around.

I was in front of Sophia when they discovered my girdle. I wore the white outfit only now but with my control girdle over the panties. “Watch girls.” Said Sally as she knelt behind me. Her fingers curled into the tight waistband and she wiggled the girdle carefully down over my hips and along my legs. I stepped out of it.

I watched the girl’s faces carefully, watching for their reaction to the obvious bulge in my sheer panties. Its head was trying to come out of the top of my panties, swelling ever larger now that it had been released form its prison.

I heard the soft clicking sound and found myself chained at the collar. Sally had brought along her little chain and had fastened it to my collar. She tugged it, placed her finger under my chin and smiled mischievously.

“I think you shall be our slave tonight Shannon. I think it will be your duty to give all four of us pleasure. What do you think of that my pet?”

“Yes Sally, I shall do whatever you say.”

She kissed me gently, whispered a soft thank you in my ear and then backed away. With a sharp tug she led me from the kitchen and into the living room. Sally told the girls to sit down. Sally walked around me, her fingers sliding over my lingerie. “Now girls,” she began, “I have a rare treat for you tonight. My little pet will serve all our needs tonight. She will not only do anything you tell her, but she will suffer anything you do.”

That made me shiver.

“My little whore has special talents. Shannon is not only skilled with fingers and tongue…but…” Sally grasped the panties on my right hip and ripped the flimsy material from me. I gasped in surprise. The three girls gasped in pleasure as my hard cock bounced straight out at them.

Sally strolled in front of me, her fingers trailing over my shaft. “Shannon has a beautiful cock. It works just like a male’s and produces a huge amount of jism. But there are no testicles and no sperm. Shannon also has the tightest cunt you’ll ever find. Now, we can do this any number of ways; as a group or individuals. I suggest individually at first for she is our slut for the night.”

Sally pulled me by the chain over to Aida. “Shannon, sit!”

I sat down on my knees, Aida’s legs parted before me.

“Shannon, eat!”

And I did. I intended to do my best for Sally, to please her friends. I wanted to please them, I wanted to eat and suck on each of their cunts. I could hear Aida’s exclamations as I would alternately suck and lick her huge cunt lips. And when I found her hard clit, she screamed with pleasure.


I was yanked away from Aida and I wiped my wet chin with the back of my hand. Sally walked me like some pet to Sophia.


Sophia shuffled her ass to the edge of the couch and I devoured her. Her cunt was already well lubricated and so I changed my methods. I pushed my tongue into her snatch as far as I could while my nose nudged around until I found her clit. I wiggled it and pushed at it. Sophia was calling out like some whore “Oh fuck, fuck me slut, fuck me!”


Sophia protested but Sally assured her I would be back. When I crawled my way to Masti’s chair, I observed her fingering herself already. Masti called to me “Come here pet, come eat me.”

I didn’t have to ordered to eat. And Masti was quite eager for me too. She grabbed my hair escort maltepe and pulled me against her wet snatch. “Fuck, fuck yes, come on pet, fuck me, make me cum!”

“Slow Shannon, slow down.” Sally commanded. But I was in heat.

Slap! A hand fell across my nearly bare ass. “Slow down I said.” But I couldn’t stop. I went to reach for my aching cock but another slap fell across my ass cheeks. “Don’t touch yourself! You can’t touch yourself. Now stop.”

But I kept eating Masti and she kept grinding her snatch into my face, her hands still knotted into my hair.

“God damn it, I said stop!” the chain was yanked hard and I had to back off. I sat back on my heals and watched as Masti leaned back, closed her eyes and rubbed her clit madly, exploding in an orgasm that made her sex juice leak out around her fingers.

“My turn, my turn!” squealed Aida. I found Aida lying on the coffee table and immediately put my wet face between her legs. From my point of view I watched as Sophia crawled over and began to suck a nipple. Masti suddenly appeared at Aida’s head and straddled her face. My owner, Sally, pushed my legs apart and knelt behind me, grinding her hips against my ass as if she was the one with the cock and was fucking me while I ate Aida.

Aida’s thighs suddenly clamped around my ears and she spasmed, one after another. I could barely move until she was done.

Sally stepped away from me and I was able to back away. Masti was grinding her snatch into Aida’s mouth, whose hands were digging into Masti’s flesh.

“Please Sally, let her fuck me, please.” begged Sophia.

“Would my pet like to fuck my friend?” asked Sally.

“Yes, please.”

“Sophia, get up on the sofa, back to us. Put your foot up on the cushion; put the other one on the floor. There, good, now fuck her my horny pet!”

I was standing behind Sophia now and I grasped my cock in one hand and pulled her ass cheek over a little with the other. I eased the trembling cock into her wet snatch and Sophia immediately pushed back to engulf me hard. She was really hot and horny, bucking and pushing against me. If I wasn’t so long, I bet I would have popped out at times.

Sophia was going to cum quickly, well before me, except I looked back and saw Sally kneeling behind me. Sally began to push her face between my cheeks, tonguing both cunt and ass. Sophia and I were swearing and being very vocal with our impeding climaxes.

“Oh, oh, oh fuck, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, aaaargh!” Sophia held herself tight as she finally came.

“Me too, me too!” I called out, the fingers in both my holes driving me over the edge.

“Show us, show us Shannon.” Aida and Masti were beside us watching, stroking and kissing each other. And when I could stand no more, I pulled out from Sophia, grabbed my cock and with a few expert strokes, exploded all over Sophia’s backside.

It pooled at the base of her spine and dribbled over her ribs. Masti and Aida bent down and licked some, probably curious as to its taste.

Sally was standing behind me now, and pressed her body against mine. “My good little girl, my good little pet. You were so obedient. Did everyone enjoy her?”

“My, yes.” “Fuck yes” “ I want some more.”

I blushed with pleasure.

“Shannon, there’s one here you didn’t give pleasure. Please do so now.” And with the chain in her hand, she guided me down the hall and into one of the bedrooms. Sally slid up onto the bed and pulled the chain towards her. We kissed, softly but deep. “I love you Shannon. Are you okay with all this?”

“Yes, sally, anything for you.”

“Good.” She smiled at me, “now eat.”

And I did. By the time the sun rose, all three other girls had visited us and Masti had hauled me from the bed. I woke in the morning to find Masti holding me in a spoon position and snoring softly.

I slid out from under her arm and padded down the hall. I had an urgent need to pee but I had to find Sally first. She was still in the first bedroom but Sophia and her were locked in an embrace, asleep.

I left them in search of the bathroom and as I past the kitchen, I was startled by Aida calling to me.

“Good morning.”

“Jeez, you scared me!”

“Sorry. Coffee is ready.” She was standing next to the counter in an open Chinese embroidered gown, the curves of her breasts revealed and her small dark patch of fur. “Is that a “I need to go pee” hardon, or a “happy to see me” hardon?”

I looked down and saw that I was fairly erect. “Both! But for now, could you tell me where the bathroom is?”

She laughed and told me it was one more down on my right. As I made my way there, I was thinking this was going to be a great morning too.

End – so far

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