Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 08

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My Sex Goddess

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at the age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 8 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 7 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


There we were, in my private office. My newly hired, most ravishing, third secretary had, just moments ago, given me the best blowjob of my life. Now, she was sitting on my naked lap, fully clothed, giving me tongue kisses.

June then asked me,” Did you seduce your other secretaries here in your office Michael?”

Then, I told her about the good times my first one and I had here, and then the sad tale about my second virgin girl watching me masturbate. I told her about beating my meat after I had read her resignation letter to myself in the can.

June said, “After that second girl’s rejection, did you really go into that bathroom and jack-off?

I said, “You bet girl, I stripped down naked, and pounded my pecker real good that day.” I then told her how I did this in front of the full length mirror on the wall and how I shot my cum up on the glass. I said to her further. “Oh June I do so love to masturbate and I hope we can each do ourselves soon my sweet.”

“Oh yes boss man, I jill myself three or four times a week and that would be so hot to do it with you. I just love to see a man masturbate and shoot out their cum all over themselves. I think that is so sexy,” she said.

Then June said, “Speaking of you men blowing out your cum and jacking yourself off, I got to tell you about my old boss, that old guy I use to work for before came here. You know, Michael, he liked to fuck around and play with the secretaries in his office too.”

“I liked the old guy; he was very good to me. So I tried very hard to give him pleasure. But he had a dick so small, when he could get it in me, he really did not pleasure me with it. About the only way he and I could do it was me straddling him, which was the only way he could really get in deep enough.”

“When it was erect he only had one that was little less than four inches. His little pecker did not penetrate me enough to make me feel good but he would shot his load and enjoy it.”

June said, “I swear his little pencil penis was only three and half-inches long when he was hard, and its diameter wasn’t much bigger than my thumb is, Mike.”

“I had to come up with new tricks to do to him and make him happy so he would eat me out. God he mouthed my pussy so expertly and I usually had a strong climax.”

“I had always given my boyfriends prostate rubs, ever since I learned how from my old man lover back when I was just 18 years-old. When I tried it on my former boss for the first time, he too exploded into a very harder climax, with a lot of cum for such an old guy. I thought the old geezer was going to have a heart attack, he came so hard with so much cum.”

June went on, “After I gave him his first combination cock suck and prostate rub, he then went to work on me. He worked extra hard at giving me a good tonguing when he ate me out that afternoon. For an old duffer, he was really good at eating pussy.”

“After I gave my boss his first finger up his rectum performance, we had to repeat it every day for the next week. Most of the time, I would just finger him in the ass, as he jack-off his little dick on his own,” June said.

She went on, “He was so old, that at least half of the times his pecker did not get fully erect and hard. So I fingered him, mouthed his little pecker, all the time with my finger up his butt.”

He would masturbate himself, pulled, and squeezed hard on his little half-hard or half-soft cock until he climaxed and dribbled out some cum. He told me that when he clamped his hand down really hard on his half-hard, little, cock head, he could almost always make himself shoot out a little cum. But he had to squeeze it really hard.”

“He told me that our first two weeks of doing this everyday was the most enjoyable and best sex that he’d had in years. He was so delighted in the new way that I was pleasuring him that he gave me a big pay raise,” June said.

She said that, “I had been told by others that my old boss was very good at giving women cunnilingus. He was for me anyway. He could keep his mouth down there between my legs for well over a half an hour and give me escort kartal several climaxes. He really knew how to wrap his tongue around my clit and give me great joy.”

“But, I felt a little sorry for him, because I think that over the years, he didn’t accomplish much with that tiny, small dick in the way of giving us women climaxes.”

“When he did get one of his rare hard-ons and I commenced to sit on him so it shoved in my pussy, he always climaxed way too fast. In me, anyway, he shot his pecker gun off just like a teenage boy does and he had premature orgasm. We would hardly get started with the thrusting in my pussy when he would lose it and start into his own climax.”

June went on, “But to his credit, the old guy never left me wanting. So after he came and dribbled his little deposit of cum into my pussy, he would go down between my legs, clean out my pussy with his very talented tongue, and give me my much needed orgasm or two.”

I then asked her, “How often did it you and your old boss do it in his office?”

June said, “As I mentioned, it started out to be a lot at first, almost every day, but slowed down some at the end of my employment. At the end we had some kind of sex together about twice a week.”

She then said, “Because of his heart and high blood pressure medication, the old geezer had a lot of trouble get it up and keeping it hard for long enough to screw me properly. But, he would give me a good cunt licking at least twice a week. I truly believe that the old fart just loved to suck pussy.”

“Well, June dear,” I told her, “I am not on any meds, and I will guarantee you that I do not have any trouble getting it up and hard for someone as sexy as you are, sweet dear. That is true, even though I have not yet seen your beautiful naked body.”

She was sitting, still fully clothed, on my naked lap, and she answered me, “I believe you, because I can feel your big meat getting hard again under my skirt and panties.”

I picked her up, and carried her to the couch that I kept against one wall in my office with a matching stuffed chair next to it. I set June down on the couch.

She had just given me the greatest cock sucking of all time, and she still had all her clothes on and I was still in my shirt, tie, and socks. I stood over her, stripped myself down, and got totally naked. There was a growing, new hardness to my cock.

She stood up and started to undress herself in front of me. She pulled her sweater up over her head, took off her pleated skirt, and then off came her white satin slip. She then stood there in only her nylons stocking, garter belt, red panties, and red matching bra. Then she started to take off the remaining things.

I stopped her by saying, “No, it’s my job to take off the rest. I need to undress you and take off your undies and things. I want to touch you, feel your smooth lovely white skin, and kiss you all over.” She giggled and blushed a little bit as I ran my hands over her bra-covered tits.

I unsnapped her nylons from the holding clasps on her garter belt. Then I sat her back down on the couch. I took her very long legs and held them up one at a time, rolling her stockings off of her legs. All this time, I was kissing her feet, legs, and the insides of her thighs; she was making little cooing sounds.

I pulled her garter belt and panties off, and exposed that heavenly sight between her legs. She had a mostly shaved, clean pussy. There was only a small triangle of hair, two-inches long and one inch wide, just above her cunt lips.

The hair patch was very dense and curly. Her fiery, orangey-red, muff-pussy hair was absolutely beautiful. Her cunt lips were perfectly formed just like the rest of her. I sure wanted to get my mouth down there soon to go to work on her most splendid cunt.

But first, I had to get her totally undressed. I stood her up again, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. It fell away, and I took my first look at her hooters and let out a gasp. They were my very favorite kind; I had died and gone to tit heaven.

She had at least a thirty-thee inch bust in B cup size. They stuck straight out with no sagging at all. I told her, “June your tits are absolutely gorgeous.”

She giggled and said, “Oh, Michael, I am so glad you like my tits. My areolas and nipples are not too big are they? I do so hope you suck on them a lot, as they are so sensitive. I climax very easy when a man just sucks on my nipples alone.”

Her areolas and nipples were what really gave her breast distinction. She had very big, ‘puffy’ areolas and nipples and covered the whole ends of her wonderful orbs. They were deep pink, almost red in color. Big, puffy-nippled tits have always been my absolute favorite kind. Her areolas were two inches across and rose over one inch off the rest of her suckable tits.

She had one-quarter-inch long nipples about the size of the end of my little finger. I found out later that, when I suck on her nipples maltepe escort and aroused them, they grew to over half of an inch long and become very hard.

Her areolas were covered all over with tiny, little, nobly, raised dimples. I knew that they were going to be extra sensitive and I was just going to love sucking on them. I just could not wait any longer to engulf the puffy ends of her glorious tits in my mouth.

With her still standing, I bent down, took one after the other of her two nipples in my mouth one at a time, and sucked on them. The nipples popped right out to their full size and hardness.

June yelped out, “Oh my god! Please suck harder, bite them, and make my nipples hurt a little bit.”

I open my mouth as full as I could and took each one of her areolas, the now aroused nipples, and tit ends into my mouth. I sucked, bit down, and pulled on them.

June then yelled out, “Oh mother of god, you are making me cum already! Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, yesssss, yessssss.” She started to tremble, and shook all over. I let her fall back on to the couch. June was amazing, she just had a very hard climax, and I only was sucking on her nipples.

She was still in the glow of her first orgasm as I bent over her, kissing and licking my way down her body on my way to her pussy. When I got to her flat tummy, I paused to lick and stick my tongue in her cute belly button hole. I still had not really had a close up look at her cunt, but my hand had found it and I could feel her wetness.

I moved on down her and got my very first up-close look at her beautiful, red hair capped pussy. I could not believe it, what a wonderful site laid out before me.

June had to have the most exquisite, perfectly shaped cunt I had ever seen. Her lips were perfectly matched in shape. They were already swelling with blood and opening in her arousal.

They had spread open in full bloom like a flower blossom, exposing the opening to her pink colored vagina. Already a clear, succulent juice was beginning to flow out her cunt lips.

At the top of her slit and out from under its hood of skin was the most lavishly elegant half-inch long clitoris. It was as thick as it was long. Oh, I thought how marvelously it was going to fit in my mouth. Oh, how I liked big-clit women where I did not have to waste anytime finding it with my mouth.

She was really getting wet. Her pussy juices were oozing out of her cunt opening. It was flowing out, down over her ass hole then dripping down to form a little pool on the couch cushions.

I put her long legs over my shoulders, raising her butt off the couch, and bent my face and mouth down to her waiting pussy. I the took the flat of my tongue and licked from her cute, puckered, rosebud of an ass hole all the way up to and over her clit into her red hair.

June yelped out in pleasure as I stuck my tongue into her vagina as far as it would go and began to twist it back and forth, as much as I could.

June encourage me by saying, “Oh yes, yes, Michael, don’t stop. Lick me, lick me, stick you tongue deep in my cunt.” She was making small animal sounds and cooing noises. Then I stopped sticking my tongue in her slit and wrapped my tongue around her big splendid clit.

I started to suck in air along side her swollen clit until my cheeks puckered in. I would suck in a deep breath, then exhale and do it all over again. I did this to her at least six times. The air going into my lungs would rush around her clit with a howling fury. This in and out rush of air was giving her great pleasure stimulating her clit.

I had learned this technique of sucking pussy and stimulating a woman’s clitoris from my sweet dear aunt and used it first on my big sister years ago when I was just eighteen.

“Stop, oh please stop,” she said, “I have to tell you something.”

I said, “What is it, am I hurting you?”

June told me, “No, no, oh god no. How you sucking on my pussy is just wonderful. That is new to me, that sucking air over my clit and into your lungs. That move of yours makes me feel so good.”

She then said, “I stopped you to tell you something. I am a squirter sometimes. You know, Michael, about how some women can eject a lot womanly fluids out our pussy? Have any of your girlfriends been a squirter or ejaculator, Michael? If they could then you know that we can make a real mess sometimes.”

“I only shoot out my liquids when I have an extra strong climax,” she said. “And if you continue doing that new wonderful thing to my cunt and clit with your mouth then I just know that this will be one of those times.”

She said, “I think you should go into your bathroom and get a towel to lay down under me to protect your couch.”

I assured her, “There is no need for that, my lovely little squirt gun, you. In the first place, June, you are already dripping a lot out of your cunt juices. Already you have made a puddle all over the furniture under your sweet kissable ass.”

“And pendik escort bayan my couch is covered with a water proof material.” I told her, “I bought it covered with this fake leather material, because I had great plans for my women and me making a mess on it.”

“So, dear woman,” I said, “Go a head and squirt all you want to. Please pleasure yourself to your heart’s content. The only requirement is that I get to swallow and taste as much of you squirting liquid as I can. Oh, how I love ejaculating women you sweet, sweet, dear girl, you.”

I started licking again with a renewed energy. I pushed my tongue into her vagina as far as I could. She wiggled back and forth and groaned with pleasure. I then, with all my vigor, started to suck on her clit again with my rolled up tongue technique and skillfulness.

Her eyes rolled back in her head until you only could see white and she started to squeal and yell out, “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, my God I am cumming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh suck meeeee, oh suck meeeeeeeeeee, it feels so gooddddddd.”

She then started to squirt out an almost clear, but slightly milky liquid all over my face and upper torso. She squirted out at least a full a pint of female ejaculation fluid that arced up and out of her pussy. I drank as much as I could get in my mouth. It had a sweet clover or fresh cut grass like taste.

All the time she did this, she was shaking and twisting with her eyes rolled back into her head. I laid her down on the couch very gently and held her very close to me for at least ten minutes as she slowing came back to full consciousness.

“You had a really good one, didn’t you June dear? You almost passed out,” I said.

June said, “Oh yes, I can’t remember when I last came that hard. You have a most talented mouth and tongue Michael.”

I said, “And, you my sweet girl just ejaculate the most delicious cunt cocktail I have ever tasted.”

June then said, “I must have squirted out a lot this time, Mike, as you have my juice all over your face, upper body, and chest. Look, Mike, how my pussy juices are dripping off your little nipples on your chest. Let me clean you up, Michael.”

And then she started to lick all over my face and chest. When she got to my little, man nipples she sucked and pulled on them then she bit down on them. Her tongue and teeth felt good to me.

She looked up at me, smacked her lips, smiled with the beautiful, dimpled mouth of hers, and said, “Oh my, my juices do taste good, don’t they?” And then she concluded, “Michael, I hope that you are going to do that exact same thing to my cunt again very soon.”

“My sweet dearest, I am going to do that deed many times, and in many ways in the future, but right now, I have a very hard cock that needs to be taken care of,” I said. “My cock needs to get out of this weather and into that hot, slick, tight, dark tunnel that you call your cunt.”

“Oh yes, Mike, bring that hard, super big cock to me. Lay on your back here on the couch. I want to be on top, lover,” June said. “I am going to ride you cowboy style like the hung stallion that you are. Oh sweet dear man, you are going to really give it to my cunt.”

I did, and held my cock upright, it being so hard that it wanted to lie up against my belly. Now, I had it sticking straight up like a ridged flagpole. She threw her legs over me and straddled me.

She spread and stretched her pussy lips open as far she could with her fingers, and I carefully sat down on my circumcised cock end. Slowly my big end was cover by her delightful opening. She took it, ever so slowly, inside her vagina.

My cock went in an inch at a time. She definitely knew what she was doing. It went in ever so slowly. Clearly, this was not her first time with a large cock. She stopped four or five times to let herself adjust to my big size. All this time she had a far away look on her face. Then she finally settled all the way down to my nut sack with all nine inches inside of her.

She just sat there with a glazed, faraway look in her eyes, not saying anything, but thinking about other times to herself. Then she shut her eyes and said, very faintly, almost so I could not hear her, “Oh Gramps, Oh Grandpa Paul.”

So I thought it was her grandfather after all. Just like me, my new dear lover was a child of incest sex. I had a flash back just then to another time and my mother masturbating me and me make it with my aunty.

So her first lover was her grandfather. How super hot was that? But wait a minute. Had not June told me when she was hired that both of her grandfathers had both past away before she was even born? Who could Grandpa Paul be? I let it all pass and never commented to her.

Then she came out of her trance, back to reality, and she smiled down at me and said, “See, I told you I could take all of you.”

June said, “It feels so good to have a really big cock in me again. I feel like a teenager again with that old man.” June then shut her eyes and said, “No I would say that your big cock feels even better than my old man’s cock did.”

June declared, “Michael, you are all the way up me into my uterus. It feels so good, I feel so full, so very full. No man has ever penetrated me this far before.”

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