Seven Days Too Many Ch. 01

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This is my version of a follow-up to this story by DamonX, though FinishTheDamnStory wrote one that was rather neat. Still, I figured that I would give it the old college try, particularly since there were still some things that rankled even in Finish’s version.

From 8 Days, by DamonX

“I don’t think you want to play this game,” I warned, my voice shaking as I spoke.

“Oh yes I do,” she snapped as she turned and headed towards the bedroom. “You started it. Now…this means war.”

Now To My Continuation…

I sat there stunned, first of all that Lacey actually didn’t grasp that she had broken her promise. The implication was very clear, though technically I assumed it. The context, the phrase “tight, little, virgin ass,” was pretty apparent to any reasonable person. Yeah, she had lied to me, broken her word about the one little “sweetener,” as she put it, that made me even willing to go along with that deal.

Also, speaking of assumptions, she assumed that I agreed to her “no Jenna,” but she never gave me a chance to respond now, did she? She might insist, up and down, until she was blue in the face that, “silence is presumed to mean consent,” as some lawyers would say, but that wasn’t gonna cut it with me. In the court of Damon, she was out of order and in contempt.

“Hey, what’s up, Damie?” I heard after sitting there in a fog and a blue funk for at least hour, halfway watching the same movie that I had loved for years.

It was Jenna, and she could tell that I was in no mood for bullshit. “Lacey,” she mouthed, and I nodded. She plopped right down next to me and actually put her head on my shoulder, stroking my hair absent-mindedly, making me all too comfortable with her presence. It was as if a cat had taken mature human, female form, and proceeded to brush and purr against me. Yeah, it was that kind of vulnerable moment that really made me feel calmer and more relaxed than I ever had with Lacey.

We were both quiet for awhile as the movie played and Jenna just curled up with me, snuggling in ways that no best friend would. Well, at least no platonic best friend typically would, including ones of the opposite sex variety. It just felt…good. It was hard to describe it, other than balm to a wounded soul. At last, the movie went to credits and Jenna abruptly sat up with me.

“Alright, spill kartal escort it, babe,” Jenna used a rather surprising endearment.

“Well, Lacey found out about you and me…and well, all hell broke loose. Somehow, I don’t know how, but it did. Someone named Nikki told her, but I don’t know how Nikki knew. Of course, I threw it in her face about her breaking the ‘virgin ass’ thing and she claimed that I never stipulated, so she never broke the rule. Well, she didn’t wait for my approval of the ‘no Jenna’ thing, so that applies, too, more so, since there was no insinuation on my part that I agreed not to bonk you. She broke the spirit of the deal, far more than I did, since her one-sided ‘no Jenna’ demand never got my consent.

“Then she declared that she intended to become the ‘nastiest slut,’ and that ‘you started this,’ after I told her that she didn’t want to play this game. Well, there goes that. She wants war, I guess, but I don’t know where that leaves us as a couple. Battles now and then, that’s one thing in a marriage or relationship, but all-out war…how can a couple survive that?” I shook my head at that part.

“You don’t, bro. You just…don’t. A relationship can’t survive a conflict on that scale. And it shouldn’t have to. That’s what I keep wanting to tell you…this isn’t healthy, Damon. It just…isn’t. This..thing that you and Lacey have, it might look pretty in a wedding photo, but a marriage, a relationship, that’s more than photo-ops. She keeps thinking that she’s out of your league, you buy into it, and she keeps making you jump through hoops just to please her. Is that really how you want to live your life for the forty or fifty years, even after her looks fade? That’s no way to live, hon. It just ain’t.

“Think of it this way. Those looks…they’re like icing on a cake. They look good, they taste good, but they won’t fill you up by themselves. That’s all she is, Damon. Just icing…no actual cake. Now, what we have…I’m not blind and I’m not dumb. I know that the most we can have…is…fuckbuddies, friends with benefits, but that’s still a helluva lot healthier for you than a lifetime spent walking on eggshells for your ice queen, being Ken for your own personal Barbie. Remember, Ken’s got no balls and no cock…right? Think about the symbolism there,” Jenna ranted before she realized maltepe escort bayan that I was stunned by the level of her concern and the intensity of her disapproval of my fiancee.

“Well, you said your piece, didn’t you? How long have you been holding that in, Jen?” I teased her, but hugged her, too, as I had to admit to myself that she wasn’t wrong, was she?

“From day one, babe. From day one,” Jenna admitted, even as she closed in for a kiss.

I was weak, perhaps, I was vulnerable…I was raw…and that kiss felt like Heaven right then, like a warm blanket of love and acceptance. Most guys don’t really get unconditional love…that is, it doesn’t exist to us because we never receive any of it other than from perhaps our parents and grandparents. Men are always loved conditionally, as disposable accessories objectified (yes, that word!) by the people in our lives. Especially by girlfriends, wives, fiancees, significant others. Even by platonic friends in many cases. Certainly by management at work and by the State as cannon fodder for its many wars. Absolutely by family law courts that like to kill the golden goose with overwork and drudgery.

Well, I had a taste of unconditional love right there, to the extent that it existed, and it was rather intoxicating, to say the least. Jenna was right there, eager and willing, and she now pulled me closer for more kisses that turned into necking…and then she was topless. Her breasts weren’t in Lacey’s league, but right then, I didn’t give a fuck about that. They were part of Jenna, part of a woman who didn’t treat me as an accessory or a lackey.

Yes, yes, it was ironically what Lacey dared me to do, and yes, I did it. I found myself sliding Jenna’s pants off…and then her panties as well. I found myself parting her thighs and seeing for sure that she was nice and smooth down there. I leaned in to lick slightly at her twat…and then a little more, and then another lick, before I sank my tongue further inside her snatch. Jenna wasn’t like Lacey, taking this for granted, viewing it as par for the course. Jenna actually seemed appreciative, seemed to know that I didn’t delve that eagerly into the pussy for just a one-night stand or a fling.

I sucked the juices out of Jenna for several more minutes until she pulled me up to kiss me, the taste escort pendik and smell of her own gash right there on my breath. She pulled me inside her until I was balls deep with about the third or fourth stroke. We were bareback, but right then, neither of us cared. I didn’t know who else or when else I would get to go freestyle, especially if I ever slept with Lacey again. And that was a big if right then. I already was sure that I’d want an STI screen before even thinking about intimacy with her again, what with her boast and all.

In the meantime, I had Jenna now, didn’t I? Lacey had challenged me to bed her…and so I had. Too bad that this time, her own words were definitely going to be used against her. She might have won this battle, but my fiancee was about to lose the war. In fact, she possibly lost it already and just didn’t know it yet. All I knew was that Lacey didn’t amount to a hill of beans to me right at that moment of my life. She didn’t seem that important at all, which was a major shift after so long of being so significant to me. It was hard to think of someone like her when I was living in the moment with a woman who loved me for me, not for what I could do for her.

Someone who had literally put her own ass on the line for me…damn, that mattered to me! It really fucking did! Lacey had betrayed me, whether what she did was technically cheating or not. She had broken her word to me and we both knew it. Then there was all that trash talk with Brett. Did she mean all that crap that they said? Did Brett? Did Brett only think that she meant it, because then that could be a stalker level of mess and drama that I really didn’t need in my life. And it was rather hurtful talk, too, undeniably so.

Yeah, there would be hell to pay after this whole mess was over, one way or the other, and I was not entirely sure that our relationship could survive it…or that it should. The way that things seemed to be going, eight days was seven days too many in my book. I wasn’t sure at all that I still wanted to go through with this wedding at all. The worst doubts didn’t come from Jenna’s words alone, though. It took Lacey’s own actions to make sense and context of Jenna’s words for me. Everything that she did only undercut her own case and bolstered Jenna’s by now.

Lacey wanted to be single again for a week and a day…I was now not only entirely certain at all that I wouldn’t let her stay that way for a lot longer than that. She might get more freedom than she ever even wanted after all of this. As the saying went…

Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

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