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“I’ve got to tell you something,” she said.

“What’s that?” he answered.

“You won’t think I’m weird?” she asked.

“You mean weirdER? No, probably not,” he answered.

She laughed.

“Ok, it is going to sound nuts. But there’s this certain part of my body that is driving me crazy lately. It has gotten extremely sensitive to the touch. I can’t figure out why. Or what to do to stop it. Or if I even want to,” she said.

They were instant messaging.

There was a pause.

“Oh yeah? What part is that?” he said.

“Well, I can’t come right out and say it, but I’ll give you a hint,” she said.

“It is above the waist. Oh, and,” she said.


“Yes?” he asked.

“There are two of them,” she said. And she laughed to herself. That should make it easy.

Pause again.

“Ah. I see. Well, I thought they were anyway, so you’ve said,” he said.

“True,” she said.

“But for some reason it is has increased radically over the last few weeks. I can’t figure it out. It’s like a warm tingling. Any touch at all, even just getting dressed. Taking a shower. Brushing across them with my arm while I’m doing something. Even a strong wind. Ha,” she said.

“Just about anything that touches them makes me almost…” she said.

Pause again.

“Wow. That’s interesting. And you have no idea what’s causing it?” he said.

“No. None. I mean there’s nothing biological that’s causing it. It’s just something going on with me,” she said.

“It certainly doesn’t feel…bad. So I’m not that worried about it. Like you’ve said, it’s always been a factor. But now, I might even beat my record given the right circumstances,” she said.

“And what record is that?” he asked.

“Well, with assistance, I’ve been able to ….get there…in one minute by someone touching me there,” she said.

“I actually can’t even say the word right now because they are driving me that crazy,” she said.


“Which word? You mean ‘nipples?'” he asked.

Her breath caught in her throat for a second.

“Yes, that word,” she said. Of course he had to go and say it.

“So you are telling me that you came in 60 seconds from someone touching your nipples?” he asked.

She was breathing faster now. Did he know what he was doing? Probably not. Or maybe he was breathing faster too. She liked that thought better.

“Yes,” she responded quickly.

“That is pretty amazing,” he said.

“Well, right now that record could be broken,” she said. Especially by you, her mind added. But she was not brave enough to say it.

“Depending on the person,” she added. That was enough.

Pause. Digest.

“Can’t you do it yourself?” he asked.

“Well, that’s the funny thing. I can elsewhere,” she said.

“As you know. Ha. But not there. It doesn’t work there for me to do it myself, which is ironic given the virtual ease of it for someone else,” she said.

“Well, that’s too bad then,” he said.

“It is, but it isn’t. It feels nice,” she said.

“But I just had to tell you,” she said.

“Well, thanks for sharing that with me,” he said.

Later in the afternoon, after other conversations had come and gone, he asked her for a ride home.

“So, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“It?” She said, knowing what he was talking about.

“Not that I would actually do it, but pretty sure I could beat that record,” he said.

Heart beat. Breathe.

“Pretty sure?” she said, putting on her turn signal, smiling. For some reason, she wasn’t at all nervous.

“Ha,” he said.

“Damn sure,” he said.

“Me too,” she said.

“What about through the clothes though? You think you could do it that way?” she said, stopping at a light.

“Your record, was it that way?” he asked. She stopped and thought about it, smiling to herself.

“No, it was definitely without clothes,” she said.

“Well that’s not fair then. Why the extra challenge for me?” he said.

“First of all, I thought you liked challenges, and second of all, you and I both know without clothes, this wouldn’t be no challenge at all for you especially. Houdini isn’t famous for nothing. He set his parameters high when it came to obstacles,” she said, speeding up a little.

He laughed.

“This is true. So really,” he said.

“Really, through the clothes. Huh,” he said, seeming to think about it.

They got to his house and she stopped the car. It was dusk.

She was so not nervous. It was all hypothetical. Joking, really.

“So,” he said.

“So, she said, smiling at him.

“I’ve got to tell you, you’ve got me really thinking about this. I’ve thought about it all day,” he said.

Her heart started beating faster.

“Oh yeah?” she said.

“Through your shirt, is it really that big of deal? It isn’t like skin to skin,” he said.

Her heart now was pounding. Not because she was nervous though.

“You’re going to give me a heart attack. What are you trying to say?” she said.

“Is your heart beating fast?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

He took his kartal escort hand and pressed it over her heart, pressed hard.

“Wow, that is fast. Why is that?” he asked, saying her name.

His hand was warm against her chest. So close.

“Okay, so, I better get going,” she said, catching her breath and finally breaking the tension.

He pulled his hand away, smiling.

“Well, have a great night,” he said, getting out of the car and closing the door behind him.

As he walked toward his house, she finally let out a long, shuddery sigh, biting her knuckle for a second, before pulling away. He had turned around just before she put the car in drive and saw her, smiling to himself as he opened his front door.

Her nipples were driving her crazier than ever now. She didn’t even have to touch them anymore, they were just hard, sensitive, warm, she felt flushed, going about her nightly routine. The more she tried to ignore it, the worse it got.

Luckily she had the house to herself for a few days. She had just curled up in front of the television with a drink and turned on a horror movie when her phone buzzed.

“How’s it going?” from him.

Well, it was starting to calm down, but not anymore.

“It is going. Same. You?” she said.

“Not bad. Just got off the train,” he wrote back.

“Oh yeah? Going someplace fun?” she wrote back.

Then she heard a knock at the door. For a second she was scared. Then she went to the sliding glass door and saw it was him.

Great. Since she was just in pajamas. Oh well. Her hair was in a ponytail. T-shirt. Pajama pants. That was it. Oh, and wrapped in an old blanket. Really, a hot look.

“Hi,” he said, when she opened the door. She smiled.

“Hi,” and stepped back for him to come inside.

“I’d offer you a drink but all I have is stuff you don’t like,” she said.

“That’s all right. I had a feeling that was all you would have,” he said, pulling out what he brought.

“I’m watching a really awful horror movie also. Aren’t you glad you stopped by?” she asked.

“It is too early to answer that question,” he said. And she laughed.

It was a cool spring night in New England, one of those early spring nights that got chilly even though the day had been warm.

“Are you cold? I can turn up the heat,” she said, as he sat down next to her on the couch.

“I’m fine. What the hell is this movie?” he said, taking a drink and watching during a particularly ridiculous part of the B, or even C, horror movie she was watching. A zombie had just dug his way out of a grave and was about to take a bite out of an extremely 70’s outfitted hip dude.

She just laughed.

“Just one of my favorites,” she said.

“Of course,” he responded, rolling his eyes, taking another drink.

They watched quietly for a little bit in between his further critical comments of how bad it was.

“So this is a nice surprise,” she said, not taking her eyes off the television.

“Is it?” he said, doing the same.

More quiet.

He put his drink down on the table.

“Finish that,” he said, of her beer.

She finished the last third of it in one gulp.

“So, are you ready?” he asked.

“Ready?” she said. Heart racing now.

“You know what I’m asking. Stop pretending you don’t,” he said.

He turned to face her on the couch, and pushed her shoulders slightly for her to do the same.

Of course, she knew. But still, she wasn’t quite ready to believe it. She had been rejected too many times to take anything less than blatant honesty.

“Ready for me to beat your record,” he said.

“I figured it out. If it is only through clothes. And that is all we do, then it is basically harmless. And we can go back to watching your fucking terrible movie. In less than…” he took her arm in his hand and looked at her watch.

“Less than 59 seconds,” he said.

“I guess you’re right. I can’t say no to a challenge,” he said, smiling.

She was still looking at him. And she was pretty sure there was no way in hell it was going to be the only thing they did. But she wasn’t going to say no. And she wouldn’t be the one to push anything else.

“I’ve got one rule, because you’ve got some advantages,” she said, trying to play calm. But everything about her was full speed ahead. Her heart, her hormones, her breathing. Everything.

And of course, her nipples were hard.

“Ok, rule?” he asked, glancing at her shirt now.

“You have a clear advantage here. So you can’t touch me anywhere but…there,” she still couldn’t say it. It was too much.

“Ok,” he said. He took her wrist again.

“30 seconds,” he said. And suddenly, without warning, he leaned in and kissed her mouth. She had never felt his mouth before, but she had wanted it, craved it. Her faintest sense was the sound of the screaming 20-somethings being chased by zombies.

His mouth was soft, his tongue gentle in hers. And damn, if she wasn’t going crazy inside. She had thought about him kissing her so many times. She’d even asked him to kiss her. He had maltepe escort bayan said no. Now he had her really going with the touch of his tongue on hers. She pushed him away.

“So NOW you kiss me? Cheater,” she said.

“Not cheating,” he said, smiling.

“If I was going to cheat, I’d say that I realized the through the clothes aspect would work in my favor, after I thought about it. You know why?” he said.

“Why?” she asked, knowing that was probably a mistake.

“Because the friction of the T-shirt, the fabric, on your sensitive nipple, will probably make it easier for me,” he said.

Her eyes fluttered. “Cheater,” she whispered.

“Five seconds,” he said.

He was too smart. She was confused, turned on, going crazy, and had five seconds to get it together. Not nearly enough. Too late.

She could hear the horror movie in the background as she felt the warmth of his hand on her right breast through her T-shirt. She was not wearing a bra. She closed her eyes and wondered what the fuck she had been thinking.

She bit down on her lower lip as his hand held her, and his fingers traced her skin until they zeroed in on her nipple, which was hard, like a fucking rock, and she knew it would be no time, no time at all.

She couldn’t look at him as his fingers traced her super-sensitive nipple, squeezed it gently, and circled it, and she sighed, moved her body in reaction to how hot she was, with her nipples so fucking sensitive, it wasn’t a joke anymore. Still he kept going, circling, gently squeezing her where she was hot, she was screaming hot, and she tried to be quiet, but she gasped out loud and lost her strength everywhere else, she moved until she was lying on the couch.

She still couldn’t look at him, and his relentless touch, his fingers got stronger, tighter, squeezing her nipple harder and it was there, she felt the rush of wet hotness in her pussy, as she came, biting her lip to keep quiet because she was going to scream otherwise. Not that anyone would hear, but she was embarrassed at her reaction to what amounted to so little but so fucking unbelievable.

She felt herself getting red, afraid to open her eyes.

“Forty five seconds,” he said. So eager to beat the record, of course. As he sat back on the couch.

“Now we can get back to the movie,” he said, smiling.

He was being a wise ass. It wasn’t quite that easy. He stared at the television, but thought about the warmth of her breast in his hand, how heavy it was, and he thought about watching her face as she came.

She ran her fingers through her hair and couldn’t talk yet. She moved around to get comfortable when really she wanted to climb onto his lap. She wanted to pull his hair.

But she wasn’t going to be the one to say it. Or do it. She was fine. Just fine.

He listened to her breathing. It was fast.

“Do you want something? I’m getting another beer,” she finally said.

“I want another movie,” he said. And she tried to laugh.

She came back with her beer, took a sip and put it down.

“I have a question,” she said.

“Ok,” he said, drinking his drink.

“Forget it,” she said.

“Go ahead,” he ahead.

She was so frustrated.

“If you would enjoy fucking me as much as you seem to enjoy fucking with my head, you’re really missing out,” she said.

He had to smile.

“Is that a question? It sounded like more of a statement,” he asked.

“You know what, fuck you, and your fucking editorial corrections,” she said.

“Do you want to hit me?” he said.

He sort of wanted her to.

“Don’t tempt me,” she answered.

“Go ahead,” he said, “I dare you.”

She punched his shoulder.

She punched it again.

“Come on, you can do better than that,” he said, putting down his drink.

“Do you know how long you have been frustrating me? I don’t think you want to go there,” she said. She was not nervous. She was not playing games. She was frustrated and turned on in equal amounts. And both were a lot.

“Frustrated? What did I just do?” he asked.

“Ha! I’m talking months,” she said.

“And if you think you are so fucking amazing that at a 45 second induced orgasm is going to take care of someone like me after frustrating me for months, you’re dreaming, and maybe I was wrong about you all along,” she said, turning back to the movie.

“Oh yeah?” he said.

“Yeah,” she said, now turning red.

“So maybe you should hit me harder,” he said.

She pushed him with her foot on the couch, trying to push him off. She started to laugh.

“Hey!” he said, pushing at her leg.

She started to kick a little, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to try to really push him off the couch.

He grabbed her legs, and pushed them to the couch and then she tried to hit him. She pushed him and punched him in the chest, and he climbed up her and held her hands down now, pushing his body down on hers. They were both laughing.

She was trying to catch her breath as he leaned down over her and kissed her again, so slowly, in slow escort pendik motion it was so slow. It was so slow she didn’t even realize was happening. He leaned his body against her, pushing against her sensitive nipples again.

His tongue moved slowly into her mouth, and she met his slowness with her own, her lips kissing his, finding his tongue, meeting it, kissing him deeply. His hands were still pinning hers down and she was so turned on by him keeping her hands that way, rising her chest to meet his, unconsciously rubbing hers against his, ever caressing her crazy, sensitive nipples, looking for relief, and he knew that was what she was doing.

They both knew he had barely gotten started,

He pulled his mouth from hers and looked in her eyes, his body meeting hers entirely on the couch as her leg moved around his hip.

His mouth was so close to hers, and she reached out to it and had to touch it, she ran her finger gently over his lips, into his mouth and again over his soft lips.

She leaned in to kiss him again, kiss him on those lips she had wanted, lusted over.

He kissed her harder now, wetter, and pulled away, and in between those wet kisses, he said:

“So, do you think taking longer….would make it better….I like taking longer…..” he said, and the kisses were making her cross-eyed.

“I’d rather set the record in how long it takes,” he said, kissing her softly, “than how quick it is,” he said.

She couldn’t breathe.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered.

He felt her heart beating underneath him. He felt her breathing raging through her.

He kissed her once more, then kissed her neck, found her collarbone with his tongue and her back arched, and really, really he wanted to feel, to see her breasts. He played games with her, but after feeling her nipple through her shirt, there was no way he was leaving without seeing her, touching her skin.

So his mouth was on her neck, then pulling away, he moved down, down, and found the bottom of her T-shirt. With his hands, he pushed it up, up, and moved his mouth along her stomach, over every revealed spot of her body, and pulled away, as he lifted her shirt over her breasts, over her nipples, pushed it up to finally see her.

Her breasts were big. Bigger than he thought, soft, warm, pale, with hard, dark pink nipples, and he sat back just to look for a little bit. He had thought about what they looked like for a long time. He wanted to see them, and now lifting high in the air, and with her back arched, she was giving them to him, begging him to take them, and he felt how hard her nipples were, and he bent to take her left nipple in his mouth, and with the first touch of his tongue on her, she cried out.

And she was embarrassed to make noise but his hot mouth on her made it impossible not to, and his tongue was so, so slow. He traced a slow circle around her nipple. His warm hand held her breast as his tongue ran back and forth over her nipple and she almost came and he felt it, and stopped.

“No, not yet, wait,” he whispered.

“I can’t,” she said.

“You can,” he said. But he wasn’t feeling how wet she was. How hot she was. And his mouth relentlessly working her nipple, her sensitive, sensitive nipple, feeling his tongue, wet, and hot, working it, not stopping, and she was trying to hold off, but she couldn’t.

“I can’t,” she said.

He stopped.

“Don’t stop, please,” she said.

He stopped to sit on the couch and pulled her onto his lap. She felt his hard dick under her, And he pushed her shirt up and found her other nipple, his tongue gentle and strong, his dick harder, and she ran her hands through his hair and held them there tightly.

She pulled him to her and he sucked her nipple into his mouth deeper, and she felt a rush of wetness and his pressure between her legs, and now he sucked on her nipple, and he put his hands on her hips and squeezed, squeezed tightly, and now she felt his teeth.

His teeth bit softly into her nipple, holding her in place, feeling that pain, as his tongue worked the very hard, sensitive tip back and forth, slowly then faster, and then, she came.

Her hands pulled at his hair as his mouth got rougher with her nipple, She started to grind on his lap with the strength of her orgasm, and she was loud. Really loud. Then she got greedy.

She took his hair, still in his fingers, and held his mouth with hers, fucking his mouth with her tongue, opening his shirt while she took his breath away with her mouth, sucking it into hers.

His hands on her hips moved her sweat pants down, down, and she opened his pants and just moved them out of the way.

Then they were naked against each other, as he still played with her nipples, his fingers on her, his tongue on her, he couldn’t stop, and with her wet pussy against his hard dick, she slowly, slowly moved, getting wetter with each move.

She lifted herself off the couch, and his hard dick stood straight, and ready for her, She did not ask. She just took it.

So, so slowly, she lowered herself onto his hard dick, and she loved watching his face as she did it.

And once he was all the way inside, she stroked his lips with her fingers, pulled his mouth open as deep as she could and explored it with her tongue, slowly sliding up again. She wanted him so bad, for so fucking long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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