Seff and Veronica: At It Again

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Veronica and Seff had been slumbering for a couple hours now. They were lying naked together under the covers. Both were on their left sides with Seff behind Veronica; he had his arm loosely draped over her and lightly grasping her breast. The bed was so soft, and the comforter was so warm, and they were so comfortable with each other that their sleep continued.

HONK!!! A car horn blared outside the window jolting the two of them out of their restful states.

“Aaahhh,” Veronica whined. “No fair! Mumble…” She rolled over and snuggled closer to Seff, who leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Hey Baby,” Seff said as he stretched. “Mmmmm… Wow.” He glanced at the clock. “That was so nice. I always manage to have the best sleep when I’m with you.”

Veronica sighed and came closer to him, resting her head on his chest. She kissed him a few times, and breathed in his manly musk. Suddenly – though Seff should have expected it knowing her playful nature – Veronica blew a great big raspberry on his tummy.

“Eeeeeek!” he squealed. They both erupted in laughter. “Aww come here…” She climbed on top of him and again rested her head against his chest.

They held each other tightly, savouring each other’s embrace and not wanting to let go. Veronica lifted her head to take a good long look into her boyfriend’s eyes. She leaned into him and closed her eyes as they kissed softly for a moment. A couple of hours ago, they both were bucking and moaning and groaning consumed by each other physically; they had been so full of Lust. And while that feeling had not left them completely, they felt more in love with one another than anything at the moment.

Finally, Seff broke the silence. “So, what do you want to eat? You must be hungry after that work out… I know I am.”

“Oh you should know me by now. I can never make up my mind…” Veronica paused and looked at him seductively. “Or almost never…”

She jumped off him and the bed and bent over to stretch. Seff eyed her full, swaying breasts appreciatively. Veronica glanced up and saw the dazed look coming back into his eyes. She put her bra and panties back on and grabbed a shirt of his from the closet. “I’m going to go raid your fridge; you can come if you want.”

Veronica turned to open the door, but he beat her to it. Seff had jumped out of the bed and in a flash was grabbing her from behind and kissing her neck. “Get dressed,” she said as she wriggled out from his grasp. “Let’s get something to eat and then see what we can do about that other appetite of yours.” With that, Veronica grasped Seff’s head on both sides and kissed him passionately, pulled his lower lip with her teeth before opening the door, and going downstairs.

Seff joined Veronica in the kitchen a moment later. They decided to have a simple snack: grilled cheese sandwiches. Seff stood near the grill to keep and eye on the food and Veronica went to get some glasses for drinks; she leaned over the counter slightly and stood on tip-toe to better reach the shelf. Seeing this reminded Seff of something that had happened recently and he was turned on again. He came up behind Veronica and engulfed her in his arms.

He then spoke seductively in her ear. ” Do you remember the time you came over kinda early in the morning wearing that sexy, black skirt, and you got me so hard I had to fuck you right here?”

Veronica pressed her ass against the already hardening spot in his boxers. “Mmmm… Yea, I remember. Then we heard your dad coming down the stairs and we stopped so we wouldn’t get caught. That was so hot.”

DING!!! The sandwiches were done. They sat down and ate and watched some television and were content with just being themselves and enjoying one another’s company. Soon they were done eating and decided to make their way upstairs again. They each took turns freshening up in the restroom before finally meeting back on Seff’s bed.

“Hey, babe do you wanna blaze?” Seff asked.

“Yea alright, escort bostancı that sounds like soooo much fun, maaaan,” Veronica replied in an exaggeratedly wasted tone.

Seff chuckled. “Could you just reach over and grab the ash tray, please?” She passed it to him. “Thanks. Hey, come here and give me a smooch.”

Veronica leaned the upper part of her body closer to Seff and gave him a passion filled kiss that wasn’t rushed but that also had a sense of urgency that permeated both of them. They finally broke the kiss and Veronica didn’t open her eyes right away; she was savoring the feeling that had washed over her. When she opened her eyes, Seff looked at her with his eyes so full of love, he couldn’t in a million years fathom what he had done in this or a previous life that made him deserve this wonderful, sweet, and sexy woman. But he wasn’t about to complain.

As the room began to fill with smoke, each became more and more relaxed and as a result more and more aroused. Veronica motioned for Seff to come and join her on the bed, and when he did, she took his hand and placed it on her breast. The look of surprise on his face was enough validation for Veronica that that had been a good idea. As Seff began to massage both of her breasts with his hands, Veronica began to slowly caress his thighs.

She didn’t rush what she was doing, and in fact, Veronica was becoming more and more aroused as she became more engrossed in the movements her hands were making over his legs. Her breathing became even more ragged when Seff found her nipples and tugged a little less gently than he usually did. She looked up, dazedly, into his eyes and saw the lustful look in them. They made eye contact, which was another arousing aspect, and Veronica slid her hands up his legs into his boxers and gently grazed over the area where his body met his legs.

All Seff and Veronica knew was: they wanted each other in the most primitive way possible right now. She licked her lips and then Seff swallowed. He was so hard right now, he could feel his cock trying to escape from his boxers again and felt a sudden twitch again. Still holding one another’s gaze they spoke in unison


The mere fact alone that they both wanted the same thing at the same time was enough to set their levels of arousal even higher. Seff pawed at Veronica trying to pull her shirt off while she was trying to do the same to him. Then she reached around and unhooked her bra and Seff peeled the straps off of her shoulders and made a trail of kisses as the bra was pulled away from her body. She was about to wiggle out of her panties when Seff stopped her; he’d been wanting to try something for ages. It was something that he had incorporated the first time he went down on her.

“Lay back, baby,” Seff said as he scooted towards the foot of the bed. “First, I want to eat out that delicious pussy of yours properly.”

Veronica couldn’t help but hump the air at that point as he tantalized her with words that, for whatever reason, made her pulse quicken in an instant. “But shouldn’t I take these off, then?” She was confused.

Seff ignored her question, and having already been between her legs, placed his opened mouth to encircle the area right above where her clit was. He growled and bit her. Not hard enough to hurt, but the right amount to let her know he meant business. He kissed his way up and down and now and then strayed over to her thighs. At one point he became so engrossed with the gentle sucking and licking until it progressed to something animalistic.

As he sucked the soft flesh from her inner thigh into his mouth, Veronica couldn’t help it, she had to touch herself. Something about what he was doing raised her horny level up higher than before, if that were possible. She started to caress herself through her panties and moaned even though the feeling it usually afforded was slight. She didn’t even think about that this time because her senses were ümraniye escort magnified and it felt so good. Veronica realized that there must be some significance with the panties which was why he still hadn’t removed them, though she couldn’t figure out why.

Finally, Seff realized that he might be hurting her, though it didn’t look like it judging by the movements of her hand just centimeters from his face. He looked down at her thigh and saw that there was a huge reddish-purple mark from what he had just done. He called her attention to it.

“Veronica. Baby. Look at the present I left you.”

She looked down, passed her hand over it, and poked it gently but strangely enough it didn’t hurt. She smiled back down at Seff, but had a pleading look in her eyes that he could not ignore.

“Close your eyes, now. I want you to enjoy this,” he said as he went back to kissing the damp cloth.

Then, Seff moved the left side of the panties’ crotch over to the right and began to lick her lightly. Immediately, Veronica was writhing in ecstasy; it was like her first time, all over again. And being told that she had to keep her eyes closed was nearly as solid as having them blindfolded.

Seff swirled his tongue over the swelling little button. He went slowly for a moment and then increased his speed every now and then. Veronica’s legs were shaking, and she was anything but quiet. Her soft whimpering moans gradually became louder and louder as Seff’s tongue worked it’s magic. He changed his style, now. He licked with longer and firmer up-and-down strokes. Again, he started off slowly, much to Veronica’s dismay; he had broken her rhythm. Seff had a plan and he didn’t want her to cum just yet.

He continued in this way for a while until he was licking her steadily once again. This time as his speed reached its high point, Veronica was freely raising her hips to his face, wanting more. Seff stopped what he was doing to Veronica momentarily. Her body was shaking with desire; she needed that release, and he knew it. She held her breath hoping that he wasn’t done. It wasn’t that she forgot about the sixty-nine, or that she didn’t want it. It is one of the hottest positions to be in. Not to mention fulfilling, but Veronica often could not hold herself up for very long when she was on top of Seff. And it was difficult for her to suck Seff’s cock if her got on top of her, because her movement was limited. And of course, she had been enjoying herself so much that it would be difficult to multitask.

He slowly slid the middle finger on his right hand into her sopping wet pussy. Veronica raised her hips involuntarily. Next, Seff slid his ring finger into her as well. She began to moan softly. He then began to lick her clit with feathery light strokes with his tongue as his fingers went as far as they could into her. Then, Seff licked her clit in a slightly faster motion. As he did this he began to move his fingers in a come hither motion as though beckoning her orgasm nearer.

Her moaning was much more audible by now. But Seff wasn’t going to forget that he wanted his cock played with and sucked on. He continued teasing her for a moment more by moving his fingers more rapidly inside her pussy and licking her clit with his tongue furiously until she was practically humping his hand and mouth. Then he stopped, moved away, pulled off his boxers hurriedly and started to stroke his still rock hard cock.

Her breathing ragged, Veronica looked up confusedly. Seeing Seff touching himself, just made her want to pleasure herself as well, but she knew what was coming.

“Baby, you didn’t forget that sixty-nine, did you?”

She decided to gain the upper hand now. In her most seductive voice she replied, “Of course not; I’ve been waiting for ever for you to bring it up…” A smiled played on her lips as she glanced at the movements his hand was making. “But I can see that it’s definitely in no danger of going down any time soon.”

Seff kartal escort bayan grabbed Veronica then and kissed her passionately. He made to lie down so that she could mount him, but she had something else in mind.

Veronica laid down on her side and beckoned Seff closer. Her mouth was right on level with his cock. She stuck out the tip of her tongue to try to bring it into her mouth to suck on. This was a little difficult so Seff helped. He held his cock by the base and guided it closer to her wet, waiting mouth.

She sucked on his cock and took him as deep as the angle would allow. Seff tried for a little while to eat her out while she moved her tongue around and around his cock (which wasn’t easy because he could barely concentrate). The height difference and the angle they were in played a bit of a role, here. He couldn’t quite reach her pussy comfortably with his mouth, but as though she couldn’t even wait for him to try to negotiate a more comfortable position, Veronica’s hand went straight for her clit.

She bobbed her head as much as she could, sucking furiously. But suddenly, his cock slipped out of her mouth. Veronica began whimpering softly, but loud enough to be heard. Her fingers worked over her clit faster as she waited for Seff to place his cock back into her waiting mouth. She continued where they had been interrupted, and sucked harder and faster. As Veronica’s mouth movements increased in speed, so did her fingers’. She couldn’t help but moan as she sucked his cock into her mouth over and over.

Seff was astounded by the sight in front of him. He only wished he could be watching both things at the same time. His sexy, talented girlfriend’s mouth on his throbbing cock, and her fingers moving over her clit giving herself pleasure. This was definitely a sight that would be in his memory for a long time.

His cock fell out of her mouth again, and Seff helped her by placing it back into her warm mouth. She really wanted him, and showed it. Veronica stretched so that she could take in more of his cock into her mouth this time.

“Oh, you dirty little slut! You really love having my cock in your mouth don’t you?” Seff asked, his breathing uneven.

He held onto his cock now so that it wouldn’t come out of her mouth again and he stroked it in time with her licking and sucking, and could feel the cum rising from inside himself.

“Baby, I’m really close to cumming….”

In response, Veronica’s fingers just moved even more furiously on her clit, and her sucking and licking became more intense on Seff’s cock. Realizing that she intended to have him cum in her mouth so that she could swallow it was like pressing the signal button on his orgasm.

“Oh fuck. Ohhh… Fuck… I’m cumming…. Veronica…… I’m cumming.”

And with that, the first shot of his hot cum hit the back of Veronica’s throat. She continued sucking his cock and swallowing each bit of cum, all the while still rubbing her fingers over her swollen clit. Suddenly, she gave a surprised little moan and her hips began bucking involuntarily. Veronica struggled to keep swallowing the cum that was pouring from his cock as she came upon her own orgasm.

The feeling of release, was too much for her to bear. Veronica’s body began shaking violently as the waves of bliss washed over her again and again. Seff’s cock fell out of her mouth at this point; there was an incredulous look on his face.

“Did you just cum?”

With her eyes still closed, Veronica nodded sheepishly.

“Did mine trigger yours?”

“Mmmhm,” was all the reply she could manage at the moment.

“Fuck, that was unbelievable. I can’t even….. Fuck… Wow….”

“Yea,” Veronica replied. “That was pretty cool.”

She began to laugh, and Seff joined in. They were still in too much shock from what had just happened.

“This has been a great day. I wish we could do this kind of thing more often,” Seff said as he went to lie down next to Veronica.

“You would definitely wear me out, Seff,” she replied, a smile still playing on her lips.

“You know you love it,” he said as his face broke out into smile as well.

Veronica cuddled closer to Seff and placed her head on his chest, “Well, you’ve got me there.”

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