Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 05

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The phone rang five, six, seven times before Carol answered. “Hello.” She was groggy.

“Uh…, is this Carol?”

“This is she.” She answered sleepily. “Who is this?”

“Uh…, Carol. Uh…, my name is Fred, Ann wants me to talk to you.”

“Are you the Freddy she’s been telling me about?” She asked sweetly, suddenly wide awake.

“I hope so.” I didn’t think there were any others.

Ann quit sucking and scowled, I’m sure Carol could hear her say, “Just say it, Frederick!”

Why do women do that? Why do they use your full name when they lose their patience?

“Uh.., Carol.., uh, there’s something..uh.. Ann wants me to tell you.”

“Yes, Freddy, what would that be?” She sounded bemused but I think she already knew what it was Ann was making me tell her.

Ann bit my cock as she scowled again.

“Owe! That hurts!” It wasn’t a playful bite.

“What happened, Freddy?” Carol queried in that faux compassionate tone they use when they are actually amused.

“Ann just bit my cock.” I blurted.

“How did that happen?” Stifling a laugh.

“She’s sucking my cock and she just bit it!”

“Are you bleeding?”

“I don’t think so.”

‘Better check.”

I pushed Ann off my cock to make sure it wasn’t bleeding. “It’s OK.”

“That’s good, now tell Carol all about it.” Her tone was cloyingly sympathetic. “What is she wearing?” Carol seemed interested in the tiniest details.

“Uh, a black sweater…”

“The v-neck mohair?”

“That’s the one.”

“And a red skirt…” How would Carol know that?


‘With her black stockings and her fuck me red shoes?”

“Is that what they’re called?” I asked. Her interest piqued.

“Tell me what she’s doing now, Freddy.” Her interest focused.

“Uh, she’s licking my balls.”

“Do you have hairy balls Freddy?”

Why was that important? “Uh, I guess…”

“You either do or you don’t Freddy. Would you like Carol to come over and shave your balls? Ask Ann if I should come over and shave your balls.”

It’s not easy to think straight when a woman is worshiping your balls and you’re talking to her friend on the phone. “Carol wants to know if she should come over and shave my balls.” These two were having phone sex and I was just part of the system.

Ann was indignant. “You tell Carol she can shave Andy’s balls. I will shave yours when I’m ready.”

“Uh, Carol, Ann says she’ll do it herself and you can shave Andy’s.” escort bostancı Ann was sucking my cock again. She had one hand around it and she was sucking just the tip while her tongue was driving me crazy. I was thinking about getting my balls shaved.

“You should ask her to do it, Freddy. My Andy’s balls are shaved He loves it when I shave him. What is she doing now?”

“She’s sucking again; she has one hand wrapped around my cock and she’s sucking just the tip.” Carol let out a low moan.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m just fine Freddy. All this talk about cock sucking is getting me worked up so I got my vibrator out. You don’t mind if I fuck myself while you tell me about your blow job do you?”

I was speechless! The past week had been the stuff of fantasy! To be talking with a complete stranger about another woman sucking my dick was one thing but to have her tell me she was fucking herself was beyond thinkable.

“Are you still there Freddy?”

“I’m still here.”

“So now what’s she doing?”

“She’s licking my balls again and stroking my cock.”

“Ask Ann if I can come over and watch.”

“Carol wants to know…”

“Tell her no and any way there’s no way she could get here in time.”

“Ann says…”

“I heard her.”

Carol continued, “Tell me when you are going to cum would you please? I want to turn my vibrator on high and come with you.”

That did it. Ann’s lips and tongue were irresistible. “I think I’m ready, yes, I’m definitely ready!”

I moaned, Carol moaned and Ann moaned as cum filled her mouth. All I could hear was heavy breathing and my heart pounding.

“Thank you Freddy, That was fun! Tell Ann I said so! Good night.”

“Carol said thank you, she had fun and good night.” I felt completely drained physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Did you have fun?” Ann asked as she hung up the phone.


“Tell the truth. It wasn’t so bad, was it?

“The blow job was great!” She knew I was avoiding her question.

“You know what I mean Freddy, talking to Carol. It wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be, was it?”

I was giving in to her one step at a time and wondered what had I gotten in to, what would be next? “No, just something I’ve never done.”

“Trust me Freddy, there are lot’s of things you haven’t done.” She kissed me, her tongue dueling with mine. There was a hint of cum. It reminded me of the night before. ümraniye escort I could only wonder what she had in mind.

“I’m going to go get ready for bed. There’s a wash cloth and towel in the lavatory by the kitchen if you need them. Why don’t you pour some wine, I’ll be right back.”

When Ann returned she was wearing a different nightgown. This one was long sleeved and long too but it was midnight blue. We sat on the couch, sipped wine and cuddled. I felt strangely safe with her even though she constantly challenged whatever limits I had that were self imposed.

Ann put her glass on the end table, stood up, grabbed my hand and ordered, “Up to bed slave!”

“I’m your slave now?” I was and I knew it! I read the stories in Penthouse; I just never imagined being submissive myself.

“You are my sex slave!” She said triumphantly and giggled as she said it. “Do you object?”

“No, Mistress Ann, I am your obedient sex slave. Your wish is my command.” As soon as I said it I knew I was getting in deeper than I should, but I trusted her. Only time would tell.

I fell asleep with Ann’s head on my chest and her arm around my waist; when I woke up I was on my stomach with my arm stretched out beside me. Ann was gently rubbing my back. “That feels good.” I mumbled.

“You like?”

“I do.”

“I bet I know something you would like even more.”

“You’re such a tease Ann.” It was true and I loved it!

She teased again,”You love it though.”

“I do. you know I do.”

“Would you like me to milk you this morning?”

I had read enough porn to know what she was asking. “I’d rather fuck you.”

“Sorry, buster. You’ll have to wait another two or three days for that.”

“OK then,” I resigned myself to following her lead as I rolled over, “if that’s the only option I guess you’ll just have to milk me.” I tried to sound reluctant but Ann knew better.

“I could just have you jack off again but where’s the fun in that?

“I can’t argue with that..” I rolled over on my back and presented my throbbing cock.

“Not so fast, Mama’s gonna have to shave you first.”

I should have known this was coming when Carol asked about it. “Why?” I really was excited by the idea but I didn’t want to appear too eager.

“There is only one reason that counts, baby! Mama wants her babies balls nice and smooth.”

“And why is that?”

“So you don’t have to kiss me with hair stuck in my teeth after kartal escort bayan I suck your dick!”

How could I refute that? “Yes, Mistress Ann.” She was going to win no matter what. “Tell your obedient slave what to do.”

“First, if you need to use the bathroom. Now is the time, don’t wait till we get started.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When I returned she told me to lay flat on my back with my hips on a towel covered pillow. “Now pull your knees up to your chest and spread’m!” She went to the bathroom and brought back a small dish pan with some warm water and a bar of bath soap. She started to lather up my crotch from my belly to my butt. It seemed like every time she passed my anus she made a point of pushing in further and further.

She chuckled every time she made me squirm. “Does mama’s little boy like this?” Her finger was pressing on but not into my anus.

“I don’t know.”

“Does it hurt?”


“Does it feel good?” She knew it did.

“Oh yes!” I whispered.

“I can’t hear you!” She was smiling and giggling.

“Yes! It feels fantastic!”

Her finger slipped in up to her first knuckle. “And this?”

I gasped. “Yes!’ My hips twitched involuntarily.

She wiggled her finger.


“Does it hurt?’

“It feels great!” I was afraid of what she really wanted. “You’ll make me cum!”

“I wouldn’t want to do that just yet now would I?”

Ann stopped playing with my asshole and went to the bathroom. She brought back a warm, wet towel and covered my crotch from my belly to my butt. After about a minute she began shaving; first the area from my balls to about four inches past my anus. “Hold still!” She slapped my butt sharply.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed in surprise.

She slapped the other side. “That didn’t hurt.”

“You surprised me.”

‘But it didn’t really hurt did it?” She chided, “Tell mama the truth.”

“It didn’t really hurt.” I admitted almost in shame. She was revealing more of my personality than even I was aware of. “You just surprised me.”

“Know how mama can tell Freddy?”


“Little Freddy told me.”

I had betrayed myself. I was hard and throbbing.

She took my cock in her hand and shaved it clean. “Much better,” she said with satisfaction. “I should get a picture for my scrapbook.” She went to the kitchen and got her camera. When she returned she threw a towel on the bed. “Cover your face.”

I pulled my knees up to my chest. “That’s right! Now spread’m wide!”

I obeyed without objection. Why would I think about resisting. Ann did things I could only imagine and a few things that I had never imagined.

“That’s nice Freddy now it’s time to shave your balls, hold still.”

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