Savannah Gets Steamed Up

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Big Tits

She nervously eyed the door clearly marked Men’s Shower Room, hoping to catch her prey coming out. It had been almost fifteen minutes since the last man had left the room and yet none had been her mark. Growing impatient and bold, she waltzed into forbidden territory. She could hear a running shower, and the room was filled with steam. Cautiously she made her way towards the shower stalls, hoping to not run into anyone other than her target. She slowly edged herself around the final corner, and softly gasped. There he was the gorgeous hunk that had caught her eye earlier in the weight room.

She had noticed him while riding one of the stationary bikes that were situated in front of a mirrored wall. He had passed behind her on his way to one of the many pieces of exercise equipment. Enthralled, she had gazed raptly at him as muscles bulged and flexed, and sweat rolled down his body. What a sight! And now here he was. She grinned as a wicked impulse overcame her.

Stepping back a little she hurriedly toed off her tennis shoes, and stripped her shorts and t-shirt off. All she wore underneath was a two piece bikini set. The top piece was fashioned to appear as a demi-bra and the bottoms a thong. Cherry red and shiny, the leather bikini made her feel sexy. She slowly peered around the corner again, and saw his back was to her. No one else seemed to be around. They were alone. She crept up silently on him, and then cleared her throat loudly. The man jumped, and turned hurriedly around. bostancı escort His eyes widened as he observed Savannah standing there, who was unashamedly devouring him with her eyes.

Licking her lips, she walked up to him so their bodies touched. His breath hissed when one finger rubbed along his lips, and the other made a slow trail downward, across his chest and stomach, and finally rested upon the growing bulge. Smiling wickedly, she kneeled before him, and took his cock into her mouth. His hands grasped her head and he muttered, “What the fuck?” and then he groaned as her tongue and teeth played at his dick.

Alternately sucking and nipping him with her teeth, he was soon a willing participant and began thrusting furiously into her mouth. He felt a hand grab him by the balls pulling them, squeezing them and rolling them around. It was almost too much and yet, not enough. Savannah moaned around his cock, enjoying the earthy taste of him in her mouth. He was fully erect now, and stone hard. She rubbed her tongue at the tip of his dick, and tasted his precum.

“Hmmmm, yeahhhh,” she moaned.

She stood up then and backed away a few steps. Seeing he was about to follow her she wagged a finger at him and motioned for him to stop. Reluctantly he did as he was instructed. Ever so slowly, she undid the ties of her bikini top and let it fall to the tiled floor of the shower stall. His dick twitched as he stared admiringly at the fullness of her breasts, the nipples ümraniye escort bayan hard and pointy. She cupped them in her hands, lifting them together and then apart, playing with them, letting her fingers play with the hard nipples. Her eyes closed and she moaned as she enjoyed herself, now rubbing her palms excitedly over them.

Gasping she opened her eyes, and quickly reached for the ties of her bikini thong. His eyes glittered with excitement as her beautiful pubic mound, smoothly shaven, was revealed. Spreading her legs her right hand made a slow trail down to touch her swollen clit. Her hand rubbed on her breasts and she moaned as she felt the surprising rush of an orgasm! She felt his hands close on her arms; he held them out so he could look his fill. And then he was soaping his hands, and rubbing the lather on her. He spread the white foam on her breasts first, making fluffy peaks on her nipples. And then he lathered her hot pussy, stroking her clit fast and hard. He chuckled as she moaned again with another orgasm. Savannah had never been more turned on in her life.

Maybe it was just the thrill of a new experience, or knowing that any moment someone could walk in and catch them. In either case she was feverish, and just the barest touch set her off. She felt his fingers thrusting upward into her wet pussy. She squirmed against him, rubbing herself against his chest, and sucked hard on his shoulder. She heard him moan and sucked some more, occasionally kartal escort biting him for good measure. And then he was turning her away from him, his body cornering her against one wall of the shower stall. He spread her legs, but took time to admire her ass and rub his hands on it. He played at the opening of that dark hole, even fingering her ass for a minute or more. She begged him, “fuck me”, and pumped her ass at the fingers torturing her. He crowded in behind her, and she felt his dick rub along the swollen flesh of her pussy, playing at the opening. And then he grabbed her hips and thrust fully into her pussy.

Their groans echoed in the shower room as his hips pistoned furiously, his cock slamming into her again and again. She rocked back against that wonderful intrusion, wanting his cock to go deeper and harder. She could feel that upward spiral of pleasure, her pussy tightening around him. He groaned as her spasms began, and frantically he pounded into her. His balls tightened up, and began tingling. He felt the rush of his own climax, and then she screamed.

Panting heavily, he leaned on her, and she let her head roll back to rest on his shoulder briefly. And then she was pulling away, making him groan as he popped out. She stood under the now cold water and rinsed the remaining soap from her body. Stepping out of the shower she reached for a towel and hurriedly dried off.

“That was reaaaaaaal nice”, he said. “What’s your name?” She just smiled and then picked up her soaking bikini.

Shrugging, she then walked over to the rest of her clothes, and put them on. He followed her, a towel wrapped around his hips.

“Thanks sugar, you were great!” she exclaimed. And then she left.

“Damn!” he said. “Did I just dream that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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