Sarah’s House Ch. 03

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Ethan had been so sweet to me. Naturally, we were both shy of confiding in Sarah that we were dating – it seemed too risky, her being my best friend and his sister. I didn’t want her to get jealous of our relationship, or feel left out.

We had discussed this before, ‘what if’ I dated her brother. I had, of course, promised her I would never do such a thing – besides, I was obsessed with Marcus, and there was no way I would give up my dreams of ‘us’. But she had told me that she was scared to let me date Ethan, and that she didn’t want us to be together – because it would limit our friendship. I didn’t quite understand at the time, but now I did – if I went to say hey to her, I’d want to say hey to him, and his kisses were addictive, so just ‘hey’ would have to take a while…

Ethan and I agreed to keep our relationship under wraps for now – not to hide that we were together, but simply to make sure we would last before we opened up to everyone.

We had been doing the typical ‘couple’ things – movies, dinner, beach; we even studied together as it neared close to tests and assignments. It helped that I was doing similar subjects to those he did; and gave us a viable excuse to give to Claudia – who was doing a Math degree, which wouldn’t help my Politics at all.

I had been avoiding Marcus too, or more correctly, he was avoiding me. I had never turned him away before, and I knew that my feelings for Ethan were serious because of that. Before, I had spent 6 years loving him from a distance, always being pushed to the ‘best friend’s little sister’s friend’ role. But now that I had refused his advances – something my 12-year-old self would have never believed – he was confused, and didn’t know how to react. I don’t think he ever liked me, not even when he came to my house; but he missed being adored by me.

Ethan and I laughed together as Marcus whined to Ethan about the change in me – he had explored every reason from me being a lesbian to having found a ‘sugar daddy’ and not needing ‘young hot men’ like him. I could see Marcus’s confused rants were annoying Ethan, and more than once Ethan had had to call me to laugh it over with me before he punched his best friend in my defence. But overall – we were happy together, and it was only getting better.


“Claudia! Babe, where are you?” Ethan screamed up the stairs at me, trying to hurry me up.

“Calm down man! Seriously, Ethan, I wish you would just tell me what you’re planning!” I called back, struggling into my favourite v-neck shirt as I brushed my hair and checked my makeup for smudges.

“You look beautiful, you always do, now hurry up!”

“Not supportive! Well, thanks, but shut up!”

Our banter up and down the stairs had Mum in hysterics – she always thought we’d end up together, and her favourite phrase at the moment was ‘I told you so’.

“She’ll be ready when she’s ready Ethan, there’s no point rushing her. Trust me – I’ve tried.”

Hearing the beginning of one of her stories, I sprinted down the stairs, pulling my long hair up into a high ponytail and pulling my shirt straight.

“I’m here, I’m here! Don’t start with a story Mum, please!” I panted, grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door before she could embarrass me further.

“Me? Embarrass you? Don’t you remember…” Her voice trailed off as I slammed the door behind us, eager for Ethan to miss whatever story she would be spurting off.

The car shook with Ethan’s laughter as I climbed in beside him, and looked around.

“Um, Ethan? It’s summer – why is there a blanket in the car?”

“Don’t worry honey, let’s just get out of here before your Mum finishes that story.”

With a nod of agreement that had him laughing again, he drove off to Kings Park – the huge park that had enough discreet corners that it was well known as a couple’s retreat.

The drive was mostly quiet – his hand resting on my thigh except when he needed to change the gear, Illy playing in the background. I loved our car rides, they bostancı escort were often quiet and relaxed, we didn’t need to talk to feel close.

Arriving at Kings Park, Ethan gave me several bags to carry, and grabbed several more.

“What on earth-” I tried to ask again, but he cut me off.

“Not yet, you’ll find out in a moment. Come on babe,” he started walking, leaving me to follow after him.

We clearly arrived at a place he was comfortable with, and he threw the blanket down on the ground.

“Oh, it’s a picnic!” I giggled, before throwing the bags down and jumping into his arms.

“This is so sweet, thank you!”

He chuckled and just hugged me tight. Wriggling out of his embrace, I started to open the bags, to discover what was inside.

I was shocked at how well Ethan knew me, how he knew all my likes and dislikes in food.

He’d brought cold meat and salad – no tomato, plenty of capsicum and olives, and a herb salad. The fruit salad had no banana, but more melon and grapes than I think I’d ever seen before. And, best of all, he had two massive slices of my favourite cakes – Black Forest, and Carrot cake. After he’d set it up how he liked it, he pulled out two pillows from the last bag, and lay down on them.

“Where am I going to go?” I asked, pretending to be put out.

“On me,” he smiled, pulling me down so we were spooning.

“Careful, babe, I’m in a skirt!” I cautioned him, worried that I’d just flashed everyone with my short skirt.

“I know,” he growled, his voice vibrating in my ear. I shivered, feeling his erection against my thigh.

“You have no idea how much I love you in a skirt, do you?” He growled again, his voice deep and thick with lust. His fingers danced their way up my legs, straight to my centre.

“Babe!” I pulled away, a little too shy to have public sex.

“Look around Claudia. Who is here?”

I obeyed, glancing around. I knew he was right – we were totally alone. No one could see or hear us, and I beamed at him, realising how well he’d planned this.

“Now, come here,” he groaned, pulling me against him and kissing me thoroughly. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him.

I moved so that I was more comfortable, straddling his waist, my chest pressed against his. He looked along his chest to see my breasts struggling to escape the confines of my shirt, almost spilling out.

He made a strange, guttural sound, before grabbing my ass and pulling me lower to grind against him.

I agreed with his initiative, rubbing myself against his straining erection in his pants. I reached down between us and unzipped his jeans, tugging at them until I could rest my panty-covered area on his boxers.

He wriggled a little, until his jeans slipped under his ass, so it gave us a little more room. Reclining onto his elbows, he positioned himself so we could still kiss while grinding against each other.

“Fuck, babe, I can feel you – you’re so damn hot!” He groaned in my mouth as I nipped and licked at his bottom lip, before tracing the line along his jaw to his ear.

“Mhm,” I breathed against his earlobe, lightly biting on it.

“Oh, fuck this!” He moaned, pushing me off him. I lay on my back, staring up at him as he knelt over me.

He looked at my surprised reaction as I lay there, and started laughing as he reached down to my panties.

I saw the moment he realised what his fingers were touching – his eyes widened, and his tongue flicked out to lick his suddenly dry lips.

“Is that… are you wearing…” I just nodded, knowing what he meant.

Ethan snarled then, sounding like a feral bear or something. If I hadn’t been so focused on his eyes – chocolate so deep, rimming the black pools that were radiating lust – I would have laughed. As it was, I couldn’t, he pulled my skirt up to see the black lace thong I had worn for him and traced his fingers along the flesh it covered, eliciting a moan from me.

He bent down to kiss me, our tongues ümraniye escort bayan tasting each other and revelling in each other’s taste. His fingers kept touching me, light and gentle, not enough to take me higher but just enough that I knew he was there.

I began to thrust my hips up higher, to meet his fingers, but suddenly, he stopped.

Helping me to sit up, he began to unwrap the food.

“What! You’re… you’re joking, right? You’re not gonna leave me like this, are you?” I begged him, desperate to finish.

He looked me over – skirt around my waist, shirt pulled down until my breasts were almost falling out, hair messed from his hands in our kisses, and lips red and swollen – and nodded.

“Exactly like that.”

He dug into his pocket and pulled out one of Sarah’s scarves. Before I could ask what he was going to do with it, he attacked me, pulling my hands behind my back and tying my elbows together. This effectively stopped me from using my arms, and pushed my chest out further.

Ethan could see how much this turned me on – flushed cheeks and heaving chest, so he ignored my protests, half-hearted as they were.

He began to eat, leaving me on my own. It was when he took his 5th mouthful that I realised, he was going to ignore me and eat the food unless I asked his help.

“Babe? E? Could you give me some?” I pleaded, unsure if he’d let me eat.

Taking an olive, he fed it to me, placing it on my lips and waiting for me to open for him. Teasing him, I sucked it in through pursed lips, licking the residue of the olive taste off my lips. I could see he was clearly excited, his jeans were still undone and he was tenting his boxers nicely.

Giggling, I swallowed the olive and asked for more.

Ethan proceeded to feed me from everything, sometimes from his fingers, sometimes a fork, sometimes his lips. I loved it when he held a piece of fruit between his teeth, and bent forward to feed it to me; kissing me sweetly as I took it from him.

After about half an hour, we were kissing more than we were eating, and he pulled out a punnet of strawberries from under the fruit platter cover. I squealed happily and he laughed, knowing I was excited.

The strawberries turned out to be the most infuriating food, ever. Ethan would hold it to my lips, and take it away before I could bite into it. I quickly learnt he wanted me to lick it, tease it, flick it and taste it with my tongue until he let me bite it. He found a smaller strawberry and made me lick at it, but dropped it down my shirt instead of in my mouth.

I shivered at the unexpected wetness in my cleavage, and told him to go get it.

Ethan looked at me, his expression hungry and filled with obvious lust. His expression worried me – I wasn’t sure what he would do.

Kissing me hard, passionately, he started to draw his mouth down along my skin, sucking and biting at me as he kissed me. He kissed my chin, licking off the juice from the strawberry as it had knocked against my chin on the way down. Following the trail of juice on the way down, Ethan kissed his way down to my breasts, licking on top of them and sucking on them gently.

I moaned, loving the attention he was paying to my breasts. He pushed me back, pulling at the scarf so my arms were freed. Laying back, I groaned as he kissed down my cleavage, tongue flicking at the line the juice had left. He moved my shirt away, tugging at it until I got fed up and pulled it off quickly.

Ethan grinned at me as he saw the black lace bra I was wearing, knowing it was one of his favourites.

“It matches, clever girl,” he joked, before pushing it up to push my breasts out of their lacy confinements.

He bent his head to suck on my nipples, sucking hard and nipping at them just as I liked. He paid attention to the one his mouth neglected as well, pinching and rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb. I gasped intermittently, always finding it a shock to feel the cooler air rush over my wet kartal escort nipple, before he moved across my body to envelop the other in his warm mouth.

Kissing his way back up my body, he kissed me again, moving over me so he was on top of me. Lowering himself on me, he showed off his strength by resting his body against mine but not squashing me. I kissed him back passionately, tasting strawberries on his tongue. I moaned at the taste, and licked at his lips, trying to get more of the delicious taste.

“Fuck, I love the sounds you make for me baby,” he groaned into the kiss, before he dropped his lower half on me, wedging me between himself and the ground.

I could feel him, impossibly hard, slowly grinding against my core, but couldn’t respond because I was trapped. I didn’t mind though, he knew I loved when he took control so I was in my element.

Groaning impatiently, he pulled the scarf off me and allowed my arms to move, half pulling them towards him.

I reached up and pulled at his shirt, lifting it up enough to run my hands over his skin. I played with his nipples – they weren’t really sensitive for him, but he liked the feel of my fingers rolling and playing with them.

His kisses had worked me into a frenzy, and I could feel him solid between my legs, thrusting gently at me.

I tilted my head back as far as I could, looking around. There was no one in sight, and I grinned up at him.

“Dare to?”

He looked nervous but excited at the same time, and clearly willing to give it a go. Lifting his legs off mine, he pushed his boxers and jeans down to his knees, “just in case someone comes.” I let him play with my G-string before he slid it off me, testing how wet I was and how responsive to his fingers.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a condom and covered himself. Nestling himself back against me, he waited for me to move, to show him I wanted him within me.

Entering me slowly, he made sure I felt every centimetre, every inch of his hard length. He made it last, feeling him slowly push his way inside me was torture and he knew it.

I had to hold my breath when he pushed all the way in, and breathed out heavily, more than a sigh, as I felt his body pressed completely against mine.

I felt full, and so very good. Ethan let me rest there for a moment, let me rest in the feeling of floating away in pleasure, rooted only by his flesh over mine – before he started to move.

And then I was everywhere.

Flying; falling; screaming; moaning – filled with the pleasure he brought me.

He knew how to angle his hips perfectly to slide over my sweet spot, and then when that became too much, how to move away and hit me deep; each time a perfect mark, just where I needed it. He kissed me, his tongue mimicking his thrusts, and I screamed for him each time he left my mouth.

We came together, crying out to each other, then after we just held each other, panting.

I felt sleepy, sated, and curled up against him. I know men don’t like to cuddle after sex, but Ethan fell asleep next to me for a while, as I felt comforted under his arm.

I must have slept too, because I woke to see him packing up the food, and placing it back in the bags.

“Hey,” I whispered, rolling onto my side to watch him.

I was dressed again, he must have done it for me, but I didn’t mind. Something felt different, but I couldn’t pin point the problem.

“Hey yourself. That was quite a ride, hey!” He laughed, bending down to kiss me.

“I loved it. We should do that more often!”

“Which part, sweetheart? Sex in a park, me feeding you, or…” he trailed off.

“All of it!” I grinned, laughing in return.

I stood up, and helped him pack everything up. As I started to walk to the exit, I noticed what was strange.

“Hey babe…”

He just laughed at me and patted his pocket – a froth of black lace was peeking from his right jeans pocket.

I just shrugged and continued to walk, knowing the absence of my underwear would be impossible for him to ignore.

Driving home, I was proved right – he couldn’t help himself for giving me another orgasm on the seat next to him; instructing me to put my feet up on the dash and to use his left hand to bring me to a quivering mess.

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