Mom , Me Ch. 08

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Mrs. Wilson

“Thank you Billy for a lovely evening, and allowing me to play and tease your friends tonight. Harry needs a girl to fuck. That’s for sure. When I reached to shake his hand I knew my top would far forward and my boobs would follow, but I’ve never seen anyone’s eyes pop out like a frog. I thought he was going to faint!”

She smiled and ended that memory with a big giggled. She paused before continuing, “Then when I was showing him how to dance to a slow romantic song I could feel his cock enlarging, so I danced a little longer with him pressing my body into his, and bang, his hard penis poked me in my thigh. I decided to push back on his cock just so he would know I felt it. When our bodies untangled I saw that he’d cum inside of his trousers. I could see the wet spot where he poked me. That boy really needs a girl to fuck.”

Ginny removed her top and I could see how poor old Harry was taken by surprise. “I bet he’s never seen a set of jugs like yours Ginny. You blew him away.”

“Remove your pants and briefs Billy, Ginny is going to give you a blowjob that will pop your eyes out like Harry’s when he saw my hanging fruit tonight.”

“I sure hope so!”

Ginny knelt down in front of me. She looked at my penis. You know what I like Billy? I like that your cock never looks limp or exhausted. It seems to be in a semi-hard rest mode, and when I place my hand around your shaft it immediately responds in size and becomes hard. I really like that about your cock. I also like that it stays hard for a long time. You have enormous stamina.”

Then she kissed my mushroom, ran her tongue down the backside of my penis and then licked my balls. As she held them she opened her mouth and put one of my nuts inside of her mouth and sucked on it, then she did the same for the other one. It was a wonderful feeling having my testicles inside of her mouth. She ran her tongue up both sides of my hard cock, and as she was doing that, she was looking up at me to see my reaction. When she saw how I was reacting to her tongue moving over my cock she smiled knowing she had pleased me. Then she put my mushroom inside of her mouth so that her lips were around the mushroom and she pressed her lips tightly against it, and then squeezed down on it. I went wild with excitement. I thought if this is how my tongue feels when I enclose it around her clit I can understand why she jerks and yells, but tells me not to stop. What she was doing right now sent me into another zone. Ginny then took my penis deep into her throat and her lips touched my balls. I moaned with more pleasure than I ever remembered receiving from oral sex. She continued to move up and down my shaft giving me more pleasure than I’ve ever known. My body was ready to explode cum inside of her mouth, so I tried desperately not to cum because I didn’t want this sensation she was giving me to stop. I wanted more. I was so turned on to her sucking I found I wanted more. But, my body continued to scream ‘let your cum flow!’ and it left my penis with much force. The first release seemed to surprise Ginny as she pulled back, but she kept my cock inside her mouth. I saw her eyes pop a little and then she smiled waiting for more nourishment cum from me. It came quickly. In fact there were three more releases of cum that went into her mouth. After she swallowed it all, she removed her lips from my penis, but kept holding it in her hand as she looked up at me and smiled, saying, “I love tasting your warm, sweet, salty cum. It is so delicious. Now I am going to lick the remaining cum from your balls and penis. I don’t want to lose a drop of it. Oh, Billy, I love you so much! What a wonderful evening this has been for me. I’m glad we waited for our desert until we got back home.”

“Me too, Ginny, Oh! my god that felt awesome. I’ve never had a better blowjob. You are amazing Ginny. You’re an absolute artist using your tongue.”

“Thank you Billy. I’m glad I’ve pleased you so. You are the only one I ever want to ever have sex with. I love how you love me and touch me. I would like for you to fuck me now and then we better go to sleep.”

She was still holding my penis and caressing it as she spoke and it was definitely hard again. I wrapped my arms around her after she stood up and kissed her passionately on her mouth. I was so hard my penis pushed against her belly. She whispered, I love your kisses baby, but I feel how hard you are now and I want that big thick gorgeous cock of yours deep inside of my wet pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and as long as you can maintain your hard cock inside of me.”

I turned Ginny around and she leaned forward and laid her upper body on the mattress and I got behind her and nudged my mushroom up to her opening and some pre cum moistens her pussy lips. “She said, ” Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard.”

I plunged my penis deep inside of her and she moaned joyfully and said, “Oh, that felt so awesome. You are so big! Oh, Billy I love how you are fucking ataşehir escort bayan me right now. Fuck me! Don’t stop! Oh, Oh! Oh! It feels wonderful.”

“Billy can we change positions now. I want to ride your cock like Annie Oakley.”

“Ok, baby,” and I turned over and she quickly turned around so her body faced my feet. Then she told me to hold my cock so it didn’t move around and for me to guide my cock into her pussy.

She guided it perfectly. It slides down the pole as swiftly as a fireman does when he goes down a pole to fight a fire. It was glorious watching her ride, move back and forth, forward and back wards. Finally she lifted her ass off my penis and moved her ass back toward my face and planted her wet, sweet smelling ass perfectly over my lips and my tongue licked her fluids as fast as my tongue could.

She said, ” You like it don’t you baby? Well, I like it too! Lick all you want Billy and stick your tongue in and grab my clit once more and send your Ginny to the moon.”

I did and she whooped and yelled and said, “Don’t stop, I’m about to have another orgasm,” and she did.

We didn’t even bother to clean our bodies. We just cuddled together and eventually we fell asleep.

“Billy, what time is it? You’re going to be late for school!

I looked over at the bedside table and saw I had forty-five minutes to take a shower, shave, dress, grab something simple to eat and then run like hell to get to school on time.

Ginny got up and went to the kitchen and fried an egg and made me a sandwich to eat on my way to school.

I barely made it. I fell into my seat exhausted. I didn’t have time to stop and get my textbook out of my locker, but I did have a pencil. Jane sits next to me in class and turned toward me and said “You look like you’ve been up all night. You look like you’ve might have gotten some desert last night after you left the café?”

I glanced at Jane, and smiled.

The teacher spoke up, “Jane will you and Billy stop talking and get your textbooks out. You’ll need to see the example I’m going to talk about on page 94.”

Jane responded, “Sorry, Mr. Jensen.”

Then Mr. Jensen noticed I didn’t have my book with me.

“Billy, I see you don’t have your textbook again. You know you are supposed to bring it to class every day. I can’t remember the last time you brought your books to class. Therefore, I’m going to send you to Mrs. Wilson in the counseling office.” He quickly wrote me a pass and he wrote a note to give to Mrs. Wilson telling her I wasn’t prepared for class, and I was enrolled in an advanced college prep class. He added on the note ‘if Billy isn’t interested in passing the SATs then he should be reassigned to a regular class.’

I took the note and left the classroom and headed to the counseling office to see Mrs. Wilson. As I was walking down the hall I ran into Jennifer. She asked me, “Where are you headed Billy?”

I responded, “I was late to class today and forgot my book. You know how irritated Mr. Jensen can get when a student doesn’t bring his textbook to class. I overslept last night and just made it inside the classroom as the bell rang. He was mad because Jane said something to me when he started talking, asking us to get out our textbooks. Then he noticed I didn’t have mine. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and he sent me out with this note, telling Mrs. Wilson to find me a regular class if I wasn’t going to work for an “A” or a “B” in an advanced college class.”

“Oh, Billy, I’m sorry. I hope you tell Mrs. Wilson you want to remain in the college prep class. It will help you get into the college you want to attend.”

“I’m so fucked up Jennifer, I don’t know if I give a shit anymore.”

“It’s all my fault isn’t it Billy. I’m so sorry. I love you so much and I’ve screwed up your life too, as well as mine, haven’t I?”

“No, it is not all your fault. There are lots of things I’m dealing with and I just don’t know what to do.”

“Yesterday, you said you would be my friend and you would talk and listen to me when I needed someone. I think you need someone who will listen and talk with you. I would love to be that person. Tuesdays and Thursdays after school I’m alone in my mom’s house. She works at the hospital on those days until 8 in the morning. If you want to talk with me come to my house like you did yesterday. I would love to help you with whatever needs you have. It’s the least I can do for someone as sweet and understanding as you are.” Then she reached up and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek and walked down the hall toward her classroom. I turned and watched her wiggle her hips as she walked to her class, and as I watched her it occurred to me, I wanted to fuck her again.

She reached her classroom and began to open the door, but then she looked back at me and saw me standing there looking at her. She blew me a kiss and entered the room. I took a deep breath and the voice escort kadıköy inside my head said, “See how stupid you were the other day. She wanted to fuck you. You wanted to fuck her, but you, ‘Mr. Stupid,’ turned and walked away from her invitation. Now you want to fuck her. Well maybe you’ll have another opportunity, but right now you have to face Mrs. Wilson, and you will be tempted again. Good luck stupid.”

I walked into the counseling office and gave the pass and note to the counseling secretary and she told me to sit on the bench in front of Mrs. Wilson’s office and she would page Mrs. Wilson and tell her I had been sent to the office by Mr. Jensen.

I took my seat. I leaned forward on my knees. “I am fucked up. I don’t know what is happening to me; but all I think about is fucking Ginny, but that’s not true. I want to fuck Jennifer, and I want to fuck Mrs. Wilson, and after seeing Jane this morning I want to fuck her too.

“Good morning Billy. What brings you to my office home so early this morning?

“Mr. Jensen sent me to talk with you Mrs. Wilson.

“Well, come in and sit down. I have a few items I need to finish up and then we can talk. I’m sorry, but I have to finish writing an assessment for Principal Moore.”

“I’m not in any hurry Mrs. Wilson. Take all the time you need. I appreciate you allowing me to sit in here instead of on those hard oak benches outside. The chairs you have in here are very comfortable. If I fall asleep before you’re done with your assessment wake me up gently.” I smile and she smiled back at me.

“Mrs. Wilson’s desk was supported by two filing cabinets. The top of her desk was a beautiful mahogany slab. When she returned to her chair I could see her short red skirt, legs, and red high heel shoes. She had beautiful long well shaped legs and she held her knees tightly together. I thought to myself, “What a waste. She married to Mr. Wilson and he can’t even satisfy her sexually. God I wish I could stick my penis into her pussy and suckle her awesome tits, and make her happy. Then I thought, “Billy why do you keep torturing yourself with these fantasies? You have a mom who adores you and wants you to fuck her continuously, forget Jennifer, forget Mrs. Wilson, and forget Jane too. Why do you want to fuck up their lives?”

Then my attention returned to Mrs. Wilson. She was busy writing on her computer, but every once in awhile she would glance up and look over the screen and smile at me. I wondered how many times she looked up when I was thinking to myself a few minutes ago how much I wanted to fuck her. I checked out her legs under her desk again. They were crossed. Dang, I missed her crossing her legs. At least I can see all the way up her thigh. Damn she’s hot. I would love to lie between her two long legs and suck on her pussy right now.

I heard a noise and looked up and saw her smiling at me. Oh, shit, she just saw me looking under her desk. She said, “Are you thirsty Billy? If you are, there’s sodas and water in my small refrigerator behind my desk. Help yourself. I still have a few more things to do before I can talk with you. I’m sorry that I can’t do it now, but I promised Mr. Moore I would get this done for him. He’s going to the District Office for a meeting.”

“Take your time Mrs. Wilson. I’m not in any hurry. I like being in here with you. It’s nice. I like the chairs I can sit in and I think I will get myself some water from your fridge.”

“Thank you Billy for understanding and being patient.”

When I rose from my chair I caught Mrs. Wilson looking over the top of her computer screen. She smiled as I rose up from where I was sitting. I wonder if she was checking out my trousers for a bump in my pants or a wet cum spot around my crotch?

As I began to walk toward the refrigerator I felt moisture on my leg. Geez, I was leaking pre cum by just checking her out. I moved my right hand down and in front of me hoping if there was a spot she couldn’t see it. What in the hell is going on? I’m as bad as Harry was last night when he cum on his leg and it soaked through his pants material. I wonder how many times Harry masturbated last night after he got into bed. I bet his sheets were filled with sticky smelling cum. I got the bottle of water and returned to my chair and sat down. She smiled again and I smiled back. Then I said, “I like how you fixed your hair today Mrs. Wilson. You usually have it in a ponytail and I really like your ponytail, but your hair really looks attractive pulled up onto your head.”

“Well, thank you Billy. A woman likes it when a man notices what she’s wearing and how she’s fixes her hair.” I don’t get to many compliments from men, or from my husband.”

As she finished her sentence she put her crossed leg back on the floor, but she didn’t put her knees together like she did before. I couldn’t get as good look because I’d moved my chair slightly when I got up to get a bottle of water. Mrs. Wilson kept glancing at bostancı escort me from time-to-time and she had this sweet accepting look and sweet smiles that made me feel welcomed in her office, but it was also making me hard.

Then she moved her chair with rollers attached to the legs of her chair so she could open a drawer in her filing cabinet. She bent down trying to take something out of the cabinet, but her body was slightly out of position and it made her legs come apart and I saw her beautiful silk panties that covered her ass, and her legs stayed apart long enough that I could even make out a dark patch where her public hairs should be. That thrilled me and I began to get harder.

“She said, damn chair!” and looked at me. “Excuse the language Billy, but these roller chairs can get nasty sometimes.”

“I hope you didn’t pull a muscle when the chair slipped, Mrs. Wilson.” She got up, and moved her body a little and then told me she didn’t feel she had pulled a muscle, but then said, “Thank you Billy, for your caring.”

“I like you a lot, Mrs. Wilson, and hope you didn’t get a muscle pull. If you did, I’ll testify in your defense and maybe you can get several million dollars from the manufacturer and not have to counselor us stupid idiotic kids. I know we must drive you crazy at times; I’m sure I do!”

“You don’t drive me crazy Billy. I like you. You’ve actually been the bright side of my year so far. I like people who can converse, and I admire people who will express their thoughts, hopes, and dreams, as well as their errors, and misdoings. And you do all that, and graphically too, I might say. I like it when you tell stories about yourself and how you relate to all your girl friends. It is really refreshing to have someone who isn’t afraid to speak boldly and truthfully what is on his or her mind, even with graphic word descriptions. I really enjoy conversing with you Billy. Besides your sweet and respectful.”

“You do!”

“Yes, I do, and I’m glad you are my counselee, because if you had any of the other counselors they would have trouble with your graphic language, and you probably would be in deep trouble. They aren’t so accepting of graphic language and intimate details like I am. So if something comes up, and you find yourself in trouble, please tell them that I’m your counselor. And be sure not to tell them your situation or argue with them. Just say that you want to speak to Mrs. Wilson.”

“Wow, that’s sweet of you Mrs. Wilson. I’ll try not get into any serious trouble, but if I do I’ll be sure to tell them I need to see you.”

“Good Billy, I’m very happy and pleased to be your counselor.”

“Oh, Mrs. Wilson, you have no idea how grateful I’m that you are my counselor. I enjoy being with you. I’m delighted that Mr. Jensen sent me to you this morning, because I got to know you better and I really enjoyed just being in your company.”

“I’m glad to hear that Billy.” She parted her legs as she was talking. Wow! I’m already hot and now my penis is stiff, and she parts her legs so I can get a look at her pussy again. I wonder if she has moisten red silk panties like my soaked briefs?”

Then she got up and went over to her bookcases under the window and bent down to look for a book. Her short red skirt moved up her ass and I saw the other side of her red panties. God, she has a beautiful ass. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

She turned toward me and smiled. I know the book I want to give you is here someplace, but I can’t seem to see it. Will you come over and see if you can locate it for me?”

Oh, shit. Here I am sitting with a hard on and she wants me to walk over to where she is kneeling on the floor to look for a book. What’s the name of it?”

It’s called “Everything A Boy Needs To Know About Having Sex With A Girl.”

Oh, ok. I got up slowly. I noticed she was looking at me. I turned sideways for a second trying to readjust my hard penis to make it less visible. I turned back and walked toward her, but I knew her gaze was on my crotch. Her eyes smiled and she had that look that women get when they are aroused, the one where they roll their tongue across their teeth with their lips parted. The one they flash to the alpha male that they’re ready to have sex.

When I reached where she was knelling, I knelt done on my knees next to her. She told me it should be on this shelf. I turned to look at her and her breast were less than a foot away from me and I told myself ‘don’t stare Billy, don’t touch,” but I must have stared a second too long because I saw her captivating seductive look in her eyes and smile. I was sure she liked me a lot, but I’m sure she enjoyed seeing the bulge in my pants as much as I just enjoyed looking at her incredible chest, or she just enjoyed teasing me like Ginny does men. Either way I couldn’t conceal the bulge in my pants. It was still hard. Then my eyes caught site of the book and I removed it from the shelf and handed it to her. I thought if she was holding it I could distract her long enough to get back to where I was sitting and she wouldn’t see the bulge in my trousers.

But she said, I’ve been kneeling here so long I think I need your assistance Billy to stand up. Will you help me Billy?”

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