Southern Dominance Ch. 02

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As Summer stood up and shut the car door, she looked at her reflection in the windows of her car. She didn’t want her bra showing or her skirt up too high. Even though Chief Cox had seen all of her and ravaged her body, she wasn’t sure who exactly was inside the station. When she felt presentable enough, she walked to the front door.

The station was about what she expected. It wasn’t quite Mayberry small, but there wasn’t a lot to it. There was a reception desk that she assumed would be hers along with three small offices to the right. “Hi, I’m Captain Davis,” a deep voice said behind her, startling her. When she turned around, she saw a man who looked to be in his early 40’s, decent build with short, salt-and-pepper hair. “I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said smiling. He was a really good looking man for someone his age, Summer thought. “Chief said the new secretary would be coming by. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here.”

“Ye-, ye-, yes,” said Summer. “Officer…deputy…chief…How do I refer to him?” “It’s chief.” Captain Davis chuckled an smiled.

“Okay, that’s what I thought,” she said smiling, feeling more at ease. “Chief Cox asked me to be here at this time to discuss my job duties and what I’ll be doing to help you guys.”

“Well, it’s not all guys. There’s two female officers,” said Captain Davis. “You’ll meet everyone soon enough.”

“Great, I’m looking forward to it. Is Chief Cox here?” she asked, almost giggling that his last name was Cox and that he had such an amazing cock. The irony was perfect.

“He’s back in that office to the right. The big one,” he said with a smirk. “Just head on back. He’s expecting you.”

“The big one” is right, she thought. She slowly walked towards the office, feeling Captain Davis burning a hole in her as he stared at her sauntering away. She turned around to see if he was watching her, and sure enough, his eyes were fixated on her ass. It even took him a second to realize she had turned around. She just gave him a smile, almost approving his behavior.

Summer could feel the nervousness returning as she got closer to the chief’s office. Her mind flashed back to less than an hour before as she had licked and sucked and took that big cock inside of her.

“Come on in, Summer” she heard the deep voice say. Summer paused for a second before crossing into the doorway. “Shut the door on your way in.” When she shut the door, she turned around slowly. Cautiously. He was typing on his computer, his back to her. Summer looked at the thick shoulders, knowing the strength within them. “Have a seat.”

She scanned the big office. Chief Cox had a u-shaped desk that contained two computers, scanners, surveillance monitors, and a clean space on the part of the desk that was closest to her. She assumed this is where he did most of his writing but also where he could sit and speak with visitors as there were three chairs on her side of the desk.

To her left were a couple of bookcases that held manuals, books, trophies and other personal items. He had signed footballs and basketballs on a couple of the shelves, and his degree was framed on the wall in between the bookcases. To the right was a couch and a couple of chairs with a table in between them. Being in such a public position, she could picture him entertaining those who at least thought they were important in town. She was sure a few actually were. With a number of options, Summer wasn’t sure where to sit. She started walking towards the chair closest to his desk.

“No, on the couch,” he web tasarım said. Was he just messing with her? Still continuing his dominance? Her palms were sweaty, and his tone and the fact that he had yet to turn around made the butterflies in her stomach fly around even quicker. She sat down, but even then she didn’t feel comfortable. Even though Summer had lived out a fantasy with this man less than an hour ago, she felt intimidated. She was still so unsure of what was to come.

As he arose from his chair, he came around the desk and finally made eye contact. The stern look on his face made her smile disappear. That’s when he smiled. “Summer, put that smile back on your face,” he said staring at her his entire walk over to the chair directly in front of her. “More than anything, this is what you should remember. I’m here to take care of you.”

“Oh, um, I’m sorry,” she said sheepishly. “I’m very happy. You have no idea.” Summer flashed a smile that hinted at how much she enjoyed their first meeting.

“So are you happy that you have a job after just moving back here, or are you happy that you had my big cock in your mouth and tight pussy an hour ago?” he asked with a devilish grin.

“Well, both really. But I’ll be honest, it’s mostly because of that cock.”

“That’s good. There’s certainly a lot more you should look forward to. But first let’s start at the beginning and talk about everything you’ll be doing. For me.”

“Yes, Sir” she said, looking him over.

“First, you will always refer to me as Chief Cox. Nobody here needs to know about all that will be going on with us. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Chief Cock.”

“It’s Cox,” he smiled, flashing that grin again.

“Yes Sir.”

“Second, when we are in here and the door is closed, nobody can come in. It automatically locks. So, when we’re in here together, you are not allowed to cross your legs. You must always provide me a clear view up your skirt. And you’ll always wear a skirt.”

“Yes Sir,”she said as she slowly uncrossing her legs.

“You will have normal duties of a secretary. You’ll answer the phone, set my schedule, take notes in meetings I have, file reports. You understand all that, don’t you? I’ve already checked on you and your past jobs.”

“Yes Sir, I understand perfectly,” She spreading her legs a little wider for him.

“Third, and this is most important…you’re MINE. You do as I say. When that door is shut, and I tell you to suck my cock, you’ll suck my cock. If I tell you bend over my desk, you bend over. If I tell you to masturbate on that couch, you get those fingers working that clit over.”

“Yes Sir,” I said squirming. Summer could feel her cheeks getting hotter, but that wasn’t the only thing. Her pussy was getting hotter than it already was, and she could feel she was dripping wet from excitement.

“You are not allowed to touch yourself, even if you’re home alone. You are not allowed to see another man. You are allowed to cum only when I tell you to cum. Even if my cock is buried deep in that pussy…again…you do as I say and when I say. Clear?”


“Good. You’ll officially start in the morning as my secretary. But you’ll start now as my toy. Hike your skirt up and start rubbing that pussy I just abused. Only don’t take your panties off. Rub over them.”

Summer bit her lip and leaned back. Slowly raising her skirt up exposing the thong. Her pussy was already aching for her touch, and she stared back into the chief’s eyes as she took her finger, licked web tasarım ankara it, and slid it past her hard nipples down to her pussy. He readjusted in his seat as she could already see his cock hardening in his uniform.

Summer pushed into her pussy hard, moving from her swollen clit down to her tight hole that needed his cock again. The intensity of the entire day had made her sex drive go through the roof, and she felt like she could cum quickly.Summer closed her eyes as they rolled back in her head, her breathing increasing. She pushed harder on her swollen clit, using two fingers to move up and down her entire pussy. When Summer opened her eyes, she could tell he was fully hard.

“Keep rubbing through your panties. You’ll know why soon.”

The sound of that voice and seeing that hard cock trying to escape the dark fabric of his uniform pants had Summer rubbing harder and faster. Her panties were definitely stained. Summer don’t know if she had ever been this wet from masturbating before. As often as she did it, and as good as it feels when she did it, it’s never, ever been this intense.

She closed my eyes again, harder. Her tits heaved as her breathing quickly increased. Summer ached for his cock to be inside her again, but had no idea if he would even touch her. At this point, she just loved having his eyes on her.

“Pussy good and wet now?”

“Oh…fuck…yessssss”, she said, hissing like a tempting snake.

“I bet those panties are drenched then. Take them off. Keep your skirt pulled up, turn around with your back to me, and slide them off, bending over to expose that beautiful, big, round ass of yours.”

Summer stood up, holding the stare as long as she could as she turned around. Her ass was now the subject of his gaze, and she had her feet spread wide apart. Summer took the edges of her panties with both hands and slowly started pulling them down, the thong slowly pulling away from its home in her ass cheeks. Her tight little asshole and pussy were now exposed to him. Even though she couldn’t see his eyes, she knew he was staring at her ass. Summer felt as if she was leaking down her legs with excitement.

“Looks like my hand print is still on your ass, Summer. Turn around.”

She turned around and sat back on the couch, ready to bring herself to an orgasm that might make her explode.

“Can you still feel where my hand smacked that ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Can you still feel where my cock tore that tight little pussy up?”

“Oh fuck, yes Sir.”

“Good. Now take those panties, and find that wet crotch. I want you to put it to your face and smell that delicious pussy as your other hand goes back to your pussy to make yourself cum. Again.”

Summer brought the panties to her face, smelling that sweet smell. She’d be the first to admit that she tasted herself from time to time when she masturbated, and she’d certainly tasted herself on a cock or two after it’s been inside her. But she had never sniffed her own panties before.

“Smells good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Sir.” Summer wasn’t sure if she was to say anything else. She wasn’t sure if she could ask questions. So she just waited on commands and kept pleasuring herself, knowing it was exactly what he wanted.

“I want you to take your index and middle finger and finger fuck yourself. Fast. Hit that g-spot if you can. Doing it with the same intensity and speed that I plowed that pussy with earlier.”

Summer’s fingers fell into her pussy, it was so wet. She was tight, especially not having a lover for some time, at least on a regular basis. But after taking his big cock earlier and now being so fucking close, she could have had much more inside her. Fucking. Fast. And hard. “Oh…my…gawd…”

“That’s it, baby. You have my permission to cum when you feel like it. Cum for Daddy.”

That was all it took. Summer looked him in the eyes, but he didn’t take his eyes off her pussy. She could feel it building harder than anything she’d experienced. Between her moans and mutterings, Summer knew she was seconds away. Staring him in the eyes, she pulled her fingers out, still smelling her pussy on her panties, and put the two drenched fingers on each side of her hard clit. She started rubbing it and instantly knew something was about to happen.

“Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk” came out of her mouth louder than she planned, forgetting where she was. And with that, an explosion as she squirted her orgasm hitting. A number of squirts of ejaculation shot from her pussy and landed on the hardwood floor. It was the most amazing, intense orgasm she had ever felt, and she didn’t want it to stop.

“That’s it, baby. Daddy loves seeing that tight little pussy shooting all over his floor. Keep cumming for me.”

She didn’t stop. Summer rubbed her clit harder and faster. She didn’t squirt again, but she came. Over. And over. And over again. After what seemed like an endless string of orgasms, she collapsed on the couch. Chief Cox walked over to her, kissed her on the cheek, and took the panties from Summer’s hand. He sniffed them, drawing it in slowly. “Wow, baby. That pussy does smell good. You were perfect. I’ve never seen a pussy shoot like that.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she said, barely able to catch her breath. “I’ve never came like that. I’ve never squirted.”

“It won’t be the last time. I’ll keep these panties for today. It’s a good souvenir for what will be a great relationship.”

“Yes Sir,” she said through a smile. He smiled back.

After cleaning herself up, they walked slowly to the door. “Tomorrow, you’ll start at 8 am. There won’t be a lot of days like today, but you will do more than just secretarial duties. I think you understand that. Now, go home. Do whatever you need to do to clean up and get yourself ready to start working. I’ll be by at 7pm. You’ll be on your bed, naked, waiting on me and my next instructions.”

“Yes Sir,” I said, opening the door to leave his office.

“I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early,” he said for the sake of anyone that might be in the station.

Captain Davis was still the only one in the station. He didn’t act like he knew anything had happened, but he stopped Summer on the way out of the door. “So you’re the new secretary,” he said, grabbing her hand to shake it. She almost resisted, knowing that her hand had just been inside her minutes earlier. But she didn’t want to let on that anything had happened. So she extended her hand.

What she didn’t know is that instead of shaking her hand, he’d kiss it. Knowing he could smell her pussy on her fingers, Summer gave a nervous smile and just said, “Yes. I start tomorrow.”

“You’ll be a great addition. I can just taste it. See you tomorrow.”

Completely shocked and taken back by Captain Davis’ comment Summer blushed and quickly walked out of the station. Not looking back for the fear that he’d heard her and she’d be even more embarrassed Summer let the door close behind with a sigh. Again this man had taken her to the limits, she knew this wasn’t going to be just any job. Life was going to be different for sure. Summer collected herself, started the car and went home. She had so much to think about before he was going to be at her house.

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