A Day To Remember

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For the past two years in high school I’ve noticed her. Shannon. We’ve laughed, talked and overall enjoyed each other’s company. She was with my friend Andre for two long years. I would overhear her stories of their passionate sex, and would long to touch her. Beginning of my Senior year we ended up having a class together. She had since broken up with my boy Dre and she was single.

Innocent laughs and giggles became the norm. We would spend all class period talking and then Somehow sexual frustration had been brought up between us as a topic. What could I say? Should I try to avoid the situation or make a move? Now was my chance . . but what would she do or say? I’m going to do it I needed to do it . . and I did. I slowly placed my hand on her inner thigh and said “does this frustrate you more?” Shannon replied “oh yeah!” So here I was with my hand on this girls thigh that I’ve wanted for quite some time so what should I do?! Then something struck me . . why not go further? Test her like she was me.

She had on shorts that were a soft cloth. It seemed as though my hand had a mind of its on . . farther and farther it slid! My heart was pounding but I couldn’t stop. It had only moved a few inches, but it seemed like it had taken all day!! Finally I could move no farther and I felt beneath those shorts a warmth like I hadn’t felt in a long time. I rubbed up and down, I could actually feel her pussy lips through these shorts. I could feel her reacting to my touch.

Squirming in her chair and I stroked her vagina over her shorts. I soon became oblivious to my surroundings and could have cared less about them. I took my long index finger and glided it gently up the bursa escort hem of her shorts. Neither of us spoke a word, and I don’t think either of us took a breath. Inch by inch I crept and soon I could feel her panties. I began to rub her pussy over her panties. She was warm and wet! Oh how I’d like to have this pussy on my face with her clit in my mouth! Suddenly I came drifting back to reality and our eyes met . . she said “Matthew were in class and what has gotten into you?!” I had no answer . . what had gotten into me?

We made small talk for a little while but then she asked me a question that I thought about. She said “what are you doing today?” I had thought about it and I replied with “coming over to your house.” She looked up at me and smiled. I told her I would wait for her in the parking lot and follow her home. Nodding her head yes she walked away without uttering a word. My cock was straining at my pants, I could have swore it was going to pop my zipper open. Time crept every so slowly the rest of the day and my mind raced. What was I going to do? say? I had no clue!! Then it was time. I grabbed my stuff and scuffled out of the building towards my car. I pulled around behind her and we were off.

By the time we had arrived at her house my heart was pounding, there was a lump in my throat, and my cock was raging hard! We got out of our cars and went inside. while inside her room we made small talk as I checked out pictures and various things. I was overcome with excitement and could bear it no longer. As I silently glided behind her I embraced her as I started kissing her neck. My right hand glided down to her shorts and started to rub her pussy.

She bursa escort bayan turned her head as we engaged in a passionate kiss. I soon had my hand cupped around her breast and her pussy. I began to rub circular motions around her clit as she moaned. Then I took my long fingers and began to spread her pussy apart. I could feel her juice coating my fingers, slowly I began to insert one. She gasped for air as I slid it slowly to the hilt and back out. I did this numerous times then I decided to hit her G spot. As soon as I did she was squirming in pleasure and I had begun to support her body now.

I laid her down and slid her shorts and panties off. I started finger fucking her now. She was really enjoying herself so I decided to double the fun. As I was fingering her I neared my head down towards her pussy . . her sexy sweet odor hit me like a brick. Then without letting her know I stuck my tongue out and flipped at her clit. Shannon said “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!”

She was screaming so loud I was afraid the neighbors would think I was raping her so I toned it down a bit. I continued to finger fuck her and eat her pussy for about 20 minutes or so. She had cummed so many times that my hands, my face, and the sheets were soaked in her love juice. Once she came back down to earth she put her shorts back on. I would rather please a woman than be pleased, so i didn’t matter that I hadn’t came. My cock was so erect that it was almost beginning to hurt. Then she made a mistake.

She had leaned over to check herself in the mirror and thats all I needed to see to set me off! I had grabbed her then kissed her . . then spun her around to face escort bursa her dresser. It was only 4 feet high so she bent over and held herself on her elbows. I slid my pants and boxers down and spread her pussy lips open. I began to stroke my cock along her pussy lips. My cock was covered in her juice. I placed my thick cock at her entrance to her pussy and began to push.

It was really tight and I didn’t want to hurt her but my cock was straining. Her grunts turned into screams of pleasure and pain. Then all at once it slipped in!! Oh I savored that feeling! Then back out I came and slowly slid back in. I grabbed her by the hips and started rocking her back on my cock. She kept screaming “OHHHHH GOOODDDDD MAATTTTT!!” Slowly the pace was picked up and she was soon slamming back on my cock. Engorging my cock wth her pussy. I started pounding and moaning do to her tightness and warmth of her pussy.

My legs started shaking and we were now fucking at a very rough pace. Our faces were flushed red and sweat was pouring off of us. Every so often I would bury my cock to the hilt and slide slowly back out then pound her pussy with my cock relentlessly. Finally after what seemed like days my balls began to tighten up. I pushed in for one last time then said “OHH GOD I’M CUMMING SHANONN!!”

I could feel her pussy clench my cock and begin to milk it! Then I popped out of her and began to spray my cum all over her red ass! She nearly collapsed as did I. She almost had an Asthma attack we started cumming!! She merely asked for a towel to clean my cum up and I got her one. I wiped her ass clean then kissed her passionately. We were soon dressed and heading out . . She had to go to work and I had to go home and rest because my legs felt like jello after that intense mind blowing fuck feast we had just had! I got in my car and drove away. This was the beginning of many sexual encounters we had and a relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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