A Christmas Present to Remember

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It was a quiet winter night. Snow fell heavy from the sky. The night was so quiet and still that you could actually hear the flakes as they hit the ground. Jeni looked out the window of her house staring at the snow.

She turned and walked over to warm herself by the fireplace. The flames jumped from the logs. Their yellow-orange fingers dance around the wood. The warmth the fire put out began to get Jeni hot. She felt a few small droplets for sweat coming from her brow.

Jeni decided to go ahead and take her shower before calling it a night. She walked to the bathroom leaving a trail of clothes as she did. By time she reached the bathroom, she was wearing only her ear rings and belly ring. She paused to admire her tight body in the mirror. Her breast were large enough to be noticed by men and the envy of some ladies but were small enough that she wasn’t bothered with their weight. They stood tall and erect without the assist of a bra, but to keep her extra large nipples for sticking out announcing her arrival everywhere she went, she wore one any way. Her stomach was flat. Her waist gave her sharp curves where her hips connected. She didn’t have a ghetto butt but it was large and firm enough to make any one admiring it stop in his or her tracks. Her long slender legs went all the way down.

Jeni stood at the mirror admiring her. She let her finger move all over her body. She let them linger on her nipples, twirling around them making them hard and tingling. She guided one hand down to her stomach and played with the belly jewel. It wasn’t long before it found its way to her womanhood and brought it to life. She could not help but let her fingers play all they wanted between her legs. She felt her womanhood growing wet. Her leg began to grow a little weak from the attention. She kept on playing till she started shaking. Her body wanted to explode. She moved her finger in and out faster wishing someone else was there with his manhood insider her doing this instead of her. The more the thought of that special someone, the faster she moved. IT wasn’t bursa escort long before Jeni’s body grew taut and exploded with passion.

After she got her composure back, Jeni stepped in the shower and cleaned up. Once finished, she toweled off and walked back to the fireplace. She did not bother to dress.

Jeni walked over to the rocker that sat near the fireplace. She started touching her breast again as she watched the fire dance on the logs. She thought about how men and some women stared at them when she was out. They wondered if they were live or Memorex. Some even got the nerve up at times to ask her. She just smiled at them and walked off. If she liked them, she had at times offered to let them touch and see if they could guess. Either way, she never told.

As Jeni rocked, she looked at her Christmas tree. The lights gave off a nice warm glow along with the light from the fireplace. It was romantic.

Jeni began to daydream about the stories her parents always told her about Santa Clause. She still wondered at times if he was real or just a myth they talked about to keep her on her toes around Christmas time.

She decided tonight seemed as good as any to find out. Jeni decided to sit in that rocker all night and wait for Santa to either come down the chimney or not. She sat back in the chair and prepared to wait. This Christmas, she would leave more than just milk and cookies under the tree for him!

Before long, Jeni did not realize it but she drifted off to sleep. The warmth from the fire made her sleepy.

As she sat in the chair, she dreamt of some one kissing her between her legs. She felt his tongue sliding gently between her lips. She felt soft kisses kissing her lips every so gently. She felt her womanhood shaking, kissing back and growing ever so wet.

Then she realized something different was going on. Something was tickling her inner thighs. She opened her eyes to find a man in red holding her knees and he kissed her womanhood. It took her back at first but since it was feeling so good, she said not bursa escort bayan a word. She sat back and let him have his way.

Her womanhood began go shake and quiver. She felt a build up growing deep inside her. Her back arched as her legs shook. She knew if he kept this up, she would explode. He moved so skillfully that soon she did.

After she came, she realized he was taking her hand. Jeni opened her eyes to see Santa lifting her from her chair. She followed as he led her in front of the fireplace and let her lay down there. He then followed and began to kiss and nibble on her neck.

Jeni could not control herself; she had been made love to before but never like this. There seem to be something magical about his touch.

As he kissed, Santa began to kiss down between her breasts. He took one breast in each hand and gently cupped them and he kissed from one to the other.

Jeni finally pushed him away. She then took his belt and undid the buckle. She opened his coat to find a stomach that seemed to shake like a bowl full jelly and he giggled at her. She did not stop with the coat; she followed that by undoing his pants.

Santa waited patiently as she did. Once she finished, he lay back down and continued to kiss her breast. As he did, his manhood found its way between Jeni’s legs. It guided itself down deep inside her womanhood.

At first, Jeni felt him but then she realized he was expanding inside her to capture every inch in and around her womanhood treasure chest. She gasped as he began to move that large member in and out of her. He started slowly and increased the rhythm with each motion.

Jeni started moving back in time with Santa. She felt her nipples growing tight as she got more excited. As Santa leaned in to kiss them, they seemed to reach up to greet his tongue. Even her breast seemed to shake wanting more attention from Santa.

Soon she felt that growing feeling deep in her again. This one felt like it would be stronger than the one where had kissed it to make it come.

All of a sudden, escort bursa Jeni felt the big man began to shake. She felt him began to go stiff. She knew he was almost at the point of coming also. She began to move faster in order to come with him.

The two bodies began to move as one. Any one watching could not have seen but one body lying there. They seemed to meld as one.

Jeni realized she was growling from deep inside her throat. She had never done that before. The growling seemed to intensify her climax, just as he felt Santa shoot his juices inside her; she did the same spraying her juices all over her thighs and his manhood.

Jeni almost fell back on the floor. She was so drained, she was not sure if she could pull herself up, let alone walks if she did get up.

She lay there as she watched Santa dress then proceed to go about his work. He took his bag and walked over to the tree. Once there, he placed presents under the tree. Then he walked back to Jeni and helped her back to the rocker. He handed her a small box and instructed her to open it. When she did, she found a Christmas bell shaped like Santa’s sleigh. The sound of it made her smile.

Santa kissed her softly then walked over to the fireplace. He placed his hand on the mantle and a puff of smoke flashed up. Then just like in the story, he placed a finger by his nose and disappeared up the chimney. Jeni just watched in awe.

Jeni soon drifted off back to sleep. She slept the rest of the night without stirring. She woke the next morning wondering if it was all a dream. It all seemed a blur to her. It felt so real but she knew there was no such person as Santa! It had to be just a dream.

She slowly stood and walked over to the tree. There were several boxes under the tree that she did not remember placing there. Just then Jeni looked down at the plate where she had placed the milk and cookies. The plate only held crumbs and the glass was empty. That is when she turned to look at the fireplace. When she did she heard a bell ringing. She looked down and saw the one Santa have given her.

She smiled to her self and thought that maybe it hadn’t been a dream after all! Maybe she thought to herself, “I need to be an extra good girl this coming year, so I can get another visit from Santa”!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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