The Tale Of Indian Lust Ch. 02

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It was 8:40 in morning after that sleepless torturous night.

Tej got up from bed and still felt extremely horny. All through the night he had been repeatedly fantasying of unmarried breasts of Rachna, he had looked at the movie, and his penis behaved like a hot steel rod.

Even though she had let him view her breasts that closely and smiled at his flying kiss, but still he was not sure of her mind. Whatever knowledge he had about the sexual responses of unmarried chicks, suggested him that they would be easily attracted to a worthy man, but after that gave misleading signals and when it came to actual bed works they nervously backed out leaving the man in complete fury.

He attributed such perturbations of girls to the prevailing fallacies and taboos in Indian families about sex. Growing girl’s brain was constantly fed from her adolescence about the sins of sex and her privates were for the pleasure of her husband only, and once she lost her purity, it would be detected by him from her reputed membrane.

He was also conscious of the enormous age gap and his position there, and understood well that a wrong move meant getting a slap by her and his language thrown out of the house.

However, in that heat of lust, such dampening thoughts could have only a marginal effect on his harder cock!


At office, he helplessly tried out to diffuse his over night tension, but his brain refused to go with him. It was around one in noon, he really began to loose against the tortures of the hot wave that was tearing his body. He thought of going home; he would get some sleep and then there was temptation of Rachna! He called Anand and told him about the severe headache that was killing him, and his desperate need for some sleep. As was expected Anand had a pile of pending files on his table so Tej left for home alone.

It was usual quiet of afternoon hours. He pressed the door- bell, and after some minutes Mrs. Anand opened the door.

She had a confused look to see him unexpectedly, and appeared pretty displaced. He went in following her; it was quite in house. Rachna was not back yet, and Mrs. Anand voluntarily told him that she would be late, as she had asked her to visit a relation for some family work, after her college was over.

Tej flashed her a faint smile and told her about the headache, and said that he would be fleeing upstairs for an undisturbed sleep for couple of hours. He didn’t let her make further conversations and went upstairs, and bolted the door from inside imprudently throwing himself on the bed.

However there was no ease, the thoughts of Rachna were hunting him again like wild wire in a forest. He could only think of her unmarried crack, that was approaching to him, if his luck didn’t play mischief; that ferociously tightened his cock in his stingy underwear, and the increased coatings of the thick watery fluids over cock’s head couldn’t lubricate his agony. He toiled for an hour to sleep, but couldn’t even properly shut his eyes!

An hour after he again lost the battle , and felt that the virgin lust had completely dried his lips, and he desperately needed water. He rose, and quietly walked out of the room and moved downstairs. The air in the whole house was calm, and it appeared that Mrs. Anand was in sound sleep.

As he approached the closed door of his friend’s bedroom, he heard faded sounds and felt that the quietness was not that dull. He stood there, and a moment later there was ruffles of sheets, then a pause followed by a squeak of bed, and then some patches of hissing sounds.

There was some thing nosy inside the room, and after a longer pause he again heard faint beats, ” Puchh…ppuuchh…. . ” That confirmed his friend’s wife was not alone.

He thought that Anand might have later changed his mind, and would have followed him, but that also gave him a distasteful thought that his friend didn’t trust him to be in his home at this odd hour. That was the filthiest situation, and he felt a shame mangled through him and all sex setup that was building from more than a week evaporated like camphor.

Suddenly the bed squeaks began gaining cautious rhythm, and she seemed gasping for breaths in between hissing, ” Shhhheheee… shhhhee… yooah… . ” He could hear them, though faintly. She whispered. “I can’t, any more now….please not now.”

He again thought for a moment, and the only logic he could make by that untimely love making of Anand was that he was proving his manly worth to his wife under fears of her drifting towards his guest friend.

In that infamy, Tej forgot that he had come down for some water, and he silently walked upstairs, and lay on his bed. He was in uncertain mind and was surprised how quickly the heat of Rachna had disappeared from him.

His friend was suspicious of him, and that was enough disgusting alert for him.

For a moment he thought if that was the real difference between love and lust! After all it was only lust for a virgin girl that was driving him to this fever.

Few pendik escort moments later, another thought sneaked in his mind, but that was cool; may be Anand was horny as he had been sleeping away from his wife since Tej came.

His ears had turned red as he again tried to close his eyes.


More than half an hour passed before he heard faint sounds in the lounge downstairs. That suggested him that the couple had done noon job, and they were in the lounge, or may be Mrs. Anand was doing some thing in the kitchen.

It became difficult for Tej to lay on bed any more; he got up and sat on the bed , and fixed his gaze at the clock that hanged on wall. One full circle of it’s longest arm seemed to him like taking a round of Pacific Ocean. Suddenly he remembered his lips were dry, and he urgently needed water. He couldn’t sit on bed any more, and slowly came down.

Every lower step of that staircase gave him better look of downstairs.

She was perhaps in the kitchen that was not visible to him, but he saw a man sitting on cane chair in lounge. His frame appeared unfamiliar to Tej, and his entire face was soaked in sweet as he found that the man was not Anand.

The man sitting there was in his mid forties starting to go bald, and appeared a large man, maybe a five-kg advantage to him. His hairs were slightly rumpled, and he wore a white kurta and pajama. He noticed that Tej was coming down on stairs, and looked at him flashing a smile that was just short of rude, and Tej gave him his best condescending nod. Tej came down and the sweat began to spread below his neck.

Hearing him coming down Mrs. Anand hurriedly came out from the kitchen. She appeared as if a snake had bitten her, and looked at Tej with white face. The green sari she was wearing had disorderly muffled creases, and her breasts were jumbled inside the blouse. She had puffy lips, and had rolled her hair up into a bun; she appeared freshly loaded woman.

“I didn’t expect to see you ’til evening…. This is Prabhu…. Like a cup of tea?” She spoke nervously.

Tej said avoiding his eyes from both of them, “Sure but first please give me some water to drink.”

She nervously went to kitchen and brought a glass of water for him, and that fissure also gave her opportunity to rediscover her nerves.

She introduced Prabu to him, and told that he had come from Delhi on business trip only a day before and was staying in a hotel. Prabhu didn’t speak much, and after finishing his tea he left.

That was an unexpected discovery by Tej. Only few minutes before his bones were chilly because of heavy guilt conscious and he had almost abandoned the last thought about Rachna, but suddenly it was now complete turn about. That meant every thing he was assuming was wrong and foolish.

Mrs. Anand’s white face was speaking her guilt.

He had a sudden spark inside him thinking that he had intruded in that vital secret of his friend’s wife, who was also the mother of the young girl he desperately wanted to enjoy in bed.

Wasn’t she a key of treasure!

He didn’t take longer minute to make it that if he played his cards well he would be enjoying her exquisite daughter like his co-wife!


Mrs. Anand was rickety, and was not able to make longer eye contacts with Tej. However she was still not sure if Tej had really seized her. She gathered her nerves and thought to assess him by a fluke, ” I think you had a good sleep of an hour. ”

That reminded Tej the golden key he had!

He tried to sound calm as he said looking deep in her shaky eyes, “It is by chance, hope I haven’t interrupted anything. You could have continued.”

She went completely pale and she knew she had been caught.

“Bhai sahib…” {elderly male} She could speak biting her lower, “There are certain things that happen by mistake, if you would keep your words to yourself, please!” He could see the nervous trembles of her body.

He faintly smiled and said, “Why you are embarrassed for that? ” Tej glanced at her as she stood before him holding her breath, ” There is no life with out that pleasure….. I too understand that Bhabhi.” {Bhabhi: Brother’s wife}

He saw her tight lipped and spoke again,”He appears a good match for you ….when did it start bhabhi?” He asked flashing a sexy look at her.

“Five years ago, when I went to Delhi in a marriage.” She blushed.

“Bhabhi….I can only say that …your secret is in me. You can always trust me, … and I have all good wishes for you.” He said slowly.

She looked in his eyes pleadingly and blushed.

Nothing more was talked about it after that. Prabhu stayed at Patna for three more days, and Tej frequently received grateful and admiring glances from his friend’s wife.

However during these three days greater trust was built between Tej and Mrs. Anand, and he began to get better freedom with her young daughter.


Friday was an important day.

Anand had been corresponding maltepe escort with a family in Calcutta regarding Rachna’s marriage. They had phoned him from Calcutta three days back, that they intended to come to Patna next week, and would stay with one of their relations. Yesterday they had arrived here and again intimated him on phone that they would be coming to his house on next evening to meet the family and see the girl.

Anand and Tej both had taken leave from office for the day, and were preparing for the good show.

It was around 11:30 in noon. Anand and Rachna had gone to market to bring snacks and some cloths, while at home Mrs. Anand clad in a pink sari was cleaning and rearranging the house. Tej was following her doing all he could to help her out, moving things for her then re-shifting for better arrangement. He advised her almost on every aspect.

While Mrs. Anand went to bedroom and was ironing washed covers, Tej silently walked to the kitchen to prepare the tea. He was good in kitchen and in five minutes he came out with two cups and put them on the table, and sat on one of the cane chair to wait for his friend’s wife.

After some moments she too came from bedroom holding few covers, and surprising looked at the cups and then to his cute eyes smilingly looking at her. He called her to the other chair and gave her the teacup.

As they were finishing tea, the phone rang. She got up and went to the corner of the room to the phone, and answered it. She talked and from that Tej quickly made that it was from the visiting guests and to his dismay it sounded that all was not well. He heard his friend’s wife repeatedly saying caller for reconsideration of their decision and at least they should come to their house. There was a brief silence and then she hung up.

She moved back and stumbled her on the chair, and told him that it was from the lady of the family who conveyed her that they had already settled the marriage last evening in Patna and now there would be no point coming to their house.

Tej spoke in astonishment, “It looks strange. None of female around here is comparable to Rachna.”

Her face had gone pale, and he could feel the agony she had at that time. She spoke clipping her hands over the covers she had brought, “I don’t know when that day will come ; now I feel tired of talking to people and listening the same thing again and again,” she paused for a moment and again said, ” I had already smelled that they were looking for half a million….as if girl are not born there.”

She took a deep breath , “days are passing like wind and Rachna is getting over aged every day…I am afraid to speak my fears for her.”

“Bhabhi, you know you can talk with me about anything.” He again looked at her through his lovable eyes.

“Bhai sahib…you do not understand problems when there is young girl in home …… all boys chase her every time , her safety is burning me. I am not sure if I could speak of that…”

Tej looked in her eyes and that gave her better confidence to speak.

She spoke, “Even the neighbors look at her with watering mouth. If you know women too have needs at this age, worst is she has excess of harmons in her youth glands. It would be dangerous to have a wicked guy ruin her. She is sacrificing her happiness like I almost did.” She spoke looking at wall.

“Ooh! ” Tej wearily tried to ease the air around them by a faint smile.

Mrs. Anand spoke grimily, “Every mother wishes her daughter virgin for her husband, but it would be wrong to blame her now.”

That made a stir in his groin.

He smiled and spoke, “If you keep patient, a prince will come for her…. I am sure of that.”

“Oh no! At least I can’t imagine that.” She too chuckled casually.

Her talks about the young girl had dangerously charged Tej and he thought to melt some of the ice he had been freezing since he seized her secrets with Prabhu.

He said with cautious note, “Perhaps at this age she needs a man, who knows how to treat women good,” he said. ” So, she not play around and be safe.”

And that set the fire in ice.

Mrs. Anand abruptly looked in his cute eyes and spoke leaning her back on chair, ” I am seeing you keep your eyes on her.”

His heart raced a mile per minute. He whispered back to her. ” I think ……… I feel sorry but your daughter is a female I can not ignore………….”

The talks were interrupted by the approaching sounds towards the door.

Anand and Rachna returned home.


Before Mrs. Anand could break the news to them about that phone call from that lady, Tej interrupted. He told Anand that last day he had called a friend at Calcutta who happened to live in the same street where this family had house and asked him to spy some details about this them and boy. He rang back only fifteen minutes before, and told outrageous things that included treatments of boy for lung tuberculosis due to excessive smoking.

He looked at surprised Mrs. Anand kartal escort for confirmation and she could only nod her head. After some concluding debate with all Tej went to phone and dialed a number (a fake one) and gave the phone to Mrs. Anand, and she conveyed their unwillingness to go further with this proposal!

All through the evening Mrs. Anand was looking at Tej with profound eyes. She was happy that Tej had timely saved Rachna from the sensitive shock she could have from such blunt refusal.


Around seven in evening Tej came to lounge from upstairs. He had been in continuous heat after his conversations with Mrs. Anand were interrupted at the threshold of some decisive moment.

Anand had gone for a walk, and Rachna was in mother’s room while Mrs. Anand was in the kitchen preparing the meal. The kitchen door was open and he quickly went to the kitchen.

He told her what was occupying his mind so much.

He said whispering in her ear , “Do you think it would be possible for you to ask Rachna to sleep tonight in her room upstairs?”

Mrs. Anand was so surprised by what she heard that she stopped what she was doing, then without saying a word she went to the doorway to see if they could be over heard. When she realized that there were no such possibilities she said to Tej,

“This is an odd request.”

Tej could tell that she was considering.

He said pleadingly, “Please,” he went on, ” think of a way. I will do anything for you.”

She softly smiled looked at him through her eye’s edges and spoke. ” Chhch-chh … that is pity…. …whatever I say… you will do…..but what if you make her mother, by morning?… .”

Tej had lost control over his breaths and his mouth was completely dry. He spoke gulping a load of salvia through his throat, ” I will see to that, it is my promise to her mother.”

She kept looking at the steaming pressure cooker and smiling spoke, “Take care of you, I am sure one day you are scolded by a girl.”

Their conversation ended there since her husband called her from the room, and when she went to him, Tej saw that her face was red.


Post dinner as they were watching TV he suddenly saw Rachna going upstairs. She was wearing green slawar, and that was made to fit on her waist and hips nicely. He was dumb taken and looked at Mrs. Anand, but she continued to stare at TV.

The TV news finished and he talked awhile. Some time later Anand decided it was time to retire. Mrs. Anand had already gone to her room. His friend told him that he would be sleeping downstairs as his wife was upset by today’s events so he may continue to watch TV and proceed to his room at his will.

Tej felt that his blood came to his face, while his heart skipped many beats at a time. So he advised Anand to move to his bed while he would sit and watch the TV a bit. He patiently waited for more than an hour till the lights of the bedroom of his friend were switched off and they slept.

He was excitedly trembling, and was not going to miss tonight. He stood and switched off the TV and climbed the stairs taking two steps at a time. He passed before Rachna’s room, and the door was closed.

He went in his room and found it was chillingly cold. He changed into his night suit, still having a hard-on like a stone, and went to bed and kept on lying there like crag hearing his every wild beat.

He thought with thumbing heart ; should he go to her door and knock? What if she backfired?

He waited impatiently in uncertain mind for about two more hours. It was enough to kill him that in that lonely night she was separated from him merely by a thin wall, and he was acting like a chicken.

He looked at his watch; it was 2:12 AM. Holding his breath he stood and slowly walked out of his room, and sneaked to her door, and then with out touching that he put his ear to wood. It was silent inside, not even sounds of breaths. He looked downstairs; that too was still and lifeless.

Again the same dilemma hit him! Should he knock the door?

He was helplessly standing before that door and had no courage to knock that. It had been about fifteen minutes, and his hearth continued to heavily pump his blood to race towards his ever-hardest erection. He was never so fearful in his life.

He again tried to hear any movement in the room and then holding his breath he raised his hand and lightly put back of his right palm on the wood and lightly pressed that and the door moved in … .

– it was already open!

That was the time, he was hearing fragments of his heartbeats.


He sneaked silently in the room. A dim light from the night bulb outside at the head of stairs was coming through the slit of the door that he had left open. He saw her lying on the bed on her side and covered in a blanket. He had to hold his breath as he sat on the floor besides her bed.

Feeling no movement anywhere, with shaking hands he lightly felt around over the blanket to locate where her feet were. He could sense the lump in the blanket. He glide his trembling hand over it like a feather and soon located one of them, and put his fingers over the blanket and felt her though feathery pressure remaining still for around another ten minutes.

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