The Older Sister Ch. 01

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“Keys. Ten minutes?” Jake called, poking his head into his sister’s room.

Elena nodded briefly, barely looking up from her phone. She waited until Jake had left before smiling from behind a wall of blonde hair, pleased that she was already dressed provocatively in her hip hugging pencil skirt. She touched the soft grey pattern material that enclosed her fit body and pictured how she might find her brother.

Elena spent the next ten minutes brushing her long blonde hair, applying discrete make up and slipping on black heels to further extenuate her height. She was now in the mood as she crossed the hallway into her brother’s room.


Elena and Jake were both in their early twenties, Elena three years older than her brother. They lived together in the house they had inherited from their parents, neither of them having found a better option. They had been close growing up and like many siblings had enjoyed playing games. The attraction of tie up games, in particular, had grown with age.

The ‘keys’ game was a regular occurrence. One of them would use bike locks, chains and handcuffs to secure themselves, but like all self-bondage, that was easily escapable. Then the other sibling would arrive under the pretence of being a cop or prison guard and take the keys. There would be some teasing and tickling, but also time alone to enjoy the feeling of both power and subservience.

As expected, Elena found her brother lying on the floor wearing only grey cotton shorts. He had locked a chain around his ankles which in turn was locked to handcuffs behind his back. As always, every lock still had its key waiting for his big sister to arrive.

“Hog chained?” Elena observed, deliberately showing little emotion. This was supposed to be his treat.

“Yeah, quite tight.” Jake’s body contorted to accommodate the short chains.

“Even tighter without the keys…”

As she had done many times before, Elena sat on the floor, pulled each key from its lock and dropped them clinking into a pile between her legs.

“Thanks sis, I’ll let you know when I want them back,” Jake smiled.

Elena discretely shuffled closer; now sitting crossed legged by her brother’s head, “Why don’t I decide how long?” she replied, the smell of wine on her breathe.

“You?” Jake looked up, surprised by how close she was sitting, the dramatic spikes of her stilettos almost touching his face.

Slowly, she unfurled her long legs which ran down either side of her brother’s head.

“El?” he stuttered confused. His sister and the keys would normally be back in her room by now, surrounded by pink sheets and lost in YouTube.

“What’s restraining your head?” she breathed.

“These chains not enough?”

She watched as her brother rolled on to his front to hide his obvious erection. He was now like a stranded turtle and she happily exploited his predicament by slowly bringing her thighs together, trapping his head like a vice.

“El? What are you doing?”

Trembling with goose bumps, she shuffled forward until her brother’s head slowly edged inside her pencil skirt. “Ellie?” he stuttered nervously as her scent became stronger. He tried to look up, but her skirt wouldn’t accommodate, instead pulling him more closely into her thighs.

His head was now completely inside his sister’s skirt, his face jammed hard against the inside of her soft thigh. It was a tight fit even before she crossed her legs.

“See if you can escape now,” she breathed, her voice wobbling.

Elena had always been in charge. The older sister, an alpha girl, Jake had always been under her command. She could no longer control him physically, but her aura was still there and her desire to keep him as a doting brother even stronger. She may have had her brother wedged into her crotch, but in her mind, it was a game of cops and robbers and her prisoner was simply shut inside his cell.

“El?” Jake called, struggling against his chains. Fuck, he was hard and his arousal growing. He had to get out of his sister’s skirt before he climaxed, but his struggles were only adding to his arousal and his sister’s thighs were getting tighter.

He stopped and tried not to think of his sister’s body, but that was impossible, it had been too intertwined with his puberty. He craned his head back to break the seal that ataşehir escort his mouth had formed with her thighs, but his lips were now touching her underwear. ‘Fuck’, he was now too close and powerless to stop himself crying out as he came.

“Jake?” she called.

She could feel her mounting arousal as her brother struggled on the floor beneath her. His face brushing teasingly against her skin, the heat of his breathe fanning the fire inside her skirt. She had always loved his strong touch of his hands, but the feel of his lips on her thighs was something she had only dreamt about.

“I just wanted to make it harder for you to escape,” she lied, trying to hide the fact that she was trembling, “Didn’t think you’d do that!”

“I’m sorry El, just let me out.”

“Yes, I think I should.”

Her thighs were now tacky from perspiration and arousal, making it even harder for Jake’s head to pull out of the tight confines. He looked up awkwardly as Elena stood above him.

“Unlock the chains as well,” he stuttered.

Elena bobbed down to pick up the loose keys, “No way tiger! I need to control you.”

“What?” Jake gasped; their games had always been consensual.

“You just orgasmed in my skirt sweetie.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t hold the keys.”

“Fine, I won’t,” Elena stood up and placed the keys out of reach on a high shelf.

“Fuck El, I can’t get out of here!” he panted.

Elena bobbed down on her haunches, her legs open as far as skirt would allow. Jake groaned.

“I’ll clean you up.”

“No!” he cried, mortified that he was again hard.

His sister ignored him and reached inside his shorts with a tissue. She didn’t say anything as she slowly wiped him clean while gently squeezing and pulling her brother’s cock, “No, no,” he moaned, helpless to stop her massaging his cock.

“Let’s start again, shall we?” she spoke like a big sister.

“Ok,” he moaned.

“I’ll take the keys now and leave you to play.”

His sister gave him the briefest of smiles as she probed his body with her heel. Jake, who had spent most of his life hanging on her every expression, breathed out thankfully.

Elena returned to her room still buzzing from her brother’s touch. It may have been wrong to tease him like that, but he had aroused her more than any of her recent flings. The desperate moans of her beloved brother, completely under her control and completely overwhelmed by her body were gorgeous. She pulled up her dress and peered between her legs. Her younger brother must have utterly intimidated. She giggled; years of sibling rivalry still fixed in her sub-conscious.


Jake looked up with trepidation as Elena returned to his room, his body still identically encircled by steel, “Didn’t escape this time?” she asked pointedly.

“No…” he started, but then stopped.

Elena looked at him expectantly.

“That was nice… what you did,” he croaked nervously.

Jake whole body was burning both from the chains and a feeling of shame. Why had his sister’s body had triggered such a deep desire?

“You looked cute without a head,” she giggled.

“Well, maybe I can escape next time?”

“You really want to go back inside?” she asked.

“Just to make it harder to escape.” Even Jake wasn’t convinced by this.

“Sure… but if you can’t escape then I decide when to let you out.”

Elena was already wriggling forward on the floor, inching her open legs closer and closer to her brother’s head. “Tip your head back.” He did and she nestled him even more closely to her body with his lips now resting against new black satin lingerie over sprayed with her perfume.

“You changed?” he mumbled.

“You shouldn’t be noticing such things,” she breathed as he nestled in. She reached for one of his belts and bucked it tightly around her knees, “Okay, go.”

His whole body bucked, but his head stayed motionless, the laws of physics and the shape of his sister’s legs making escape impossible. He stopped, panted warm air against her and tried to talk, his lips brushing over her. ‘Oh fuck,’ she mouthed.

Jake recognised her lingerie. He had thrown them into the washing machine many times before, usually touching them with only his fingertips. Now the satin was linking him and his sister together, kadıköy escort bayan stretched over his sister’s arousal body and moulded to his face.

Some light flickered through the soft fabric of Elena’s skirt, giving glimpses of her body and her all controlling thighs. Each time they tensed he could barely breathe. They tightened again, stopping only when he kissed between her legs, but that must have been too much as she jittered and climaxed, breathless behind her blonde hair.

‘Fuck,’ he mouthed repeatedly. It felt wonderful to share such an intimate moment with his beloved older sister. He listened in delight to her cries of pleasure as she descended from her high. He wanted to hug her, but she still had his arms locked away and so instead he kissed her lingerie, imagining what it would be like when he next did the laundry.

Elena sat still for several uncertain minutes. She had just used her brother as a sex toy, and she was still holding him prisoner. She was embarrassed, worried about how he would react to sharing such intimacy. “Just wait in there,” she called as she considered hiding him away forever?

Each second that passed, he was breathing in yet more of her aroused scent. Maybe she should squeeze her thighs together and end him completely, it would be easy to do. She already had him on the edge of suffocation.


Oh no, the poor guy must be suffering, but even worse, he was awakening her body again. The feeling was building and the temptation to thrust herself into his face almost overwhelming. The crushing force of her wet underwear and tacky goose bump covered legs could kill him this time. She had to release him while her libido allowed.

“I still haven’t escaped,” he called.

“Yeah, well kissing my fucking panties won’t get you free,” she called, as if trying to put some of the blame back on him.

She released her grip and tried to ease away from her brother, but still he kept kissing her.

“Please Ellie, let me try to get out.”

“You really want to spend your whole fucking life in there?”

A hot flush ran through her body and a teasing smile, that her brother would never see, crossed her lips, ‘Oh fuck,” she had his consent to hold him there. Maybe he was getting a taste for her aroused scent. She could feed him that all day long.

Neither spoke as they lay together, enjoying the moment and the safety of each other’s bodies. Jakes moaned happily, pleased to have given up his freedom and his senses to his sister.


Elena finally released her grip and struggled to separate their damp bodies, “Was that alright?” she ventured as she wiped back tangled blonde hair and managed a smile, “I did hold you down pretty well.”

“It’s cool,” he panted,” We used to wrestle when we were younger, didn’t we?”

“Yeah… but not quite like that,” Elena’s smile widened. She had often used head scissors on her brother when they were messing around. Back then she had sported old jeans, but today his lips had touched her underwear.

Jake was still staring in wonder at his sister, who responded by clumsily fiddling with her zip. She felt nervous and exposed, but strangely obsessed with her young brother as her arousal grew.

“This will be more comfortable,” she breathed, lying on her side so that Jake’s head could rest on her inner thigh; his evening stubble triggering goose bumps on her pale skin. She hovered her top thigh teasingly above her brother’s head.

“I could snap closed on you,” she giggled, “You never could get out of there.”

Jake kissed her thigh and looked up longing. They had become even closer when their parents had split, which made the warmth from her body all the more comforting.

“Can you hold me?” he trembled.

Elena closed her thighs tightly and watched as her brother’s face distorted under her force. He looked up with loving eyes and slurred incoherently against her skin. If only she had always been able to silence him so easily. She stroked his thick dark hair as she clinched him in place.

Jake felt wonderfully calm and protected between his sister’s legs and sighed in disappointment when she finally released him. Maybe there was a way to encourage her to keep him there for longer. Tensing his entire body, he shuffled along her inner thigh. He focused on escort maltepe the seam of her underwear that ran between her legs and licked and pushed until his tongue slid underneath and into the crotch of her underwear.

Elena looked hesitant, unsure about what she should do. His tongue brushed over her vagina and she recoiled, leaving Jake’s head on the floor between her legs.

“Sorry,” she winced.

Suddenly a switch flicked, and Elena ripped off her panties and wrapped her hands around Jake’s head and ground him between her legs. She was rough and impulsive and came and almost instantly.

Her brother had also climaxed and lay panting, his head still between her thighs as she lay in the semi-fetal position, eyes closed and body trembling.

“Oh fuck,” Elena whispered nervously, “Why was that so nice?”

“Because we love each other?

She glowed.

“… and cos you have fucking amazing legs.”

Elena laughed, looking down at her brother still enveloped by her body, “You really never could escape from me,” she purred, using his face to extract the last of the arousal from her body.

She unwrapped her legs, turned away from him as she redressed and started towards the door.

“El, the keys?”

“Oh yeah…”

She grabbed the keys from the shelf and returned each to its lock.

“Can I have some time alone?” she whispered.


“I’ll bring you some dinner later.”

“What? Oh.”

He watched his sister’s long legs tower above him, tottering in her heels. In control of him as always, she took the only key and locked his bedroom from the outside.


Jake spent the afternoon imprisoned by his sister. He had showered in his ensuite bathroom, but then just sat on the floor, propped up against his bed waiting for her to return.

His heart raced as she pushed the key into the door, breathing fast as she stood in the doorway wearing only a short red nightdress.

“Dinner for my prisoner,” she smiled, keeping up the pretence of the roleplay. She handed her brother the plate and sat down on the bed behind him with her thighs either side of his neck.

“Any escape to attempt and I snap closed,” she purred, her voice breathy.

They had played cops and robbers many times, but this felt different with an aroused energy between them. Jake ate quickly as he soaked up the warmth, soap and perfume from his sister’s body. He hadn’t tried to escape, but still his sister had wrapped her thighs around him and he in turn was hugging her legs.

“Thank you,” he whispered, “Can I do anything for you?”

Elena tensed. She wanted to hold her brother all night under the dark and intimate covers of her bed, she always had, but how could that ever be explained away by a role play. Disappointedly, she released her grip, stepped over his head and walked to the door.

“Little brothers are in lock down for the night, I’m afraid,” she sighed, her vagina wet and her nipples erect.


She looked at his expressive brown eyes. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Why couldn’t he be the first to admit what they both wanted? As soon as she turned the key he was done, she wasn’t going to unlock him until morning.

“Your jailer will be warm under her sheets next door…”

Jake tentatively crossed the room, lifted his sister’s negligee and kissed her thigh. Elena cried out in delight.

“Can’t do that when I’ve locked you in,” she trembled.

“I could come with you?” Jake’s voice gave away his longing to cross the line.

They looked nervously at each other, in silence, as if making sure that no-one had overheard. Gently, Elena took her brother’s hand and led him in her room and straight into her bed.

“Down there,” she whispered, positioning his face against her crotch, not yet ready to lie like lovers. She experimented with a few positions until he was as deep as he could be and then wrapped her thighs around her brother’s head, “Please stay there for the night…” she begged.

Elena’s scent was everywhere, both comforting and arousing. Jake could barely control his excitement and tried to free himself from her legs so he could explore the rest of his sister’s body, but she gripped with thighs that were both loving and inescapable, “Cops and robbers,” she whispered, “this is your jail for tonight.”

She couldn’t stop trembling with excitement as she tucked the sheets in around her. No one could see him now and he was her beautiful secret until the morning. For once, she didn’t feel alone in the dark. Her brother was with her, his lips making her soar.

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