The Lawn Needs Mowed

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This was a little bit personal. It will have different feel than some of my other stuff. Once again, it’s an attempt at a faster paced story. It’s meant to be something you could sit down and read quickly. Get in, get off, and get on with your life. I hope you will enjoy it and leave a nice rating and/or comment for it and let me know what you think. There might be a few mistakes here and there, but I did try to keep them to a minimum. Hopefully, they will not detract too much from the story.


I’m sure it’s true in other places also, but in the Midwest, on Summertime Saturdays, certain things happen. For one, boys have to mow the lawn and girls get to lay out and tan. My brother Nick and I are such a pair and it was currently a sore spot for him.

I could hear him downstairs complaining to our Mom, Gayle. They had to be standing in the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs because I could hear them clearly from my room. From the sound of his voice, Nick was not hiding his displeasure at all.

“Mom, it’s not fair,” Nick complained, “April gets to sit on her ass while I have to sweat my ass off mowing the lawn!”

“Nick,” Mom started in her cool tone, “You are the man of the house. Men have to step up and do things that are needed even if they might not like doing them. Ever since your father passed away, you have had to take care of the mowing. I like to remember your Dad out there mowing every Saturday and I think you honor his memory by keeping it tidy.”

Wow, she really twisted the knife. Dad was Nick’s hero and he always attempted to do well by his memory. Nick grumbled, but it sounded like he relented.

Mom called out, “April, I’m heading to the store. Do you need anything?”

“No, Mom, I’m good,” I answered, poking my head out of my room to look down the stairs at her.

I pulled out my big beach American Idol towel, my Tropicana coconut suntan lotion and my IPOD. I had a new bikini that I wanted to wear and I rummaged through my drawer for it. It was a green and blue string bikini and very skimpy. I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing me in it. I knew from experience that Nick would mow the back yard first and I could lay back there without being seen. Our house faces railroad tracks and the lilac bushes block one side by the road and the other side had Dad’s old work shop. It was Nick’s Man-Cave now.

I slipped on the suit and admired in my mirror how I looked in it. Now, I don’t mean to sound conceited, but at 18, my body isn’t bad at all. I was in softball, volleyball, and track. I’m still very active and have Mom to thank for good genes. I’m 5 feet, 5 inches tall, the same as Mom. Our eyes are the same shade of almond brown.

My hair is sandy blonde with caramel highlights and hangs to the middle of my back, whereas Mom has a paler shade of blonde hair in a cute bob-cut. Today, I had my hair up in a bun on top of my head and off my back. I have a slim waist and a cute round booty, also like Mom.

However, I have a 36DD chest that is much more significant than Mom’s own 34C bosom. I know her nipples are also a peachy color while mine are a honey brown color. I had been tanning most of the warm spring and summer so I had a healthy golden tan. The suit had a thin triangle crotch area so it was lucky that I usually keep it waxed bare anyway.

I snagged my flip flops from my closet and put on my shades as I went down to the kitchen. To say the suit doesn’t offer any support is an understatement and I could feel myself jiggle and bounce as I bounded down the stairs. I saw Nick checking me out and even through his black glare, I could see the arousal in his eyes. My nipples were hard points against the suit’s fabric by the time I reached the last step.

Nick’s interest was quite welcome. I have always had a crush on my handsome older brother. Who wouldn’t? Nick is 21 years old and a fine manly specimen. He is 6 feet even and has a darker hair than Mom or myself. He has a goatee and mustache. This summer, he was keeping it very closely cropped. He weighs about 185-190 pounds. His eyes are the same brown as Mom and me. He isn’t muscle bound, but he is very hard and toned. I know he was weights and a bench out in his Man-Cave that he uses regularly.

When I came into the kitchen, bostancı escort bayan all he had on were his sweat shorts, ankle socks and his old beat up sneakers. No shirt. He looked delicious. His gaze slid up and down my body, but I figured that was just him being a guy. How could he not look? I was a very scantily clad 18 year old girl. He was still muttering to himself when I crossed the kitchen and got a Diet Coke out of the fridge. My ass was on perfect display for his appreciative gaze. The suit wasn’t a thong, but it was pretty close to one.

“You know it’s not fair, right?” Nick asked when I made for the patio door.

“Yea, but that’s just how things are. I don’t bitch about doing the dishes or doing all the laundry,” I replied. “You don’t seem to mind freshly washed and folded clothes in your room.”

“Fine,” Nick said, “This week, I’ll do the dishes and laundry and you can do the mowing.”

“No way,” I exclaimed, “I’m not having you paw through and fold my undies.”

We both laughed then his mood turned dark again.

“It just pisses me off. It’s hot out today and I have to mow while you can to sit around on your fat ass,” Nick said viciously.

“Hey,” I cried angrily, slamming my Diet Coke down on the counter, “You’re pissed off about the division of chores, but it’s no reason to be hateful to me.”

I turned away and went into the living room. I wanted the space away from him at that moment. I knew it would be at least an hour before he was done mowing and the sooner he started the better as far as I was concerned.

I was about to pick up the remote when I felt Nick move up behind me.

“Hey,” he started, “I’m sorry. That wasn’t fair. I’m not mad at you. I just don’t wanna mow in this heat and I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

He came up behind me and hugged me around the waist. It felt funny to be so close to my crush and to be half naked. His thumbs were grazing the underside of my boobs in the bikini top. I could feel his bulge so close to my butt.

“You don’t have a fat ass at all. That was a mean thing to say. And untrue. You have a very nice ass in fact,” Nick said as he pulled me in a bit tighter to his chest.

His bulge was now in contact with my barely covered buttocks. I giggled a little and swished my butt back and forth across his bulge. The sweat shorts felt soft against my cheeks but I could feel he was rock hard beneath them. His hands lazily stroked my tummy softly, almost unconsciously.

“In fact,” Nick continued, “everything about you is nice. You are fucking hot, April. You look so sexy in your suit.”

“Sexy now is it?” I taunted, “You don’t think this butt is too big?”

I pushed back against him and was silently overjoyed to hear him groan. His sizable bulge nestled between my butt cheeks and I could feel him twitch slightly. He felt like he had a significant piece of hardware in his pants. I wanted to know what he was packing and I had a feeling I was going to find out before the day was through.

“Not. At. All,” Nick admitted, nuzzling my neck. It is one of my hot spots and he was turning me on perfectly. His lips brushed my ear as he whispered seductively, “I have always thought you were damn sexy.”

His hands continued touring my body and I was not resistant to his exploring one bit. We were both technically dressed but that made it seem more illicit. It seemed like a stolen moment and not the coupling of two lovers. Two siblings committing the ultimate taboo made it hotter for me. His hands came up my bare side to cup my big orbs still slightly encased in the bikini’s top.

Nick leaned in to suck my earlobe again and murmured against my neck, “You are giving me all kinds of naughty thoughts, April. Thoughts that I know I should not be having.”

“Me too, Nick,” I responded. “What are you thinking about?”

“I wondering what would happen if I did this,” Nick whispered as his tongue slid along my neck.

His hands slid up under the bikini top and captured my hard nipples. He tugged them with just enough pressure to make me shiver in delight. I whimpered as he pulled and tugged my rubbery nubs. Heat ignited in my already wet cunt and I could feel the dewy heat keenly as his cock pushed ümraniye escort the bikini material up against my moist lips. My pussy was on fire and I felt the hot need to be filled building within me.

“Oh God, Nick,” I moaned, “You’re making me feel so good. Why did we wait so long to do this.”

I could feel Nick breath as he said, “I had no idea you felt this way, April. To tell you the truth, I was scared to make this move. I have wanted to fuck you for so long. You are gorgeous.”

I could feel the rigid muscle throbbing in his shorts as he Nick dry-humped my butt crack. He was sliding along with only the thin bikini and his sweat shorts separating us. Nick pushed the little cups of the bikini down exposing my full boobs. His hands began enjoying all the massive tit-flesh on display.

My hands became busy as well. I reached around pulling my suit up between my cheeks so his hands could travel all over my smooth butt. Still reaching back, I snagged the string to his sweats and gave it a tug, loosening them and providing me with access. He shimmied a bit and the sweat shorts slid a bit lower settling more on his hips and not on his waist. I pulled the sweats away from his skin and reached into his shorts. He had on a pair of spandex-shorts like Under Tech boxer briefs. I reached in to grasp his engorged cock.

His tool had to be almost 8 inches and was wonderfully thick and veiny. I cooed as I imagined what this was about to do to me. My hands slid up and down his already rock hard pole. His hips made little bucking motions and the shaft became slick with his oozing pre-cum that my stroking hand smeared all over.

“Wow, Nick. You’re fucking hung,” I gushed.

Nick’s hands left my body and he pushed his sweat shorts down to his ankles. His hands then returned to my plump bare tits. His hands were caressing the sensitive tips of my aroused globes. My hand continued its trek up and down his turgid prick.

I turned to Nick. My tall handsome looked down at me with the lust blazing in his eyes. His eyes searched mine for doubt or confusion, but found none. I had no doubt that I wanted this. I had longed for the touch of my older brother and the moment had finally come. Nick tipped his head slightly and our lips finally met. This was no loving kiss between a brother and sister; this was a carnal joining of two lovers. Our tongues danced with each other in tantalizing swirls. Our moans were mutual as we each savored the flavor of the other.

Nicks hand drifted over my back and down to my bare ass. His large strong hands cupped the smooth roundness of my cheeks and he pulled me in closer. I had to pull my hands out of his boxer briefs. He ground me against his pulsing member. The heat was intense and it shot waves of rapturous pleasure through me. My desire was a blazing need now.

Nick said, “I gotta fuck you, April. You have me so fucking turned on right now.”

“I know, Nick, I feel the same way,” I told him. “I need this too.”

I whipped the suit up over the full swells over my melons. I waited for Nick to lean in so I could feel his hard bare chest against them. Nick wasn’t finished stripping me yet. His tongue was once again dueling with mine when he reached down and pulled gently at the thin straps of my bikini bottoms. They dropped into a little mound of material at my feet. I was now gloriously nude before my handsome brother. I wanted him to join me

My hands darted down to the waistband of his underwear and I pushed them down his long muscular legs, finally uncovering his lengthy aroused spear. We were both naked and aroused. Nick pulled me against his side. Nothing impeded our hands as they explored and caressed every available inch. Nick’s cock was throbbing and leaking juice all over my hand and over my knuckles as I jacked his steely pole.

His fingers went over my shaved pubic mound and my lips were hot and wet. His middle finger curled and dipped into my moist cunt. He ground his thick digit into my steaming tunnel. He added a second finger and my knees began to get weak and I shuddered. Nick was sawing in and out of my sopping quim.

“Nick, I can’t wait anymore,” I announced. “Let me taste you.”

Nick grinned, “Me first.”

Eyeing me lasciviously, escort kartal he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked my nectar from them. His eyes closed and I could tell he enjoyed the taste of me and that thrilled me to no end. I was pleased that my brother enjoyed my flavor.

My eyes still locked on Nick’s, I sank to my knees. I gripped the base of his cock and peppered little kisses all around his meat. Nick inhaled sharply when my full lips caressed his shaft. I slid the oozing head into my mouth until I engulfed his entire throbbing length. My tongue was a soft velvet while I lashed his turgid weapon and eased him deep into my throat.

“Oh Fuck,” he cried.

My throat was crammed with his meat. I eased him out and back in. I pushed against him until my lips touched his balls. Again, I slid back off his cock only to plunge it back in. Back and forth, my head bobbed on my brother’s impressive erection. His hand pulled my bun apart and fisted in my locks. I could hear his groan quickening and his hips bucked erratically. I knew he was close to the edge and I wanted his seed desperately.

“April, I’m gonna cum,” Nick told me urgently.

I think he expected me to stop. Instead, I pushed his pole into my willing throat and increased my suction. I slurped and slobbered on his cock and all too soon, Nick tensed and began jettisoning his thick spunk into my waiting mouth. I swallowed him completely and took all he had. I continued sucking his rod, but Nick never lost his erection for even a second.

I stood and we kissed again. Nick hooked his hands under my legs and lifted me up. He set me on the back of the couch so my ass was right at the edge. I spread my legs wantonly, inviting him into my vee. Nick stepped forward between my opened legs and guided his hardened muscle to my dripping channel. He pushed his hips, nudging the tip of his cock into my pouting labia.

Nick began thrusting into me. I wrapped myself around my brother pulling him in closer to me. Tentatively and shallow, at first, but the pressure of my feet on his ass forced him to increase his driving motions. Nick continued his movements until he had pushed himself all the way into me.

I threw my head back moaning, when he drove in, penetrating my sopping cunt. I wanted the closeness from him as we committed this incestuous act. My heels dug into his butt, making him push deeper into my hot tunnel. He rammed his rigid rod all the way in, until his wiry hairs ground against my shaved slit.

He felt so thick inside me and the length was perfectly reaching my most aroused spots. Any longer and he could have hurt me, but Nick seemed like he was made just right to give me pleasure. I had never had a lover fit me this precisely. My cunt was gripping him too. He had to realize how my tight box was made to accept him.

Nick’s tempo sped up as we became more aroused. Our coupling became more lustful and fevered. Nick’s motions were stronger and more confident. For a full twenty minutes, my writhing form accepted all Nick could provide. He knew he was driving me to ecstasy and I was mad with bliss. He gripped my trim hips and I pulled my legs up closer to my chest.

With my legs bent and spread, Nick was able to achieve an even deeper access to my core. His hands moved up to claim my wildly bouncing tits. He kneaded the soft globes roughly, but it was just how I wanted. My sensitive mounds responded to his touch, arcing pleasure deep into me, causing me to wail in delight.

My fingers found my erect button and I made circular motions around the slick clit. Dazzling lights appeared before my eyes as Nick pushed over the peak and caused my orgasm to explode within me. My magnificent crest ignited Nick’s own release and he gushed hot cock cream into my waiting gash. His spurting prick coated my canal and completed our union.

I knew we didn’t have much time left. Mom would only be gone for almost an hour and it had been close to that by now. I scrambled up to kiss Nick once more.

“Mom’s gonna be home soon,” I told him as we embraced, “I still need to mow.”

His eyes widened as I grinned at him.

By the time Mom returned, I had the back yard done and most of the side yard. Sweating like a beast, I pushed our mower and winked over at Nick as he stretched out in the lawn chair sipping some tea and soaking up the sun. Our deal had been struck. Dished and laundry were his responsibility this week. I don’t even have to worry about Nick pawing through my underwear, I stopped wearing any.

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