The Kids At Play Ch. 5

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Ch. 5: Confessions from Mom & Dad

In late March Tommy took Meagen’s cherry. I was not there at the time but I understood that it was something they wanted to do that was just the two of them. I let the two of them have the house to themselves while I went out with a friend from work. Things went well for them and I joined them the next day. The added thrill of watching them fuck really spiced things up even more.

The kids loved what had happened when I spent the night at their Aunt and Uncles and they were both interested to know if they would be invited the next time. I told them that I still wasn’t sure about Aunt Nancy who seemed to have a mixed reaction when I told her and Joe over breakfast the next morning that my son was fucking me…and my daughter was involved too. Joe thought it very sexy, I think Nancy thought it may have been going too far.

In April the kids were home for a week. Joey told me he and Nancy planned on going to Florida. Nancy’s brother lived in Orlando and they planned to let their daughters stay with Nancy’s brother and visit Disney Land while they drove to Boca Raton to spend a week with my parents. Dad was turning 65 and apparently they had some sort of big party planned. I easily got the time off from work and Tommy and Meagen agreed to go without hesitation. I think in their minds they hoped to extend our “family time” to include their Aunt and Uncle. That idea didn’t go unnoticed by me either. I had several fantasies since that night that included me introducing my sister-in-law to a little woman to woman kind of love. So we headed out April 7th, it was Good Friday.

We all flew down together and stopped in Orlando. Nancy gave Joe put their daughters in the care of her brother for 9 days. Nancy cried, even though the kids had spent a week here the past summer and their daughters seemed very excited to be going to their Uncle Steve’s. Apparently Steve and his wife had three young children so they had cousins to play with. We rented a station wagon at the airport and headed over to mom and dads.

As we made talk in the long car ride over, my brother and his wife up front, me and the kids in the back seat, I wondered aloud what mom’s big announcement was. Joe looked at me surprised, he asked me if mom and dad had ever told her that they were nudists now. I said she had mentioned something over the phone once but I didn’t think anything of it. “So if you know about it, what’s the big announcement?” I asked him. Joe told me he thought they were going to tell us that dads 65th birthday party was going to be at the nude beach… and that they were going to ask us to be there. “That would be interesting” I said.

“In this family, it certainly will” Nancy remarked. She did have a point.

Mom and Dad looked fantastic. Of course mom doted over all of us as soon as we arrived and within an hour she had prepared a feast for us. Dad had did well for himself, not rich but he had planned well for retirement. The house had 3 bedrooms and a nice swimming pool out back, everything was on one floor (all the homes were built like bostancı escort this around here) and I noticed while dad was giving us the nickel tour that they had a privacy fence built around the backyard. I also noticed how dad seemed to love the sun room, with a jacuzzi built in the screened in room. “Maybe later we’ll all take a nice jacuzzi, to relax from your trip” he noted. “How many people does that thing seat?” Joe asked him, “We’ve had eight in there, no trouble” he said as we rejoined mom in the kitchen. Close quarters, I thought to myself, imagining eight adults in there.

Nancy and I helped mom set the table and we sat down to a wonderful dinner around 7 o’clock. We talked at the table after dinner and desert and before we knew it almost 3 hours had passed. We were all very tired from the drive and the flight and mom had showed us the sleeping arrangements. One bedroom had a queen sized bed, Joe and Nancy’s room. The other room had twin beds in it and the first thought was to have Meagen and I stay in there and Tommy would sleep on the sofa bed. The kids were both tired so I said they should take the room with the twin beds and that I would be fine in the living room. They said goodnight and they headed off to bed.

Dad said we should all take a dip in the jacuzzi since the kids had gone to sleep. That sounded nice to us and mom added she had a few things she wanted to discuss with us. We all went to change into our swim suits. Nancy and I were in her room changing when she asked me matter of factly if I thought I’d be fucking and sucking my dad by weeks end? She didn’t say it in a nasty, or mean way but somehow I took it that way and told her she should think about shutting up sometimes and that she didn’t seem to mind when I was teaching her how to suck her husbands cock! My anger shocked her, I guess she really meant nothing by it. She came over and said she was sorry and hugged me, assuring me she meant nothing by it. She said the idea turned her on, that’s why she said it.

Thats when Nancy confessed to me that she spent a lot of nights masturbating when she was a teenager, imaging her with her three brothers or her dad. She said she often caught a glimpse of one or another coming out of the bathroom and she still fantasized about it on occasion. “I wish I was as brave as you guys are” she said. “This week is the new me, I’m going to embrace whatever happens” she finished. My anger was completely gone. I turned her face towards me and we kissed. Nancy hesitated for a moment but soon she let my tongue into her mouth. I’m not sure how long the kiss lasted, long enough to wet my bathing suit bottoms. “What are you guys doing in there?” it was dads voice from outside the door. “On our way” Nancy said and quickly made her way out of the room.

We all wore bathing suits in the jacuzzi and we made small talk. Mom had poured us all wine and it was very relaxing. Finally Joe asked mom and dad what the big secret was. Mom looked at dad and said she would get started. “Well, your dad and I have taken on a new lifestyle in the past couple of ümraniye escort bayan years…” she paused for a moment, “you know, at least you do Joey, that your dad and I have become nudists.” Joe smiled and nodded and mom looked at me, I smiled too, letting her know that I knew this already. “But there’s more to our new lifestyle…” now she swallowed and looked over to dad for support, “we’ve also joined a swingers group.” Now I think the three of us were equally shocked. I mean, mom was in great shape but she was still almost 60 and dad was going to be 65 in less then a week. We were all pretty quiet.

“Don’t think your mom and I are dirty old perverts. Thank God we’re both healthy and we’ve always enjoyed a wonderful sex life. We’ve been married 41 years and we’ve always been faithful to each other. I don’t ask that you approve, its just something we feel we should be honest and up front about it with you kids.” Again there was a pause.

“Well, I think its wonderful,” I said “after all, I think adults should do whatever feels good. It’s not hurting anyone…so more power to you.”

Of course once the door was open, we all had questions for them which they seemed glad to answer. One of my questions were if mom and dad enjoyed both men and women. Mom answered quickly that she did and that her father let her enjoy other women throughout their marriage. Mom finished and we looked over to dad, he smiled and said that before he revealed any other secrets he wanted us each to reveal something. I wondered if my revealing the fact that I was sexually active with my son and daughter would be too much, but I was lucky to go last. MOM: “Well, I’m going to confess and old sin. I knew about you two when you were young. I came home and caught you on more then one occasion. You, young lady, were quite noisy.” she smiled at me.

“Did you ever tell dad?” Joe asked, surprised that we hadn’t been so discreet, I was surprised too. “I didn’t at first, but then your dad and I came home from a wedding one night and you two were obviously going at it. I pulled your dad inside our bedroom and as we undressed I knew it was okay.” she smiled and her and dad held hands. “Why?” I asked, maybe a stupid question. “Your father had quite an erection” we all laughed. NANCY: “My confession is very recent. Last month I found out about these two. I arranged for Donna to come over for the night and I video taped her giving Joe oral sex. I’m sorry to say I have never been very good at it and he spoke of Donna like she was an oral goddess. He wasn’t wrong” we all laughed. “Has it helped?” Mom asked her, “Oh yeah, she’s been a quick study” Joe chimed in. “I just needed to see what he liked. She did things I never thought of, so now I do them…or try. I still can’t deep throat him” she smiled at me.” There was a pause before we decided who would go next. DAD: “I wasn’t fortunate enough to have sisters because if I did my brothers and I would’ve kept her busy. I was the youngest of the three boys and the last to be introduced into the brotherly way.” What do you mean pop?” Joe asked him. kartal escort “Well, three teenage boys, left alone a lot. Things were different with girls back then, sex was something you waited until marriage to do. Your grandma died when we were all quite young. So, we discovered that if we touched each other, it felt even better then when we touched ourselves. Uncle Jack and Uncle Pete had been doing for a while before they let me in. I became the one to satisfy them, then they would satisfy me.” dad looked at our shocked faces, all except mom who I was sure had heard this before. “There was a lot of oral sex going on in that household.” Dad laughed. Uncle Jack had died a few years earlier but Uncle Pete was alive and well and lived in Arizona.

“The last time Uncle Pete was in, we took them to the nude beach. That was the first time I saw your father suck another man.” Mom said. “Did it freak you out?” I wanted to know. “Not at all, Donna, honey, it made me wild. It was so sexy. I think your dad does it now because he knows how hot it makes me to watch.” she laughed and she and dad kissed. “I still enjoy it too” dad said, “But it does make your mom hotter then a firecracker” we all laughed.

I think I drifted for a moment and thought of how odd this all was. We were some family, that’s for sure. Here we were, mother father, son and daughter and sons wife talking openly about sex. I’m sure this wasn’t going on in too many American homes but I wondered in how many it was? JOE: “In light of dads confession…” he paused. “Is this going to shock me?” Nancy asked him with a smirk. “Probably, yes” he answered before going on. “You know, Donna and I had been fooling around like twice a day for nearly two years. Then I went off to college. It took about two weeks for me to start going crazy from lack of sex. My first roommate was a real book worm, didn’t talk about girls, didn’t look at any porno magazines with me. He’d lay in his bed and I knew he was listening to me jerk off…I did it every single night. Twice sometimes. So one day I was really out of control horny.” Nancy looked at him, “One day? sounds like more then one day” we all laughed. “Well, one day it was worse then usual, hows that? So I looked over at Stu (my roommate) and told him if he sucked my dick I’d do whatever he wanted.” Joey seemed like he finished his story, we were all waiting for more. “What happened?” Nancy nearly yelled at him. “I had my dick sucked a lot my first year in college.” he laughed. “What did he make you do?” I asked. “He liked me to lick his balls while he jerked off…that was it. I never sucked him or anything… just licked his balls.” By now my confession didn’t seem so bad. ME: “Mines simple, I’m having sex with Meagen and Tommy… have been for two months and I love every minute of it.” The usual questions followed and around 1 AM we all called it a night.

I’m sure Joey and Nancy fucked their brains out after they went to sleep and I wondered if Tommy and Meagen had done the same thing. Mom and dad? I’m sure my horny parents had a quickie before bed. As for me? I had to let my fingers doing the walking. I came twice thinking about what everyone had talked about in the jacuzzi. I knew in my mind that this next week was going to be one I would never forget, that none of us would ever forget.

Turns out I was right.

To Be Continued…

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