The Island of Three Ch. 05

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Hello all. The chapters are getting slower to write as I’m currently without an editor. If you or anyone you know is willing to edit for me then I would appreciate it massively. Just drop me an email.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and I hope you don’t mind any grammatical issues.


Lexi looked down at her brother’s arm that held her tight. A look of lust and excitement plastered across his face which caused electric to run through Lexis body. Lexi wanted her sister to know what they were up to, at least that way there wouldn’t be any sneaking around. But Lexi didn’t want Sylvia finding out through catching them having sex. In any situation like this, it was best to just be forward about their actions, instead of her finding them out through the ravages of a quick fuck.

So why did Tobias have that smirk on his face, he wasn’t about to fuck her brains out, the fear of Sylvia waking up was too strong. So what did he have in mind?

Tobias stood up from his bunk to stand in front of his small statured sister. Tobias’ strong frame dwarfed her curvaceous physique. He looked down into her eyes and began to ride his hands up her thighs. Lexi was nervous at first but she couldn’t resist her brothers touch. His hands locked on the flimsy elastic of her underwear before dropping them down to her ankles.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tobias lifted her chin to stare into Lexis eyes.

“Tobi, I don’t know about this. What if we wake Sylvia up?”

Tobias ran his hands over her soft ass cheeks, grabbed at the hem of her shirt and guided it up, over her bust and quickly tossed it aside. His hands then ran down her back, slowly gliding his fingers over her soft skin until he reached her ass once more. He grabbed a firm hold of each cheek and lifted her into the air. Lexi let out a quiet squeak as she wrapped her arms around his neck to stabilise herself.

Tobias stood, holding his younger sister in place, gazing over her body like it was a piece of meat. “If you don’t want to wake her, then you’ll have to be quiet.”

Lexi locked her lips onto his as his strong hands roamed her peachy butt while enjoying every second. Tobias lowered to his knees and slowly dropped Lexi onto the flattened shrub beneath them. She gently fell backwards, causing her chest to wobble in the process. It caught Tobias’ eye as his hands began to wander up her tight stomach to grab hold of each mound.

Lexi let out a small moan as his hands began to knead them back and forth. She was already wet from giving him a blowjob, but Tobias wasn’t nearly ready to start fucking her yet. His cock still hadn’t regained its earlier strength, and with every passing minute, the more chance Sylvia would wake up and notice what was going on.

“You sure do like my tits don’t you?” She whispered.

“I think all of you is stunning, but these,” Tobias grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together. “are irresistible.”

“Tobi I want you to fuck me. I can be quiet, I promise.” Lexi bit her bottom lip and wiggled her hips playfully.

He positioned his legs between hers and lowered himself so his face was mere inches from her own. “In due time sis. Right now though,” Tobias lowered his lips onto hers and shared a lustful kiss before breaking it. “I have a better idea,” his hands gyrated her globes as his head began to snake down her body.

Tobias started planting small kisses every few inches on her skin before he reached her erect nipples. Sucking one into his mouth and playfully biting it caused Lexi to moan louder than she was meant to. Both siblings quickly looked up towards Sylvia who was still sleeping peacefully. Releasing a sigh of relief, Tobias went back in for the other nipple.

“Mmm, god yes!” Her words were barely audible, trying her best to keep her voice down.

Tobias enjoyed sucking and biting her nipples for a while longer, then started moving down her front, keeping his tongue out leaving a thin line of saliva along her silky tanned skin. He continued shimmying down her and reached the area just above her pelvic bone. He kissed along the bikini line, planting small pecks before going further down.

“Holy shit! Is he going to eat me out?” Lexis mind was racing. For her, giving a blowjob was one of her favourite things to do, the way a man reacted to it sent her wild. Giving a man that pleasure was something everyone knew men wanted, but being eaten out herself? It wasn’t something she had experienced yet.

Her hands shot down to her brothers scraggy hair and lifted his face before he could dive into heaven. “Wait! Are you sure you want to do this?”

Tobias was confused. She had just done it for him, why wouldn’t he want to return the favour? “Why not?”

“Well, I just haven’t had that yet. I didn’t know guys liked doing it.”

Tobias looked up at his sister and realised she was much more innocent than he would have given her credit for. Lexi noticed his smile and got slightly embarrassed, then his smile turned wicked as he dropped his mouth directly onto her pussy and sucked her lips into his mouth in one quick bostancı escort motion.


Tobias had completely caught her off guard and her moan came out load.

Lexis back arched at the sudden pleasure, completely oblivious to the world around her. Tobias was worried that he had jumped the gun and woke Sylvia, but a quick sideways glance in her direction proved otherwise.

“Christ she can sleep.” He thought.

He focused back on the task at hand and began sucking each lip into his mouth individually, then poking his tongue into her hole before sucking the other lip back in. His actions caused Lexi to tense up and then relax repeatedly as his tongue started exploring her completely.

Tobias tasted his younger sister for the first time, it wasn’t as bad as he was expecting. Not usually one for liking the taste of the other women he had done it for before now, but with Lexi, it was a plain taste, almost sweet. He wondered if it had anything to do with the coconut they had been eating, and then his mind wondered whether Sylvia tasted the same.

Shaking his mind back to reality, he wrapped his hands under her thighs to pull himself further into her folds. His tongue excitedly explored the new territory, like a kid with a new toy. He was already driving Lexi wild, he could see her breathing had increased dramatically and her mouth was being forced to close trying to hold back any moans that threatened to break free.

He pulled himself up for a second. “How does it feel sis?”

“Oh my god Tobi! Please don’t stop!” She tried to be as quiet as possible.

Tobias loved the effect he had on her, it drove his ambitions more. He dived back down and began to circle her lips with his tongue. While enjoying the fun he was having, he realised that it might be pushing it to draw out the event.

He looked up at the babe, her hands were playing with her tits, pinching her own nipples and relishing in the pleasure. Tobias went for it, and locked his mouth around her clit, sucking it in slightly.

Lexis reality slipped from under her. The first time someone’s tongue had touched her most sensitive area, and it was her brother. His tongue began to lick rapidly at the little bud and it soon became to much for her.

Tobias knew what was coming, he could feel it as her body tensed up. He grabbed hold of her legs tight and pulled himself into her further than before. Then started circling her clit wildly.

“OH FUCK!!” Lexis orgasm raged throughout her body like a thunderstorm. Crashing through her with wave after wave of pure pleasure.

Lexi grabbed hold of her nipple and squeezed tight, while the other hand reached up to her mouth to conceal her screams. “Mmmmmmmmmmm!!”

Tobias latched onto her thrashing body and kept up his assault on her clit. Lexi lost all control now, the feeling was too much to take. She reached her hand down, the one holding her breast, and grabbed hold of her brothers hair to pull him off.

“Mmmmmm!!” Her orgasm was still hitting her strong. It wasn’t until he finally let up his attack that it started to fade.

Tobias gave his sisters pussy one last lick, followed by a kiss and leant up on his elbows to stare at her. “Hey Lex,” he smirked.

Lexis blood was pounding through her body like molten lava. She looked down at her brother to see him staring up at her. Finally settling back down she brought her hands back to her breasts and continued to play with them. “Holy shit Tobi!”


“Good? That was, insane!”

Their voices were as quiet as they could manage. Tobias had now raised to be kneeling between her legs. The thought of eating out his own sister and the show she was putting on for him made his cock strain at full mast once again.

“Oh it would have been much better if I had played with your clit some more, but we can leave that for next time,” he began stroking his cock seductively towards her.

“Fuck me!” Lexi bit her bottom lip and pinched her nipples. “Fuck me big brother!” Her eyes glued to his cock.

Tobias didn’t need to be told twice. At this point he had all but forgotten about Sylvia. He positioned himself above his little sister, placing his hard on at her entrance and stared into her eyes. Tobias wondered if she would consider a kiss, even with her own cum on his face. No words were exchanged as Lexi grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down, lips immediately pressed against each other and tongues explored the other while relishing in the taste.

Lexi didn’t mind the taste of herself. Nothing that would have put a stop to that very moment anyway. Tobias found it an extreme turn-on and thrust his cock forward, impaling his little sister with his meaty cock. Lexi moaned into his mouth which helped stifle the sound.

She was so wet that his cock was nearly all the way inside in just one pump. He pulled out and pounded his way back in. The tightness of her vagina still shocked him. It was a wonder how he didn’t cum immediately at the feeling.

“Are you ok Lex?”

“Mmmhmm,” ümraniye escort bayan Lexis facial expression showed it all. She was loving it. “Fuck yes!”

That was all he needed to hear. “That’s a good girl.” His movements increased. His cock barrelling inside of her tight pussy repeatedly.

“Ohhmyygoddd!!” Lexis body tensed up again, this time her orgasm came from nowhere. It forced her pussy tighter than it already was and constricted her brothers dick.

Tobias had heard that some women found it easier to orgasm after their first one. Which he realised was true the moment Lexis pussy began to pulsate around his cock.

“Oh shit, Lex!” Tobias’ hips pounded down one last time as he emptied his balls inside her. “I’m cumming!” He grabbed hold of one of her tits as his orgasm raged through him.

Lexi was oblivious to the world, feeling her brother fill her up with his cum sent shockwaves of naughty pleasure throughout her small body. She thrashed beneath him and after a minute, maybe an hour, she wasn’t sure, she came around and laid limp on the ground, breathing heavy breaths.

Tobias was spent, he had emptied himself into his sexy youngest sister, twice. He wanted to fuck all night long, cause her to cum time and time again, but realised they have all the time in the world. Satisfied and begging for rest, it was time for bed. They both quietly rose to their feet and inhaled fresh air. They then immediately looked toward their sleeping sister to find her still completely asleep.

“That’s unreal. I think we woke the rest of the island up with that one. How didn’t we wake her?” Lexi whispered while putting her shirt back on.

“I knew she was a heavy sleeper, but I was completely lost in the moment. Either way, if she carries on like that, we wont have a problem.” Tobias smiled coyly.

They shared in a quick kiss before Tobias pulled his pants on. Unbeknownst to him, he managed to put them on backwards. Lexi gave her brother one last peck on the lips before she turned around towards her bunk.

Tobias feeling naughty, quickly smacked her sweet ass cheek. It made a louder, “snap” than he thought it would and caused Sylvia to stir in bed. Panic set in and Lexi grabbed her underwear and bolted for her bunk. Laying down in time for Sylvia to wake up and stare at her brother standing in the middle of the shelter.

“Tobi? What are you doing?” Sylvias eyes were still adjusting to the dim fire light as she rubbed at them to help see, while sitting up on the edge of her bed.

Tobias was always very slow to react to situations. Unless it was a fight or flight situation, he was as slow as they come.

“Sylvia! I uhh, had a strange dream. I wanted to clear my head a bit,” he grabbed his water bottle and began to pour it over his head, washing his face in the process.

The water ran down Tobias’ toned body in cool lines of shiny liquid. Sylvias eyes were naturally drawn to his strong stature and couldn’t help but think of a few inappropriate things she would like to do to him.

“Stop it, he’s you’re brother!” Sylvia scolded herself internally.

She couldn’t help but gaze upon his bronzed skin, the water made it difficult not to watch. Her eyes locked on his boxers, “Are his pants on backwards?” She thought.

Tobias quickly wiped the water from his face to catch Sylvia staring at his crotch. His mind also went straight to some inappropriate images, but reminded himself that one sister was already bad enough. “I’m ok Syl. I think I’ll just try to get some sleep.”

Sylvia stumbled as his words caught her off guard. Bolting her eyes back up to his face. “Uhh, yeah. Good idea. Try to get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow,”

“Yeah. Anyway, good night sis,” Tobias laid back in bed and faced the other way, fearing that Sylvia might catch on to what had happened if they continued to talk.

Sylvia did the same, but sleep didn’t come as quickly for her. “He couldn’t have been wearing them like that all day surely? That would have been way to uncomfortable. In fact, I think I saw when he put them on. They weren’t the wrong way around then…”

Questions kept her up for awhile, until she realised how horny she was getting from focusing on her brothers crotch. She forced herself to sleep in hopes that it would help forget the wrong and forbidden thoughts, but she knew it was unlikely.

The morning seemed to arrive sooner than usual as all three siblings woke up at around the same time. The sun was burning bright without a cloud in the sky, same as always. They prepared breakfast and discussed the plans of the day. Sylvia and Tobias would get to work on the cabin while Lexi kept an eye on the camp and made sure the S.O.S sign was still readable.

Tobias had hoped to fix the roof, tidy up the cabin and prepare the trail for the water to follow down. It was going to be a difficult job to pull off, it was a long way down the hill to where he needed it, but it was a necessity and the idea of a project on this scale got him more excited than he would admit to his sisters.

While kartal escort Sylvia got them prepared for their day, Lexi and Tobias enjoyed a quick fondle and kiss while hiding before setting out on the road ahead. Sylvia brought water and some spare clothing just incase anything happened, while Tobias brought along a few useful belongings inside his bag. They set out for the day saying their goodbyes to Lexi and focused on climbing the hill.

Tobias thought the journey seemed faster this time, but he then remembered they had stopped for their first incestuous fuck along the way. The memory kept his spirits high and hoped it would keep his eyes from Sylvias ass as she climbed the hill. It didn’t.

Finally reaching where the underwater spring was found, they stopped for a moment to take a rest and drink some much needed water.

“So, you have to find a way to get that stream to run down the other side of the hill?” Asked Sylvia.

“Well, yeah. I already know how to, but it’ll be hard work is all.”

“Right, well if you need a hand then I don’t mind helping if I can,” she looked down at the ground, wanting to be helpful.

“You’ll be helping plenty. I’ve already thought about some jobs you can do,”

Tobias ran his eyes over his cute looking sister. She wore the same tight short shorts that she had been wearing recently, as if to taunt him with her tight rear. A lightly shaded pink shirt that said ‘Sexy’ written in yellow letters. Her hair was up in the usual pony-tail that he secretly wanted to pull on. He could also make out the bra under her pink shirt and tried to focus back on not ogling his sibling.

Caught in the act Sylvia spoke up. “Whatcha looking at bro?” A curious smile ran across her lips.

“Uhh the shirt. I haven’t seen you wearing that one is all.” He scolded himself for the worst excuse ever.

“Oh, yeah it’s not mine. It was in one of the suitcases that we brought with us. Really isn’t my style but I didn’t have anything else to wear.”

“Nothing, wear nothing next time!” Tobias thought to himself.

“No it suits you,” he realised what he had said and rolled his eyes.

Sylvia laughed, “What the shirt or the word sexy?”

Releasing a deep sigh he stood up straight to reply. “Right, lets keep going. We’re nearly there,” he began walking up the hill once more.

Sylvia laughed and started following her uncomfortable brother.

Before the island Tobias thought there wasn’t much of a difference between his sisters. Obviously they had different personalities, but to him they were very similar. It wasn’t until he saw them for who they really were that he noticed the differences.

Tobias looked back for a second to see Sylvia slowly trailing behind him.

Lexi was more of the curvaceous babe: stunning, busty, eyes that needed attention, bubbly personality and constantly teasing her siblings and strangers if she could. Sylvia on the other hand was more of the ‘girl next door’ type, she was also physically stunning, naturally happy, very intelligent, practical and always had a project on the go, whether it was a puzzle or some experiment.

Tobias was a mix between the two and was always trying to make himself a better person. Whether that was physically or mentally, he preferred to make himself and his family better in the long run. Never letting something or someone come between any of them, becoming the man of the house did that to you naturally when you didn’t have a father to take charge.

There was one thing that played on Tobias’ mind more than it should have. Lexi had said that Sylvia was a nympho, whether she meant that literally or she just really likes sex was oblivious to him. She seemed like such a normal person, and if anyone was going to be the sex crazed sibling, he assumed it was Lexi. He needed to know the truth, but didn’t know how to go about it.

Reaching the top they looked down at the cabin. Sylvia had her eyes glued to the cabin immediately.

“It looks so much better than what I was expecting.”

“It’s an upgrade that’s for sure. Come on, let’s get to work,” Tobias began walking down the hill to their new home.

They had a quick look around, mainly so Sylvia could see as much as the other two had, and began the renovations. After having a better look at their selection of tools, Tobias thought they could be much worse off. They were all rusty, but were still strong enough to do the job.

Tobias took the rusty saw and went out into the woodland behind the cabin to find some wood that was already down, trying to cut an entire tree down with just a handsaw wasn’t something he was willing to try. So for now, some dead timber will have to be enough for the roof.

After finding and cutting the wood, he fixed the patch in the roof and hoped that it would at least hold until he could spend more time fixing it. Next he thought he would start removing some of the insects and creatures from the cabin.

When they first got to the island they realised that getting bitten or stung by something was going to be a very bad idea, seeing as they wouldn’t have access to medicine or medical care. With that, Tobias knew that the safest thing to do was to squash the bugs he found in the cabin, it wasn’t something he wanted to do, but he also wasn’t going to take any chances on their lives.

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