The House Hadn’t Changed Ch. 02

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(Readers, you should read The House Hadn’t Changed before reading chapter 2. It will make this reading more understandable.)

It had been 3 months since Jane, Millie, and I had been at the old house. We had cleaned it out, giving the furniture away and taking most of the other stuff to charity houses. There were some things that had sentimental value to us that we kept for ourselves, but it was things of little value to anyone but us and our childhood memories.

I was about to leave the office when the phone rang and it was the realtor. She had an offer on the house, exactly what we had asked for. Since I had the overall power of attorney I told her to go ahead with the sale and made arrangements to be there for the document signing and for the checks.

I immediately called my sisters and told them the news. As I had expected each one was solemn in her response, we were closing a chapter of our lives; we were disposing of something that had been a part of us during those growing years and beyond. I told them each of us had to be there to sign for our respective checks. The lawyer would make a check out to each of us for one third of the proceeds, but each had to sign a receipt document.

Millie was very subdued when I called in fact she was reluctant to make the trip to sign the papers. “You have to Sis; it’s the only way you’ll get the check. Mom had it in her will that after her death the house would be divided equally between us.”

“Rob I, uh” there was a long pause and I sensed some sniffing on her end. “I came to terms with the house and the memories of Mom and Dad but more importantly the time the three of us had was special and I want to keep those memories just like they are. Besides, I have my own issues to deal with right now.” This was not the kind of reaction I had expected from her. I thought she would be exuberant to be with us again, but I would not push the issue.

“Well, maybe I can get the lawyer to do something but he was very adamant that we each had to be there because of the will. Besides, Jane and I want to see you.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll go, but I’ll fly in that morning and right back out. No staying over and no going over to the old house. Okay? You said the 17th? I’ll call you with the flight number and my arrival. Bye honey.”

“Sure Millie that will be just fine.” I have to admit her response surprised me. Maybe she was going through something, a rough patch in her marriage perhaps, but it was her decision.

I called Jane and told her of the sale, the need to be there for the check and the date. She readily agreed. I also told her I would swing by her house, only a couple of hours away, and pick her up keeping her from having to drive as I was sure Charlie wouldn’t take off work to take her there. I told her about Millie and that she wouldn’t be staying. “I’ll make arrangements for a room at the Charleston, if that’s okay with you.”

I could tell the lilt in her voice meant I had answered her unspoken question the right way. “Oh, yes, that’ll, um, wonderful. Oh, Rob I just need to be with you, once more at least. Does that make me sound silly or wanting?”

“Not at all. I’ve thought a lot about us and our few days and nights together and how much I enjoyed you. Yeah, I need to see you, uh, rather be with you again.”

We ended the call on happy sounds and the fantasy of being together again. I guess I pondered the reality of cheating on my wife; cheating with my sister of all people, of actually committing incest, again. But just as those few months ago I really didn’t consider it cheating on Anita, I considered it rekindling family relations and that was important, even if those relations were sexual.

That night I sat close to Anita as if trying to reassure myself that my fantasy or my incestual cheating would not affect us, it hadn’t before but tonight it was. Anita was doing her best to get my attention and I was disinterested. I had to silently apologize to her as I had been in the same mood for some time, since coming back from the house. “Honey, I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day.”

I could tell the disappointment in her voice as she kissed my cheek and said good night. I felt like a heel leaving her there wanting and not having the courage to tell her; but I couldn’t tell her. How does a husband tell his wife that he has had sex with his own sister? And worse, that he wants to do it again, is going to do it again?

It had only been a few minutes when Anita came to the bedroom and sat beside me. “I, I know something’s wrong. It’s your parents’ house isn’t it?” She paused to look deeply into my eyes, waiting some verbal or quiet answer. “When you came back from there I could sense that you had gone through something. I can guess that a lot of old memories drew you back to your childhood at home and to your sisters. Now that you’re selling it, well –” She sort of sighed, looked away, and then her eyes were looking directly into mine, again. “Do you want to talk ataşehir escort bayan about it?”

I looked at my still beautiful 59 year old wife and the way her green eyes seemed to be looking through me, into my soul, and into my very being. I sat up and pulled her to me. “Yeah, yeah, it was quite a time those few days. The three of us talked a lot about the memories we had from there and about ourselves and our lives growing up. I guess that in some way the sale of the house has created doldrums, there will be no more need to go there and, well, the town won’t be the same. We talked and reminisced about the things that happened there and didn’t happen, the people that had affected our lives and loves and we were, I guess, drawn to each other in that small space and time.”

“Drawn, do you mean like sexual?”

I was dumfounded that she would say that. “What made you say that? Sexual? Honey, they are my sisters!”

“I know, but I also know that Jane has wanted to have sex with you since you were teenagers, she told me so.” I am sure I had the doe-eyed look in the headlights as she continued. “We were at a family reunion some years ago and she had a bit too much to drink so we walked around the park and talked. That was when she admitted to me that she had wanted you as a lover ever since high school but had never gotten you. I, well, I thought maybe it happened while you were there. You have been so withdrawn, particularly from me, so I had to think about all of it.” She paused then looked me straight in the eyes. “Did it?”

I swallowed hard and stared at her. My mouth became dry and I could feel my underarms exuding moisture. “What, what would be your response if mine was yes?”

She put her arms around my neck and again stared into my eyes. “We’re not kids Rob but I can’t say that I would be pleased to learn you had sex with someone else. I don’t believe you have ever cheated on me in our almost 40 years of marriage. At least I hope not. I, uh, I mean being with your sister is well, uh, damn,” she paused momentarily, “it’s not exactly like cheating because it’s family, right?”

I took her by the shoulders and pushed her back so I could study her face. “You mean you would have no problem with me going to bed with Jane or Millie? Why not? Isn’t it the same thing as cheating with a stranger?”

Anita rose from the bed and paced a few steps away, her back to me. “I, uh, no, uh, I don’t think it is, uh, I know it isn’t.” She turned around but didn’t sit on the bed. She stared at me for what seemed moments and I could see something in her face that was different, somewhat alarming. “A few months ago I went to Las Vegas on a company trip. Do you remember?”

I nodded as the memories of that time flooded back particularly since I had discussed it with my sisters.

“You tried to call me and I wasn’t there. I know you think I was out with or sleeping with someone from the firm or some stranger, but I didn’t and I wouldn’t. It was” she paused as if seeking the answer, “Everett.”

“Everett, your brother Everett?” He is 4 years younger, a very successful engineer with a wife and 4 daughters and 5 grandkids. “Your brother?” I asked as I watched her face drop.

She nodded. “We’ve been talking on the phone for some time, you know, about our childhood years and marriages, and things that brothers and sisters will talk about. I suspect we talked about a lot of the same things you did with your sisters. I told him I was going to Vegas and he wanted to meet me there since we hadn’t seen each other for a few years. To make a long story short, we met, we went to his room and we made love. I would like to say we had sex, but it was more. Honey, it was, it was something different like a, a meeting of spirits that flowed as we made love. It was as if it was something that should have happened years ago and it was right; oh so right. It was right then, at least. We talked about Mom and Dad and how we listened to them having sex and how much we wanted to go to each other’s room, but didn’t. It was like we had to experience that feeling, to make it real.” She paused, she took my head in her hands, and she looked into me. “We haven’t been together since but he has called me wanting to meet again. After that night I felt guilty, so guilty that I had cheated on you but for some reason it didn’t feel like cheating since it was Everett. Does any of this make sense? Do you understand why I wouldn’t feel cheated on if you slept with Jane or Millie?”

“Wait! Wait! You mean you would be okay with me sleeping with Jane? And yes it makes a hell of a lot of sense.” I took a deep breath as I was unsure how my truth would be accepted. “I, I need to tell you what happened.”

I wished I had a glass of water or scotch or bourbon or something that would take the dryness from my throat, but it wasn’t the right time to leave the bed or the room. “Yes, I remember your trip to Vegas and yes I thought you had been with someone but I thought escort kadıköy somehow you had been coerced or something I did or didn’t do had driven you to someone else. I never asked, I guess I didn’t want to know, but I’m not mad, I can’t’ be mad, I have no right.” I reached out for her hand and pulled her close to me. “While the three of us were at the house we got to drinking one evening, but I will not attribute any of what happened to alcohol. I made love to them, more than once during that stay and it started because Millie told me Jane wanted to have sex with me and had since we were teenagers and, well, one thing led to another and it was like you said, it was, it was, well, different and necessary in some strange way and right.”

I couldn’t tell if she was mad or relieved that we had both been unfaithful. “I guess the three of us were reliving those years, you know, when boys look at girls and want to play I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours, when kids go out into the old shed and play doctor wishing you could get the other undressed and touch them just once. Maybe we were playing doctor; the adult version. At first I felt like I was cheating on you, but then, those feelings, so, so I guess I know how you felt with Everett, it had to be the same.”

Anita fell into my arms and I held her for the longest time. We didn’t talk; we just sat there in silence thinking about what had been said in those few minutes. Finally I broke the silence. “Do you want to meet Everett again?”

She nodded without speaking.

I took a deep breath, “I will be picking up Jane on the 16th and going to the closing. Millie isn’t coming until the next day and will only stay a few hours before flying home. I, well, I would like to spend perhaps a couple of days with Jane if it’s alright, and well, you” I felt like something had landed in the pit of my stomach. “You and Everett can, can, uh.”

She lifted her face to mine and kissed me. “You’re a wonderful husband Robbie. I was afraid you wouldn’t understand that you would want me out of your life. Maybe, maybe this will turn out to be something special in our lives.” There was a long pause as I expect both of us pondered her statement; special, special, sure something special. “Make love to me!”

She wasted little time getting her wonderful soft body atop me and impaling my hard cock before going on a good long cowgirl ride. She was nearly exhausted when I finally came inside her and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day I made the reservations and called Jane to confirm and she sounded giggly on the phone, almost like a young girl planning to meet her boyfriend behind the old oak tree.

That night Anita told me of her conversation with Everett and that she had confessed everything to me and even told him about my affair with Jane and Millie. She said he had jokingly commented on a small family reunion of our own, just the five of us. Maybe he wasn’t joking.

What a revelation, what an awakening had come about between Anita and I. We were heading in a new marital direction, one that could be exciting or dangerous but one that left me feeling unsafe in my marriage and relationship with her, or perhaps I was thinking too much of Jane. We made love and I believe both of us used some form of fantasy that our lover was someone else.

I pulled into the driveway at Jane’s and she dashed from the house before I could get the car door open. She had a small suitcase in her hand and a very vivid smile on her face. “Hi Robbie! Charlie isn’t here, he’s at work and said to tell you hello and for you to take good care of me. You will take good care of me won’t you?” She said that with the look of a Cheshire cat on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

I ushered her in the front seat and put her case behind mine. “Oh yes my dear I will take very good care of you. In fact, I have things to tell you.” That said I leaned in for a kiss, careful to ensure no neighbors were watching. She returned it, and our time began.

On the way I told her of the conversation with Anita and the revelation that we were both having sexual relations with our sibling. She turned in the seat and looked at me cautiously. “How did it make you feel? I mean, learning she was screwing her brother? Did it, uh, oh God I’m not sure what to ask, but did it hurt you? I mean, uh, you had sex with Millie and me and I guess it’s about the same?”

“At first I felt betrayed but realized she had done nothing more than me and I couldn’t hold that against her. I told her about us, you and Millie, and I gave her the okay to see Everett again. He may be at or on his way to my house right now or meeting somewhere. I know how she felt because it was the same way I felt with you and in some part with Millie, but more with you. It was as if something was drawing us together and then something happened, something that was so long in happening and so right when it did.”

I felt her arm on mine as she leaned toward me. “I know. I felt the bostancı escort same when you made love to me, it was, well it was exciting and, and I felt as if I was that teenage girl in bed with my big strapping brother. It was perfect.”

We rode unspeaking for a time as I’m sure her mind was reeling as was mine with all kind of thoughts or perhaps visions of our time ahead. “Does Charlie know? I mean, did you tell him or did he ask?”

She took a deep breath before answering. “No, I think he was concerned about us during the stay at the house but he never said anything accusatory; I think his concern was more about the vacant house and all the clutter. He did ask about the things, you know the furniture and dishes and stuff, and those things I kept. I think he was glad he didn’t have to be part of that moving and packing so he didn’t ask much.”

The rest of our trip was filled with casual conversation and periods of not talking at all. We guessed at Millie’s problem, or at least what we perceived as a problem, thinking she was embarrassed at what happened or perhaps her husband had found out, but since they were a “swinging” couple that shouldn’t have made a difference.

I checked us into the hotel, one room with two double beds for appearances, and moved our luggage inside. “It was a long drive Rob, I want a shower.” I nodded in agreement and watched her undress and when she was down to white bra and panties she disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the water running and thought of joining her, but she had not invited me.

It was only a few minutes before she returned, wearing only a towel and a smile. Her skin looked radiant, her face alluring, and her smile and bright eyes drew me in. She turned, kissed me, passionately, and began unbuttoning my shirt. There was nothing to say, it was mutual, a mutual need and mutual lust. I helped as she undressed me and took hold of my hardening cock, then I removed her towel and when naked all I could do was stare at her, her ageless body that was now mine once again.

We tumbled to the bed and her soft skin felt so good against me that all I could do was hold her and feel her nakedness and savor the sweet cleanliness of her. We kissed, and kissed as if it was the most important thing then I moved to her yielding breasts, sucking first one nipple into my mouth then the other and listening to the hissing sounds her breathing made as I suckled. It was at last time to taste her and to bring her to what I hoped would be the first of many orgasms.

Yes, it was there, her beautiful pussy, her yielding vaginal lips, her aroma of womanhood, and the open legs inviting me in. I sucked the lips into my mouth then slid my tongue deep into her opening before taking charge of her clitoris and taking her to a body shaking orgasm. I wasted little time moving my hard cock to her wet opening and sliding inside. Her arms closed around me, her legs pressed into the back of mine and our bodies began a dance that only making love can create.

It was wonderful being inside her again, feeling her walls hold my cock, hearing her erratic breathing and feeling her soft body against mine. I could feel the trembling of my own inner being as I was sure my climax was nearing. My mind began to reel, to change from the room of the hotel to somewhere in the past where the field was green with white stripes, and there were people sitting in bleachers. I was running toward the end zone and looked over my shoulder as Tommy Eagen threw a spiraling pass and I caught it heading away from defenders. As I approached the goal I saw Jane standing there in a white linen dress that displayed her beautiful body beneath. Her arms were outstretched as if waiting me to score. My running, my climax building then it was touchdown. Touchdown! Touchdown! My need filled her and kept filling her as I heard her moan softly in reaction to my semen spewing forth. It was a running back making love to his girl, his beautiful young sister in the middle of that football field, but it was only a dream, a fantasy, a throw back to years ago and dreams of youth, but my cumming was real and wonderful.

I withdrew from her and lay beside her, pulling the sheet over us. The drive had been tiring and we drifted into sleep. It was dark outside when I awoke and the lights of the city were spilling into the room through the open curtain. I walked to the window and peered out at the traffic and the lights not giving thought to anyone seeing me naked in the darkened room. I ventured into the reason we were here, the sale of the house, and the closure of another chapter in my life. There would be no need to return to this city in the future, no one to see, no one to visit, no place to go that had any special meaning. I was overcome by a strange and low feeling, one I couldn’t explain to myself even if I tried. I looked down at my feet hoping something would pop into my head and give me meaning, but there was none. Here I was a grandfather, a nearing retirement lawyer feeling like suddenly I was orphaned and had nowhere to go; how stupid. A crazy thought flashed through my mind that when I came back, if I came back, for the high school reunion I wouldn’t have a home to stay in! How ridiculous, “get a grip on yourself” I said silently.

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