The Helpful Son Ch. 06

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This is the sixth chapter of this story. If you haven’t read the first five, I recommend you go to my profile to easily find the link to them. As a side note, this story takes place at the same time as Chapter 5, only in another room. The trip that Pam and Zack are on in Chapter 4 is the same trip they are on in Chapters 5 and 6.

As I watched Zack leave us to go upstairs, I could only assume that he was ready to make his move on Tesha. Janine continued to talk about how my nephew Tyler was doing in school, and how smart he was.

“Then there was this time during a Scholastic Bowl meet where if it hadn’t been for Tyler, his school’s team would have lost. He answered more than 50% of the questions.”

The pause in the conversation snapped me back to what Janine was saying. “What did you say?” I asked.

“Are you okay? You seem a bit distracted.

I was distracted all right. “I got a call from a close friend back home. She caught her husband cheating on her yesterday. I was just wondering how she was doing.”

“Well, I can tell you that it isn’t fun.”

“Wait, you never said you caught Dan doing anything.”

“I haven’t Pam, but I’m sure he is. I can’t see any other reason for some of his behavior.” Janine lowered her head and sighed. “He just seems too distant for anything else.”

“I’m going to tell you something Janine, and I must ask that you not repeat this, even to family.” This got her attention. “I have given up on men.” Janine had a puzzled look on her face. “I’m gay Janine.”

“Oh my god! Really?” Janine’s face wrinkled up a bit with surprise. “So you play with women now right?”

Laughing, I responded, “Yes, I play with women, if you want to put it that way. I also do other things with them.”

“So do you have lots of women? Is it really more enjoyable? Do you have a girlfriend? Is she butch? Have you told Zack? When did this happen? You don’t post pictures online do you? What….”

I put a hand out. “STOP! Take a breath, you’re asking too many questions.” Janine took a breath. “That’s better. Now, let’s see. Zack knows; I have a girlfriend; I only play with her; she isn’t butch; it’s been about seven months; we don’t post online; and hell yes it’s more enjoyable.”

Blushing, Janine replies, “Sorry about that. I just…I never expected you to be into that.”

“Well haven’t you ever thought about it sis?”

“Not really Pam. I was just happy with guys. I mean, I’ve wondered what it’s like when I hear about it, I just never delved into it.” With horror, Janine suddenly looked into my eyes. “WAIT! Is this why you’ve been so quick to hug me?”

“No. I’ve been quick to hug you because you’re my sister and I haven’t seen you in over twenty years.” Janine relaxed as I moved closer to her. “In a purely sexual sense however, you are definitely desirable.” As I said this, I put a hand on her knee.

Janine responded by standing up ataşehir escort bayan quickly. “OH MY GOD! I’M YOUR SISTER!”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. “I’m not asking you to do anything. I’m just making a statement. Of course, I am going to say that you don’t know what you’re missing. If you really do suspect Dan of cheating on you, then another woman would definitely be a way to satisfy yourself and make him jealous.”

Janine looked at me with a rather odd. “I don’t know. It just seems so weird to even consider it. I don’t even know if I would like it.”

Scooting closer to Janine, I slowly leaned towards her and gave her a passionate kiss. At first, she didn’t respond, then she began to get into it before quickly breaking it off. Leaning back, I asked, “Well?”

“I…I…I…” stuttering on, “it was nice, but,” with another pause, Janine finished, “it just seems odd with you being my sister.”

I began to hear some music coming from upstairs. “Kiss me Janine.” Janine leaned forward this time, closing her eyes and pursing her lips. Holding her hands, I leaned towards her and kissed her again. This time, she was more responsive, and before I know it, she was pushing against me with her lips. My body slowly leaned back against the armrest, Janine carefully keeping up so as not to end the kiss. By the time the kiss ended, Janine was laying on top of me. “Now, wasn’t that fun?” Janine shook her head yes. “Do you want more?” Another nod of approval from Janine. “Let’s go to your room.” Janine nodded once more.

Holding hands, we both got up from the couch. We crossed the room and before going up the stairs, I stopped her. Pulling her into the kitchen, I asked, “Where is the whipped cream?” Janine walked over to a cabinet, opened it and grabbed a can, then closed the cabinet. Before I could respond, she began to pull me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I could hear music but no talking from Tesha’s room as we passed by. When we got to the master bedroom, Janine reached for the door handle. Turning her around, I reached for the handle with my right hand as I leaned pushed her body against the door and kissed her again. “Trust me sis, and you will have the night of your life,” I said as I closed the door behind us, shutting us off from the rest of the house.

Letting go of Janine’s hand, I began to take off my shirt as I walked over to the bed. Unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, I looked back at Janine and smiled. She began to walk over to me, tossing the can on the bed as she promptly removed her shirt. As I got my pants off, I turned and helped her out of her pants. I stopped her as she began to reach for the bra hook between her breasts. I pointed to the bed and she climbed on. As she laid down on the bed, I climbed on and grabbed the can. Moving up beside her arms, I removed the cap and squirted some whipped cream onto her nose. I leaned forward escort kadıköy and licked it off, then put some on her neck. Cleaning that off, I squirted a line from her neck to her belly button, passing between her breasts. I moved behind her head and adjusting hers, I leaned forward. As I began to lick my way down that line, I could feel my breasts running along her body. Starting at her belly, I squirted a line down each of her legs before I licked those off too.

When I finished with that, I repositioned myself between her legs and undid the hook between her breasts. I opened her strapless bra and squirted a generous portion of cream onto each breast, then licked them clean. I could feel her giggle as I did this. Her breasts, once cleaned and glistened by my tongue, looked beautiful. I saw no evidence of alterations, and could only assume she was as lucky as I was. I flicked her nipples to see how she responded before running a circle of whipped cream around the edges of her breasts. Leaning down, I ran my tongue around her breasts as I cleaned them off. Running a line down her arms, I licked them clean too.

Setting the can aside, I lifted one of her arms up and began to seductively lick each of her fingers, starting with her pinky. When I licked her index finger, I scooted my body as close as possible and leaned my body over hers. I placed her index finger on my forehead and began to move her finger down my face and neck, down my chest, between my breasts, across my belly and waist, and then across my panties to right over my mound. Looking into her eyes, I used her finger to push aside my panties and inserted it into my pussy. Her eyes got wide as her mouth grinned, and I leaned forward to kiss her as I began to use her finger as a dildo.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, we heard a scream. Janine’s hand pulled away from mine and she bolted upright in the bed, knocking me over and onto the can. I winced as it hit my spine, and I lifted myself up and moved the can. “That sounded like Tesha. I better check on her.”

As Janine started to move, I grabbed her hand. “I’m sure she is just fine. Please, lay back down.” I looked into her eyes and smiled. “Let’s not ruin this.”

Reluctantly, Janine laid down again. After about a minute, I heard her breathing even out again as no other noises came from Tesha’s room. She didn’t realize that Zack was in there with her. I guess this was Tesha’s first time. I rolled over and reached for her hand again. I licked her finger moist once more and quickly continued what we were doing. After a few minutes of guiding her finger in and out of my pussy, I felt her take over. Releasing her hand, I began to caress her breasts while she jerked her finger about. Her breasts were as smooth as silk, without the faintest evidence of aging. Her nipples were obviously sensitive as they took no time at all to come to attention. I rolled them between my thumb and bostancı escort forefinger, feeling their rough texture, occasionally adding a delicate pinch. Her hand kept going, and I felt her thumb pressed against my clit. Staring at her in her eyes, I leaned my head forward and stuck my tongue out to greet her nipples. I ran my tongue around her areola as I closed my mouth over her right breast. Her eyes betrayed the pleasure she was experiencing as her hand moved faster. I could feel it taking effect between my legs. As I squeezed and sucked on her breasts, I could feel my own body warming up. Wetness was beginning to develop between my legs as her fingers worked their way around down there. Soon, I stopped what I was doing and reached down to stop her hand. She gave me a puzzled look. “Not yet sis. Not yet.”

Sitting up, I asked her, “Do you have any toys for yourself?”

“Yeah, in the bottom right drawer of my dresser. Over there.” She pointed to her right

I got off her bed and walked over to the dresser. Leaning down, I opened the drawer she said to and searched inside. At the bottom, I found a long, slightly curved vibrator covered in rubber spikes. Pulling it out I went back to the bed and climbed back on. Climbing over her body, I positioned myself above her face, facing myself towards her feet. “You are going to have to work some magic on me if you want me to use this on you,” I said, holding up the vibrator. Without losing a beat, Janine pulled me down and began running her tongue along my lips. Having already been brought close to an orgasm once, it took little work before I became wet again. Leaning over, I slid the vibrator completely inside Janine. Once I pushed it in all the way, I turned it on full blast, feeling her body jerk in reaction to it. Leaving it there, I began to massage her clit with my thumb. Her tongue was running in overdrive on my pussy as I massage her like I massage Summers.

As I watched the vibrator slowly jerking itself about, I realized that this thing was having a faster affect on her than I previously thought. As I worked her clit, her own moans got louder. I could feel her pussy preparing to let loose under my hands. As she let out a large moan, I followed suit, both of us releasing ourselves on each other with powerful orgasms. Both our bodies worked themselves to the fullest as we became weaker. Laying against one another for quite awhile, we both dozed off in complete euphoria. We came too roughly half an hour later. The vibrator was still going.

We played some more before falling asleep in each other’s arms, sisters united once more. The next morning, I woke up and was getting ready for the day when I heard the garage door. Waking up Janine, I mentioned that her husband was home. We both quickly got into action as she got a nightgown on and I ran into the hall with my clothes. Stopping at Tesha’s room, I walked in and woke up Zack. “Dan’s home and Janine is ours.” I rushed back to the guest room and quickly put some clothes on before getting into bed. Zack came rushing in afterwards as the garage door began to be closed. He got dressed and laid down on the makeshift mattress as we both fell back asleep.

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