My Hot Tub

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After a long and hectic day at the office, I couldn’t wait to get home and out of my suit and high heels and into my backyard hot tub to relax. On the way home I stopped and bought a bottle of wine to enjoy while soaking out the day’s stress.

Once I walked in my front door, I kicked off my shoes and began undressing before I even made it to the bedroom. In my bedroom, I grabbed my robe and headed down to the kitchen to check for telephone messages and grab a glass for my wine. Typically, just 2 messages. One from my sister saying she might stop by and the other from some telemarketing firm. You see I’m a very shy and quiet person and don’t get out much so I never expect anyone important to call me but I check in the hopes that maybe someday that “special” person will call. My family keeps telling me that I’m a beautiful girl and should be out meeting people and maybe finding Mr. Right.

Outside by the side of the hot tub I dropped my robe and poured a glass of wine and then slowly stepped into the warm water and felt the day’s tension begin to slip away. I let the jets of the hot tub work out the tension of my shoulders and just closed my eyes and put my head back, forgetting about my wine for a moment. Stretched out in the tub I could feel the jets coming from all directions and hitting different parts of my body, making my whole body begin to relax.

Knowing my backyard was completely fenced in I decided to enjoy the hot tub just a little more. Placing my glass on the edge of the tub, I positioned myself in front of one of the jets and let the water pressure hit me in my most sensitive areas. Sighing I knew that this would make me feel so much better. Touching my breasts, I continued to let the water to fondle my womanhood making my body quiver. Slowly I rolled my body over so that the jets were hitting me from behind so that I could experience an overall sensation of pleasure. Groaning in delight, I continued to fondle my breast and then used the fingers on my other hand to touch my now wet pussy. Slowly I slid my fingers into myself while the jets continued their pulsing action on me. My nipples were hard beyond belief and my fingers were so wet they were easily sliding in and out of my pussy. Feeling the impending orgasm I pulled my fingers out and begin touching my clit, making my body shudder deeply. I kept moving slightly so that the water jets would first hit my pussy and then my ass, making the sensation so totally unbelievable. At the precise moment of my orgasm I slid my fingers into my pussy one more time and then into my mouth, tasting myself and feeling my orgasm take over completely. Knowing that I let out a little cry, I looked around my yard but knew there could be no one there. Slowly I sat back upright in the tub and had a long sip of my wine.

Within minutes I heard a knock at the gate of my yard. Figuring my sister had arrived and having no need to worry about being naked, I yelled “come in”. Much to my surprise it was the guy who lived next door to me. Not wanting to make a big deal out of being stark naked in my tub, I laughed and said “sorry for not being dressed for the occasion but I wasn’t expecting company”. He just smiled and said nothing.

Not sure why he was there but not minding his company, I invited him to sit down and have a glass of wine. He accepted graciously and turned around so that I could climb out of the tub and put my robe on and join him at the patio table for a drink.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my neighbour before I go any further with this story. His name is Dan and he is unbelievably handsome and yet doesn’t even seem to know it. He pendik escort is a tall guy and built quite nicely without being a bodybuilder type. He had a clean-shaven face, deep blue eyes and dark wavy hair, which totally made him an Adonis in my eyes. Up until today we had never really spoken much, except for brief hellos from our driveways before or after work. Heck I don’t think I even knew if he was married, single or living with someone. I know that I had seen a woman at his place on various occasions but can’t ever remember seeing them show any affection towards each other, aside from the occasional hug maybe.

So curious now I had to ask what brought him to my house.

“So Dan what brings you by my neck of the woods?” I asked feeling stupid already but giddy with the fresh orgasm and wine affecting me from the heat of the water.

“Well I heard strange, almost crying, noises from your backyard and saw your car in the driveway so wanted to make sure you were ok.” Was his response to me with a shy smile.

Now feeling just a little more than embarrassed and wondering if he knew just what the sounds were he heard, I looked down to hide my blush. Thankfully it was dusk and the yard lights weren’t on yet. When I saw his eyes leave my face and move downwards just slightly, I looked down and realized that my robe had slid open just enough to expose the top of one of my breasts. I did not want to seem too obvious so I just ignored it and continued talking.

“Oh that was just me enjoying the relaxation of the hot tub after a long day at work.” I smiled back at him. Continuing to watch his eyes now I saw them move slowly down the length of my body, taking in my bare legs and feet before moving back up to my eyes.

“Ah yes,” he answered, “I knew you had a tub back here. Have often thought how nice it would be to have one to relax in.”

Taking my cue I invited him to join me in the tub for a bit. “You’re more than welcome to join me any time you want Dan. Even now if you’d like. Go grab a pair of shorts and I’ll grab my suit.”

Much to my surprise he accepted my invitation but then shocked me with his next comment.

“Oh don’t get a suit just for me. I prefer being naked in a tub myself.” He grinned at me, showing his absolutely adorable dimples. “That is if you don’t mind of course.”

Trying to feel braver than I was I just nodded and said it was no problem. He slowly began undressing so I turned my back to him and removed my robe and quickly got into the tub. Once down to his boxer briefs (oh God how sexy are they), he slid into the pool across from me.

Now I must tell you that my hot tub is not very big and I didn’t buy it thinking of having anyone in it but myself so it was rather cozy. With our wine glasses in hand and legs touching each other, I wasn’t sure what to feel and didn’t want to read more into this than it was so I just sat back and enjoyed the company and the good wine and warm water.

Coming out of my daydream, I heard Dan asking me a question.

“Sorry I was daydreaming. What was that?” I asked trying to appear casual.

“I was just wondering if you do this every day after work?” he asked. His body had shifted slightly and I could feel his foot against my thigh. I could feel the heat rise in my body with his touch and hoped I could speak without sounding like a complete fool.

“Ummmm yeah I try to depending on if I have any work that needs to be done at home or not. I usually give myself a break though if I’m working at home. I try not to get too involved in my work that I forget the small pleasures in life.” As I said the word pleasures, maltepe escort I shifted just slightly in the tub and his foot was now higher on my thigh, almost at my hip. I realized then that his legs were slightly spread apart which left my feet between his legs. I tried not to move too much.

As we continued to chat about everyday things and had another glass of wine, I noticed that Dan was moving his foot slowly against my thigh. Not sure if this was intentional or not, I tried to ignore it but it was almost an erotic feeling. Deciding to test the waters, so to speak, I casually moved my foot so that it was now touching the inside of his thigh. Smiling at me, he casually reached under the water and took hold of my foot and began slowly running his thumb along of the bottom of it. Not being ticklish I didn’t mind but all of a sudden the sensation sent little shivers running up my entire body. He must have noticed because he stopped and asked, “Should I stop?”.

Not sure I could speak I just shook my head at him and he continued to rub the bottom of my foot in a very sensual manner. Letting the feeling take me over, I reached my hand out and touched his foot that was still touching my thigh. Running my fingernails across his skin I continued to just lay back and enjoy whatever this was that was happening between us and not trying to analyze it. All of a sudden I realized he was no longer rubbing my foot and that he had moved in the tub so that he was positioned beside me. I looked over at his startling blue eyes that were staring into mine and smiled at him.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

In response I leaned forward and placed my lips gently against his. Slowly his tongue pushed my lips apart and his tongue moved into my mouth, exploring every inch of it. Sighing deeply, I pressed my hands against his chest and let him continue his exploration. Slowly he began running his tongue along my lips and then I felt his hands touching my hair, my face and then the bare skin of my shoulders. I could feel my nipples tighten with anticipation and wondered how much further his hands would explore or if he would just stop there and wait for my cue. Feeling like a totally different person than my usual shy self, I reached my hands around to his back and slowly ran my fingernails down his spine, feeling him shudder slightly and I then licked his lips and sucked his tongue into my mouth, taking it in and out, teasing him now.

This was obviously what he was waiting for because his hands began to work their way down from my shoulders, touching my breasts gently at first, and then taking each nipple between his strong fingers and just gently pinching them. I gasped at that moment and soon moved to position myself so that we were face to face with me straddling his lap. This behaviour was so unlike me. Yes, I had sexual partners in the past but never was I this bold or outgoing to start something like this. I was a very conservative person when it came to sex. I had fantasized about stuff like this but never actually done them.

Sitting face to face with him now, I could feel his hardness against me. His fingers continued to play with my nipples while I continued to kiss him, occasionally taking his tongue into my mouth and gently licking his lips. My hands continued to run up and down his back, occasionally entwining my fingers in his hair. With the slightest movement of my body, his hardness was now just barely touching my pussy.

Suddenly he placed his hands under my arms and lifted me onto the deck of the tub. Sitting there feeling the cool air against my body was a very pleasing sensation kartal escort and I closed my eyes to enjoy it. Next thing I can feel his tongue running up the inside of my thigh and his hands on my ass holding me close and keeping me from moving away. Oh goodness I thought, am I ready for this? I could feel his tongue making small circles on the inside of my legs and feel his hot breath caressing my cool skin. This was the most erotic sensation I had ever felt. I opened my eyes and looked down at him and his eyes pierced mine, filled with the same desire that I was feeling.

Trying to relax and enjoy this newfound feeling of pleasure, I sighed and closed my eyes again. Within moments I felt his hands moving their way up my belly to my breasts. Soon I felt his fingers fondling my nipples and then, without warning, his tongue penetrated my womanhood. I let out a soft little cry. Pulling away from me for a split second, Dan said, “That was the sound I heard earlier.” At that moment I was completely aware of the fact that he knew exactly what he had heard earlier. He smiled and then once again buried his face in me, gentle flicks of his tongue against my clit and penetrating me as if fucking me with his tongue. Knowing that I would not be able to hold my orgasm off much longer I reached down and gently pulled him towards me. We kissed deeply and then he turned me over so that my back was to him now.

On my hands and knees now on the deck, I felt his fingers penetrate my wetness and then smoothly slide out to find my other hole. With my own lubrication he gently inserted a finger into my ass. I had never had this happen to me before but I was shocked at the absolute wonderful feeling of it. Then I could feel his hardness against my wetness and I knew that I was in for the best orgasm of my life. With his finger still in my ass, he slowly pushed the head of his penis into me. He was so hard and I was so wet but it was a nice tight fit and I could feel myself wanting to feel him fully inside me. He continued to penetrate me and then in a moment he was entirely inside me. I could feel my muscles clench all around him, holding him inside me and not wanting to let go. He slowly pulled back out and then thrust inside me again. With each thrust he continued the finger movement and I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed with my impending orgasm.

As his breathing quickened, he removed his finger from inside me and grasped my hips firmly to hold on and thrust himself into me harder and faster. I knew that he was close to his own orgasm and with each thrust deep inside me I could feel my own orgasm rising from deep inside me. Suddenly I could feel him arch his back and he penetrated me to his depth. He slowly withdrew and then slammed back into me so that I could feel his balls slamming against my clitoris which now brought me to the edge of the abyss. He continued this and then I heard a soft cry and realized it was me. I was so turned on and knew I was going cum in just moments.

“Oh Dan I’m going to cum. This feels so good. Cum with me. Let me feel you cum inside me.” I begged him.

He groaned out loud and then with a few more thrusts I could feel him beginning to orgasm. At that moment, I let myself go and felt a shuddering from deep inside myself, my heart pounding so hard I thought it would come right out of my chest. In seconds I orgasmed, soon followed by him shooting his load deep inside me. Instead of pulling away from me at that moment, he actually laid me down on my side and curled up with me. The cool air against our sweaty bodies felt so good and I just laid there feeling intoxicated. He began kissing the back of my neck, running his hands across my chest and down to my belly. Soon he was reaching for my wetness and touching me tenderly and I could feel him hardening against me again. I just lay there silently enjoying this and waiting for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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