My Friend’s Sister

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Michael and I have been friends for ages. We first met in primary school and had sort of been running in tandem ever since. We’re both eighteen now and seem to be heading in different directions with our lives but we still see each other quite frequently.

When Mike rang and suggested we take a hike up in the hills through our old stamping grounds I thought, why not? It had been a while since we’d been out, just bumming around and doing nothing.

Mike picked me up early in the afternoon. I was slightly surprised, but not displeased, to see Wendy, his twin sister with him. She used to tag along on all our little excursions. Sometimes as a welcome confederate, other times as a pest we couldn’t shake off.

I remember that we used to go skinny dipping in the creek when we were kids. Wendy opted out of that particular pastime about the same time she started growing boobs. Or to be more precise, on the day that we looked at her in the water and pointed out that she had bumps on her chest.

We parked the car at the foot of the track we were going to follow and started on our way. The day was hot and we were soon feeling it. It was a relief when we finally reached the halfway point. This was the point where a creek bisected the trail. There was a short bridge over the creek, but if you bypassed that there was an easy trail down to the water. It was only a short distance downstream to where our old swimming pond had been.

Standing on the bridge, watching the stream bubbling past, Mike wondered if the old swimming spot was still there.

“No reason why it shouldn’t be,” I said. “It was a natural rocky hollow so I doubt if anything has disturbed it. How about we wander on down and see?”

The thought was father to the deed and we hopped off the bridge and followed the downward trail to the stream and then tracked along the stream. Now that we were older and bigger the stream no longer resembled a rushing river, and I was half expecting the old swimming hole to be a lot smaller than memory painted it.

I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the swimming hole. The pool we saw looked just as large and just as deep as memory painted it. In addition, the stony ground around the pool wouldn’t permit any significant vegetation to grow there, so there was a nice spread of grass around the pool. An ideal spot for a picnic, really. I was just glad that no-one had ever got around to sticking in seats and a table and barbecue.

Like I said, it was a hot day and that water looked cool. Mike made the inevitable suggestion.

“The water looks good. Why don’t we take a dip?”

“No bathers or towels,” I drawled.

“So?” asked Mike. “We don’t need bathers and the sun will dry us off fast.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, “and?” jerking a thumb towards Wendy.

“She’s my sister, man,” said Mike irritably. “Who cares if we see each other naked? Won’t be the first time.”

From ataşehir escort bayan the slight flush on Wendy’s face I suspected that it would be the first time since she started developing bumps on her chest.

“Maybe, but she isn’t my sister and she might object.”

That thought had apparently not occurred to Mike, but it didn’t deter him.

“No worries. She can turn her back while we go in and we’ll just promise not to look while she gets undressed. Once in the water no-one will see anything.”

I wasn’t too sure about that, but it didn’t really worry me. I expected that Wendy would just opt out of going in. She surprised me. She agreed with him. Twins. If one of them has an idea the other one catches it.

I shrugged. It was hot and the water did look cool. Mike started stripping and I followed suit, while Wendy stood with her back to us. Then Mike and I slipped into the water and looked elsewhere until we heard Wendy in the pool.

We disported ourselves in the water and had some fun, ducking and splashing and just plain horsing around. I’d been right about how much the water didn’t conceal but kept my mouth shut, not wanting to embarrass Wendy.

Eventually Mike vacated the water and started brushing the excess water off his skin. I joined him, while Wendy modestly looked elsewhere. Mike dressed quickly, which surprised me. I’d figured he’d sit around and dry off a bit first.

“I left our drinks in the car,” he informed me briskly, “and I’m just going to jog back down and get them. You coming?”

“Ah, Mike, there is no way I’m running off down the track with you with Wendy sitting here naked. You go on. I’ll wait here.”

“She’ll be fine, won’t you, Wendy?”

“Won’t I what?” she yelled.

“Be fine if Jack and I go back down to the car. We’ll be back toot sweet.”

Her agreement sounded rather dubious, but it was irrelevant as far as I was concerned. I shook my head.

“No. I’ll stay here and wait with Wendy. It’ll give you an incentive to get back faster.”

I sat on the grass and watched Wendy in the water.

“I think it’s time for you to hop out now, Wendy,” I called.

“Coming. Turn around.”

She started heading to the edge of the pool while I continued to watch.

“Um, Jack, you haven’t turned around. That was the deal, remember.”

“No,” I told her, shaking my head. “The deal was that we wouldn’t look while you got undressed. Nothing was said about not watching you come out of the water.”

“I can just wait here until Mike gets back,” she pointed out.

“And I can join you in the pool,” I said, standing up.

“Maybe you should. The water’s cold,” she snapped.

“Be nice,” I said, “and come on out.”

“You get rid of that thing and I’ll come out.”

That ‘thing’ was a very nice erection, thank you very much.

“I intend to get rid of it,” I said. “That’s why escort kadıöy I want you to come here.”

“You’re not using that on me,” she protested, but she was emerging from the water. She really did have a fine figure.

“If you didn’t want me to use it on you then you shouldn’t have been teasing me in the pool,” I said, quite reasonably from my point of view.

“I wasn’t teasing you,” Wendy protested, and blushed when I laughed.

“Not deliberately, I assure you,” she said, glaring when I laughed again.

“You did everything you could to attract my attention except grab me by the cock and do a handstand on it,” I said. “OK. Now you have my full and undivided attention.”

Wendy was now out of the pool and heading towards her clothes.

“Leave them,” I told her, “and come over here.”

She stopped where she was, the point of a triangle, the other two points being me and her clothes. She was just as close to one as the other. She seemed to give herself a little shake and then she was walking towards me.

When she stopped in front of me I stroked her breast, then gently rolled her nipple around with my thumb.

“Touch me,” I said, and she nervously placed her fingertips against my chest. They didn’t stay there. They moved slowly down. Wendy’s breathing was getting harder and she was looking a little flushed as her hands ran slowly down. Then they closed around my erection, and she gripped it firmly.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked, and she shook her head.

“Then you know what I’m about to do to you?”

She nodded. I’m not sure what the look on her face meant – eagerness or trepidation? Either way she knew what was coming.

My hand slid off her breast and moved downward. Down to her mons and between her legs. A finger gently probed against her slit and then slipped inside. I’d been right about one thing. She’d been deliberately teasing me and getting herself all worked up at the same time. She was both hot and wet and, a quick check told me, not a virgin. Girls have been known to lie about their virginal state just to get laid.

I slipped my arms around Wendy’s waist and pulled her had up against me, letting her feel my cock pressing firmly against her.

“The question is, what now?” I said quietly. “Do you want me to drag you down to the ground and ravish you, ease you gently down to the ground and softly seduce you, or something else entirely different?”

She blinked, seeming to consider the options. I smiled.

“I’ll tell you what. You get down on your hands and knees and I’ll treat you to a bit of puppy love.”

Wendy blushed as I let her go but seemed relieved that a decision had been made. She promptly sank down to her hands and knees, head turned back to watch what I was doing. I sank to my knees behind her, cock moving up to brush lightly against her pussy.

“Hard and fast or slow and gentle?” I quizzed.

“Oh maltepe escort god. Why are you asking me? Ah, make it hard and fast. I want all of you in me right from the start.”

That was fine by me. I am a slave to women. Their wishes are my command. As long as it gets me laid. I drove in hard and fast, pushing myself urgently into Wendy’s passage. She squealed with the shock of it, and then squealed again when I continued with the hard and fast rule.

If a young lady knows the score and wants to play then it would be just plain bad manners to refuse. I have long been known for my gentlemanly conduct, and went to great lengths to help Wendy.

One of those great lengths was moving in and out of her sensitive passage at a great rate, bringing musical squeals to her lips. From her reactions to what I was doing to her and her enthusiastic cooperation, Wendy knew the score by heart. I determined there and then that I was going to have to learn just how much she did know.

I drove in hard, with Wendy’s bottom lifting as I came, pushing back to meet me. Her breasts jiggled around, swinging in time to the beat I was giving, and irritating me in their freedom. My hands moved from Wendy’s hips to those swinging breasts, catching hold of them. If they wanted to jiggle around they could do it in my hands.

The whole thing was too frenetic to last long. I was driving in hard and my balls were set to explode with eagerness. Wendy was panting and squealing, the tone in her voice suggesting that she was reaching for the high notes.

I finally just let go, driving in deep and spraying her. Wendy shrieked and bucked under me, shaking with the force of her own climax. Then she sort of sagged down to the ground with me on top of her.

I rolled off and we lay there, breathing heavily. Eventually Wendy sat up and looked down at me lying there.

“If you’re capable of a rerun,” she said cheekily, “I think we should try one of the first two options you mentioned. I think it might be interesting if you force me to the ground and ravish me, despite my wild struggles and pleas for mercy.”

“I think you’ll find I’m quite capable of a rerun,” I said dryly. “I believe I’m also capable of throwing you to the ground and ravishing you unmercifully, despite your wild struggles and pleas for mercy. But you may be forgetting one little thing.”


“Mike. He’ll be back soon and I don’t think he’d appreciate finding me in the process of ravishing his sister.”

Wendy suddenly seemed very interested in examining her fingernails.

“Um, Mike is a very slow walker,” she observed. “He may not be back for another hour or two.”

Do you ever get the impression that you’ve been had? That impression suddenly left a dent in the back of my skull.

“You,” I said, “are playing a dangerous game. Things happen to little girls who play dangerous games.”

“Really?” asked Wendy, all wide-eyed innocence. “You mean things like rrrape and rrravishment?”

“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of spanking and ravishing,” I retorted, grabbing an arm and jerking so that Wendy found herself lying across me. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

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