My Brother’s Lover

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I was washing my hair, bent over the bath as I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and lift me a few centimetres off the floor. “Oh!” I gasped, wriggling in the arms of my boyfriend and throwing the handful of soapy water in my hands at his grasp, “you do pick your times, don’t you?!”

He laughed, the low growling timbre of his voice hot against my neck as he loosened his hold to let me down to floor-level whilst keeping his arms loosely hooked around my body. “I don’t know, there’s something very cute about you with bubbly hair,” he whispered in my ear, before giving me a playful swat on my ass and letting me go.

I was staying at his for the first time in our short relationship so far and was enjoying it enormously – the only fly in the ointment was the fact that, like him enormously as I did, I was beginning to realise that that was it – I liked him. I wasn’t about to fall in love with him and I very much doubted I could, lovely as he was, he just didn’t have the -pow- factor that I needed to get me to fall head over heels for someone. I sighed, and continued to wash my hair, rinsing the shampoo out and sliding conditioner through the strands as I became conscious of someone standing behind me. Assuming it was Greg, I smiled into the bath and held out my hand to take his. Feeling fingers sliding around my proffered hand, I continued to wash my hair clean before a very different, yet strangely familiar, voice to his began to say in a wryly amused voice; “well, it’s not often I find strange women washing their hair in my parents house, that’s for sure…”. I whipped my hand away and flicked my hair out of my face in surprise, inadvertently splattering both me and the strange man, who – oh, SHIT – it appeared was Greg’s brother.

“Oh, God – I didn’t think anyone else was here – ” I began, only realising as I spoke that if he didn’t know who I was, this would just incriminate me further… “I mean… I’m here with Greg, I take it you’re his brother?” Much better.

His brows raised, and he looked me up and down, only now did it cross my mind that we were standing much too close and the realisation sent a flutter of awareness down my spine as his lip quirked and he opened his mouth to speak. “You don’t really look like my brother’s type, that’s for sure…” he said to me, his hands on his hips.

“Oh really? And what type is that, exactly..?” I responded, realising too late that the flirtatious tone in my voice was blatantly obvious to the most thick skinned of people, and this man did not strike me as particularly obtuse. His brows raised, but he didn’t seem particularly put out, as he suddenly grabbed my hips and lowered his head to meet mine. The shock of the kiss sent shivers pendik escort through my bones as I arched my back towards him and looped my arms around his neck before I realised what I was doing and pulled away, barely five seconds after the kiss started but out of breath and red cheeked.

He was looking at me with a smile on his face, his hands still on my hips as we stared at each-other.

“Well,” he said softly, “my brother doesn’t normally go for my type, so I don’t get the urge to kiss them quite like that…”

His words reminded me forcefully of the situation we’d created, and I pulled away from him, running my fingers through my wet hair as I turned my back on him and switched the water off. “That didn’t happen, okay?” I said with my back still turned away from him and I could feel him moving closer towards me with every cell in my body – God help me, but I wanted to feel his lips on mine again. I was so close to turning around and taking away any credibility to my words when I heard Greg in the doorway.

“Oh, hey, James…” he said, surprised. “I didn’t realise you were staying here tonight as well,” he continued, his voice trailing off slightly as he noted how closely we were standing. “I see you’ve met Fran, then…”

“Yes,” James replied, and as I turned around from the bath, he was walking out the door. “I’d say we’re quite well acquainted now, wouldn’t you?” he directed at me, throwing a wink over Greg’s shoulder. I glared at him and then focussed my attention on my boyfriend, his brother! Oh, my God – what was I even thinking of? I couldn’t do this to Greg, and honestly, I shouldn’t even have come tonight, knowing as I did that the relationship was doomed to failure. I closed my eyes against his face, lined with confusion at the situation I’d put him in.

“Greg, listen – we need to talk.”


Unfortunately, having broken up with him, he was my ride home so as I packed my belongings to return to the city, I was preparing mentally for an incredibly awkward journey as I became aware of someone standing in the doorway behind me. Knowing from earlier that the one person who could make me so aware of their movements was not the man I had just dumped, I stiffened before he even said anything.

“Yes?” I snapped, as I sensed him moving closer towards me, and jumped out of my skin as he placed his hands on my hips. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“You didn’t need to break up with him, you know – but I take it I was a big motivator in that decision, right?” James said, letting go of my hips and standing back a little. I crossed my arms over my chest and turned around.

“Well, you don’t say? I don’t normally go around letting my boyfriend’s maltepe escort brothers kiss me,” I told him, trying to inject a little bit of sternness into my tone but failing miserably. I guess it was a testament to the sizzling atmosphere between us that it somehow managed to come out flirtatiously – I closed my eyes and shook my head, giving up on any kind of moral high ground attempt. “Honestly, it wasn’t you – I just knew things weren’t right and what happened just proved it.”

He shook his head and took a step closer to me again, “Fran.”


“I know I must seem a total ass for kissing you, but honestly, I’d do it again. I don’t normally go around kissing girls my brother’s dating, you know…” he shook his head, and ran his fingers through his hair, closing his eyes for a second, “but I guess you don’t believe that.”

I considered for a moment. I mean, yeah – the guy was obviously a bit of a jerk if he was still trying to come on to me but really – I couldn’t be imagining the electric heat between us, and if he was a jerk… what did that make me? Honestly – he didn’t strike me as a bad guy, if you ignored the fact that he was even making me think about this, but insane as it might sound… I believed him. I didn’t think he did this regularly.

My body relaxed slightly and I took a deep breath in, closing my eyes as I opened my mouth to talk before being interrupted. “Greg’s gone, by the way,” he told me.

My eyes snapped open in shock, “what?!” I asked sharply. “He can’t have, he’s my ride!”

“He asked me to take you back tomorrow – incidentally, he guessed what had happened,” James said, a note of wry amusement in his voice, which was somewhat at odds with the guilt that I could see in his eyes. “He was a bit pissed, I think it’s fair to say…”

“Oh, God – that’s awful,” I muttered, before something else he’d said sunk into my brain. “You mean – we’re spending the night here, together?”

“Yeah,” he replied, then understanding lightened his gaze. “Not together as in, together – but you know…” his hands moved to my hips again and he kept looking in my eyes, moving slowly as if waiting for me to say stop – but, God help me, although I knew I should halt him… I didn’t. I let his hands move over my hips and his body slowly get closer to mine until our hips were touching and if I leant forward just a bit our lips would meet and we’d be kissing.

Our eyes were glued together and I knew how easy it would be to succumb to the heat burning me up and lower my eyelashes and let our mouths join, but I shouldn’t – I really shouldn’t, but, oh – my eyelashes closed and his mouth brushed my lips gently, so gently that I let out a kartal escort soft sigh and his mouth attacked mine passionately, our tongues fitting sensuously together and his hands holding my hips against his, no sound in the room apart from the soft kisses that he moved down my neck as his hand quickly unzipped the shift dress I was wearing. The metallic clinks made me pause for a second and brought reality home but, oh God, as his mouth moved over my neck and over the hollow in my shoulder I moved even closer to him and let the dress slide over my body and land in a heap of fluid material on the floor.

I didn’t know how it had reached this point so quickly, but I knew that we only had tonight and we had to make the most of it – this was wrong, so wrong, but it felt so right that as I pulled his t-shirt over his head and brought his bare torso to mine, skin against skin, all I wanted was to feel him inside me and I didn’t care whose brother he was, much less that Greg probably knew exactly what we were doing right now.

His body was hot against my skin, his jeans already halfway down his legs and his heavy shaft poking a tent inside his black boxers, as I pulled him backwards onto the bed and we toppled down, him on me and my legs open as the shape of his erection nudged between my legs and I wanted him deeper, much deeper.

His mouth was wet on my neck and I opened my eyes, the white ceiling feeling so alien as we writhed on the bed, his hands pulling off my panties as he freed his erection from the fabric and the tip of his cock was pressed against my wet pussy, beginning to slip inside as he groaned and thrust his hips forward. He leant back and took hold of my legs and bent them back, my spine bending to open my hips totally to allow him access. He slid totally inside me, slowly now, the fiery rush we’d burnt up to get to this point forgotten for the moment – just me and him, his cock stretching me wide open as i felt it throbbing inside me. He looked down over my body, his eyes devouring my skin before they reached the sight of him deep inside me, our hips meeting as our bodies merged into one. He let out a soft moan and slid out of me almost completely before slamming inside me, fast and hard as the fire burnt me up again and I let out a cry, “James, please,” as he fucked me now, holding my legs back as his hips jackhammered into mine and the sound was loud in the quiet room.

Sounds were tearing out of his throat as I moaned loudly, so close now to orgasm but not quite able to slip over the edge until he lowered his hand to my clit and began to massage it, hard and quickly as his thumb beat a pattern into my brain as I shook and screamed out his name as I came hard, my pussy contracting around his cock as he thrust one last, hard time and groaned loudly and harshly into my ear as he came, the condom ballooning inside me as his body shuddered in the aftermath.

I think this is going to be a good first visit home, don’t you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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