Mountain Lodge Affair

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Dear readers and fans. Different from the previous stories that I have posted, I have this time put my hand to writing below work of fiction. It is based on a mix of desires that I’ve shared over the past 6 months with an admirer and dear friend from Lit. I have his full consent to post this, with the knowledge his name has been altered and his identity remains only known to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as the other ones and I thank you in advance for your comments and votes.



It is mid-winter, fresh snow covering the trees and the landscape outside. The morning sun is still low in the sky. As we walk, I notice you are watching how the small puffs of steam escape my lips when I exhale. It’s almost like I’m blowing out smoke from a cigarette. You confess your thoughts to me. Admitting you’d love to see me smoke one for real. A strong desire to see me placing my red luscious lips on the end of a filtered cigarette and allowing you to light me up. Inhaling for you, letting the smoke run from my lips as I take it from my mouth.

Back in the house our hands start to fly at each other’s clothing the moment the door is shut. We lusted for this moment for so long. By the time you walk to the drawer, most of our garments are scattered all over the floor. My body only scantily covered by the lace panties and matching demi cup bra. I watch you take out a fresh packet of cigarettes. You open it carefully and hand me one. Fulfilling your fantasy, I let you light me up. Looking at you, I take one, then two drags while you relax on the sofa.

With the cigarette between my lips I straddle you. My legs spread with my knees resting aside each of your legs on the sofa. My crotch presses down into yours. I can feel you throb under me while I take another drag. Inhaling deeply then exhaling, pushing the smoke from my pursed lips. Your cock pressing against your boxers and touching me through my thin panties. Just briefly, I grind back into you, bucking my hips, letting my panties slide back and forth along your thick shaft.

Inhaling another drag, I look at you and scoot down onto the floor. Holding my breath as I drag my nails over your naked torso, until they hook into the waist-band of your boxers. With one swift pull I release your manhood, which jumps right up against your abs. With one hand I aim it at my lips and open them to receive you. Guiding your cock head into my warm mouth, I exhale. Smoke escaping the corners of my mouth around your dick.

Then I inhale, this time sucking the air from around your mushroom head. Standing back up I pull my panties aside, exposing my moist sex to you. Lowering myself into your lap again, this time aiming your big rod right to the entrance of my hot sex. I’m ready for you, horny and dripping wet. At the same time as I lower my longing pussy down on your cock, I bring the cigarette back to my lips and inhale again.

Your thick meat stretching my engorged lips and slowly entering me. Your hands grabbing my ass, you thrust your hips up to drive home, filling me completely and forcing the air from my lungs. With a deep moan, the smoke escapes my lips and you start to drill my sweet pussy till we both reach the peaks of our orgasm.

How many times have we shared this fantasy? I don’t know. The months since we met on-line seem to have flown by. Just our exchanges by email and the occasional times we connected in the chat room of Lit have led to a strong bond and longing to be together. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, to please your desires and fulfil your fantasy. Now as I read our last shared moments together on my tablet, I’m finally on my way to meet you.

Chapter 1 — The moment we meet

With all my travelling I’m blessed to be able to enjoy almost all 4 seasons all the time of the year. As much as I love the sun and spend my spare time tanning and lazing around on a quiet beach, the beauty of the fresh fallen snow covering the trees and mountains brings also another type of tranquillity. Your mention that winter had come made me long for that feeling of walking along the forest trails through the virgin snow and enjoying your company afterwards around a wood burning fire at a mountain lodge.

It took another 3 weeks before my Flight schedule brought me near your neck of the woods. A chance to be together, one that I could not resist to turn down. Finally, I took up the courage to agree to meet. After hinting to you my thoughts for a short weekend in the mountains, I let you make the arrangements. A few days before my departure, you sent me the address where we will meet. Curiosity is taking over and I look it up on Google Maps, finding it to be a small vacation resort of independent wooden mountain cabins in a nature reserve of the mountains.

Some more Googling and I have their website open. Shocked at the prices for the cabin, but also extremely excited as I read about the amenities. Each escort kartal cabin is fully secluded on its own little plot surrounded by trees with a clear view over the valley through the large bay windows at the front. Inside a large living space with an open plan kitchen separated by a cooking island and bar. On one side a large open fire place and on the other side a set of French doors lead out to the secluded back area, which has a large wooden deck. In the middle of it there is hot tub and in the near corner a Swedish sauna. It’s perfect… I’m amazed by your attention of detail, checking all the boxes to make this the most perfect weekend.

With an appointment at the hairdresser planned for the day before I leave and some special shopping in town, I aim to make this weekend special for you too. At my favourite department store, Galeries Lafayette, I look for some new outfits. It’s easy to find a couple of sexy lingerie sets, but what to do for clothing? Something warm, comfortable and sexy is quite a challenge. In the end I get a grey fine knitted cashmere dress, one that I could wear with some stockings without being too cold. It stretches perfectly around my curves, which I’m sure you would appreciate.

But what if it is really cold? I find a pair of checkered beige woollen pants, which I can match with a nice v-neck jumper. Still I want something a bit sexier as well… I decide on a set of short black hot pants and underneath a very thick pantyhose. I can match it with the v-neck jumper, but I also get a nice blouse just in case we are going out somewhere by car and I can wear something a bit lighter. The black knee-high boots I found finish it off quite stunningly and they would go great with the dress as well. The small heel just gives me an extra inch in height but would allow me to walk comfortably. For the woollen pants, I find a pair of light brown leather boots lined with white fur. A dark brown parka with a light brown woollen scarf and suede gloves also lined with fur… and I’m all set.

Everything packed, I get dressed for my duty flight over the pond. The 10-hour flight will be tiring, but I’m sure the prospect of finally meeting you will keep me energized. Hopefully I can get some good sleep in the crew rest during my break. As always, I pick out a nice matching set of bra and undies, sliding on some sheer stockings and clipping them to the garter belt, which I also have picked out for you. You might like the idea of pleasuring me in my flight crew uniform. After all the excitement to arrange and meet up this weekend, you must be ready to burst and release all of that pent-up energy. If I made you cum just by chatting on Lit, our first encounter would for sure generate some big fireworks, wouldn’t you think?

As usual, I get all fired up myself during take-off. My nipples are hard like little erasers and rub against the lace of my bra almost the entire flight, while I can’t stop pondering on the naughty thoughts we shared. I find myself restless by the time it is my break time. Lying in my bunk sharing the confined space of the crew rest with 5 of my colleagues, I end up reading some of the emails we exchanged. When we finally arrive, I can’t wait for all the passengers to disembark. Finally we can get off board ourselves and can clear immigration through the crew section.

A few hugs and kisses from my fellow crew members and I’m on my own, heading to get my rental car. Before I do, a visit to the ladies room is in order. The creamy coating that stains my dark lace panties is evidence of my arousal. There is no point changing them, as they would be in the same state by the time I have driven up to the mountains. From our chats online, I know you would be expecting nothing less, dying to finally devour my aroma and the scent of what you have stirred up inside of me.

The closer I get, the more excited I am. Pleased that I made the effort to wear this saucy little outfit under my uniform, ready to give myself fully to you as soon as I get there. I start to wonder if you feel the same. About an hour into the drive I call you, just to check up. Not willing to let you know my exact time of arrival, I pretend that I just landed. I confess my feelings and desires for you and you acknowledge you’ve been feeling the same. The longing starts to ache even more when you tell me how hard your cock has been all day long and you confess the thoughts that have been on your mind.

It’s just getting dark by the time I reach the resort. The lady at the reception hands me the key and on small map she explains to me how to find the cabin. I hesitate if I should take off my uniform and walk in just with the parka covering my lingerie-clad body, but I decide against it and save that for another surprise. Just your arranging this great escape is enough already to have an energetic naughty weekend and that first moment does not disappoint.

I open the door and drop my suitcase on the thick wooden maltepe escort floor of the cabin. The fire is going and when I turn to close the door, you are standing there. Handsome, sexy, lustful eyes gazing at me as I open my arms to give you a warm hug. Our mouth lock for the very first time. First our lips explore tenderly, till our tongues find each other and you draw me in passionately. I manage to unzip my parka and while kissing you, I push it off my shoulders. Stepping back, you adore me for just a brief moment, giving me a chance to gaze you up as well and my eyes pause when they reach the large bulge protruding down your left leg under your trousers.

No words are spoken. I know what you want and I need it just as badly. Turning around I walk to the edge of the large sofa. Bending over at the waist, I pull the hem of my uniform up, revealing the lace edge of my stockings. Looking back over my shoulders, my eyes fall down to your crotch again and you don’t need any more hints when I pull my dress over my bare ass and I spread my legs slightly to reveal my swollen labia spoiling the sheer lace panties with thick cream. Your trousers drop around your ankles by the time you are behind me and pulling my panties to the side.

You pull your cock from your boxers and in one thrust you slide effortlessly into the depth of my soaking pussy. I push back, encouraging you to take me harder and deeper. Cries of pleasure escape my lips as your cock drives in and out. Rubbing every inch of it along my inner walls. Your hands clamping on my hips as you pull me hard onto your cock. I needed this… I longed for this so much… You are fulfilling my desires and this weekend I will fulfil every single one of yours.

My breath deep, moaning, telling you just how close I am. So soon already. You tell me you are too. I feel the throbbing of your cock, knowing you have been waiting for this moment so long already and your balls have been aching for release all that time. I urge you on, trying to hold back my own heights till you are ready to explode with me. In me, deep, filling me. Making me yours for this weekend. To do and please as you wish. And then you drive in one last time, holding me and your cock swells up even more inside of me. You grunt loudly and start to cum, the flooding of my cunt with your hot seed sending me over the edge as well.

In the aftermath we collapse on the sofa together, your trousers still around your ankles and my dress hiked up over my waist. Your cum mixed with my own juices running down my thighs. With my fingers I touch myself, collecting a large glob of it and bring it to my lips. Tasting you. Tasting us, together for the very first time. With the remains still sticking to my lips I lean in and kiss you again. My tongue opening your lips and sharing our juices with you. Then I pull back and look at you with a warm smile of content.

“Nice to finally meet you Sam,” I say and you look at me acknowledging you feel just the same.

Chapter 2 — Time to enjoy some other pleasures.

What a wonderful welcome this is. We lie in each other’s arms on the couch, our half naked bodies warmed by the fire. You tell me you have booked a table at a local restaurant that serves traditional mountain dishes.

“It’s getting late and I’m hungry. Do you want to go out for dinner?” You ask. “But if you are tired, we can stay in.” you quickly add.

I’m used to the long flights and with the time difference. A late night out before hitting the sack, would set my clock straight to your time zone.

“I’d love to go out,” I respond, “Only if they have cheese fondue.”

“They do,” you tell me.

By my smile and the peck on your cheek before jumping off from the couch, you know that you scored some bonus points for tonight by making the reservations for us there. We take a shower together and, as we lather each other in soap, I’m happy to see that you also have found some renewed energy. By the time we are done your cock is standing up again. And I’m intending to keep it hard all night till I’m ready for my dessert. But of course, I can’t resist getting a quick taste and sink to my knees as you are drying yourself with a large bath towel, letting me suck your lovely rod between my lips in the process.

“hmmmmm,” I moan around your thick cock, “I know what I’m going to have for dessert too.”

Looking at you as I give your cock head a few licks with my tongue as if it was an ice cream. “Let’s get ready before I spoil it,” I smile.

You get dressed in some nice dark blue slacks and white shirt. After getting done with drying my hair, you are already dressed and I get you to bring my suitcase.

“I won’t be long dear, you can call for a taxi to be here in 15 min.”

I hesitate between the grey cashmere dress and the hot pants with the blouse. I’m not a big fan of pantyhose so I choose the dress. I decide on going without bra as it causes too much of an outline. pendik escort bayan Just a sheer thong covering my delicate privates and the knee-high boots. Some makeup and lip gloss. All set and ready for you.

The way you look at me when I join you in the living room is an acknowledgement that I made the right choice of attire and I do not need more than that as a compliment. But you tell me just how good I look nevertheless and give me a small hug. I feel your hands run over the soft cashmere dress along my back down to my butt. You squeeze it as you pull me in for a kiss. I love the way your hands feel. Pressing your body against mine, feeling your arousal. The way you kiss me, your lips pressed against mine, your tongue slowly exploring mine. Perhaps we should stay in, but before I can change my mind, the taxi shows up. You get my parka and help me putting it on, your hands sliding along my sides as I slip my arms in, catching the side of my breasts. They pause for a second as you realize I’m not wearing a bra. Instantly I can feel my nipples stiffen when you look down over my shoulder.

Outside, the cold dark air surrounds us. You open the door for me like a gentleman and walk around to get into the cab on the other side. My dress rising up over my thighs as I sit down. Your hands quickly find the bare skin at my exposed knees when the taxi sets of to our little restaurant. The touch of your hands setting me on fire again. They are strong and masculine. You are almost twice my age and your hands have turned rough from many years of hard labour, yet somehow they feel soft on my skin. It makes me shiver and my nipples grow fully erect. Lusting in thought to feel them all over my naked body. Maybe you will explore some more during our meal. My own hands find your thigh. I run my nails on the inside of your leg, slowly, looking at you. Feeling you squeeze your fingers into my flesh as I reach closer to your manhood.

“I love it when you are so hard for me,” I whisper, which you acknowledge with a smile and leaning into me for a kiss, letting your hands roam freely.

The drive is too short. The brief moment that you caressed my legs and felt me up, letting your hands grope my naked mons through the cashmere dress is far too short. I wish now that I was back at the cabin with you. Eager for you to disrobe me. Yet for now I will need to take pleasures from teasing and making this a very special dinner. Charging you all up for a nice climax later.

At the restaurant we are seated in a small booth made of wood. Real authentic style. We share the bench and sit close to each other. You order a dry white wine and as soon as the waitress is gone you lean in for another kiss. Our hands explore our bodies while our tongues mingle again and explore our lips and mouths. I long to explore so much more with my lips, but will have to wait till I can get my dessert.

“Do you know how nice it is to finally be with you?” I ask you, looking into your eyes.

Being able to spend the weekend together, away from our hectic life. Having dinner with you in a small little restaurant, so close to each other after having been apart for so long. It feels like I already know you for so long, even though not less than an hour ago we first met. And how. I had sworn not to give in to my desires, planning to seduce you slowly, surrendering a little at a time to you. But I lost control, I wanted it and knew you wanted the same. Our time apart had been too much for both of us.

Now that your primal instincts have been taken care of and my desires have been satisfied for the time being, we can start over. A game of slow and teasing seduction, a smile, some tongue-in-cheek, subtle touches, a gentle kiss. The way you look at me, touch me, squirm in your seat. I am like bait for a hungry fish and I’m certain to make the catch. I confess how you have made me feel over the past months, writing to me. Leaving out no detail, unashamed how my thoughts had wandered so many times to moments like this, going beyond the possible.

In my mind I gave myself to you as apéritif, main course and dessert, while I would masturbate alone in my bed and bring myself to incredible heights repetitively. The thoughts alone making me wet again. So do your eyes and hands that continue to wander along my soft cashmere dress. The wine flows generously and by the time the waitress serves us the cheese fondue the heat between us seems to have melted our inhibitions just like the cheese. The fondue is accompanied by a large wooden cutting board filled with charcuterie and some bread.

“I love a nice fat juicy sausage…” I say looking seductively in your eyes as my fingers run along the thickest saucisson on the cutting board. “One like this is not enough to fill me up.”

“How do you like your sausage? ” I ask, taking the knife in my other hand. “You don’t mind if I cut this one up do you?” slowly slicing the tip off.

“It tastes even better with some warm and creamy melted cheese.”

I dip a piece in and bring the slice of meat dripping with cheese to my lips. Not taking my eyes from yours for one moment. Some of the cheese sticking to my lips, which I lick off by running my tongue along my lips.

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