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She lay there, thinking, but trying not to think. Trying not to anticipate too much; not to seem too eager. Still just a bit uncertain that it was even the right thing to be doing, the sex part, not to mention what look would be on his face when he came out and saw her body.

She was naked, completely, just like he told her to be. Per his instructions, she was on her back, head on one pillow, left leg straight, right thigh over left, her hands pressed flat onto the mattress. She imagined he had requested so that because it required her to totally surrender any modesty; a subservient attitude that she was unaccustomed to.

He opened the bathroom door and she looked at him over the foot of the bed. When they’d first met, at a networking group, she’d made the first move. He had sat at a table, alone. She had walked over to him to invite him to join her, likewise sitting alone. He told her that he’d just come from another networking group and was actually thinking about just sitting and listening to the presentation; giving his voice a rest. So she did the talking. She told him about her business ventures and her aspirations; how she’d gotten involved in several projects at the same time and was feeling overwhelmed. Music to his ears!

He once told her that, given the choice between fame and fortune, he’d take the fortune. He was a professional number two man. He liked to work behind the scenes advancing the cause of his employer while they stood in the limelight.

The shades were drawn, but being late afternoon, the room was far from dark. They could see each other clearly, and this bothered her a little. She was over 50 and took care of herself, but like most women, she was insecure about her body, hence the drawn-shade compromise. He’d have left them open. She wasn’t 25 anymore and she was comfortable with that. He was a couple of years older than her, but looked younger. It was obvious that he worked out. He wasn’t exactly muscular, but fit. After her ex-husband, the alcoholic, just the absence of a gut was a vast improvement.

He stood at the foot of the bed, totally naked as well, his penis just starting to become aroused as he took her in. Obviously he had no modesty problem. Men! Was this his way to break the ice? He touched her foot and his warm hand sent a shock wave up her leg. Her body was responding faster than her mind. She wanted to appear receptive to him, but not as anxious for him as she felt. She was ready for him already, but she knew things would still move slowly. She knew that’s how he liked it so she wanted it that way, too.

He crawled onto the bed on his left hand and knees, his right hand sliding up her left leg. He stopped at her knees, sitting on his feet. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his now fully-formed erection; he seemed not to even notice it. He was, very obviously, concentrating totally on her. He gently lifted her right knee and spread her legs. She was on fire! She lay there breathing heavily; anticipating. He was dragging it out, and she was loving it!

He moved himself up to her hips, running his had up her thigh. His triceps and abs showed great definition when he lifted himself to move. She watched his abs contract as he lifted himself along the bed. Her hands were gripping the sheet; he’d told her not to touch him until instructed. She looked up into his eyes and he was looking at hers. While gazing deeply into her eyes, he lifted her right hand and formed it around his erection, squeezing her hand. She got the hint and squeezed, hard. He smiled, shifted his gaze and began touching her mound. His fingers played with her hair, traced the inside of her thighs; moving all around the prize, but never entered. She was breathing more rapidly now. She could already imagine his feel inside her anyway. She was almost to the point of grabbing his hand to force the issue, but she was leaving it up to him…as long as she could. She knew that the sexual tension would add to the moment greatly and she was filled with nothing if not sexual tension.

He moved up further, settling himself beside her chest, all the while maintaining contact with her thighs and groin with his right hand. With his left hand he started gently caressing her right breast, not quite touching her nipple, then slowly, reached across to her left. As his hand left her left breast he caressed her nipple and she moaned involuntarily. As soon as his hand reached the other nipple, his right, middle finger gently entered her, just a bit. She gasped and arched her back. She was a little embarrassed that he would notice how wet she was, but it had been awhile and she was ready.

Susan had been divorced from her alcoholic husband for over 2 years. During that time she had become spiritual, going to bible-study, worked on her self-esteem, and began creating businesses. It was her goal to create multiple passive income streams from investments to enable her to concentrate on those projects that really interested her. That’s why she had hired Richard. They had met at a networking meeting right after she had returned from a management-mentoring group that kartal escort had given her the courage to invest in new opportunities. She had even invested in one start-up at the week-long seminar. She was an entrepreneur now, loving the starting of the new enterprise, but not so much of an operations person. She knew good ideas when she saw them; she knew what she wanted and how to get it, but the mundanity of running a business didn’t appeal to her. That’s where Richard came in.

She had met him at the local chapter of the mentoring organization. He was a freelance project manager specializing in helping small business owners, like her, actually get their dreams up and running. He networked within that group to meet just such people as Susan. Richard was married, with a vasectomy, and swore that he had been faithful to his wife of 25 years. She was convinced he was a safe partner and allowed him to skip the condom. His was, she believed, a common situation of one spouse that is too tired for a physical relationship. He claimed that they had a good marriage, that he loved his wife very much, but he was a man; he had needs. Susan was very conflicted about conforming her religious views to what was happening with Richard, but she justified it by believing that what happened between Richard and his wife was not her business. That he wasn’t so much cheating on his wife, as taking care of his boss. Yeah, that’s right. She knew, deep down (well, not even all that deeply either), that it was easy to rationalize anything to come up with the desired result. She felt guilty, yet here she was. Richard didn’t seem too bothered by the situation, so why should she be? After all, it was his marriage, not hers.

She could tell Richard wanted her to climax first, and was making it very easy for her to oblige. Between her general anticipation, holding his erection in her hand, and what Richard’s hands were doing, it didn’t take long. She remembered what he had told her before they started about relaxing and allowing herself to do whatever felt right when she climaxed. She gasped, arched her back, moaned, and collapsed.

Richard’s right hand stopped moving, but continued to press on her clitoris until he felt the motion stop. He allowed her body to rest briefly to give her a change to get everything from the climax before the next activity. Then he slowly, deliberately, moved himself between her legs and guided the engorged head of his erection into her vagina. She took a sharp breath as she felt him touch very her sensitive area. He entered her slowly but firmly. A little at a time, pulling back after each thrust to be sure he was adequately lubricated. He was a gentleman to the core and she could hardly stand the anticipation of feeling him fully within her; filling her completely with his hardness. He was a firm believer in both parties benefiting from any interaction. He knew that to be the best way to insure future interactions!

As he entered her, Richard lay his full body onto Susan. She could feel his heat, both from above as well as within. She was in ecstasy. Floating along allowing Richard to orchestrate her satisfaction. He moved her hands to above her head and she left them there, preferring to be a passive partner for now.

Richard gently reached under each of her thighs in turn, raising them up so that her feet were flat on the bed. As he finished each thigh, his hand slid under her buttocks and squeezed gently. He was in control. She was an executive that needed to be in control in business, but in bed she was enjoying the surrender. She felt safe, secure, trusting. Feelings she hadn’t had in many years. She had all but forgotten how it felt to be wanted, much less touched by a man. Richard thrust all the way in and Susan took another sharp breath. It had been a long time, but this was definitely worth the wait! Richard was sliding himself in and out, sucking her breasts in time with his thrusts. He’s hold her nipple in his mouth and suck, hard, when he entered her, releasing the breast as he pulled back, then sucking again so that her nipple rubbed against his top front teeth going in. About the fourth time he did this, she came again, the waves of the climax keeping time with his thrusting. It caught her off guard and she gasped loudly and smiled. She hadn’t believed it could happen again so soon!

Richard gathered her wrists over her head in his left hand and began manipulating her breasts with is right, gently touching his tongue to each nipple in succession, all the time moving gently but firmly in and out. Each pullback almost all the way out. Each thrust all the way in. Filling her, deeply. Then he pulled out and stopped. Everything. She opened her eyes to see him watching her. As soon as she did that, he thrust again and her eyes rolled back into her head. He was thrusting faster now and she could tell that the end was near. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying being restrained, controlled, but the feeling was just too good to care. It was so good to have a man on her, in her, concentrating on her, that all concerns melted away.

Suddenly, maltepe escort bayan Richard reached his free hand under her buttocks, squeezed hard and thrust once, twice, three times, and it was over. He continued to move himself in and out for awhile while his hardness faded away, and then he became still, laying his head on her arm, facing her.


They lay there for awhile, luxuriating in each other. She thought about how she had gotten to this point; the morality of sleeping with Richard, and oddly, what her children would think if they found out. Mom’s having sex! Ewwww! But she was a mature woman and she still had needs, and she was finding out how much fun it still was to have those needs fulfilled.

Was it now going to be awkward with Richard? Would they still be able to concentrate on business when they were together? She had to admit to herself that she had found it just a bit difficult to concentrate on business while she was watching Richard unravel and reorganize her life on their second meeting anyway.

Susan recalled the first time Richard had touched her, sexually. They had been working together for about 2 months, each from their respective homes, occasionally meeting at restaurants and coffee houses, or on-site of her investment properties. He had so totally organized her life that she found she had way more time in her day than she ever dreamed possible. He was running interference for her regarding all of the issues that she didn’t want to attend to, allowing her to explore the world of business and do what she was best at. What did he tell her at the initial meeting? “You need to only do the things that only you can do.” Was that ever true! So she was the face of the company. She did the face-to-face meetings, pressed the flesh, and hammered out the deals. Richard, meanwhile, handled the details like paperwork, and confirmation that contracts had been fulfilled per agreement.

They had been sitting on her couch at her house one afternoon, because she didn’t feel like going anywhere, and they both felt that they knew each other well enough by that point that it was “safe” to meet alone. After all, they had met at her house on several occasions previously. Strictly business.

This time was different, though. She was in a mood. One of her divorced friends had recently begun dating. She’d seen the guy and he was hot. Strange though it was to her, she found herself becoming jealous of her friend. She’d been so wrapped up in self-improvement and business, that she had not had much of a social life. Could it be true, she thought, that it has been almost 2 years since she’d been with a man? She thought back to her last sexual encounter. It had been with her ex-, right after the divorce. He’d been drinking, no shock there, and she’d had some wine. They needed to meet to exchange some property that each had of the other’s. He seemed to suddenly realize what he was losing, and she realized just how much she missed the touch and attentions of a man. It hadn’t lasted long, and afterwards she regretted it, but she’d gotten it, and him, out of her system. Onward and upward!

So there they were, sitting on the couch, a respectful, professional distance between them. For whatever reason, she was wearing a low-cut t-shirt, and no bra. Okay, that had to be her plan all along, she finally realized, but not consciously. Consciously, was just at home, and was dressing comfortably. Maybe she had just forgotten to put on the bra before Richard got there. “Yeah”, she thought. “Let’s go with that.”

Anyway, it had gotten to be late afternoon, and she had decided to have wine. She was home, after all. Richard had accepted some as well, and they were going through the paperwork. At some point in the afternoon, after her first glass of wine, she had been concentrating on something Richard was explaining to her. He was reading and making notes on a paper in his lap. She was staring at him. She suddenly felt very grateful for whatever it was he had just handled for her and she had the overwhelming desire to reward him with a kiss. She leaned towards him, knowing that about 90% of her breasts were exposed to him, and kissed him on the cheek. His instinctive reaction was to flinch and turn toward her. Whereupon he saw her proximity, then he saw her breasts. He made no effort to conceal his glance either. She was adequately endowed, and they were on display.

Nothing was said for almost half a minute, so Susan decided to apologize. “I am so sorry” she gasped, “that was so unprofessional”. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“It’s okay” replied Richard. “I think that there has been a tension hanging between us recently, what with my complaining about my wife and you about the dating pool. Something was bound to happen”.

“So now what?” Susan asked.

“I’m not exactly sure”, replied Richard. The two of them sat for awhile, each examining the situation. Richard’s wife had been in a stressful job for more than a year. They had sex about once a month, as long as he initiated it before she fell asleep. He loved escort pendik her dearly, but felt neglected. It certainly wasn’t her fault, it was the stress of the job. Richard didn’t hold anything against his wife he was very sensitive to her fatigue, but he wanted to get laid. He turned to Susan and said, “Look, you are a very attractive woman, and I am totally flattered that you’re interested in me. At the risk of insulting you, which you know that I would do anything to avoid, I feel kind of sorry for you that you are not, um physically fulfilled. Believe me, I understand. How about a compromise?” he asked.

“What do you propose” replied Susan, still mortified by her unexpected advance.

Richard took Susan’s hand in his. “Let’s close the shades and turn out the lights. If you’ll trust me, and allow me a bit of freedom, I will do something that you’ll enjoy, and kind of keep us both mostly out of trouble.” Susan was intrigued and agreed. She got up and closed the shades, casting the room in an instant gloom. The lights were not on anyway, so the mood was set.

“Now”, said Richard in a quiet voice. “Here’s what I want you to do, and you have to do this as I instruct, for both our sakes. Okay?”

Susan, still intrigued, and growing both curious and excited, nodded. “Okay”, began Richard. “First of all, if at anytime I do anything that you’re not comfortable with, you let me know immediately and everything stops. Okay?” She nodded. “Okay, I want you to do is slump down on the couch, so that your head is supported by the back. Place your hands at your sides, palms down. It is very important to what we’re about to do that you keep your hands on the couch. Okay? Now I want you to think about a man, real or imagined, that you’d like to have sex with. Don’t say anything. I want this to be like a meditation. Take a deep breath and undo your jeans. Don’t take anything off, just unbuckle, unsnap and unzip.” Susan got herself into a comfortable position on the couch, closed her eyes, took two deep breaths, and undid her pants. Then she placed her hands, palms down, on the couch.

Richard moved closer to Susan. She could feel the heat of his proximity. She reminded herself to breathe deeply and slowly. Richard put his lips close to her right ear and whispered, “are you ready?” She nodded, tentatively, secretly hoping Richard couldn’t see her body very well. “I’m going to put my right hand down your pants and make you feel good. Is that okay with you?” Again, Susan nodded. By this time she had totally bought into whatever her administrative assistant was offering and was surrendering to the situation. “Concentrate on the man you want” Richard began, his hand sliding slowly down Susan’s pubic hair. Her hands began to grasp the sofa. “You’re laying on your bed”, Richard continued, his middle finger reaching the entrance to Susan’s vagina and rubbing over the mound, pushed in. “You are totally naked, lying on your back. Your head is on a single pillow, your hands are at your sides, palms down. Your left leg is straight, and your right knee is bent, your right thigh over your left.”

“Your man is in the bathroom, the door is at the foot of the bed. He opens the door, looking directly into your eyes. He, too, is totally naked.” Susan was totally into the story now, to the point of being able to actually feel a bit of a chill from being naked. She could feel her nipples begin to contract from the chill. Richard could see that, too. At this point, their only point of contact was still his right, middle finger, now slowly manipulating her clitoris. He continued, now moving his finger up and down the length of her vagina, she being already sufficiently wet for penetration anyway. “He takes his eyes from yours and starts examining your body, up and down. You can feel the heat of his gaze on you. You are at once aroused and embarrassed. You can feel your body responding already and he hasn’t even touched you yet. He steps out of the bathroom. He reaches out his right hand and caresses your left foot. You can feel his warmth. You can feel an electric current moving up your leg.”

Susan was breathing heavily now. She knew she was wet. Richard’s finger continued manipulating her and her level of excitement grew. “Now he’s crawling onto the bed, coming up your right side. His right hand is moving up your leg. His touch is so hot it feels like he’s burning your skin. He stops, level with our knees. His left hand on your right knee, his right hand on your left shin. He slowly moves your legs apart, lifting your left knee, so both of your feet are flat on the bed, you legs spread, totally exposed. He sits back on his feet, and runs his right hand up the inside of your right thigh. His had is hot against your skin.”

“As he gets close to the top of your thigh, he takes his hand away, and slides himself up level with your hips, turning himself to face you. His right, middle finger gently probes your vagina, and his warm left hand begins to manipulate your right breast, not touching the nipple, but you really wish he would. He then moves his hand across your chest to your left breast, still not touching the nipple. You can almost feel him touching your now erect nipple anyway. He takes his hand away from your chest and, placing it on the right side of your head, bends his head down and touched the tip of his tongue to your right nipple.”

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