Little Things

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Thirty-five didn’t seem old to David, until he went to work that day. He’d never been attracted to small women but the new plant girl enchanted him like a powerful drug. She popped into the office then scurried from plant to plant with the magic energy of a pollinating bee completely at peace with its lot in life. Her smooth facial features and olive colored skin hinted at a Latin heritage hidden inside her petite schoolgirl body. But, as soon as she appeared, she disappeared, along with her perfect little heart shaped bottom, which left a lasting impression on David’s mind.

On Monday, November 15, 1982, David got his first glimpse of the new plant girl and it affected him enough to enter the occasion in his journal. To his delight she became a regular Monday morning eye candy experience in David’s life and he looked forward with anticipation to the times she’d arrive at the office to do what she did best, even it was only for a few minutes.

Two months later, David took the service elevator to transport some expensive equipment to his office. When the door opened the petite plant girl was in the elevator cab alone with a confused gaze and immediately began apologizing for pressing the sixth floor button but couldn’t understand why the elevator went down instead of up. After David wrestled the cumbersome cart over the threshold and into the cab, he smiled at the petite woman and held a key up while saying, “Gotta know the right people to get around this place.”

The couple introduced themselves then chatted about how crowded the public elevators were in the mornings while riding the lumbering elevator to the upper floors. David was amazed at how tiny Nikki was next to him and he felt he had somehow been transported back in time to junior high school as a teacher standing next to a tantalizing coed.

When the elevator stopped at the sixth floor, Nikki told David she needed to go. David blocked the sensor to hold the door open as Nikki brushed by him lugging her plant care implements while saying in a cheerful soft voice, “Thank you David.” Then David responded graciously, “you’re very welcome, Nikki,” but he couldn’t resist stepping into the sixth floor elevator lobby behind Nikki to watch her gorgeous round posterior bounce as she sashayed down the corridor while the elevator with the expensive equipment continued to the tenth floor without him.

When David finally arrived at his office he was relentlessly harassed by his associates about the expensive equipment arriving without an escort as visions of Nikki’s bouncing buttocks haunted his mind. Not only did David struggle with the equipment as he prepared for an important conference in one hour, he also struggled with the lump in his trousers as his mind raced with visions of Nikki’s bouncing butt cheeks.

At the end of that workday, David and his coworkers crammed into a public elevator and traveled down to the building’s ground floor exit. When he stepped onto the parking lot pavement and turned toward his parking space, to David’s surprise, he saw Nikki standing next to an older compact yellow car with a look of despair on her pretty face. She was looking toward the roadway at first then she turned to look down the line of parked cars. David couldn’t resist gazing at her gorgeous posterior and he decided to approach the petite cutie and continue their interaction.

David slowly stepped toward Nikki as she stood searching the distance with her arms folded against her chest. When he was close enough to touch her he stopped and took the time to study her succulent bottom up close for the first time. When his penis began to respond to the sight before him he asked softly, “What’s the matter, Nikki?” Hoping his growing penis would relax by talking to her.

Nikki instantly spun around and by habit, looked up to see a face, “OH,” she said in a cheerful voice, “Hi David, um, it’s my car, it won’t start, I think it’s the battery … I’m not sure,” she said as she pointed to the hood while thinking in her mind; ‘this guy probably knows nothing about cars.’

Warmth suddenly filled David and his penis twitched. He realized he was in the presence of a woman the size of a teen affecting him like a tall shapely hot blonde in her late twenties sporting a two-piece swimsuit. In contrast, Nikki was wearing a white t-shirt under a long sleeved denim shirt knotted at her abdomen, loose fitting blue jogging shorts and white sneakers with cream colored floppy socks. He thought she looked like a naive preteen hooker eager to give a man a happy ending for a hand full of candy. For some reason, little Nikki had a mysterious pull on him and his mind asked the question; ‘why is this little woman giving me an erection?’

“Help coming?” David asked as he scanned Nikki’s tiny body.

“Unfortunately … no, I was looking for a phone booth but there just isn’t any around here,” Nikki said as she scratched her head then pulled her long auburn hair to one side of her face.

“No phone booths in this God forsaken aliağa escort neighborhood … wouldn’t last five seconds after sundown around here … got the key?” asked David as he scanned Nikki’s fabulous curvy bottom from the side.

“It’s in the ignition,” offered Nikki as she glanced at David’s crotch wondering if what she saw was real.

“Let’s see what she does,” said David as he opened the driver’s side door.

As David lowered his body into the small car Nikki scanned David’s broad shoulders and thick biceps while she inhaled his cologne. She had never been attracted to pale blonde men before but for some reason David got her attention. She figured he looked older but not by much and she knew she could trust him because he proved himself a gracious and helpful gentleman in the elevator just hours before. Suddenly, Nikki felt a warm safe feeling fill her and she envisioned herself being held in his strong arms. It was a feeling Nikki had wrestled to abandon for nearly three years.

When David concluded Nikki’s car had a dead battery, and to Nikki’s surprise and delight, David offered to jumpstart her car. Nikki studied David carefully as he jogged down the line of parked cars then disappeared behind a large black pickup truck. Seconds later a rumbling sliver Corvette pulled out from behind the truck and turned towards her with David in the driver’s seat. “Hum, the guy drives a sports car, typical little penis syndrome.” Nikki said softly as she watched the sleek low profile car approach.

After David jumpstarted Nikki’s car he offered to follow her home to assure she arrived without any further battery issues. Nikki was hesitant and nervous about the idea but with David’s persistence and his logical explanation of car battery and alternator habits, Nikki gave in and agreed to David’s offer.

Nikki purposely took an obscure route to a suburban neighborhood she knew well and David followed closely but soon began to wonder if the petite woman was taking him on a taxi driver’s tour of the entire city. When they finally arrived at her selected destination Nikki pulled onto a brick paved circular driveway in front of a stately home and rounded the pavement until her car was facing the street. David slowed his car then waved believing Nikki was safe then he drove away. Nikki was sorry he didn’t stop and chat but as she waved to David from inside her running car she thought it best they weren’t seen together because she had no idea who owned the driveway she had just pulled into. She began wondering if she’d ever see David outside of his workplace ever again and an odd sensation of loss suddenly filled her.

After waiting a few minutes, Nikki shifted her car into drive and eased out of the driveway then headed to her real destination, literally on the other side of the city. When she arrived at her destination she realized she had used nearly all the gas she had in her car and would have to figure out a way to replace her battery then replenish her gas tank on Monday morning before going to her plant care appointments in the neighborhood she had just driven from.

That night Nikki sat alone in her bed and jotted her thoughts in her journal.

Dear Matilda:

An older guy helped me get my car started today. He’s sweet and he even followed me in his Corvette to make sure I made it safely. I didn’t see a ring or shadow of one on his ring finger but he’s such a nice guy I can’t imagine him being unattached. If he’s single this could get interesting. If he has a girlfriend, I might be able to think it through. If he’s married, I promise you Matilda it’s over before it started.


Don’t worry Matilda, I drove to some house in Riverdale just so he wouldn’t know where I live, and I burned nearly a tank of gas getting there and back.

Excuse me for now … I have to do my nails.

Oh wait Matilda … his blue eyes are heavenly.

The following Monday, Nikki showed up at David’s office wearing her usual outfit. It was also the first time David felt free to closely examine her body in motion as she moved around the office space. The women in the office saw Nikki as trailer trash they’d haul to the dump in a heartbeat. The men in the office saw Nikki as a slut they’d hump in a heartbeat then trash. David saw Nikki as a cute little woman with a trailer of auburn hair, a sweet smile, a perfect posterior, and a heartbeat.

When Nikki was finished and ready to depart she looked at David though the glass surrounding his office, smiled, and wiggled her fingers from her hip as if to keep their acquaintance a secret then she turned toward the exit and disappeared as fast she had appeared. David stepped to the doorway to catch up to Nikki but she had vanished through the waiting room doors. Oddly, David felt alone and the expression on his face was obvious. One of David’s coworkers, Tony, the office horn dog, surprised David when he stepped up behind him, placed his hand on David’s shoulder and said. “That aliağa escort bayan hot little puppy needs a stiff bone.”

The comment irritated David enough for him to respond. “Unlike some around this dump … I don’t fuck children.”

That night David woke from a deep sleep alarmed by a bizarre dream. Nikki was naked and standing over him in his bed taunting him like a little girl to play with her succulent bottom. When he reached out to touch the round blobs of flesh she squat revealing a pair of swollen pink lips where her rectum would normally be inching toward the tip of his stiff penis. He snapped up and sat on the edge of the bed with an incredible erection and pondered the meaning of the dream for over an hour. Something about the girlish woman stimulated him other than her gorgeous posterior. He wasn’t sure if he would ever get the opportunity to know her intimately enough to insert his erect penis into her tiny body, but he felt an overwhelming urge to fuck Nikki’s rectum. The next Friday would prove to be a turning point in his relationship with a plant girl.

Out of the blue, Tony suggested he and David have a foursome luncheon at a nearby popular restaurant. Tony mentioned he’d bring Nikki if David brought Sue, David’s dental hygienist. David felt his blood boil, because he knew Tony was a womanizer who claimed he got pussy frequently. Tony even admitted he fucked his cousin and David had no reason to doubt him, but one day a beautiful blonde nobody knew popped into the office and dragged Tony out of office. He returned in less than an hour. It wasn’t enough evidence to convince David the slob had sex with the pretty blonde but Tony did make several sexual references about the beautiful body under the gorgeous face of the woman named Sonya. David couldn’t care less about Tony’s sex life but Nikki with Tony was beyond David’s comprehension. Feeling resentful, David agreed to convince Sue to have lunch figuring if Nikki was going to be there it might be the opportunity he was waiting for to get to know the little woman who haunted him with a bizarre sexual dream.

David’s dental hygienist, Sue, was his idea of what a woman should look like. Sue was an outrageously cute and tall redhead with gentle hands, pure white skin and large pendulous breasts. David had known Sue for over two years, and the only reason they never dated was Sue’s constant excuse she had a boyfriend. He figured it would be hilarious to see Tony’s face when Sue shunned him as well, while he got a chance to be with Nikki. When David asked Sue if she’d like to go to a guy’s treat friendly lunch with Tony and another girl, Sue surprisingly accepted and the date was set for the coming Friday.

The luncheon was a wakeup call for David. He had no idea Tony and Sue had been eying each other for months, and being the sneaky snake in the grass Tony was, he told Nikki she could meet David if she went to lunch with him in a non-workplace setting. The twist in Tony’s plan was to meet Sue in safe company to see if he could persuade the cute redhead to go out with him. Moments after the foursome sat down and ordered lunch, not only did Nikki figure out what was going on, David unraveled the scheme as well. In moments the sneaky Italian stallion was closer to sticking his dick between Sue’s giant tits than David was kissing Nikki’s gorgeous naked ass. David simply ignored Sue completely and concentrated on Nikki as they sat close and chatted about nothing, enjoyed the food, gently touched each other’s hands and inhaled each other’s fragrance.

After lunch, David and Nikki found themselves together without interferences. As they strolled back to the parked cars talking about everything except the obvious, David apologized to Nikki for the luncheon fiasco and she simply shrugged her shoulders and giggled a little. David was surprised Nikki wasn’t angry with Tony for pulling such a stunt, but when she suggested David make it up to her, he was delighted. After David asked Nikki if she’d have dinner with him some Saturday night Nikki gleefully said, “Yes … I’d love to.”

When David realized he had just asked a child size woman to dinner he suddenly found himself explaining to her why he worked most weekends. After a futile attempt to cover his excuse and the lump in his pants, David simply told Nikki he’d call her as soon as he had a free weekend. Nikki was part skeptical he would call and part confident David had another woman in his life, but the two exchanged phone numbers in kind and both went their separate ways, pausing only to turn their heads to assure the other was watching. David felt confident, Nikki would accept his invitation and he’d show her a fabulous evening when it happened. Nikki wasn’t sure if David’s invitation would happen at all, and if it did happen, she wouldn’t know how to respond.

That night Nikki sat in her bed and wrote her thoughts in her journal:

Dear Matilda:

I had lunch with David today and my panties were wet escort aliağa the entire time. He kind of asked me for a nighttime date … He’s very sweet and I feel like a real woman next to him … I’m not sure how, but I’ve got to find out if he’s married or not before I hurt myself again.


Excuse me Matilda I have to visit Mr. Pillow tonight.

That night after Nikki closed her journal and placed it on the nightstand she lay on her back and began fondling her clitoris. When she closed her eyes, she saw David’s face looking down at her and she felt a calm enter her as her clitoris began to tingle. In a few moments, Nikki got up and stepped toward her vanity, opened the lower drawer, pulled out a flesh colored dildo and the matching leather accessory. She returned to her bed and fixed the strap-on to one of her pillows then situated the long shaft just right. Nikki straddled the shaft with her knees and legs spread wide. She rocked her hips as she whipped her clitoris until she felt moist. A few moments later, Nikki was on her stomach imagining David’s hands fondling her then suddenly, she lowered her anus to the tip of the rubber shaft and rested her rectum gently against the tip. When she released, her body began to quiver and Nikki reached orgasm. She cupped her mouth to muffle the moans and let her body wreath with the sensation David’s hard throbbing penis exploded inside her anus. Then she rolled over to escape the wet spot and slept like a baby.

Simultaneously, and on another side of town, David was showering and suddenly had the urge to masturbate. He began envisioning pulling Nikki’s shorts down to reveal her succulent rump then stuffing his erection up her rectum. When he started to ejaculate he called out Nikki’s name and nearly lost his balance as his body quivered from the sensation. Then he felt heat rush his face and a strange flash of warmth shoot through his entire body. When it was over David stood numbly wondering why he had such a powerful ejaculation and a strong desire to fuck the tiny woman’s anus. When the strange sensation diminished, he finished cleansing himself, toweled off then went to bed and slept like a baby.

The next morning was Saturday and Nikki had tons of laundry to do, numerous plants to irrigate and fertilize and she needed time to gather her thoughts about David. When she woke, her roommate, and younger sister Sonya, was already awake and drinking freshly brewed coffee. When Sonya saw her sister she asked in her usual blunt and tasteless manner, “and whom did we have over last night?”

Being a private soul, Nikki thought her little sister’s question none of her business, but being a reasonable person and a sibling, Nikki simply answered, “I was by myself, thank you very much.”

Sonya was physically and psychologically the textbook opposite of Nikki. Sonya started life as a sickly skinny bookworm but by the time she was seventeen she had blossomed into an outrageously curvy knockout complete with a movie star face, long wavy blonde hair, a mind as cleaver as a fox, the libido of a porn star and a 36 D-cup rack. Sonya knew if Nikki was moaning in her bed there was a good reason, so she blurted out her next statement confidently. “My guess is he’s easy on the eyes but unobtainable.”

Nikki knew she had been discovered and she tried to hide her blushing. As she filled her coffee cup and let the coffee steep, she began to feel the need to tell someone about David and who better than her wild little sister.

After grabbing a paper towel, Nikki stepped toward Sonya while sipping her hot coffee. She sat down at the small table, placed the coffee cup on the neatly folded paper towel, folded her hands in her lap and looked at the pretty blonde on the opposite side of the table. “His name is David. He’s kind of easy on the eyes, real friendly and very nice to me, I don’t know if he’s single, got a girlfriend or married, but he’s strangely alluring.”

Sonya gazed into her big sister’s eyes and knew she had seen the look on Nikki’s face only once before. “Alluring? … Well, it’s a start,” said Sonya. Then she set her coffee cup on the bare table, leaned forward a little then with a whisper asked, “Gonna hump or dump this one?”

Nikki was taken back by Sonya’s asinine question and she felt embarrassed for her slut sister, but she was a sister and she was the only one Nikki knew who could help her get out of her three year funk, but her potty mouth was way too much.

“That’s a terrible thing to say … take that back,” quipped Nikki.

“Eno siht pmud ro pmuh annog,” responded Sonya in a flash.

“How can you do that so damn fast, it always amazes me,” said Nikki, as she looked a Sonya in awe.

“Simple, I see rows of letters in my head, not words clumped together in lines,” responded Sonya confidently.

Nikki took a deep breath then exhaled as she looked down at her cup of steaming coffee and said tenderly. “I’m scared, Sonya.”

Sonya loved her older sister and couldn’t help but notice Nikki was frightened to death of releasing herself. Sonya knew Nikki was conscience of her tiny body, especially her tiny breasts and bulbous butt, but Sonya wasn’t about to let her sister banish herself from the pleasures of the flesh just because she was leery of performing orally on men.

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