Eating Kirsten’s… Cookies

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My doorbell rang one day and I opened my door slightly to look out. There was an African-American woman wearing a raincoat and standing there, which I thought was strange because we hadn’t had any rain or even any threat of rain for over a week. When she turned her head, smiled and asked me if I wanted to buy any Girl Scout cookies, I recognized Kirsten and realized why she was there. I like Girl Scout cookies, and I especially like Kirsten’s sales methods so I opened the door and let her in.

When I helped her remove her raincoat, I could see why she had been wearing it. It was to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. Kirsten is in her twenties now and, although she may have been a girl scout when she was very young, her uniform no longer fits her. By splitting it up the back, she had managed to get the blouse on her shoulders but all of the buttons were far from their corresponding button holes. Since Kirsten was not wearing a bra, her big, luscious breasts were swaying freely as she stood facing me. They are truly beautiful, cocoa colored mounds topped with dark brown nipples. Besides being delightful to look at, I know how sensitive Kirsten’s breasts are and I was anxious to start licking and sucking them, especially her nipples.

Kirsten’s uniform skirt went around her waist allright but it was only about six inches long, not even long enough to cover her smooth, curvaceous ass and she wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt either. We walked into my bedroom where we would see if she could persuade me to buy any of her cookies. Because the blouse would hamper her freedom of movement during her sales pitch, I removed it but left the skirt on. It wouldn’t be in our way at all, and was actually rather erotic, wrapped around her otherwise naked ass, especially since I know what Kirsten likes to do when we get together to make love.

One thing she likes to do is to lie on her back and have me lick on her nipples. Since I also like that, I cupped my hands under her lovely breasts and started licking the nearest one. “Sir, if you like the taste of those, I am sure you will also enjoy our chocolate nuggets. How many boxes do you want to order?”

Because my mouth was otherwise engaged, I didn’t answer Kirsten out loud, just raising one index finger. “Very good, Sir, one box of chocolate nuggets.” After that, Kirsten forgot about selling cookies for a while and I concentrated on licking her delightful chocolate nuggets, which had quickly become erect.

She was sighing happily as I licked with broad strokes of my tongue, spending a minute on one nipple and then switching to the other. Kirsten’s upper body squirmed on the bed, presenting first one lovely globe to my tongue and then the other. When I glanced down her body, I could see her pussy was also active but had not started lubricating yet. Still gently massaging her luscious breasts with my hands, I drew one into my mouth and started lightly sucking, while my tongue continued caressing her nipple and puffy areola.

“I see you like chocolate covered mounds. How many boxes can I put you down for?” Kirsten asked. Once again, I didn’t interrupt our pleasurable activities, just signaling with one index finger.

She was right about my liking chocolate mounds, especially hers, and she liked my liking them. As my mouth pleasured her succulent chocolate mounds, I detected the delightful fragrance of her pussy starting to lubricate. I would soon be enjoying the flavor of her juices, which I know to be even better than their aroma, but I wanted to continue enjoying the chocolate mounds I was sucking for a while. For a few more minutes, I moved my mouth back and forth between the lovely twins.

By that time, Kirsten had become so aroused that that she was purring and her pussy was squirming on the bed, and I knew it was time to lick my way down her body. Her belly is slightly plump, in a very sexy way, and I licked and kissed my way down the smooth, milk-chocolate flesh until I reached the top of her silly skirt. Her pussy was producing a steady flow of delectable juices so I got off the bed and went around to the foot. On my way there, I removed my shirt but I left my pants on for the time being.

When I reached the foot of the bed, I got back on between her legs. Kirsten canlı bahis raised her ass so I could slip a pillow underneath and raised her legs in the air. With my shoulders against the backs of her thighs, I leaned in so my face was inches from her marvelous pussy. My fingers folded back her skirt and rested in Kirsten’s clack pubic hair. As usual, before I started eating her pussy, I enjoyed the aroma of the fresh juices and gazed at the beauty of her dark brown lips, so swollen with lust, and her clit, which was pushing its way out from under its protective hood.

As delightful as the sight and the aroma of Kirsten’s pussy are, the taste is even more marvelous. Very happily, I licked off all the fresh juices that had been produced, finding them just as delicious as I had expected. Probably the best part of all, though, is the feel of Kirsten’s pussy on my tongue and lips. Starting with the exquisitely soft and smooth area between an inner and an outer pussy lip where they start, I licked upward to where they almost meet.

“Sir, I believe you would really enjoy our spongy chocolate cookies. They are a new product this year,” Kirsten interrupted her purring and suggested.

My mouth was much too busy enjoying the delicious flavor and texture of her spongy, chocolate-colored pussy lip to answer but I did indicate, by raising one index finger, that I would take one box. “Very well, Sir, one box of spongy chocolate cookies.”

As my tongue progressed upward, it probed into the seam between the inner and outer labia, thoroughly caressing every bit of the surface of both lips. When I reached the end of the inner one, where it meets her other inner lip to form her clit hood, I licked up all her fresh juices and started over on the other pair.

Once again, I relished the smooth surface between their origins and the sponginess of the inner one, which was increasing as Kirsten was becoming more and more aroused. Her pussy was thrusting against my mouth as my tongue cruised its way again to her clit hood. This time, instead of stopping there, I caressed the top of the hood, causing Kirsten to moan loudly in pleasure. Slowly and gently, my tongue stroked the top of the hood until I delicately curled my tongue underneath to delicately fondle her adorable clit.

The response was immediate. Kirsten started whimpering, her body writhing on the bed under my face. When I brought my tongue back down to her wet love hole again, there was a fresh gush of juices to please my taste buds. My tongue probed the lower edge of the source of the juices, causing more to spurt out. Her inner lips were so swollen with desire they had pushed their way entirely out of her slit, just as her clit had pushed its way out from under its protective hood.

Kirsten interrupted her sounds of pleasure to offer me more cookies. “Sir, we have another new cookie this year. Delicious dark chocolate surrounding sweet pink strawberry. Can I put you down for a box?”

My tongue was much too busy probing under her delicious dark chocolate pussy lips that surrounded her sweet pink vagina to answer, but I signaled with my finger that I would take one box. As my tongue explored under first one lip then the other, it scooped up drops of the juices, more delicious than even the cookies being offered, that were bubbling up from the wonderful place between them. Upward my tongue progressed, unhurriedly, bringing immense pleasure to both of us, until I reached the top of Kirsten’s delightful pink hole.

Kirsten was getting closer to cumming and her pussy was fucking strongly up into my face. Clinging tightly to her legs, I pressed my face firmly against her and thrust my tongue into her love hole. The texture and the taste were incredible and I stayed there as long as I could, wiggling my tongue and caressing the top surface, indirectly stimulating her clit. When I had to breathe again, I withdrew my face and started licking the small, very sensitive area between the hole and her precious love button.

For the time being, Kirsten had abandoned her efforts to sell more cookies. “Suck my clit!” she begged. “Make me cum!”

That was the next stop on my tour of her wonderful pussy. Her clit had almost pushed its way out from under its protective hood and I pushed bahis siteleri the rest of the covering away with my fingers. My lips formed a seal as I drew her adorable love toy into my mouth and sucked on it while my tongue caressed the swollen top and sides. Kirsten thrashed about on the bed, telling me how much she liked me to suck her clit.

“Yes! Yes! Like that! I’m cumming!” she cried out, unnecessarily, because I knew what was happening from the way her legs squeezed my temples and her hands pushed on the back of my head. She rocked from side to side and her pussy was pressed against my face where we both wanted it to be. Her clit stayed in my mouth and I continued sucking and licking for as long as she was cumming.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kirsten whimpered as she continued cumming, until she gave out a happy shout and climaxed, arching her back and jamming her pussy against my face one last time. After her orgasm, Kirsten completely relaxed and watched me licking all the juices from her pussy. I even dipped my tongue into their source to get them all because I knew we would be using Aquaglide as a lubricant for the next thing we would be doing.

“I see you really enjoyed what you just ate there. What other kind of cookies do you think you would like to try today?” she asked as I raised my face from her pussy, still licking my lips to get all the juices I could.

“I understand you have some delicious Fudge Treats.”

“Yes we do. Would you like a sample?”

“Definitely. I have tasted your fudge before and I know it is really delicious.”

“Just let me prepare it for you.” As she spoke, Kirsten got to her hands and knees and started piling the pillows under herself.

After removing the rest of my clothing, I got back on the bed behind her. Kirsten smiled back at me as I spread her ass cheeks, preparing to taste the dark chocolate I like so much. Before fucking, I always eat the woman’s pussy and, since I was going to be fucking Kirsten’s ass, licking her there first was essentially the same thing. Besides that, she enjoys the feel of my tongue on her rosebud and I like the way she feels to my tongue.

Holding her cheeks open, I licked first at the top of one cheek down around her puckered hole. That would be the best part of what I was doing and I wanted to save it for last. Back up the other cheek my tongue caressed, again licking around her rosebud. Once I reached the top, I looked up again.

“That was a very good sample but now I want the real chocolate.”

“Go right ahead, Sir. It’s there waiting for you.”

Slowly I licked down the cleft between her cheeks until I felt the puckering on my tongue and started circling around. Kirsten was really enjoying what I was doing and she was murmuring happily and her ass was squirming in front of me. Her rosebud is unusually beautiful, a velvety dark brown and it felt as good to my tongue as it looked. I licked it all over, from side to side and up and down but I didn’t try to insert my tongue. I could have but I would be fucking her there so soon it seemed unnecessary.

After licking Kirsten’s lovely ass for a few minutes, it was time to put my cock to work. Once again, I got up and this time I came back with a condom, a towel and my bottle of Aquaglide. She smiled lewdly when she saw them and my erect cock because she knew what would be happening next. She was still on her knees but this time her hands were holding her ass cheeks open while she leaned against the pillows under her waist.

First I put on my condom and when that was done, I smiled at the skirt that was still around her waist and inserted the neck of the bottle inside Kirsten’s lovely rosebud. She murmured happily at the way it felt as I squirted a big dollop into her ass, and she was even happier when she felt my fingers spreading the lubricant around inside her and on the puckered ridges where I had just been licking. When I was done preparing her, I coated my cock and wiped the excess off my fingers. We were both ready for some good fucking.

Smiling in anticipation, Kirsten continued spreading her cheeks and I reached into her rosebud to pull the sides apart. With the fingers of one hand I held her open while my other hand guided the tip of my cock until it pressed against the small bahis şirketleri hole that was waiting for me. With a short but firm thrust, I entered Kirsten’s ass.

“Ahhhh,” she sighed happily. “That feels sooo good.”

It felt good to me too, the way her ass was squeezing the head of my cock but I knew it would soon feel much better for both of us. With another thrust, the first inch of my shaft was inside.

“Oooooo. Oooooo,” Kirsten moaned. “Give it to me, George. I want your cock all the way in my ass.”

That was what I wanted also, but I wanted to go slowly to give us both as much fun as possible. For better leverage, I put my hands on her hips that were writhing in front of me from the pleasure my cock was already giving her. With each thrust I made, my cock surged into her ass a little deeper and her moans of pleasure were louder. When my shaft was entirely embedded in her, Kirsten knew it because she could feel my legs pressing against her ass cheeks. Slowly, I pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her ass, and then I drove it all the way back in, pressing my legs against her cheeks again. She was tight but the lubricant was doing its job and I could feel my cock surging into her, pushing open a channel as it went.

She could feel it too, maybe even better than I could. “Ooooo, George, your cock feels so great. Now, really give it to me. Fuck me good.” Her hands spread her cheeks as far as she could so I could get my cock another fraction of an inch into her ass.

I did what she wanted and really gave it to her, fucking Kirsten’s ass as deeply as I could. Every time my cock plunged into her, she moaned from the intense pleasure and fucked back to meet me. Her hips were swiveling, punching her knees into the mattress and moving her ass around so I went into her differently with every stroke.

We continued our slow fucking for a long time, Kirsten holding herself open while my hands on her hips held her steady. She changed position, leaning forward and arching her back, presenting her ass to me even better. The weight of her upper body was supported on her forearms and the side of her face was pressed into the bed. Kirsten’s hips continued to swivel and she fucked back to meet me as hard as ever. She turned her face toward me and told me what she wanted.

“I’m ready to cum, George. Give it to me harder and faster. Play with my clit.”

I said nothing but responded by reaching one arm around her hip to put my fingers on her clit, which was swollen and squirming under my hand as I fondled her. The other hand remained on her other hip to help guide my faster strokes into her ass. Hard and fast was what she wanted and hard and fast was what she got. Kirsten’s ass was still tight but the Aquaglide worked perfectly and there was no friction at all. Every time I drove my cock into her, I smacked up against her ass cheeks and I could feel my balls colliding softly with her pussy. Her juices were running so freely they splashed against me.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming,” she cried out joyously. “Keep fucking me.” I did keep fucking her, thrusting my cock into her even faster.

Once again, Kirsten whimpered as she was cumming. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” was the sound of her voice in time to my thrusts of my cock. Her upper body thrashed on the bed in front of me but I kept a firm grip on her and continued ramming my cock in and out of her ass as fast as I could.

“Ahhh. AHH!” she cried out joyfully as she climaxed. Kirsten relaxed completely after her orgasm and slowly toppled forward. I followed her down, still fucking her until she landed with me on top of her, my hands still on her hips. I continued ramming in and out of her until I felt a great rush of pleasure, concentrated in my cock, and a great relief as I climaxed. Semen spurted into my condom but I continued until my cock had drained itself. Happily, I lay on top of Kirsten until my cock softened and slipped out of her ass.

It’s a good thing I like chocolate cookies almost as much as I like chocolate pussies, because I had just bought many boxes of the former.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as good a time as Kirsten and I had. I know I had a lot of fun writing it. Whatever you think of it, please vote your opinion. Like any writer on Literotica, I appreciate knowing what readers think of my stories, so please leave a public comment or email me. I always respond to any PC or email that includes an email address or Literotica handle.

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