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“It’s late. Think you should drive home?”

Her question is an expression of concern…and an invitation. That’s a relief. You’re sitting in your car outside her apartment after a really nice dinner, a great night out and a pretty good amount to drink. You’ve been re-connecting, finding new things in common, laughing easily and enjoying each other’s company. It’s been a long time.

You never dreamed you’d be dating an older woman, let alone your ex-girlfriend’s stepmother who is probably close to twice your age, but you two always had a warm vibe during the three years you were dating her stepdaughter. You hadn’t seen or heard from either of them for five years after the breakup and then you ran into Julie’s stepmom one day on the train to work and you started talking. She was so happy to see you. Your time together just talking was so much fun that you ended up getting together for drinks just to catch up some more. Things went so well that at the end of the night, what was supposed to be a “well, see you whenever’ turned into you sharing a warm lingering hug that led to kiss on the cheek to a look in the eye to a lingering goodnight kiss. And so you decided to get together again.

This time you both lost track of the hour and stayed out until midnight, hitting a bar for a nightcap even though you both have to get up for work in the morning. Now it feels like something really good was about to happen. Something that will beat that long drive home. Something that used to be on the edge of your imagination when you were dating her stepdaughter. You wonder if it was on the edge of hers…

There’s an unspoken excitement between you as you leave the car and take the elevator to her apartment. Her place is small but warm and inviting. It’s been her home since her divorce two years earlier. “I decided to downsize until I figure out what to do,” she says. To your surprise, she hands you a beer from her refrigerator even though you don’t really need it, pours herself another glass of wine, and tells you she’ll be right back.

So you sit on the sofa and sip your beer and bask in a buzz that’s a mix of excitement and nervousness. This could be amazing and you really want it to go right. You’ve never made love to a much older woman, but you were always intrigued by her especially the many times Julie complained, “JoAnn walks around the house naked. I think she’s trying to compete with me or maybe she just likes to show off her body. It’s pretty nice for her age.”

JoAnn’s experience, as you imagine it compared to yours, is kind of intimidating, but you truly like her and are really turned on by her bubbly, outgoing personality. Back in the day you always felt comfortable and open with her. But this moment feels like it’s heading for something that you used to fantasize about any time Julie told you about JoAnn walking around naked.

On a more basic level you love her long thick auburn hair and green eyes—and her wide hips, full thighs and especially her round ass that looks so good in her tight black jeans. You try to contain your heart at the thought her wonders and that tonight will be the night you experience them. The whole scene is really beyond anything you ever imagined would actually happen.

She returns and you sit on her sofa and talk and drink some more until your conversation begins to drift sleepily. It’s well past 1 a.m. and you’re into that awkward “Will we? Or won’t we?” territory. She rests her head on your shoulder, her hand on your thigh as you drain your beer. She looks up at you. You lean in and kiss her. Something deeply amazing awaits.

You feel her clutching you, her tongue sliding into your mouth, all sweet wine and softness. You kiss her intently, returning her passion, and move on to her neck as you feel her hands sliding up and down your back. Your heart is pounding and you’re getting hard. As her breathing intensifies you slowly open her black blouse, fumbling a bit in your wild excitement…

When all the buttons are undone, you discover that she isn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts are gorgeous: a little saggy with age but sloped and coming to points with big round pink nipples, like a classic 50s pin-up girl’s. Julie used to tell you she was jealous of JoAnn’s breasts even though Julie had nothing to worry about. You lean down, your hand softly touching her neck, and slowly lick and suck one nipple and then the other until they are erect. She tastes good and she’s moaning softly. Her hand is on the crotch of your jeans, pressing and caressing as your excitement grows. You kiss again, even more passionately as you cup one sexy breast and then the other. Your hand slowly descends between her legs where you feel a wet warmth. She’s expecting you.

You can’t believe this is actually happening.

As you lick her nipples, she whispers “yes” so you undo the clasp of her jeans, moving the zipper down. She caresses your bulge as you slide your hand in and discover that she’s not wearing panties. canlı bahis Your palm meets a soft patch of hair, your fingers graze hot slickness.

She’s moving now, kissing you, caressing you, responding, purring with desire, so you try to pull her jeans down. She lifts her hips to help you, but the jeans get stuck and she giggles. You start to fumble, feeling embarrassed at your clumsiness with such an experienced older woman. This is like unwrapping a present you can’t wait to get to, something new and wonderful that makes your hands shake.

But she stops you.

“Come on,” she says, rising and taking your hand. You head into her candle-lit bedroom where she turns to you as you both stand next to the bed. Now you’re kissing again, your mutual desire rising. It’s easier to slide her unbuttoned jeans down over her wide round hips. The sight of her lush but neatly groomed auburn triangle framed by her full thighs and the black curtain of her open blouse is electrifying, but you’re too turned on to stop and fully study her now.

Your mind is reeling at the thought of who you’re making love to as she steps out of her jeans, leaving them on the floor. She grabs you and you both fall back on the bed together. You’re kissing, running your hands over the incredible softness of her skin, sliding your fingers over and into her warm cunt, feeling the lips part and how wet she is, hearing her moan as she presses her pussy against your hand. You slide two fingers into her, her thighs now widely parted.

You stroke her gently but at an increasing pace, trying to concentrate on making her come. Her pussy is just incredibly sexy and her scent is sweetly beautiful. You feel her hand opening your belt as your lips roam from hers to her neck, pausing as she responds with another moan, then moving down again to each glorious breast, her blouse fully open. She’s as good as nude now. Her body is different than Julie’s or any other woman you’ve ever experienced. It’s fuller, softer. She has a bit of a belly but it looks good in relation to everything else and you like the freckled almost weathered skin on her chest, the wrinkles around her eyes.

As you suck each hard nipple, you carefully massage the places inside her pussy you think will really please her. To your surprise, she starts shuddering and crying out. The sound she makes is so exciting. Not a porn actress squeal, more like a low sexy moan and gasp. You can feel her spasms on your fingers as she comes. You steadily ease her through her orgasm as her sweet scent fills the air and you think this is pretty amazing.

Now she’s kissing you intently, her breath hot and hard. Then she’s rolling on top of you. You caress her hair and pull her face to yours, your tongues exploring each other’s. Your hands slide down her back and sides, cupping the cool smoothness of her ample bare ass until she pulls away, slowly descending on you, fully opening your jeans. As her fingers slip inside to squeeze and pull out your hard cock, you hope she likes what she finds.

Moaning softly, she firmly strokes your erection and kisses the head. You want her to take you into her mouth, but she rises. Her lips are on your face, your neck, your chest as she pushes your shirt up and your jeans and underwear down to mid-thigh. Then she rolls over onto her back and pulls you on top of her. Your skin on hers feels so good. Her hand is guiding you into her and now your cock is engulfed in the most wonderful warmth. You take a deep breath and start to stroke in and out, slowly at first, then a little faster each time, always about to lose it but concentrating on finishing after her. You still can’t believe you’re making it with your ex’s stepmother but your excitement is all you can handle. You love the look on her face. No lover has ever seemed to want you so much, and the way she’s responding is so exciting.

It doesn’t take long. She moans and gasps and you’re both gone in an intense, shuddering release that leaves you breathlessly kissing each other’s lips, neck and ears in reassurance that this was good. Really good. This feels like it could be really special.

It was a nervous first time, as they usually are, but a great one. After a few minutes of just lying there in the afterglow, she gazes into your eyes, kisses you softly on the tip of your nose, and says, “That was nice.”

“Yes, it was,” you reply, relieved while you marvel at how intensely she made you come, how good it felt to get off together, and that it was with her.

“Julie was very lucky to have you,” she says. “I used to tell her that.”

You don’t know what to say except, “Thanks.”

“Now I know just how lucky,” she says with a wicked smile.

After a few drowsy minutes, she moves out from under you and you watch appreciatively as she rises, wearing only her open black blouse and black knee socks, her hair beautifully disheveled, her eyes dreamy. “Time for bed,” she says, blowing out the candles as the scent of your bahis siteleri sex fills the air. You rise, clumsily kicking your jeans off your ankles. Your cock is still half hard and glistening cool with her juice. It all feels like a dream.

As you peel off your shirt, she slides under the comforter nude and you’re soon in each other’s arms, drifting off to sleep. Her breasts against your chest, her warm, plush naked body feels so good against yours. She smells so nice and you’re ecstatic to have her company and to have reached this level. As unexpected as this relationship is, it feels like it is going somewhere amazing.

When you awake, you’re alone in the bed, naked except for your shirt and socks. It’s almost 7 and work awaits you both. Hungover, you rise groggily to find her in the kitchen making coffee, her hair wet from the shower. She’s wearing only a black bra. The wide expanse of her bare ass gives you an immediate jolt of excitement. It is without a doubt the most sexy rear you have ever seen.

“Well, good morning!” she says, turning to present you with a mug that you almost fumble as your eyes can’t help but lock in on her auburn triangle and fabulous thighs.

“Good morning,” you reply, giving her an affectionate kiss.

She reminds you that you both have less than an hour to get to work and says you can use the shower if you like.

Under the stream of hot water, you become intensely aroused again. This day could definitely be hot and bothersome. Against your better judgement you enter the bedroom with your cock fully hard as you towel off, hoping to get lucky once more.

“Well, look at you!” she says with a sly smile, coming over and gently grasping your erection, planting a kiss and a slow lick on the head before she glances at the clock and returns to the business of slipping on a long black skirt and zipping it up. For a second you wonder if she’s wearing panties, but from there she’s all hustle and bustle, and you try to catch up so you can both leave on time.

The day has you distracted by memories and visions of the night before and what you hope is to come. You’re not going to see her until the weekend and your hangover has left you feeling intensely horny. You miss her, so you text her and thrill to her replies, not getting much done at the office. It’s all you can do to get through the day. And when you finally get home, you’re so horny you immediately peel off your jeans, sit on the sofa and start stroking yourself into a hard, intense erection while you recall last night. Then the phone rings.

It’s her.

“What are you up to?” she asks.

“Funny you should ask,” you say.

“And why is that?”

“Uh..nothing. Just thinking of you…”

“That’s sweet. What are you thinking?”

“Last night was really nice.”

“Yes, it was. I was thinking I could come over Friday night and we could get an early start from your place.”

“I like how you think,” you reply, and you spend the next several days getting yourself off with fantasy visions of the days she’s invited you to spend at her friend’s condo on the beach.

So she comes over that Friday night. You order some Chinese food and watch a movie while you share a few beers. When the flick hits a sexy part, her hand slowly moves onto your crotch and you grow hard. She softly presses and squeezes, kissing your neck. You turn and take her into your arms, kissing her, feeling her unbuckling your belt and unzipping your jeans. You’re lost in a cloud of lust and desire now.

She gently pulls your cock out of your underwear, slowly runs the fingertips of her right hand up and down the shaft, almost studying you. “Mmm,” she purrs, her head descending as she guides your erection to her mouth, kissing the head before welcoming it into the most exquisite soft warmth. You gaze down appreciatively, softly stroking her hair as you watch her suck and kiss you completely hard. She gives a much more erotic blowjob than Julie ever did, and Julie loved to give head. JoAnn gazes up into your eyes as she makes soft sounds of desire and flicks her tongue from the head, where a big clear drop of precum has oozed out of the slit, down to your balls and back up. You fight to not come yet as she holds your pulsing cock against her cheek, her eyes closed in ecstasy before she takes it back into her mouth more deeply and sucks intently. Her tongue is like velvet. Her hair is beautifully disheveled.

You want this to last, but you’re on the verge of coming because of the way she’s softly moaning and sighing with lust, so into it as she sucks and licks you. Then she’s tugging at your jeans, saying “Take these off.” So you oblige, glad for a few moments to contain yourself.

Now you’re naked from the waist down, and as you sit back on the sofa she kneels on the floor. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she spreads your legs and settles in between them, hungrily kissing, sucking, licking—worshipping—your cock. You’ve never been bahis şirketleri so hard and excited in your life. The instant her mouth touches the head and engulfs it is sheer ecstasy. She caresses your balls and looks up at you again, smiling while she softly but more rapidly strokes the shaft. You feel her finger on your asshole, gently massaging it, and another thick glistening bead of precum oozes from the slit in the purpling head of your co. She moans “Mmmm” with such lust and eagerly licks it away. You’re filled with this horny desire for her to taste your cream and then she looks up at you again and says, “You can come in my mouth…”

As soon as she takes you back in, your release is immediate and amazingly intense. You gasp. She keeps you in her mouth, swallowing everything you give her while making incredible sounds of enjoyment, and in those seconds of ecstasy you feel this primal pride in feeding her your essence. She keeps sucking until you’re spent and have to pull away, the sensation is just too much.

“Mmm,” she says, kissing your cock as she squeezes out the last of your pearly come, licking it off the tip and rising to kiss you. “That was really good!”

“Definitely,” you say, holding her tight. “I want to return the favor…”

You take her hand and lead her to her bedroom. Once there she stands before you and you kiss her, lifting her black sleeveless top until she takes it off, leaving only her black bra. As you kiss, you unclasp her jeans and slide them down. She’s wearing only the skimpiest of black thongs. She slowly lowers it and you drop to your knees, kissing her thighs and her bush, her lush mat of soft red curls neatly trimmed. She’s applied some perfume there, a very sexy touch, but it’s her natural scent that attracts you.

She grasps your head, bends over and kisses the top of it, then lies back on the bed, spreading her legs to reveal her glistening, swollen excitement. You kiss her there, lick her and you’re suddenly in love with her cunt. It’s beautiful and delicious, fragrant, sweet and tangy. She pulls your face into her as you lick and suck, gently but hungrily, her juices on your face. Your lips and tongue move to her soft stomach, the insides of her thighs, and back again, pressing into her tangy honey, licking firmly until she comes, shuddering, her warm full thighs clasping your head. You can feel her pulse on your tongue and you gaze up at her expression of ecstasy, her hard nipples and flushed chest. What a gorgeous sight.

From there you enter the rabbit phase and get can’t get enough of each other. “It’s nice to have sex in my life again,” she tells you one night over dinner. “Since the divorce I’ve just been working and not thinking about men. You don’t have a girlfriend?”


“I find that hard to believe.”

“Broke up two months ago. Haven’t met anyone…until now…”

You arrive her at her friend’s condo at the beach and she says “Let’s go swimming!” You’re setting the suitcases down as she unfastens her shorts. You watch her briskly pull them down, grab two towels and a blanket from a closet and then she leads you out to go skinny dipping in the ocean. She’s nude from the waist down and she looks amazingly hot.

“I love being naked,” she says as you both walk through warm sunlight. There are some other people on the beach, but they’re all wearing bathing suits. A couple of heads turn in your direction as she places the blanket and then peels off her top. “It’s legal here but so ridiculous that there are laws against it. It’s just the human body!”

You spend most of the weekend at the condo nude. “Why bother getting dressed when we’re just going to get naked again?” she says. You’re not going to argue the point.

In the evening when the beach clears, you both get daring and make love on your beach blanket. As she guides your hard cock into her hot wet pussy you marvel at how beautiful an older woman’s body can be and then notice someone is watching you from the top of a sand dune. She sees him, too, and you both put on a show, you pulling out to expose your fully hard glistening cock, then sliding it deep inside her while you lean forward and suck her amazing tits. She fucks you hard, comes hard, pulling you deep into her until you let go, moaning, exulting at the feeling of the sun and the sea breeze and the watcher’s eyes on you.

While dinner is cooking the second night, you’re both naked and cuddled on the futon on the balcony overlooking an ocean that is shimmering with a full moon. She’s having her third glass of wine when she gently takes your cock in her hand, starts to stroke and asks, “What kind of porn do you like?”

The question catches you off guard and you stammer, not wanting to sound like a pervert. “I like…um…stuff that’s well done. I don’t like cheesy music and stupid plots. Or bondage, pain stuff.”

‘Hmmm, neither do I. The more sensual the better, right?”

You nod. You’re fully hard.

“Like lezzie?”

“What guy doesn’t?”

“You know what I like?” she says, giving you a soft kiss. “I like watching guys do themselves…it’s very arousing…”

“Is it?” you ask as she takes your hand and places it on your cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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