A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 01

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I had always enjoyed latex from even a young age, 16 onwards, and would always steal latex gloves from Dr Surgeries to use when wanking.

Roll on a few years and endless watching of latex porn and also involving my wife in the purchase of several latex items. First it was just a latex miniskirt and she saw my reaction to this and so the collection grew. I have enjoyed wearing latex lingerie and masturbating for years and occasionally my wife would succumb and wear it for me.

The sex was always much more intense when one or both was wearing the shiny rubber clothing.

She knew I wore it on a regular basis and especially if she was out with friends enjoying a drink, she was always more horny after a bottle or 2 and inhibitions slipped away. The result was great as I have enjoyed an evening pleasuring myself and sending naughty little text messages knowing that I would enjoy some latex passion when she came home slightly drunk.

One of these occasions presented itself over the Christmas holidays and she went off on her annual works boozy do with her friend Karen. If Karen was involved then the conversation would be about sex all night as she was a frustrated single mom, slightly chubby but with a good figure and a very dirty mind.

Although I had never been sexually involved with Karen when she was drunk she would grab my cock and tease me with her tits.

My wife just brushed this aside saying” that was Karen.”

My wife also said if the opportunity presented itself would I fuck Karen?

I replied “only if you are there too.”

She gave me a naughty grin and we just let it slide. Little did I know she had something of a plan for my 40th which was in December.

The night in question arrived and Karen arrived at our house with an overnight bag, more of a carry on for aircraft I thought and jokingly asked her if she’d brought enough clothes’ for one night.

“I like to be prepared, and ready for anything.” Said Karen.

They both went upstairs to get ready for the big night out and all I heard was the clink of wine glasses and the giggles of two merry women, although at one point I could have sworn I heard a battery powered device being tested??.

Off they went for a 6 hour boozy trip, giggling and done up to the nines, low cut tops tight skirts and high shoes.

“Are you on the pull,” I asked them.

My wife replied “no but I bet you’ll be having a pull in rubber while we are out.”

I blushed slightly at the thought she knew I would be wanking in latex less than an hour after they had left.

Pretty sure of no interruptions I began my ritual, a shower and shave and making sure that my cock and balls were silky smooth, I shaved first then used immac to make it very clean and smooth.

Upstairs I went and got out the latex bag, I got ready a black and red zip up basque, some red latex stockings, black shoulder length gloves and a pair of blue semi-transparent latex sheath pants which I loved to wear, when lubed up inside they provided a snug fit on my cock. It didn’t take me long to squeeze into the tight shiny rubber and the feel as the stockings pulled up my legs and snapped into place made my cock rise to the occasion. Slipping my semi hard cock into the lubed sheath gave it the extra nudge to stand to full attention. I admire myself in the mirror and even took a couple of selfies.

The tight latex looked amazing and after I’d spent 10 minutes with some latex shiner the result was very very horny. Tight shiny rubber covering my body and my hard cock sticking out in a tight shiny latex sheath was arousing to say the least.

I popped my head into the guest room to collect the empty wine bottles and glasses before settling down to watch some latex porn and have a good hard wank. As I entered the bedroom I saw Karen’s case was unzipped but closed on the bed and because I am curious and also a raging horny pervert by now I had to have a look.

Well fuck me I thought, what is all this stuff she has with her, a black dildo the size of a wine bottle was the first thing that nearly jumped out at me. Was she just going to get herself off listening to me and my wife fucking next door? To be honest that first thought made my cock twitch even more, imagining her stuffing this giant black dildo in and out of herself while listening to my wife getting her pussy eaten was very horny. As I looked closer I could see a hint of something familiar in her case, so I delved deeper and saw an array of latex clothing, in fact the bag was just rammed full of sex toys and kinky gear. A Purple latex corset with cut out breasts, matching open crotch latex panties, and some semi-transparent smoky grey latex stockings. What the fuck I thought, I wonder if she’d bought them for my wife as a surprise and to avoid me intercepting the postman, as she knew I would have tried then all on like a shot.

Still the latex kept coming, a see through skirt some long transparent gloves and a couple of black and red hoods with eyes, nose ayvalık escort and mouth openings. I took a couple of pics and left the bag as I found it as I knew Karen was due to go away straight form ours the following day and presumed they were meant for the eyes of someone else, but I was sure she was only going to visit relatives and wouldn’t need what was in that bag. Still, it was Karen and I knew what she was like, however thinking about her dressed in the latex made my cock twitch even more and I would probably still be thinking about it as I stroked my hard cock in its blue latex sheath.

In front of my PC screen now and my usual search of latex porn brought up a plethora of sites which I began to scour.

The images and videos of women dressed in rubber gave me a good hard cock and the lubed sheath provided the right sensations to keep it that way. Sipping on brandy as I viewed my fetish and I took several pics of my hard cock encased in rubber. I was so horny I text my wife to ask her about the party and this is how the text chat went.

Me: Hi luv how the party

Wife: Its great free booze as well

Me: Wow nice bonus there, don’t get too pissed though

Wife: Why not?: )

Me: Because I might need a favour when you get home ?

Wife: Oh I see, is that what it’s called now, I bet you’ve already shot your load into some rubber X

Me: Oh you know me too wellxxx

At This point I also attached a full length pic of me when I was finished polishing my latex outfit and waited nervously for either a rebuke or a horny response.

Wife: Karen said you look very very sexy in that outfit: ).

Me: WTF surely you haven’t showed that around the table. I won’t be able to show my face again!!.

Wife: No just Karen, don’t worry it’s not the first time she’s seen pics of you in rubber or pics of your cock.

Me: Really: O

Wife: Yes sweety, she knows what a kinky fucker you are we talk about you sometimes. I think it makes her horny as she said she’s never been with a cross-dresser.

Me: OMG I won’t be able to face her at breakfast tomorrow.

Wife: Of course you will, remember ITS KAREN. PS Send me another pic you naughty boy.

Well to say I now had a raging hard on would be an understatement. Doing my best not to shoot my cum knowing that me dressed in rubber made her mate horny. Should I send another pic? Well of course I did under the influence of a little brandy my own inhibitions now out of the window; I took one there and then of my raging latex hard on, framed by the latex stockings and pressed send.

Wife: WOW baby wish that was here and now. PS they have a stripper on so might be horny when I get home lol.

That’s my amazing night sorted then. I thought may as well stay dressed like this when she gets home although I had planned a cover up with pyjamas socks and a hoodie to hide my outfit form Karen I may be a little brave and stay as I am.

Trying to not shoot my cum was getting harder as I envisaged the rest of the evening and still thinking about the contents of Karen’s bag. I carried on browsing the fetish of my choice and the messages got a bit more inebriated.

Wife: Strippers got a huge cock baby but I’m only looking lol

Me: Look all you want sweety, you’ll be getting mine later.

Wife: MMMmmmmmmmmmm can’t wait.

The next message I got nearly made me explode into my latex sheath, Karen had a huge strippers cock half way down her throat and was obviously giving him a blowjob.

Me: WTF going on!!

Wife: Remember ITS KAREN, she asked me to take the pic lol.

Me: Ok so long as you’ve not done the same x.

No answer for an hour, thoughts of her sucking on a huge cock or fucking a stripper got me a bit jealous but very very horny. So Horny that I text her again asking her the same question.

Me: So long as it’s not you??? . You didn’t reply.

Wife: don’t worry baby whatever happens here isn’t real it’s just playing xx.

Me: I Know but I wouldn’t want you to compare.

My insecurities now emerging, my cock was certainly not as big as the strippers but it wasn’t small either. To be honest if she gave some stripper a quick blowy and told me I would probably just get horny as I liked it when she talked dirty. How would I know if it was fantasy or reality? My wife knew this and always talked about fucking and sucking other men to get me hard and shoot my cum.

So I continued and found one video that was right up my street, two latex clad women entertaining a guy in a latex cat suit with a big cock, and all encased in latex. With all that had happened it didn’t take me long to explode into my sheath. I shuddered as my cock shot thick hot cum and filled the end of the sheath, visible through the semi-transparent rubber.

I took another pic and sent it to my wife, she replied immediately asking me to save the contents as they may want something to drink when they get home. They? Who are they?

Me: escort ayvalık Who’s we

Wife: Well there are two of us and we didn’t get a drink from this one baby xx.

Me: Which one you dirty little slut lol.

Her: This one horny boy xxx.

The next pic she sent was a selfie, a huge cock with two tongues touching the tip, my wife’s and Karen’s.

A pang of jealousy was soon overwhelmed by a surge of blood and the sheath filling once again with raging hard on. No point crying over spilt milk I thought so just carried on stroking my cock looking at her tongue on the tip of the strippers cock.

Me: WOW baby you’re very naughty but I love you.

Wife: Love you too baby, you’ll get yours later. PROMISE.

So I told her that seeing the pic made me very hard again and she said she was saving her pussy for me but Karen had other ideas. The next few pics were of Karen taking the strippers cock full length in her pussy and mouth.

A short video followed with Karen saying “hey horny rubber man save some for us I have a surprise in my bag. “

My mind started racing and the only thing I could think of was that I was going to get an amazing 40th surprise later.

I let my hard on subside as they were due to be home in the next hour and I wanted fuel in the tank so to speak. I Slipped on my pyjamas and socks to cover up the latex stockings and a hoodie as planned and dozed off on the couch.

It was 2: 30 when I woke to hear the taxi and noise outside so I knew what to expect.

I pretended to be undisturbed but this was hard when my cock was stirring and starting to fill up the already spunk filled sheath.

I heard Karen say “Don’t wake him yet let’s get ready first.”

My wife replied “Ok he won’t forget this birthday in a hurry, if its rubber he wants then its rubber he will get.”

Both giggling I heard them climb the stairs. I decided to pretend to stay asleep but not before sneaking to the bottom of the stairs to see if I could hear what they were up to. The sounds made me even hornier, the rustle and snap of latex being pulled on and the sound of latex being stretched over latex was very erotic. The giggling and some obvious kissing going on was very exciting and I was nearly breathless with anticipation. My wife had a few bi experiences over the years but I didn’t know that Karen was involved, maybe I should’ve guessed it knowing what a rampant sex addict she was.

The vibrating sound I heard earlier was obviously being retested and it sounded like it was working.

I heard Karen’s voice “Ohh yes baby put in right in there, it won’t move once it’s in.”

I left them to it and was wondering if they had left me out of the fun as a full twenty minutes passed. Then I heard the clunk of heels coming down the wooden stair case and immediately reverted to my pretending to be asleep pose. My cock hardened in anticipation of what I was about to see, and do.

“Wakey wakey rubber slut your 40th has arrived.” Karen said in quite a loud authoritative voice.

I turned over from my lying position on the couch and I was taken aback by what I saw. The girls just staring at me intensely, almost in intimidation. I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought all my birthdays had come at once. My wife was silent and still as she looked at me and I gazed at her body, smothered in latex. To begin she was wearing a slick black hood with eyes nose and mouth openings, her make up very heavy with stunning slick red lips around a red ball gag. I had never seen her as a submissive but was amazed at how hot this was. My cock already hard but getting even harder thanks to the Viagra I had popped an hour ago in anticipation of the requirements that would be placed on it.

A black zip up basque with her nipples exposed was next, the shiny black rubber creasing and reflecting the light showing how it stretched across her beautiful tits, her nipples very erect and hard thanks to the small steel nipple clamps used, I had seen these before and we had used them occasionally but never framed in tight black rubber. The suspenders were attached to the smoky stockings I had seen in Karen’s bag and were stretched taut against her thighs; again the places were the latex creased and moved excited me as she moved. Long shoulder latex gloves and a pair of open crotch latex panties in bright red added to the ensemble which was finished off with a tight transparent latex mini skirt, the latex suspenders and stocking tops visible through the thin gossamer latex of the skirt. Oh my god I was in heaven, rubber heaven that is. After I drank in the sight of my wife, which took all of a few seconds but seemed to be minutes, I turned my attention to Karen.

“I hope you like what you see so far birthday boy? You see we have planned and practised this for a while, don’t think you’re the only one who enjoys dressing in latex and having pleasure when your partner is out. Except you have pleasure alone, and we have ayvalık escort bayan pleasure together, did you really think our girly nights in were spent watching Love Island and drinking rose wine? “She said as she smiled wryly, looked at my wife then they both looked at each other and giggled.

Karen was wearing a transparent basque and panties, the panties were open crotch and very tight making her pussy lips protrude and her clitoris nearly on view, her stockings were also transparent but a dark green colour and her gloves matched this. The shine from all the latex made me realise it wasn’t all new and had been well worn and well shined.

Karen spoke again in a demanding tone “Now stand up and let’s get this party started, I want to see what’s under those clothes for real and not just a naughty selfie.”

I did as Karen asked and stood up, my wife came over to me looked me in the eyes and gave me a very sexy knowing wink as she helped me remove my pyjamas socks and top. I now stood before them in all my own latex splendour, cock stood to attention and filling the tight blue latex sheath, by the way which was still slippy inside with lube and cum.

“Mmmm better in the flesh that on a little phone screen,” said Karen.

My wife nodded in agreement before immediately sinking to her knees and starting to tease the latex sheathed cock with her tongue, allowing the rubber to slip inside her mouth. At this point Karen revealed another latex hood from behind her back and slipped it over my head, adjusting it to meet my eyes and nose and mouth then kissing me very hard and very deep. My hand instinctively went to her pussy and as it got there I felt her shudder, her tongue deep inside my mouth became quicker and more eager I eased a finger into her exposed pussy which was extremely wet. She withdrew from the kiss and tapped my wife on the head to get her to see what I was doing, as I managed to get two fingers inside her legs buckled slightly and my wife looked at me and smile was clearly visible behind the ball gag.

“That’s why we were upstairs so long before sweety; we had to make sure our pussy’s were prepared so we ate some pussy before dressing.” Said Karen in very sexy slow voice with a little shake of her ass.

I was balls deep in my wife’s face wearing a pair of blue latex sheath pants, she in a latex hood, and I had two fingers buried in her friends latex clad pussy while she was tonguing my latex face. Fucking hell this was heaven.

This position went on for a few minutes and Karen was gushing pussy juice all over my gloves. My wife stood up and changed places with Karen, she removed her ball gag.

“I hope you like your present baby?” she said.

I responded by kissing her hard and deep and she knew I had no words to thank her for this.

I reached down and found her pussy then tried to wriggle my fingers around under the latex panties to get to her beautiful ass, well another amazing surprise!, I hit an obstruction to slipping a finger into her ass. I pulled away from the kiss and our eyes met, an amazing sight is your beautiful wife dressed like a rubber slut in a tight black latex hood with fuck me eyes.

“It’s a butt plug baby, just making sure it’s easy to go there later.”

My mind in overdrive now as my cock twitched even more at the thought of fucking my wife’s, and possibly Karen’s latex ass.

“MM sounds amazing baby” I replied.

My wife sank back to her knees and they both turned round to show little black rubber butt plugs firmly in place. This deserved a picture, two latex sluts asses pointed towards my hard latex covered cock with tight butt plugs in their asses and horny smiles behind their latex masks. I got my phone from the table next to me, set the timer and wow the best pic I have ever taken and one that would be used for many a hard wank in the future. My wife stood back up and said no need for pics baby; she got out her old iPhone, pressed record and put it next to the TV, the best position to record all the action. Fucking hell I thought, she had only let me take the odd pic before, why the change of mind.

” Karen has taught me to seize the moment sweety as you can’t go back, and this way we won’t have to we can watch it and maybe make some more.”

Wait, was this my 40th birthday or my dying wish lol.

Karen picked up the phone and started filming me.

I shied away but she said “Don’t be daft nobody knows you, anyway you have a mask on. “My wife sat on the couch legs parted and pointed to her latex pussy, the rubber stretching and making her wet hole look more inviting than ever before.

“Well get down there rubber boy and show your gorgeous wife what your tongue is for.”

I didn’t need any further prompting and I knelt in front of my wife, wanting to savour the moment I traced my tongue along the latex stocking, the transparent mini skirt sliding up the slick rubber to reveal the amazing latex pussy, Karen was close up with the iPhone now as I ran my tongues across my wife’s bare thigh to the edge of the latex panties, I licked these and could taste the rubber and smell her sweet pussy juice mingling with the scent of latex, wow what a smell. Eventually finding my way to her pussy lips, her mouth open moaning and her eyes closed as I went in to suck on her clitoris.

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