A Halloween Gift to My Fans

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He stood at the produce section of the grocery store looking at the pumpkins. He thought he found the perfect one. It was big and round and had a flat sturdy bottom. He rubbed his hand across its hard orange flesh and smiled. He grabbed it like a small child grabbing a present from under the tree at Christmas.

Sean placed his pumpkin in the cart and headed to the checkout with the rest of his purchases. He kept stroking the pumpkin as it sat on the checkout belt. He looked like a big kid buying a pumpkin. If only the cashier knew what his plans were for his big beautiful pumpkin. He placed it in his truck and wrapped the seatbelt around his treasure.

Sean carefully washed his newfound friend and placed it on the counter so he could perform the necessary surgery. He stood there in baggy gym shorts and somewhat of a hard on. The thoughts that filled his head had his blood flowing to his dick. He stroked himself until he pound nails then took a measurement of his thickness with his thumb and forefinger. He transferred the size to the pumpkin and marked aliağa escort it with his pencil. Sean was giggling like a schoolgirl as he got his new lover ready to take him. He carefully cut out the circle with a paring knife. He popped the circle of flesh off and rounded the sharp edge so it would feel more natural. He took a small wooden spoon and pushed the guts out of the hole.

With his raging hard on in one hand, he stroked himself and fingered his work. He pulled his fruit down to the stool in front of the counter and slowly slipped his rock hard cock in the hole he cut. He let out a moan as it took his full length. It was tight so he had to fight it to get in. Slowly he pulled back out then began the stroke again. The stringy, moist cold fruit felt good against his hot rod. As he pumped into the fruit with all his might, it began to soften a little bit and it made it.

Sean was fucking the living shit out of the pumpkin when his anal-retentive forty-year-old virgin roommate walked in the house. Paul looked at the aliağa escort bayan scene in his kitchen with disbelief.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked Sean.

“I made a new friend. Grab a knife and join me.” Said Sean. Paul looked at him with amazement. Sean had always been a bit odd but this took the cake. Paul watched Sean as he went to town on the pumpkin and felt himself get aroused.

Paul went to the front door and locked it. He defiantly did not want one of their friends or neighbors walking in on them doing this. He closed the blinds and turned on the light in the kitchen. He picked up the knife and Sean started to explain to him how to get started.

“Get yourself good and hard then measure it with your hand. You want a good tight hole. You don’t want a big hole like if you were fucking Sue down the street. Man she’s a pig. I just wanna donkey punch that bitch.”

“How in the hell do I do this? Show me.” said Paul.

Sean grabbed Paul’s hand and raised it up. “Grab Mr. Happy escort aliağa and spank it until you got wood. Then measure it dumbass so that you get an idea on how big to make it. Draw a circle with the pencil and cut it out. Damn why do you have to be so fucking stupid?”

“Why do you have to be so fucking abusive? I’m only joining you because it looks like a learning experience.” Said Paul.

“A fucking learning experience? Dude you do not learn from spanking the monkey. You blow your mind and your load at the same time. Learning experience my ass.”

Paul carved his side of the pumpkin and joined his roommate in full-blown pumpkin fucking. The two of them slid in and out of that big orange globe more times than Rick Henderson talked his way out of doing homework. The faster they pumped, the louder the grunting go in the room and both men exploded at the same time together. They pulled out of the gooey mess and laughed at the slight orange coloring of their now limp tools. Good thing either of them had a woman in their lives or they would have a lot of explaining to do.

Sean pulled his shorts back on and put the pumpkin back on the counter. He yelled out to Paul who went to take a shower. “Might as well finish carving this thing and throw it outside. If the little bastards steal our pumpkin again, at least they’ll get a surprise this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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