A Casino Date

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We have made plans to meet, and have agreed to meet at the bar at the casino, behind the main stage. Nice and private. It’s dark. We sit next to each other, in a booth, hidden from view. You wore that black dress that I love so much-the one where you don’t wear any underwear with. I love the fact that you’re not wearing a bra or any panties. Although I love using those things during our encounters for each other’s pleasure, the fact that you have exposed your most private parts to me begins to build my urges even more.

We order drinks, and enjoy each other’s company. The night is going better than expectations, and although I have anticipated this night for so long, my excitement is growing. I suggest that we go up to my room, and we decide to enjoy some drinks on the rooms couch. I move closer to you, and place my hand on your upper thigh. Your legs are crossed, and because of that, your dress has ridden up to expose most of your beautiful thighs. You have already taken off your shoes, and appreciate the fact that I enjoy looking at your feet and beautiful toes. How I love sucking on them, and worshiping them.

My hand slowly moves up your thigh, until it reaches as far as it can. We look in each other’s eyes, and slowly begin kissing each other passionately. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths intensely, and our hands begin exploring each others bodies. You slowly open your legs for my wandering hand, menderes escort and I gently move it up until it reaches your soaking wet pussy. You spread your legs even more, and my fingers gently begin rubbing your swollen lips. As your clit begins to swell, you moan through your kissing as I gently massage it. My other hand is exploring your tits, although they are still covered by your dress.

I feel your hand begin to unzip my dress pants, and smile to myself. Finally, my sexy milf will show me some attention. I had already loosened my tie, and unbuttoned my dress shirt, so I was feeling comfortable. You slowly unzip my pants, and removed my massive, swollen cock from its’ restraint. You gently massage it, while showing some attention to my tight ball sack. I slide down a little on the couch to get comfy, and it allows you to gain more access to my meat. You can feel it throbbing in your hands, and as you gently rub the tip, you can feel the precum leaking out. You bring your finger up to your lips, and we share my fluid together. You gently return to rubbing my swollen cock, and can feel the anticipation growing.

Your pussy is fully engorged now, and I can tell that you can’t take it much more. You remove my pants and underwear, spread my legs open, and look at my fully exposed member. It is swollen to the point of exploding, but I want it to last. I allow you to take the escort menderes tip into your mouth, and you gently begin to suck it like you hunger for it. You pay attention to the entire length, as well as my tight scrotum, and your other finger is caressing my asshole. I love the feeling so much, I can’t stop moaning.

I think I need to return the favor, and pull your head up by your hair. You smile, and I get in the floor in front of you. I remove your dress, and notice the huge wet spot on the couch. We both smile, knowing that we have hungered for so long for this. I kneel in front of you, and gently spread your legs open. I look at your beautiful pussy, and am amazed at how pink it is. It is dripping with love juice, and I can’t wait to explore it.

I begin kissing your feet, and sucking on your toes. I gently move up your legs, showing attention to both of them. As I near your womanhood, I lower my head to enjoy your honeypot. I use my hands to spread your lips open, and as my tongue explores every inch of your passion, I can hear you moan, and feel you squirm. My tongue licks every inch of your wetness, and I begin to nibble on your swollen pussy lips. I feel your first orgasm, and your wetness increases as you cum in my mouth. The taste is incredible. I can’t stop, and I know that you don’t want me to. I feel you cum several more times, and you finally beg me to fuck you.

Gladly, menderes escort bayan I kneel up and slide my thick, swollen cock into your well lubricated pussy. It feels incredible, and I can hear you catch your breath as I begin pounding you. A few thrusts, and I can feel you quiver with another orgasm. I decide I want another view, and pull my cock out of you. It is dripping with your cum and pussy juices. I demand that you roll over, so you are facing the couch itself. I stand behind you, and with this view, can look at your beautiful hanging tits, and your amazing ass. The soles of your feet are beautiful, and I find it even hard to comprehend, but I get even more turned on. I slide my cock along your ass crack, and then ram it into your pussy. My fingers gently spread your ass cheeks apart, and I lick my finger, and gently begin to play with your beautiful, tight, pink asshole. As my cock pounds in and out of your pussy, I grab hold of your hair. You love it. The feeling is sensational for both of us.

My other free hand reaches around, and I begin to play with your firm, hanging tits. I can feel another orgasm, as your pussy tightens around my cock. Finally, you reach between your legs, and place your finger tips on my scrotum. The instant you grab hold of my swollen balls, I immediately feel an orgasm coming on. I pull out, and flip you over. I place the tip of my cock at your open, waiting mouth, and immediately begin squirting my full load of hot, wet cum down your waiting throat. You swallow as much as you can, but even so, some spills out onto your cheeks and chin. We collapse together, and lay in ecstasy, while allowing our hands to explore each other’s sensitive parts. We rest, and then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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