Carmen: Daddy’s Home

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“Carmen I just got off the phone with my dad, he’s in town. He said he might swing by today. Can you get your ass off the couch and clean this dump up a bit?” Phil, Carmen’s husband, demanded.

“Yeah just let me have some breakfast and a shower and then I’ll get to work,” Carmen said.

“Thanks babe.” Phil finished getting ready for work and left. Carmen served herself a bowl of cereal and sat down to watch T.V. After a few minutes she finished her cereal, got up and headed over to the shower. She stopped at her roommate’s door and peaked in. Jeff was still asleep so Carmen wrote him a note telling him that Phil’s dad was coming over and that it would be best if he didn’t smoke any weed in the house today. She grabbed a piece of tape and stuck the note on Jeff’s forehead to make sure he got it. Carmen then walked to the bathroom while removing her clothes. She left her pajamas and thong in a neat little pile outside of the door. She turned the water on, waited until it got warm and got in.

“Hello, anybody home? Phil? Carmen? Jeff?” John, Phil’s father, called out as he entered the front door. He checked his watch and saw that it was 10:48 in the morning.

“Lazy kids, almost eleven o’clock and still in bed,” John mumbled to himself. John is a retired police officer who is strict but also likes to have a good time. He made his way to the kitchen to grab a beer. He opened a Coors light and laid back in one of Phil’s recliners and switched the T.V. over to the news.

“Hey John, hows it hanging? Jeff asked as he entered the room.

“It’s still hanging down past my knees son.”

“In that case I better hide my sisters from you sir. I know that you are always ready to stretch the long arm of the law,” Jeff said with a smile and a wink.

“You make sure to send those sisters my way son. I’ll be in town for a few days.”

“I’ll see if they want to come over and keep you company. I have to get going but Carmen should be done with her shower any minute now.”

“Oh good, Carmen is such a good girl, best daughter in law a man could ask for,” John said. Jeff left and John went back to watching the news. Carmen finished showering and got out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and dried her hair and wrapped it around her body. The towel barely covered her ass. It only came down about a half inch past the bottom of her cheeks. Carmen was quite a sight in just a towel. She has 32 DD breasts, Long brunette hair, light brown skin, very curvy hips, and a thick fleshy ass.

She walked right past John without noticing him and made her way into the kitchen to grab something to drink. John quietly followed behind her. Carmen opened the refrigerator door and leaned in to grab a can of soda. The one she wanted was on the canlı bahis bottom shelf towards the back. She bent over to move some stuff out of the way then she reached for the can of soda. As she leaned over her towel rode up in the back exposing her ass and pussy. John snuck right up behind her and placed his hand on her muff.

“Not now Jeff! John will be over any minute!”

“Hiding any contraband in here miss?” John said in a stern authoritative voice.

“John! I didn’t know you were here yet!”

“You thought I was Jeff didn’t you?” Now why would Jeff feel comfortable enough to touch your pussy? Are you being a little slut honey?”

“Um… no sir… I mean… um huh… you just startled me sir. I’m going to go change now, I’ll be right out sir.”

“Call me daddy sweet heart,” John said while he continued to rub Carmen’s clit.

“Yes sir… I mean daddy.”

“Before you go change, I spilled my beer in the living room, will you be a peach and clean it up for me?”

“Yes daddy, right away.” John took his hand off Carmen’s pussy and made his way back to the recliner. Carmen grabbed some paper towels and went to the living room. She got on all fours and began to dab at the spilled beer. John leaned back to enjoy the view of Carmen’s ass jiggling as she wiped the carpet. John could see her butt-hole as her ass cheeks opened and closed while she began to rub the carpet harder.

“It might be easier if you use that towel you have on sweetie,” John suggested.

“Um… okay daddy.” Carmen looked over her shoulder and smiled at John. Carmen was now completely naked in front of her father in law on all fours with her ass bouncing and her tits swaying.

“You sure are a good girl Carmen, I wish Phil’s mother was as obedient as you.”

“I always do as I’m told daddy.”

“Why don’t you leave that be and show daddy your room?” Carmen got up and walked to the master bedroom. John followed her in and closed the door behind them.

“Get on the bed sweet heart and spread your legs.”

“Yes sir,” Carmen said as she laid on her back and opened her legs.

“I know you have some toys around here girl, where are they at?” John inquired.

“They’re in the bottom drawer of the night-stand.” John opened the drawer and saw a purple double headed dildo, a small vibrator, a butt-plug, some condoms, and a big bottle of pink lube.

“Butt Slut Brand Lube: watermelon flavor,” John read out loud. “Butt slut huh?” I think you should roll over on your belly baby and let daddy have some fun with that sexy ass of yours.”

“Yes Daddy.” John walked around the bed to where Carmen’s feet were dangling off the edge. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs far apart. He crawled up to Carmen’s ass bahis siteleri and parted her thick cheeks. Carmen puckered her asshole for John.

“My oh my what a nice ass.” John leaned and flicked his tongue on Carmen’s asshole.

“Oh daddy, you know what I like,” Carmen moaned.

“Daddy knows how to take care of little sluts like you honey.” John licked all around her butt-hole and pussy. He hadn’t enjoyed a young girl for ages and really wanted to savor the moment. He inserted his tongue up Carmen’s ass and she moaned loudly with pleasure. John got up and pulled Carmen to the edge of the bed. He pulled his pants down and started to stroke his cock. Carmen got on her side and supported her head with one arm and rubbed her wet clit with the other. John traced Carmen’s lips with his dick and poked his head into her mouth. Carmen closed her eyes and opened her mouth to receive John’s dick. Carmen tightened her lips around his shaft and began to suck. John grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock to the back of her throat. Carmen felt the urge to gag but she fought it off.

“Good girl Carmen suck daddy’s dick,” John said while patting Carmen on the head. John took his dick out and lifted it up. He placed his balls by Carmen’s mouth and let her suck on them.

“You like daddy’s big balls in your mouth honey?”

“Yes daddy, I’ve never been lucky enough to be with a real man like you sir,” Carmen wooed. Carmen sucked and massaged John’s balls a while longer while John rubbed her pussy. John grabbed Carmen’s hair and put his dick back in her mouth.

“Yeah… Suck it a little more sweetie then daddy’s going to see how tight his slut in law’s ass is.” After a couple of minutes John instructed Carmen to bend over the edge of the bed and spread her ass. Carmen did what she was told and was dripping wet with the thought of her husband’s father fucking her in the ass. John grabbed the lube and squirted a thick glob of the stuff on Carmen’s asshole. he grabbed his dick and smeared the lube around.

“Here it comes my little slut, are you ready?”

“Yes give it to me daddy, fuck me up the butt like the hoe that I am.” John applied pressure to Carmen’s asshole and his dick popped in.


“Damn Carmen your ass is tight.” John grabbed Carmen’s hips and forced his dick all the way in.

“OH SHIT DADDY! YOU ARE THE MAN!” Carmen screamed as her ass was opened up. John started to slide his dick out and was almost all the way out when he thrust his dick back up Carmen’s butt.

“Thats right daddy, all the way to the fucking balls.” Carmen moaned. John forcefully fucked Carmen’s ass sending shock-waves through her thick ass cheeks. Carmen let bahis şirketleri go of her ass and brought her arms up to her chest to better support herself for the ass pounding she was getting. John continued to stretch Carmen’s ass untill he almost came and pulled out.

“Roll onto your back and lift your legs up Carmen.” Carmen rolled over and John lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He lined his cock up with her butt-hole and rammed it back in.

“What size are you cans honey? those are some nice tits.”

“32 DD sir.”

“Those are just right girl.” John pushed his dick in even deeper than before and fucked Carmen deep in her ass. He would only pull out about an inch before he pushed it back in.

“I think I want to see those tits bounce,” John said as he pulled his dick out. He laid on the bed and instructed Carmen to get on top.

“Come sit that pretty ass of yours on my dick sweetheart,” John ordered. Carmen got on top of John and positioned her butt-hole over John’s thick boner. She sat down and felt her ass get filled with cock.

“Oh daddy your dick is so big. It’s the biggest dick I have ever had.” John reached up to play with Carmen’s tits and thrust upward to impale Carmen on his shaft.

“OUCH! that went in deep daddy!”

“Good, just make sure you keep that ass nice and tight and daddy will worry about how deep you can take it.”

“Okay daddy.” Carmen bounced up and down trying to ignore the pain as John’s dick bottomed out every time she came down on it. Her tits were bouncing so hard they were making a clapping noise with each thrust.

“Does that feel good daddy?”

“Oh yeah baby, you keep bouncing that ass on my dick.” John was really holding back the urge to cum.

“Do you want to cum daddy?” Carmen moaned. “You can cum on my face if you want.”

“You want it on your face my little slut?”

“Oh yes daddy and some in my mouth too please.”

“Well then get on your knees darling.” John pulled his cock out and started to stroke it. Carmen got on her knees, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. John grabbed the back of her head and shot his cum across Carmen’s face. John covered both of Carmen’s eyes, her nose, forehead and cheeks. He then shot the rest in her mouth.

“Clean my dick off sweetie.” Carmen took John’s dick into her mouth and polished it off.

“Good girl, go get in the shower and clean that cum off your face and when your done, your daddy in law will treat you to some breakfast.”

“Sounds good daddy, can we go to the pancake house?”

“Sure honey, wherever you like.” Carmen’s phone rang and John handed it to her on account that her eyes were plastered shut with cum.

“Hey sweetie is my dad there yet?” Phil asked.

“Um yeah he’s just working on my backdoor.”


“You know how the backdoor is falling off the hinges? Well, he wanted to fix it.”

“Oh okay, I misunderstood babe I’ll be home later, say hi to dad for me.”


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