Meet Me at the Hotel Room

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My music is playing softly in the background on my laptop; it’s still open to the last msn message, where I sent you my hotel info and room number. My heart is beating rapidly, my pulse jumping in my throat … I can’t believe I’m doing this, meeting a stranger off of the internet – but your emails, and then the IM conversations, got me so wet and excited that I decided to take a chance on you.

I’m wearing a sheer green robe that falls to mid-thigh and matching lacy green panties. The material of the robe rubs against my nipples, still hard and sensitive from our last conversation… I wander back to re-read it, my fingers sliding between my thighs and stroking lightly over the material of my panties. They’re so damp, they cling – I close my eyes and let my head fall back, sliding the material to the side and stroking my slick flesh.

I jump when I hear a knock at the door, and my heart starts racing again; I hesitate, and then walk to the door, open it a crack to peek out at you before pulling back to let you in. You smile slowly as you take in the robe, my hard nipples, the shadow of my body under the sheerness of the material. I start to say something, but you lay a finger over my lips and shake your head. I hesitate, and then slowly slide my lips over your finger, wrapping my tongue around you while looking into your eyes and shrugging my robe back off of my shoulders. It puddles at my feet, and I’m naked except for panties in front of you.

You pull away a moment to shut the door, and then wrap your hand in my hair, pulling my head back and lightly kissing my jawline. My hands rest against your shoulders, trembling slightly, as you slowly suck my earlobe into your mouth, and then bite softly. I gasp a bit at the sudden sharpness, and press into you. You back me up, step by step, towards the bed – your free hand exploring my body, sincan escort cupping my breast as you rub a thumb across my nipple. My knees hit the edge of the bed and buckle, and you let my hair slide free of your hand as I kneel in front of you. I peek up through my lashes, and then slowly unbuckle your belt and slide your jeans down your thighs. You step out of them and kick them to the side, and I drag my nails over your skin teasingly before leaning forward and licking at the salty flesh of your inner thigh. I drag your boxers down over your hips, and draw in a breath, almost a moan, as your cock comes free.

I wrap my hand around your length, slowly stroking up and down, and reach between your legs to caress your balls with my other hand. Your breathing quickens, and I lean in to flicker my tongue over the head of your penis – just a quick teasing flick at first, and then take it between my lips, savouring the taste as the length of you slides over my tongue. I moan softly around you, pull back and then take you deeper, til the head of your cock presses against the back of my throat. I pause a moment, hands resting on your thighs, and then slowly remove my mouth, giving the head of your cock one last swirl of the tongue.

“I love the taste of your cock …” I sigh softly before I lick and suck at your balls, massaging my tongue around them while I jerk you off. You groan at my words, and wrap your hand over my hand, showing me how you want me to work your cock.

“Fuck, you’re such a dirty little slut,” you say to me. I whimper and slide my hand under my panties, playing with my clit as I jerk you off. I suck the head of your cock back into my hot mouth, holding the shaft as I bob my head up and down – you fist a hand in my hair as your hips jerk in time to my motions, and I gag slightly, rubbing my clit sincan escort bayan a little harder. I spread my knees wider, and slide a finger in my cunt, then a second – slowly fucking myself at the same pace you’re fucking my mouth at. I rub my tongue against the sensitive underside of your shaft, and take you as far back into my throat as I can and hold you there for a minute before bobbing back up and swirling my tongue around the tip. You growl slightly, and pull away from me, smiling when I make a noise of disappointment. Then you’re pulling my hair, using it to bring me to my feet and shoving me back onto the bed – I yelp as you jerk my panties down around my thighs and your fingers replace mine, fucking me harder and faster than I’d been doing.

“Oh, oh, fuck – yes yes, just like that,” I chant against your shoulder, biting and then licking to soothe the sting in your shoulder. My hips thrust up to meet your hand, grinding as your thumb presses hard against my clit. You kiss me hard, your tongue thrusting into my mouth as your fingers move inside me, and I moan into your mouth. You use your other hand to pinch and twist my nipples, riding the edge between pain and pleasure.

“Mmm … you like being treated like my little bitch?” you ask me, leaning back to watch the expressions on my face as you work your fingers in and out of me. I nod and close my eyes, blushing slightly. Your fingers stop.

“Tell me,” you demand. “Say it.”

I whine slightly, trying to move against your hand.

“I like being treated like your little bitch,” I say breathlessly, opening my eyes and looking up at you. “Please, please, I need you to fuck me – please make me your little bitch and let me cum.”

You pull my panties the rest of the way off and press my thighs apart as wide as they’ll go.

“Good escort sincan girl,” you growl against my lips, kissing me hard again. You take my hand and pull it towards my clit. “Fuck yourself while I watch.” You pull out a condom, and sit back, watching me. I blush and slowly begin caressing myself, running my fingers over my lips and clit before slowly thrusting my fingers inside of me again. I feel empty without your fingers. You watch me intently, sliding the condom on and stroking yourself in time to my movements. I run the tip of my tongue over my lips and run my free hand over my breasts, rubbing my nipples.

“Please fuck me?” I beg softly, and then gasp as you pull me to you, the condom on and you inside of me almost before I’ve finished speaking. I wrap my legs around your waist and arch into you, my soft flesh clenching tight and hot around you. I grind up against you as you thrust hard and fast into me. I cling to you, moaning and gasping as you fuck me hard; you hook my knee over your elbow and lean forward, bending my leg as far up as it will go, and slow down, pumping in and out of me with teasing strokes. I wiggle in frustration, but can only take what you give me with the way you’ve got me pinned. I reach down between us, rubbing my clit and your shaft as you move in and out, reaching further to cup and play with your balls as you fuck me.

You shift again, letting go of my leg to put your hands on my hips and begin fucking me in earnest. I can feel my orgasm starting, clenching low and spreading through me as you wrap your hand lightly against my throat and squeeze gently. I tighten and buck beneath you as I cum, my nails digging into your hips as I fuck you back as hard as I can.

You make a guttural noise in the back of your throat when you start to cum, fucking me at a furious pace. You collapse on top of me, breathing hard, and I stroke your back. After a few minutes rest, you kiss my cheek and stand up to get dressed. I lay sprawled on the bed, limp and still warm with the afterglow.

“See ya later,” you say and wink at me as you head out of the room.

I still don’t know your name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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