Meal Break

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I’m never quite sure why I’ve often lied about my work, but I have noticed a rather strange look in the eyes of people whom I tell. Men in particular seem to be suspicious of a female Police Officer, although there have been one or two who have discovered that we can be remarkably feminine once the uniform has been discarded.

At thirty-one I guess I could be married — I have had offers — but I prefer the single life in this career and I enjoy working with a bunch of men. Before I joined, nine years ago, I had some very enjoyable (& often risky) relationships with men, and since being in the Job, I’ve met a few men both in and outside work — although the work dates are a little dangerous.

More recently I have had my first experience of plain clothes work and have spent hours in a car with the same male colleague — watching, waiting or just available on the radio.

We finished for Christmas on the 23rd and Geoff (my 38 year old car partner) gave me a nice kiss before we went our separate ways — me to my parents and he to his wife & family. On reflection I suppose the kiss was a little more than platonic and his tongue did feature!!

When we returned to work on January 2nd the conversation in the car was about our time at demetevler escort home and I soon gathered that his Christmas had been centred around his two children rather than his wife. We were parked in a lay-by awaiting orders & maybe I was foolish to ask about his relationship, but he turned to me, put a hand gently on my thigh and smiled.

“Some women have very small sexual appetites, you know”

I felt myself blush and his fingers seemed to burn into my thigh beneath the uniform trousers.

His eyes bored into me and I knew what was going to happen next — he bent towards me and we shared another kiss. No question of platonic this time — just plain lustful hunger on his part and pleasant sensations on mine.

“Oh fuck” he said, pulling back & looking at me. “Have I ruined everything?”

My replay sounded a little breathless after the kiss “Did you hear me objecting?”

“Thank goodness” he muttered.

He leant over towards me again and we re-played the kiss as his hand returned to my thigh — stroking the inside where I am very sensitive and causing me to wriggle lower in the seat.

It seemed so natural — and so irresponsible — to reach over and feel whether he was aroused. escort demetevler

“Oh Geoff!” I gasped, as I realised he had a raging erection, and his hand was by now stroking right between my thighs, taking me to another level of arousal.

He obviously didn’t realise that female trousers don’t have a fly like men’s and I had to reach round to undo the side zip for him.

His hand slipped into my increasing warmth and found that my strictly basic black panties were already getting damp.

His zip undid easily and I shuddered as I felt his naked erection burst into my hand.

Holding him made me leak copiously and his fingers quickly found my growing clit between the swelling lips, making me arch up to them.

We shared tongues again as he explored my slippery cunt and he drew back as he licked his fingers.

“Ummmm — nice” he grinned.

“Make me feel nicer” I pleaded — wanting him to do what I hadn’t done for nearly three days.

“Are you really sure?”

“You wouldn’t want to leave me frustrated, would you?”

He didn’t say anything but kissed me hungrily and slipped two fingers right into my pulsating cunt.

“Oh — Oh YES”

He paused briefly to demetevler escort bayan taste me again and then took me to the point of no return in about three deep but gentle thrusts of his fingers, curling the tips to hit my responsive spot.

“That was rather necessary” I gasped, shuddering with the spasms of a very satisfying climax.

“Now it’s my turn” I grinned, wriggling around in my seat to lean across him. I licked my lips and in the darkness my mouth found the slippery rounded head of his huge erection.

I took him deep and sucked. Geoff groaned and muttered “I hope you’re thirsty!!”

As I sucked on the swelling cock, I tried to remember the last time I had given oral to a man — rather a long while ago, but in the comfort of a bed!!

Geoff pressed his hand onto my head and I reached one hand to gently squeeze his bulging scrotum.

He didn’t last long and with a loud moan he suddenly jerked upwards and started to cum — and cum — and cum.

I swallowed a mouthful; and found more oozing from him. After the second helping ran down my throat he pulled back, stroking my hair and reaching for his hanky to clean up.

“Only once — on my own — over Christmas” he said, to let me know why he had been so full.

“That explains it” I said, smiling & wiping my mouth.

We both adjusted our dress and sat back, revelling in the shared pleasures.

“We’d better move” Geoff said, and giggled “Meal break over!!!

“And two more hours before I can get these wet panties changed!!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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