Terry Pt. 02: Son Gets Blown by Sis

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Chapter 2 of Terry’s Story. Where her football player son Andrew, finds a hot pussy in the area rest stop.

Andrew kicked open the tiny piece of shit bathroom stall and shoved it closed behind him. He drained the snake then shook off the excess. He was just about to leave when he saw it—the hole. It was small, about the size of an eggplant. It took his mind a second to figure out what it was.

A glory hole.

Holy fuck! This was a real glory hole. Squatting down, Andrew peered through the shadowy circle. It was dark on the other side, dark as a crypt, but if he squinted he could make out a dirty bathroom stall. A tampon dispenser sat on the wall.

He was seeing into the women’s bathroom? The whole setup was fishy for sure. But why was he getting excited, his heart beginning to race with that naughty, bad feeling?

A door opened. A woman muttered something as she came into the stall.

Andrew held his breath, freezing. Luckily, his stall had no light so there was no way she could see that he was there. His eyes narrowed, who was this babe? She peed then flushed. Could it be…Lauren? escort kartal His sister?

There was silence as her breath hitched and then movement, he saw the girl’s hand dive down her into shorts. Shortly after, he heard moans. Wow, this was hot. She must have been in the car with that fella who looked like a basketball player. Maybe the black guy’s girl? She was white but he couldn’t see anything more than her torso and thighs. She was moaning and playing with her pussy like a needy little slut. Damn he’d love to help her out. His dick was hard as fuck right now. Shit. At least it wasn’t Lauren. There was no way his sister would ever do something like this in a rest area, if at all. She was all good-girl this, and good-girl that.

His cock grew hard as a steel fucking pipe. The pressure needed to be tended to while he could watch the amazing sight before him. He pulled his dick out of his shorts like he was carefully unwrapping a present. He stroked the rigid shaft until he was leaking at the tip and twisting the base of his shaft. He was ready to teach this girl a lesson for maltepe escort teasing him like this.

That’s when he said fuck it. He wasn’t going to jack off. Fuck that. This chick was acting like a whore. She should be used like one.

So he stood and stuck his dick through the hole: hard and erect. If she was a real slut then she’d show her true colors and suck his cock. He’d waited to find out what her decision is.

Andrew slammed his eyes shut. He heard her stop moving, heard a gasp as she saw his throbbing cock protruding from the glory hole. He waited, dying, waiting for her to move, to touch him. Would she or wouldn’t she?

Finally, it came. Tentative hands grasping his cock. A fingertip, a stroke of a finger, then a grip wrapping around him finger by finger. She tugged on him, jerked him from root to tip, cupping his sack and squeezing them lovingly.

Holy fuck! He couldn’t believe this was happening! He was going to cum so fucking hard. He couldn’t wait.

Andrew thrust into her hand. A wet tongue darted out across his tip making him freeze in place. It pendik escort bayan came again. A wet caress around his mushroom tip, licking up his precum. She tongued him, lapped at him before wet suctioning heat wrapped around him like a clingy glove as her mouth closed around him tightly. She sucked him in strong pulls, bobbing up and down his cock and jerking him off while cupping his sack. God, she was unbelievable at this.

He was so excited at having his cock sucked through a glory hole he found himself thrusting into her sweet mouth and groaning as he received the best head of his life. But it was way too much excitement. His spine was tingling, thighs twitching. Balls were pulled into tight, heavy sacks that ached.

His load boiled at the base of his cock. Andrew thrust all the way forward until he bumped into the back of her snug throat. He held himself there as he exploded his load, squirting deep into her mouth.

The girl moaned through the huge mouthful he gave her. Holy shit, he could hear her gulping it down, moaning at the taste of it. His eyes slid shut as he wished he could do it all over again. She was perfect. He wanted to take her home with him. Ignoring that stupid fantasy, Andrew zipped his pants up, washed, and headed back to the car. Whoever the mystery girl from the gold Camry was, she gave the best blowjob Andrew had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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