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“Hi, I’m calling from PLC Services, is this Sally?”

“No, I’m her father.”

“I see, may I speak to Sally, please?”

“She’s not available right now.”

“Is she not home-“

“Oh, she’s right here in front of me, on her knees.”

“I…uh…see? So…can I talk to her? We, uh, have a special offer-“

“Naw, she can’t talk with her mouth full, ya know?”

“Oh, um, right…I…uh…I can call back later?”

“Nope, not gonna work. She gonna be full on the other end the rest of the day, if you know what I mean.”


“Yep, kiddo just loves her papa!”


My father and I burst out laughing as the telemarketer hung up.

“Thanks, dad. They’ve been bothering me a while, now.”

“No problem, hon. I enjoy messing with those people.”

“I could tell. Sounded like you’ve got some plans while visiting your daughter!”

He chuckled.

“Sure, hon! Just drop your pants and daddy’ll get to work!”

He playfully slapped my ass and walked into the kitchen. I noticed a bit of a bulge in his pants.

Not two hours later the same number called.

“Hi, I’m calling from PLC Services, is this Sally?”

“This is her father.”

“Could I speak to her, maybe?”

“Naw, she’s busy sucking my cock.”

“Oh…uhm…I…uh…I’ll call back-“

“Don’t bother, she’ll be taking papa’s lovejuice up the cunt all day. Girl can’t get enough of it!”


“Wow, kartal escort dad! You’re really turning me into a slut, aren’t you?”

“Hey, you just really love daddy is all, hon! Figure they won’t bother you again, now.”

“I hope so…and ‘lovejuice’, dad? What is that, from the 70’s?”

I noticed his bulge was quite a bit larger this time.

“Hey, don’t knock the 70’s, hon! Free love was great! Plus, can you think of anything better?”

I stood next to him and rubbed his jean-covered cock.

“I don’t know…’daddycum’? Sounds naughty, doesn’t it?”

He chuckled, and undid his belt buckle.

“Honey, that sounds really naughty. There’s a whole load of that pent-up, that’s for sure…”

“Why don’t you show me, daddy?”

I unzipped his pants and slowly lowered them down his legs.

“Oh, hon…you sure you wanna do this?”

I fished his long cock out his boxers and kissed the tip.

“You’re the one that said free love was great, right? Not backing away now, are you daddy?”

Putting the bulbous head of my father’s thick, 8-inch cock against my lips, he responded by putting his hands on the back of my head and slowly forcing me down on his cock. While he groaned in pleasure as he tenderly fucked his own daughter’s face, I used my hands to massage his balls. He was right, there was a lot of delicious daddycum in there.

“Oh, honey, your mouth feels like heaven!”

He released his grip on my head, maltepe escort bayan and I proceeded to use my tongue, mouth and hands to make daddy feel the ultimate pleasure of having his daughter suck his cock.

“Oh, hon! Keep it up and you’ll get a mouthful!”

I slapped his cock playfully, one hand on his balls, the other tugging daddy’s cock.

“Daddy! Don’t you know where daddycum goes?”

He looked at me with a puzzled look in his eyes.

“Daughtercunt! Daddy’s cum belong in his daughter’s cunt!”

I stuck a hand down my pants and rubbed my wet pussy, the other still rubbing his massive balls.

“I wanna feel daddy’s huge load shoot in my pussy!”

He grinned at me.

“Sure, hon…just drop your pants and daddy’ll get to work!”

Eagerly shedding my clothes, I lay down on the kitchen table and spread my legs wide, presenting my wet pussy to daddy. He put the fat head of his cock at my entrance and in one slow, teasing movement shoved it in till I could feel his balls against my body.

“Mmmm, daddy…your cock’s so nice…”

He started fucking me slowly.

“My daughter’s cunt’s nice and tight, too, hon…mmm…”


“Yeah, daddy? …Aaahh…you like fucking your own daughter?”


“You like…hmm…when your daughterslut wants your cock?”


“You like when your daughter wants a pussy full of daddycum?”

Harder still. I could hear him grunting, escort pendik he was close.

“Do it, daddy…pump your seed in your daughter…aaah…yes, daddy, please…fill me up…give me all your daddycum…empty those delicious balls in your own…sweet…daughter…YES!”

As I felt the first streams of daddy’s seed entering my unprotected pussy, my own pent-up frustration gave way. Loudly and long we came together, daddy shooting a seeming infinite amount of cum deep in his daughter. When he finally stopped, he pulled his long, thick cock, still not soft, out of me and rested it on my belly. My hands reached out and massaged the last drops out of him, his cock soon eager to start again.

“Wow, dad…I think I will be taking papa’s lovejuice up my cunt all day!”

He chuckled and rubbed the head against my entrance again. It wasn’t long before I was riding daddy’s cock hard on my bed, eagerly forcing another load of daddycum up his daughter’s willing pussy.

“Hi, I’m calling from PLC Services, is this Sally?”


“Would you have a moment to listen to our exclusive, limited-time offer?”

“I’m a little busy, right now. My dad’s visiting.”

“It’ll only take a little while, I promise!”

“Yeah, but his cock’s such a distraction, I’m just too busy!”


“Oooh, yes, daddy! Yes, cum in my pussy again! Fill your sweet daughter up with your cum! Please daddy!”

“I…uh…I’ll just take you of our list…” *click*

I looked at my father lying under me, completely spent, his cock finally softening inside me. I lay on top of him, never letting his cock slip out, and mumbled.

“Well, I guess we oughta thank telemarketers for something, at least.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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