Susan Awakens

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Warning! The following story is a fantasy containing graphic depictions of an adult nature, including themes of sexuality, masturbation, bisexuality and incest. If that turns you on, gets you wet or makes you dick hard, and you are an adult, then continue. If not then I suggest you go somewhere else, or write your own damn story.


Susan Brown lay there as her husband pounded into her. It just wasn’t going to work tonight, she thought. She wished Rob would just ejaculate and get it over with.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband, but their sex life had just become so…same.

It hadn’t always been that way. When they had met — she had been 16 and he had been 20 — they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Rob had come home from college with her older brother Jim for winter holidays, and it had been lust at first sight. The had “done it” two or three times a day for the entire vacation and looked forward to seeing each other during Spring Break when Rob returned with Jim from his studies at UT in Austin.

Then disaster struck — she was pregnant! Rob did the “right thing” and offered to marry her, but their lives were never the same. He transferred from UT to University of Houston so they could live with her parents in Houston. And the birth of her son Robbie, now an 18-year-old Senior in High School, was the best thing that ever happened to her. But over the years their sex lives had gradually dwindled to their weekly Thursday night sessions of making love.

She just didn’t enjoy sex much any more, and it had been so long since she had an orgasm, she couldn’t remember when.

“Well,” she thought. “Maybe I can ask Jan what she thinks when we have coffee tomorrow?”

Her new neighbor, Jan, was older and seemed more experienced. And she and her husband seemed happy. Maybe she could offer some useful suggestions.

Her husband stiffened as he finally ejaculated into her; he rolled off and went to sleep.

“Maybe next week will be better,” she thought as she too drifted off to slumber.


Robbie tossed and turn as he tried to get to sleep, despite his raging erection.

He had known that Thursday was “sex night” with his Mom and Dad and had not been able to help himself from listening through their bedroom door as they fucked. Damn, it made him horny!

Robbie had been slower developing than many of his friends, and had not really been interested in girls until this year. It was only last summer when he started Tae Kwon Do lessons that he had lost the last of his “baby fat” and started shooting up in height. He still didn’t need to shave, but he had finally grown some underarm and pubic hair.

And pubic hair was not the only thing that had grown between his legs! His “little boy” prick had, in a few short months, grown into a man’s dick. He wasn’t sure, but he was pretty certain that he was now better endowed than most of his friends. ataşehir escort But he had still never had sex with a girl.

His shyness was slowly leaving him as his body developed, but he still had trouble with girls. He had been short and chubby too long and his mind had not yet caught up with his body.

He jacked off nearly every day, but it was just not the same. And his Mom was so smoking hot!

Robbie’s mom was tall, slender and a natural blond, with sparkling blue eyes. Her tits weren’t very big, but they looked perfect to Robbie when she wore a bathing suit at their pool or lake house. And her legs just wouldn’t quit!

Robbie had never seen his mom naked, but he had seen her in bra and panties a few times, and he most certainly wanted to see more.

But his dad just didn’t seem to care.

He knew it was wrong to lust after his own mother, but he just couldn’t help himself. He looked forward to pulling her panties out of the laundry tomorrow so he could beat his meat and spray them with his cum.

“OMG,” he thought. “When can I get laid?”

His hand went to his erect penis. It was so hard, it hurt.

“I’d better take care of this so I can sleep.” he thought.

He stroked his cock a few times, and came in gushes all over his hand and the towel he was using to catch his cum.

“Mom, oh mom! You are so fucking hot,” he moaned as he spilled his seed.

Then, temporarily spent from his orgasm, he drifted off to sleep, hoping to dream of his hot mother.


Jan Stevens walked the short distance between her house and Susan’s. The short Houston winter was over, the sun was out, and there was the fragrance of honeysuckle blossoms filling the air of their upscale suburban neighborhood. It was a good day to be alive.

And Jan certainly felt alive! In her early 50s, she looked to be no more than 40. Short and buxom, where Susan was tall and slender, Jan had large breasts and wide, capacious hips. She was by no means fat — hard work at the gym kept that from happening — but she was curvy in all the right places. Her tanned and freckled face was topped with a thick mane of curly red hair, making her look a bit like an Irish earth goddess.

Jan liked her new neighborhood and she certainly didn’t miss the long winters of Ohio and Michigan, where she had previously lived. She and Richard had moved to Texas when his company was bought out by a Houston corporation and they both enjoyed the change, although they missed some of their friends. Especially their “special” friends.

She liked her new next-door neighbor, too. If only Susan would loosen up a little! Well, there was plenty of time to work on that, she thought.

Jan knocked on Susan’s kitchen door.

“Come in!” she heard from the next room, and let herself in.

“There’s coffee in the carafe and some sweet rolls.”

Jan helped herself to the coffee, passed kadıköy escort on the rolls, and sat down at the round kitchen table.

“How are you doing this morning, Susan?” she asked as Susan walked in from the front of the house.

“Oh, I’m okay, I guess,” answered Susan as she sat down with her friend.

“Only ‘okay?'” asked Jan. “I thought you and Rob had it made.”

“Well,” Susan started uncertainly. “Rob and I just aren’t hitting it off, right now. Its….its…”

“Your sex life?” asked Jan, quietly.

“Yes, how did you know?” replied Susan.

“Don’t take this wrong, sweetie, but since I’ve known you and Rob, you have both; well, you’ve both seemed to have a stick up your ass when it comes to each other. It seems like you two are not comfortable with each other. Am I right?”

“Well….I guess you are,” admitted Susan. “It wasn’t always that way, but lately…”

“Is Rob not pleasing you in bed?” Jan asked.

“No, not much. It has been ages since I had an orgasm,” Susan responded with a blush.

“What about when you masturbate?” Jan asked.

“What?!?” Susan stammered. “I don’t do THAT!”

“No use to get all flustered with me,” Jan interjected gently. “I was just asking if you did a perfectly natural thing that most women do.” Have you never gotten yourself off by yourself?”

“Well, in high school, before I met Rob, I played with my self…a little. But after I had Robbie, and Rob and I got married, I didn’t. I thought it was a sin. What do you think?”

“I think you are silly for not pleasuring yourself, if your man can’t — or won’t — do it for you.” Jan replied.

“But I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Well, sweetheart, we are going to have to fix that,” Jan assured her. “Wait here.”


Jan could not believe that her neighbor was so naive.

“She doesn’t even finger herself,” she thought as she walked briskly over to her own home. “Well, we can fix that, indeed.”

Jan went directly to her bedroom and opened her “toy chest” that was sitting on the floor. In it were various implements of pleasure — leather flogs, masks, a set of manacles, and a small box with the words “The Rabbit” on its lid, among other things. Jan picked up the box and then went into the multimedia room, where she went to a DVD rack.

Looking through the DVDs, Jan finally found what she was looking for and headed back to her friend’s house.

== “Here you are, sweetheart,” Jan said as she handed Susan the box and the DVD. “If you can’t get off with this, you will never get off. I suggest you pour yourself a glass of wine, take a nice, warm bath, and then put the DVD in the player afterwards. It always works for me!”

“You mean, you masturbate?” Susan asked, shyly.

“Yes, dear. I masturbate when Richard is out of town, or too tired to take care of me. Or when I just want to cum. Sometimes, Richard likes to watch bostancı escort bayan while he strokes himself.”

Susan pulled the vibrator out of its box and looked at the ribbed rubber implement doubtfully.

“Okay,” Susan said. “I will try it. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it,” responded Jan. “We housewives have to stick together.”


It took Susan hours to get up the courage to do what her friend had suggested, even though she knew she would have the house to herself until late that night. He husband was meeting with clients in a nearby city, and her son was going to a friend’s house, so she would have the time, if she had the courage.

Finally, she drew herself a bath and poured herself a glass of red wine. She was not much of a drinker, but they kept some on hand for guests.

After the bath had relaxed her, she got out of the tub, put on her terrycloth robe and went into her bedroom. She turned on the TV on the dresser and placed the DVD in the machine, pulled the Rabbit out of the box and sat down on her bed.

The untitled production began almost immediately. Instead of an actress, Susan was surprised to find her next-door neighbor on the TV screen!

Her friend was dressed all in red — matching red, lace bustier, panties, garter belt, hose and high heeled shoes.

“Hell, honey,” Jan cooed on the screen. “I knew you’d be lonely while you were on the road, so I made you a little video to remind you of me. I’ll be thinking of you.”

With that, Jan backed up and sat on the king-sized bed behind her. She cupped her full breasts with both hands, as if offering them to the camera, and then began playing with her erect nipples, which jutted out over the top of the bustier.

Susan could hear Jan begin to moan as the woman played with her nipples. Susan could also feel her nipples begin to grow erect in response to what she saw on the screen. She had never seen a woman play with herself like that before, but she could feel herself begin to grow aroused.

On the screen, Jan reached one hand down to caress between her legs, as the other continued to play with her erect nipples.

“You like this, baby?” Jan cooed. “I can just imagine it is your hands on my tits and your hand rubbing my slit.”

Susan gulped the rest of her wine as she watched her friend pleasure herself. Without thinking, her hand began playing with her now-erect nipples. Her other hand drifted down to her legs, which had spread as if of their own accord. Watching her friend on the TV, Susan began copying her actions as she felt the heat rise in her body.

On the TV, Jan picked up the Rabbit and turned it on; Susan did the same. As Jan worked herself to a frenzy on the DVD, Susan copied her on her bed, her legs now splayed apart and her robe open to reveal her taunt body.

Unable to control herself, Susan’s moaning became louder and louder as waves of pleasure ran through her body.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned “Oh, oh, oh!”

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh my God, I’m cumming” she shouted.

Entranced with her orgasm, Susan did not notice the tall figure standing in the darkness outside her door.


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