Loving Daniel Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Loving Daniel Ch05 – Private Orgy

My lover Daniel picked me up one Friday night, telling me he had something special in store for me that evening. He had called me earlier that day, requesting that I wear my black A-line skirt that he liked, and a shirt that buttoned through in the front. Of course I knew he wanted me to wear my stay-ups, so I put those on and selected my red stilettos to break up all the black. I didn’t bother with underwear – some how it seemed inappropriate.

We drove for over forty-five minutes, leaving the outskirts of the city and heading into a heavily wooded rural area. We arrived at a mansion situated on a large secluded estate. Daniel turned the car into the gates and proceeded up a long pebble driveway lit on either side by evenly spaced halogen lamps. There were numerous cars parked around a fountain out the front of the mansion, many of them classic European cars, and I couldn’t help wondering in whose company Daniel had chosen we would spend the evening? It was 10.00pm when we arrived, and I suspected we’d not only missed first and second course, but dessert also. Something about the smirk on Daniel’s face told me he’d never planned for us to dine that night anyway.

We approached the door and it was opened for us before we even knocked.

“Good evening, sir,” a man at the door greeted Daniel. He completely ignored me. I felt nervous and slipped my hand into Daniel’s. He led me through a large ornate entry hall enclosed by walls decorated with antique wood paneling and heavily flocked wallpaper. The floor was of a pale grey marble polished impeccably, and covered by a network of blood red hall runners. Daniel approached a large cedar door to our left. He grasped its brass handle, pivoted it downwards, swung the door open, then led me inside.

The room was dark and dimly lit with candles, their flickering flames casting a pale yellow glow over the room. They were placed in every crevice imaginable; seated in amongst red velvet fabric draped from the ceiling, over the chairs, down the walls and even on the floor. A chandelier hung from the ceiling, but its multifaceted lights had been completely dimmed so that it hardly offered any practical advantage other than decoration. My eyes adjusted to the dim light and then widened when I realised what was laid out before us ­ naked body after naked body, all in various stages of fucking. On a sofa by the curtained window a lithe young woman was kneeling on all fours. A man in his forties was standing behind her, one of his feet positioned on the seat, his weight supported by his standing leg as he rammed his cock up her ass relentlessly. Another man stood at her head, his cock stuffed in her mouth, and as the one behind her thrust back and forth, her lips slid up and down the other one’s prick.

To ataşehir escort my right I saw a huge leather wing-backed chair, with a woman’s legs draped over the arms as she rose and lowered herself rhythmically on the lap of wrinkled old man seated in the chair. I admired the creamy flesh of her back and the perfect pear shape of her ass-cheeks, which were ever so slightly parted as she worked, squeezing together in a magnificent fashion every time she raised her hips, then releasing again when she impaled herself on the old man’s member.

Daniel took my hand and led me around to the left side of the room, where we saw a tangle of bodies lying on a Persian rug; arms and legs everywhere, tongues, tits, cocks and cunts thrusting this way and that. Daniel guided me to an unoccupied ottoman, and sat down on it, pulling me onto his lap. He wrapped his left arm around my waist, rested his right hand on my knee, and aimlessly began to stroke my stockinged leg while gazing at the action taking place before us.

I put my arm around Daniel’s neck and leaned against him, wondering when he’d ask me to remove my clothes and join the people on the floor. But he said nothing to me and I began to forget my nervousness as two girls, aged about twenty, separated themselves from the mass of bodies and turned to focus their attentions on each other at the edge of the rug. One had luscious dark brown hair that cascaded down her back. Her skin was olive toned and her breasts were quite voluminous in comparison to her petite waist. The other was a redhead, her skin white and dappled all over with light pink freckles. Her lips were painted a deep plum colour, emphasising the reddish brown colour of her eyes, which sparkled in the candlelight. The brunette pushed the redhead back against the rug and kneeled between her thighs. She leaned forward and allowed her hair to cascade over her shoulders and onto the redhead’s skin. Deftly the brunette swished her hair lightly across the other girl’s breasts, grazing her nipples, teasing them until they became erect. She bent forward even further then and touched her tongue to the tip of the redhead’s left nipple, tracing its outline lightly before she covered it completely with her lips and began to suck at urgently.

I saw the redhead’s hand drift downwards to the orange fur between her own legs. She slid her thighs wide apart and slid two fingers between her pussy lips then proceeded to stroke herself in slow even movements. The brunette sensed her captive’s growing need for stimulation and took her mouth away from the girl’s nipple. She licked lightly at the valley between the redhead’s breasts then dragged her tongue down across her fair skin, pausing to lap at her navel, then proceeding on towards her mons. The redhead arched her back kadıköy escort bayan in anticipation, but my eyes were distracted by the brunette’s ass, which was by then jutting up invitingly in the air. Her buttocks were wantonly spread, her pussy lips gaped open and I could see that her cunt was swollen from use yet was still dripping wet.

The brunette bent forward and buried her face between the redhead’s thighs where she began lapping at the nectar within. I felt the heat rise between my own legs and I began to think that such delicious assets deserved to be enjoyed as much as the brunette was enjoying the redhead. No sooner had the thought entered my head, a blonde haired boy, who could hardly be any older than seventeen, knelt behind the brunette, slammed his cock into her cunt and began pumping furiously. Both women began to moan, and I shifted in Daniel’s lap, sure that my increasing wetness would soon spread to the fabric of his trousers.

As if in response to my silent thoughts, Daniel slid his hand up under my skirt seeking out my sex. I’m sure he was delighted to discover my omission of panties. I shifted a little on his knee, moving my thighs apart slightly as he found my slit and drove his fingers between to feel the moisture that had begun to gather there. I turned to look at him. His eyes beckoned me to a kiss, so I bent my head and pressed my lips against his, quickly responding when his tongue searched insistently in my mouth. Daniel began to move his fingers within me as he kissed me, massaging my sex, awakening my senses, slowly setting my body on fire. His kiss became more intense; he slid his hand up the back of my shirt, stroking my skin with a light caress. I was like a doll on his lap, his to do with as he pleased. I loved being with him like that.

After what seemed like an eternity, Daniel completed his kiss and drew his lips away from mine. He extracted his soaking wet fingers from between my legs then raised them to my lips.

“Open,” Daniel said softly and I obeyed, allowing to slide his fingers into my mouth. I closed my lips around them and sucked them clean of my own juices. “Good girl,” Daniel praised me, and my heart was instantly filled with love at the thought of having pleased him with so simple a gesture.

Daniel removed his fingers from my mouth and lightly tapped me on the knee. I took it as a signal that it was time to move on. I glanced back at the trio on the edge of the rug and was warmed to find the two girls and the young boy entwined in a tender embrace, each having been satisfied by the other two. Daniel urged me to stand and rose from the ottoman taking me by the hand again. He led me around the rug where it was quickly becoming impossible to see where one body began and another ended. We walked over escort maltepe to a dark corner of the room and Daniel swung me around into a secluded alcove then pushed me against the velvet-covered wall.

“Why here?” I ask him, surprised he didn’t want to join the others.

“I don’t want to share you tonight,” Daniel said, and began unbuttoning my black silk blouse. He peeled it away from my naked breasts and immediately cupped them both with his hands. I reached down and grasped the hem of my skirt, then gathered it up and tucked it into the waistband, leaving my thighs uncovered and my nether regions free to receive Daniel’s attentions. Then I unzipped Daniel’s trousers and reached inside his shorts to free his cock, delighted that it was hard and ready for action. Daniel leaned his hips against mine and placed a passionate kiss on my mouth. I loved the way he kissed – his lips taut but not hard as they undulated against mine, his tongue searching the cavity of my mouth then connecting with my own tongue, licking, lapping, intertwining, darting in and out almost as if he were fucking my face.

Daniel leaned back a little and placed his right hand between my legs, stroking the soft skin at the top of my thighs left bare above my stockings. I looked into his eyes and grabbed his penis as he slipped his fingers between my pussy lips and slid them into my dripping wet cunt. Daniel gripped me there momentarily, then removed them again and slid them, glistening and moist, onto my clit. I wound my left leg around his waist and attempted to pull him close.

“Nah-uh!” Daniel said, shaking his head. “Save it for when we get home.”

So we stood there in the alcove, secluded, yet somehow still connected to the seething room full of people just metres away, and began to masturbate each other together. Daniel’s cock was hot and hard, so I wasted no time getting into a good rhythm with my stroking. His fingers pressed against my clit using little circular motions to encourage the blood to rush there. He rested his lips on mine but did not kiss me. He pressed his forehead against mine and surrendered to me as much as I felt myself surrendering to him. I rose up on my toes and drew myself away from Daniel slightly as I began to feel myself come.

“Oh fuck,” Daniel whispered and I knew his ejaculation was near. I slowed my strokes a little to hold him back and let him make me come first. My orgasm rocked me and left me utterly weak in the knees, yet I kept my focus on Daniel, quickening my strokes again, listening to his breathing as he began to come. I dropped to my knees and buried his cock in my mouth just as the cum began to spurt out ­ it was the most tidy way I could think of to dispose of his seed. I paused, as Daniel’s climax subsided and sucked lightly until his cock stopped throbbing in my mouth.

I leaned back, took a moment, then swallowed and stood up. Daniel pulled my skirt free from my waistband where it was still tucked and smoothed it down over my ass. I buttoned my shirt again, then allowed Daniel to take my hand and we turned to go.

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