Lover Returns

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Ayisha Cottontail

After a particularly rough Friday Tracy takes a long, slow shower. The hot water from the shower felt good on her sore muscles and relaxed them. She towel dries her hair and puts on her long night shirt intending to sleep in it. She crawls into bed and finds a comfortable position and resets her alarm so she can sleep later Saturday.

As tired as she is Tracy hopes to fall asleep fast. Her body seems to have other plans though. As she tries to relax enough for sleep the twinge of arousal stops her over and over again. During her busy day she had felt the twinge many times and had neither time nor opportunity to do anything about it.

Tracy has been missing her lover who has been away on business. She misses his smile and laugh and touch. The way they look at each other and particularly the pleasure they get sharing their bodies with each other. Tracy had wanted to wait for her lover to return but her desire has grown out of control.

Tracy gives in to her body knowing that if she doesn’t sleep will be impossible. Making no pretense about what she was doing or trying to prolong the pleasure she starts right in on pleasuring herself ( knowing it will take enough time to get there).

She starts at her neck and rubs her hands along the entire length of her body. Stopping to pay particular attention to her boobs. She squeezes the ataşehir escort whole orbs in her hands and then works her way to the nipples and draws a delicate circle around each with a finger. Her nipples become hard and Tracy can’t help but stop to pinch and poke at them as roughly as she likes.She rubs her hands down her stomach to her pussy and rubs her hands against the smooth skin of her newly shaved pussy. She gets wetter and wetter as she continues to tease herself.Thinking of her lover she rubs her hands back up her body and down again imagining they are his hands. On this pass down her body she teases her clit before dipping her finger into the profuse juices that her pussy has produced from her arousal.She dips just the tips of her middle finger in her hole and moves it around some teasing herself. It feels good. Tracy wants more.

She proceeds by sliding her middle finger all the way up inside her cunt.Her finger is not near as long or wide as her lovers cock but it will have to do for now. She moves her finger in and out a few times loving the wet sound it makes. This pushes her desire further. As her body continues to cry out for release Tracy takes the thumb of the hand that is in her pussy and starts rubbing and flicking her clit while at the same time fucking herself hard with her finger and with the other hand pinching kadıköy escort bayan her tits hard.

Within moments she is crying out with the release she desired. Her hips are bucking and she moans so loud as her whole body quivers with release. She continues to finger herself through her orgasm. When she is satisfied she falls asleep from blissful exhaustion with her hand still down at her cunt.She sleeps so deeply and peacefully getting some much needed rest.

Sleeping late on a Saturday is something Tracy enjoys. In the morning in a not quite awake state Tracy half notices that the sun is up and then sinks back down into her pillow to try to get more sleep. She dozes.

Her next awareness is of a feeling of someone touching her body. Thinking it is a dream she lays back and closes her eyes in the dream to enjoy the sensation. She moans in her dream. The sound of her moan fully awakens her to reality.

There is indeed someone touching her body. Warm and caring touches. Her lover had silently let himself into their apartment. He found her in bed in a state of nakedness and couldn’t stop himself from touching her having missed her as much as she did him.When she had become fully aware her lover touched her more urgently. He took her breasts one in each hand and licked her nipples and pinched them before escort maltepe licking down her stomach teasing with his tongue around her pussy. Tracy coos happily.

She grinds up into him as he uses his tongue to fuck her hole and then to tease her clit with some playful licks before taking the engorged nub between his lips and sucking on it gently. Tracy clamps her legs around his shoulders as she cums hard and a terrific orgasm takes over her whole body. She shakes hard and takes his body on the ride with her.When her pleasure has subsided she looks up at him wide eyed.

She can see his erection bulging out from his pants. Her eyes beckon to him and he gets her message. He walks over to her. She unzips his pants and with one motion has his shorts and pants down. They fall to his ankles. His rock hard cock springs forth and begs for her attention.

She gladly takes it in her mouth, loving how it tastes and feels. Sensing that his need and desire for release are urgent she works her mouth up and down his whole shaft to the head and then all the way back up to his balls, She continues this motion and uses her tongue and varies pressure with her cheeks.Soon his breath becomes shallow and Tracy doubles her efforts loving how it feels when his cock twitches in her mouth. Passing down his shaft once more to his balls he stop her head and holds it there as cum pulses from his cock down her throat. His body shudders as squirt after squirt is released.

When he has gone somewhat soft he backs up from her. She swallows hard and licks her lips. He climbs under the covers with her and they cuddle in the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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