Lost and Found

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Doug Jenkins wandered through the library in search of a place to sit and study. He found an empty armchair and sat down, opening his history book and beginning his assignment. Several hours later, after he had finished all of his work and the library was closing, he got up and stretched. As he stood, he saw a purse in the chair across from him, but knew that no one had been sitting there the whole time he had been there. He picked it up and thought, “Someone must have left this. I’ll bring it back to my room and find the person tomorrow.” He tucked it into his backpack and headed back to his dorm room.

Meanwhile, in her room, Katie Kennedy was searching all around for her pocketbook. She said to herself, “Oh, great! My drivers license, my credit cards, AND my school ID were in there, I can’t believe I lost it!” After satisfying herself that she was not going to find it in her room, that it indeed was lost, she went to bed, resolving to retrace her steps in the morning.

Doug opened the purse and began to look through it, searching for evidence of whom it might belong to. He opened the wallet, which was tan plaid, and saw inside her drivers license – Katie A. Kennedy, 5’6”, brown hair, blue eyes, he read. He looked at her picture approvingly – she was hot!

He went to his computer, sat down, and accessed the student directory online. He found her number, picked up his phone, and dialed her. She picked up, “Hello?”


“Yes, who is this?”

“My name is Doug Jenkins, I found your purse in the library yesterday.”

“Oh, you did? That’s great! Do you have it?”

“Yes, I have it right here with me.”

“Oh, awesome! I’d do anything to get it back, there’s some really important stuff in there!”

“How do you want me to get it to you?”

“Why don’t you come over to my room, Wood 133, around 7 tonight?”

“Great! See you then.”


Dave hung up the phone, thinking about her sexy, sultry voice. He replayed her words in his head: “I’d do anything to get it back…” Suddenly he came up with an idea, and he couldn’t wait to go over to her room that evening. He began counting the hours until he could meet her in person.

That evening…

At 7:00 exactly Katie heard a knock on her door. She had found herself strangely thinking about the conversation she had had with Doug all day long, and as she went to the door she found herself straightening her skirt and running her fingers through her hair. She opened the door and looked up into the face of a 6’1” tall man, her age, with blonde hair and blue eyes and a sturdy, muscular frame.

She invited him in and turned away to let him enter. His eyes followed her, loving how she was even more perfect than he had pictured – her waist was tiny, her ass perfect, her brown hair silky and smooth, her eyes soft and endearing. She looked at him and flashed him a smile that nearly made him melt as she sat on her bed, motioning for him to sit on her desk chair across from her. He took his seat and as she crossed her legs he got a great view of her smooth white thighs. She asked, “Do you have my purse?” while uncrossing and recrossing her legs, making him swallow hard before answering. He said, “Yes, I have it…”

“Well?” she questioned, her skirt sliding away to reveal several more inches of her creamy skin. He gulped and in one move knelt in front of her, his hand tracing a path along her calf up to her exposed thigh, “Oh God, you are so hot – even hotter than I imagined kartal escort – I don’t think I want to give your purse back just yet.”

“Oh really?” she asked, this time purposely exposing even more of her leg, giving him a peek at her purple thong panties.

He groaned and shook his head. “Definitely not.” “Hmmm,” she said, flirting with him, “What do I have to do to get it back then?” He moaned softly again. “Oh, I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”

She purred, “What if I do want you to?” He paused and finally said, “Well, it seems to me that after this I just can’t leave you your purse without you giving me a piece of your gorgeous little self.”

She smiled sexily, taking his hand from her thigh, moving it around in to feel her ass and then sliding it back to her thigh. “God, I don’t usually do this but something about you is just making me so hot…”

Doug leaned in and captured her lips with his, kissing her soft, sensuous mouth. Katie’s fingers twined in his hair as his arms wrapped around her, still kneeling at the side of her bed. He straightened up and pushed her back, laying her down on the bed and moving next to her, pressing up against her.

She giggled – a soft, throaty laugh that drove him wild, and purred, “Wow, I can feel that somebody is really enjoying himself!”

He laughed self-consciously until she pressed herself into him, letting her fingers barely trace over the outline of his cock, saying, “Mmmm don’t be embarrassed, I think it’s hot!”

He moved back to kissing her, letting his hands wander freely under her shirt as she did the same to him, playing with the waistband of his pants, unbuckling his belt and scratching her fingernails over his stomach. He pulled off her shirt and unhooked her white satin bra, then let his lips attach to her nipples as she arched her back and moaned. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his chest and shoulders, slipping it off him and tossing it to the floor as he kissed her. Her moans were driving him crazy – her sexy voice and gorgeous, pouty, pink lips were making him want her more and more. He removed his mouth from her nipple and growled, “I don’t think I can give you your purse back unless you take care of this big problem I seem to be having with that sexy mouth of yours,” as he guided her hand down to his cock.

Her eyes widened as she responded eagerly, pushing him over until he was on his back. She stood up over him and untied her wraparound skirt, letting it fall, explaining, “Lets me move easier.”

She straddled him and kissed her way down his chest and stomach, letting her tongue trace the hairs that led to the waistband of his pants. She unbuttoned his khakis and slowly lowered the zipper, then moved down to his feet and, after taking off his shoes, pulled off his pants and socks too. His boxers barely contained his bulge, and she ran her tongue up his legs under the fabric and then all around under the waistband before finally, dying to see his cock, she lowered the shorts and threw them behind her.

Her eyes widened in pleasure as his huge cock sprang forward. He was at least eight inches long and so thick – she felt her pussy drip at the sight. She took him in her hands and began to stroke him, meaning to tease him, but she found herself unable to resist and she leaned down, swirling her tongue around his huge tip, collecting the salty pre-cum that had already collected there.

Doug moaned at the feeling of this maltepe escort bayan complete stranger’s tongue on his cock, and his eyes rolled back in his head as she took him into her mouth, surrounding him with it’s warm wetness.

Part of him wanted to force her to suck him off right away, but he decided to lay back and enjoy it. She moved slowly up and down his shaft, using her tongue in all the right places and making his body tingle. She removed her mouth from his cock and went down to his balls, taking each one into her mouth and rolling it around with her tongue for a while. He moaned loudly as her lips surrounded him. She moved away and began to lick behind his balls, pressing her tongue into the sensitive spot there and making him jump and groan with pleasure.

She moved back to his shaft and took him into her mouth again, moving down and up once excruciatingly slowly. At the top of her stroke she pulled her mouth off and asked him, “Do you like the way I suck your cock? Do you want to feel my lips tight around you, making you cum into my hot mouth?”

He moaned and thrust his hips up into the air, begging her for more. She obliged, moving her lips back over him, looking up into his eyes as she moved her lips. She began to speed up, increasing her pace, working around his shaft with her tongue until she was fucking him with her mouth, moving faster and faster over his most sensitive spots.

Doug moaned louder and louder as he experienced the best blow job of his life. Her sexy blue eyes stared into his while her lips stretched over his cock and took him in and out, working him faster and faster. He began to thrust his hips up harder, twining his hands in her hair and moaning, “That’s it, baby, ohh…I’m cumming!”

He exploded in her mouth and she kept sucking him, getting everything, cleaning him off before pulling her lips away.

He couldn’t even speak, but to show his appreciation he picked her up and set her over his face, her pussy over his mouth. Her tiny thong was in the way but he didn’t remove it, and instead licked and sucked over and around it. His tongue traced the length of her slit over the panties and moved between her ass cheeks, making her moan. He began to kiss her clit through her panties, licking the cotton fabric, teasing her.

Doug slid a finger into her panties and inserted it into her pussy, all the while licking and caressing her clit through the fabric. When he felt her close to orgasm, he removed his finger and doubled his attack on her clit, using his tongue and teeth. Her panties were soaked and her clit throbbed under his touch as she ground herself into his mouth, feeling herself on the edge.

He took her clit and the material surrounding it into his mouth and sucked gently, creating intense friction that set her off, moaning and thrusting toward him as he sucked her swollen clit.

As her orgasm subsided and she slid off of his face, Doug commented, “Mmmm wow baby, you taste so good!” He licked his lips, collecting her cum.

She lay down next to him and he put his arm around her, saying, “That was amazing, Katie, thank you.”

She smiled, “You’re welcome…but if you think we’re done you had better think again, because I won’t take my purse back from you until you fuck me with your huge cock.” He hesitated, and she begged, “Please! God, my pussy needs it so bad – I want to feel your huge rod inside of me.”

He hesitated further, and she bent down, taking her tits and rubbing escort pendik them all over his cock, teasing him with her hard nipples. The sight made him instantly start to get hard again, and as she watched him hardening her pussy was dripping. She reached down and began to slide a finger in and out, begging, “Please, please!”

He growled at her sexy pleading and turned her over, setting her on all fours, and with one stroke he slid his huge shaft into her tight, wet pussy, letting out an animalistic roar as he felt her tightness. She screamed as he entered her, filling her with his cock.

He began to pump in and out, creating intense friction as her tits swayed with each of his thrusts. Their moans melted together just as their bodies did. Doug grasped her waist with his fingers and watched as his cock was taken fully into her pussy with each thrust. The sight excited him immensely and he began to speed up his thrusts. He reached around and began to rub Katie’s clit with his fingers as he fucked her hard, making her scream in pleasure as she began to cum, thrusting back at him as he continued moving in and out.

Doug pulled out of her pussy and Katie moaned in frustration, trying to pull him back. He smiled and turned her over on her back, then pushed into her again, filling her tight pussy and loving how his whole body tingled with being squeezed so tightly by her muscles. He began fucking her again, harder and harder, his cock rubbing on her clit with every stroke so that her entire body was wracked with pleasure on every stroke. He felt her pussy clenching his cock, which was growing harder by the second, with each movement, and the look on her face told him that she was experiencing a nearly continuous orgasm.

Her pussy tightened more and more around his cock and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He moaned, “I’m gonna cum…”

Katie licked her lips and groaned, “Cum all over me, I want to feel your cum all over my body.”

That was all it took. Doug exploded, long streams of white cum shooting out of his cock and covering her lips, nose, and cheeks, and as his orgasm began to subside, her tits and stomach. His orgasm continued as he jerked himself frantically, urging all of his cum out and all over her sexy body.

As he calmed down, she rubbed his cum into her soft, white skin, sighing in pleasure. They snuggled together and fell asleep.

The next morning, Doug was pulling on his clothes when she said, “Can I have my purse back now, please?”

He pretended to think about it and eventually told her, “What will you do for it?”

In response she knelt in front of him and reached into his boxers through his still-unzipped pants, pulling out his cock and beginning to stroke it in front of her face, getting him hard.

She took his cock into her mouth and began to play her tongue around the tip as her hand still stroked the base of his shaft. He wound his hands in her hair and tilted his head back, moaning, then looked intently at her. The sight of Katie on her knees in front of him with his hard rod in her mouth was immensely exciting to him.

His eyes closed as he tried to prolong her amazing blowjob, and as he stopped watching her Katie reached around behind him and snuck her purse out of his open bag, all while continuing her oral torture on his cock.

Once her purse was safe under her bed, she pulled her lips away from his cock, giving it a loving kiss. “I got what I needed,” she said, “and you had better call me this weekend if you want to get what you need.”

With that, she stood up and left the room, heading for the showers, leaving Doug standing in her room, his cock throbbing and a look of pleased disbelief on his face.

To be continued if I get good feedback…

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