Letter for College Ch. 02

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While walking down the hall, Ari can’t hide the smile across her face. She runs into one of her friends who had stayed late for soccer practice.

“Hey Ari! What’s the smile for?” Jenn asks.

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking about a guy I like,” Ari replies with a quick laugh, replaying the hot scene that occurred a few minutes ago.

“Well I can tell that you really like him. Do I know him? You’ve got to introduce me,” Jenn says excitedly.

“Well you know him, but I don’t know that I can introduce you. He’s not exactly our age Jenn.”

“Ohh? Is he in college?” Jenn asks, even more excited at the prospect that one of her close friends is seeing a college guy.

“No,” Ari mumbles. “I met him here, but he’s not a student. He’s 24.”

“Oh my gosh, Ari. Practice is over, tell me everything and I’ll drive you home,” Jenn is practically begging for details.

“Jenn, I don’t know if I should tell anyone about this. It’s not supposed to happen. We could both get into a lot of trouble if anyone finds out.”

“Ari, how can you tell me everything you’ve told me without telling me who it is or what exactly happened? I know it was something good, I could tell by your smile.”

“Well fine, I’ll tell you about it, but only if you promise not to tell anyone else, and we hafta wait til we’re in the car.” Ari finally caves in to Jenn’s pestering.

“Yay!” Jenn exclaims. They walk to their lockers and collect the stuff they need and head to the parking lot. As they turn the corner to head outside, Mr. Green bumps into them. Ari and Mr. Green exchange glances and Ari blushes. Mr. Green tries to compose himself, mumbles a greeting and quickly walks down the hall the opposite direction of the girls.

“Hmm,” Jenn replies after her mind starts running through what just happened. “How old is Mr. Green?”

“I think he’s 24,” Ari replies, still flushed from the unexpected run in with Mr. Green.

“Oh my god. Tell me what happened! Did you kiss him?” She asks, very intrigued.

“Let’s go to your car,” Ari runs ahead of Jenn.

The girls walk to the car and get inside. Ari takes a few deep breaths and begins to explain what happened with Mr. Green. She can’t believe she’s telling anyone, but at the same time she’s relieved that she can talk to someone ataşehir escort about it. Jenn listens intently, wanting all the details. Her eyes are wide open as Ari explains that they did more than kiss in his office. Jenn has always thought Mr. Green was attractive, as did several girls in school, Ari not really being one of them. Jenn was jealous, but also really excited for Ari. When Ari was done telling her everything, including the end of the conversation before she left his office, Jenn was speechless. Eventually she spoke.

“I can’t believe that. That’s a fantasy come true. I’m so jealous of you Ari. So what are you going to do next time you see him? I mean alone that is.”

“I don’t know, Jenn. I’m not sure what came over me today, but I’m not like that. It just happened. And I really liked it, but I don’t know if we should do it again. I don’t even know if he would want to do it again,” Ari looks down ashamed of herself.

“Oh Ari, you’re 18 and you’re not his student. Plus you’re hot, of course he’ll want to do it again. So are you gonna? You need to tell me all about it if you do. I think that’s so sexy. If I could then I would have sex with him.”

“I don’t know Jenn. I mean I know I’ve had sex before, but only with boyfriends. Wont I be a slut if I have sex with a teacher! Plus, I don’t know if he’d have sex with me. Really, maybe he’ll realize what we did was wrong,” Ari says, her eyes tearing up.

“Come on, what’s wrong with you? You know he’s been into you since last year when you took his class. Everyone could see it. It’s no secret he wanted you, but I never knew you were into him”

“Well that’s because I didn’t know it either. I mean I didn’t go in there thinking anything of it, I just planned on giving him the letter back to mail it out for me. Then it was so strange, I felt like if I didn’t do something I would be so disappointed.”

“Well I think you should try to see him again. You obviously enjoyed yourself, so why not try more?”

Ari shrugged, not sure what she should do, but knowing that she was very interested in seeing Mr. Green again. They pulled up to Ari’s house without another word about Mr. Green. As she opened her door, Ari made sure Jenn wouldn’t share her secret with anyone, and Jenn promised not to, but suggested that kadıköy escort Ari really consider seeing Mr. Green again.

Ari had a tough time getting through her homework that night, constantly thinking back to sitting on Mr. Green’s desk, and about the taboo things they did together. Finally Ari decided that she would stop by Mr. Green’s office again, this time during school, in the hopes that she could control herself knowing that people were passing by constantly. Ari went to sleep early, making sure she would be up early enough to find something sexy to wear. She wasn’t expecting to do anything with him, but she still wanted Mr. Green to think she was sexy. She decided on a low cut halter top and a tight pair of low-rise jeans, allowing her thong to be seen. She was told by a few guys how good she looked, and she hoped that Mr. Green agreed. She waited for him to walk into his office before she went and knocked on the door.

“Hi Mr. Green. I brought my letter back,” she said while slipping inside his office but leaving the door open.

“Well thank you very much Ari. And I’m sorry I bumped into you and Jenn yesterday. I should pay more attention to where I’m going,” Mr. Green said, stuttering.

“It’s okay. We didn’t see you either. But it was no big deal. So I guess I just wanted to give this back to you,” she says placing the letter on his desk and turning to leave.

“Look Ari, we need to talk, but I’m not sure that now is the time or place.”

“Well I don’t know why this wouldn’t be the right place,” she said with a laugh.

“Please Ari, I do want to talk to you. You should know by now that I think you’re a pretty girl, and an outfit like that does nothing to change that thought. But I’m a teacher, and you’re a student, so I don’t know if we should do that again.”

“Mr. Green, I know what you’re saying. I’ve thought about it too. But you know that you’re not my teacher, and I’m 18. So really, it shouldn’t be an issue. But if you don’t want to, we can stop,” she says, hoping he falls into her last minute plan.

“Now, don’t do that to me. You know it’s not that I don’t want to. I just wonder if it’s a good idea. I feel like maybe we should just calm down a bit, that’s all.”

“Well, okay.” She says and walks around his desk, leaning over bostancı escort bayan him, letting him see down her top, she whispers to him “Too bad, I really wanted you to fuck me.”

His mouth dropped open slightly and he managed to whisper back, “Go close the door Ari.” She followed his instruction and while closing the door she smiled to Jenn who had made it a point to hang around by the door to see what Ari had to say. She didn’t expect to see a grinning Ari shut and lock the door, but she walked away, happy for Ari. As Ari turned back towards Mr. Green’s desk, she saw him approaching her, with lust in his eyes. He reached her quickly, pulling her to him and kissing Ari’s neck. She began to moan into his ear, encouraging him further.

She stepped back from him and unbuttoned her jeans. She knew they didn’t have long, and although she wanted to enjoy this, she knew she had to be quick. She let her jeans drop to the floor and stepped out of her sandals and jeans. She then moved to help Mr. Green with his belt and pants. He followed her lead and slid his shoes off, then stepped out of his pants. She took his hand and led him over to his chair. She sat him down and straddled his lap, guiding his cock into her wet pussy. She started moaning and bit down on his neck to muffle the sound. They could hear students walking past the office and Ari felt herself getting wetter knowing that getting caught was not unlikely. Soon Mr. Green started raising his hips to thrust harder into her. His breathing was ragged as he felt himself getting closer to cumming.

“Ari, I’m gonna cum. Climb off.” He helped guide her off of him and watched her drop to her knees. She then took his throbbing cock into her mouth to finish him off. She didn’t have to wait long to feel his cum flood her mouth. She swallowed what she could, letting a small amount drip out the corner of her mouth. She stood up and wiped the remaining cum from her lips and licked it off her fingers. Mr. Green again sat Ari up on the desk and sucked her clit into his mouth while thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy, waiting for her to orgasm, which didn’t seem like it would take long. She bit her lip to quiet her moans as she reached an amazing orgasm. Mr. Green stood up and helped Ari off the counter. He then handed her a tissue to clean up enough to walk out into the hallway. They both got dressed and Mr. Green kissed her deeply before letting her out to head to class. As Ari walked down the hall she ran into Jenn, who could tell by that same smile that Ari took her suggestion about Mr. Green.

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