A Pantyhose Town Ch. 02

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This story takes a bit to get to the action, so just go with it during the setup. Each chapter is written as a stand alone story, so reading previous chapters is not needed to understand this chapter. If you have read any of the other chapters, feel free to skip the section in italics. It is in each chapter as setup for the environment of the story for those who haven’t read those other chapters.

Imagine if you will a society that did not regard sex as negatively as yours does. Abstinence only sex education was laughed at and teen pregnancies rarely occurred. Stores that openly sold lingerie, sexual stimulants and toys were found in every town and city across America. How you dress didn’t label you a tease, slut, whore, or any of the other terms you might use. Rarely did anyone complain about lingerie being uncomfortable since every company’s primary interest was in making comfortable clothes. The more comfortable the lingerie, the more likely people are to buy it. Cable and satellite companies only required a photo id when you first set up your account to add free adult channels, with child safety features added in to prevent exposure to kids if desired. Entire communities could be found that centered on an open sex policy. About the only thing that is still a no-no is sex with minors, defined as being under the age of 18, though that isn’t as common either. It sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Welcome to my world, a world where all of the above is true.

I live in a town in Southwestern Missouri. With about 12,700 people, it has a nice cozy atmosphere to it. Everyone is friendly, the crime rates are low, the environment around town is clean, and we even won an award last year for being the second best town under 25,000 people in Missouri to live. We have one additional aspect to our town that has been beneficial. It has helped create a thriving company in town and created a healthy level of tourism in our town. It can be described by just one word…pantyhose.

Remember how I mentioned about entire communities being centered on an open sex policy? Well, our community is made up of pantyhose enthusiasts. Not that many people live in the town that aren’t. Dress codes don’t have to include pantyhose because everyone loves wearing them already. The factory is a major manufacturer of a popular and well respected line of pantyhose. People who enjoy pantyhose flock to visit the factory like chocolate lovers flock to the Hershey’s factory. The men in town not only love seeing pantyhose, they openly wear pantyhose. Pantyhose parties are a normal part of life here. Pantyhose sex parties are just as common. We even run an XM radio station devoted to pantyhose. If you love pantyhose, this is the town to live in.



With a startled reaction, you turn towards the noise. “Huh??”

“Jeeze Mary, spacing out a bit are we?”

You finally narrow down who is talking. “Sorry Vanessa. What did you need?”

“Can you hit the locks for me? Someone in my tour group wants to visit the other side.” Vanessa turns her head away from you and nods towards a gentleman standing near the middle of a group of about 12 to 15 people.

“Ma’am, my wife decided she would like to go too.”

Laughing, Vanessa turns back to you and responds, “Make that a couple Mary.” You collect the money for admission to that side and then lean over and hit a button labeled “Adult Unlock” and sit back in your seat.

“Thanks Mary. Okay, you two can go ahead and head into that section of the museum. The rest of you will follow me.” She points towards a door labeled “Private” before continuing. “Now, we will be starting our tour with…”

You watch the couple head through the door before hitting the button labeled “Adult Lock”. You think back to when the security company helped install your current system. It had to of been about six years ago. Thinking a bit harder, you can even remember what you were doing that day. That was the day you signed paperwork for your promotion, if you can call it that. It wasn’t so much an advancement as it was a desire, though your pay did go up.

For two years before that, you did what Vanessa is doing to help pay off your way through college. Looking down the hall, you can see the last of her group walking into another room. You ran tours through the museum. It sounds simple, but then you have to consider what the museum was about.

Vanessa should be talking about the early history of tights right about now, maybe starting up about what makes tights different than other forms of hosiery. Depending on the crowd, the tour can range from twenty to forty minutes in length. You always enjoyed giving the tours. Your own love of pantyhose made it easy to give the tours. But after two years of hearing stories about the “Adult” side of the museum made you want to know more. You talked to the boss, and after a few days of persistent bursa escort questions, you were given a tour.

You’re eyes were opened in a different way that day. It looked similar to what you were used to seeing, but you walked in to see real girls instead of mannequins. Yet there was more. As you were given the tour, you came to a section that discussed the sexual role of stockings and pantyhose. As you looked around, you saw Deanna, one of your fellow tour guides. It was supposed to be her day off, as she was only a part time employee. Walking up to her, you saw that she was sitting in a chair masturbating with a stocking on her hand.

“I thought this was your day off,” you said to her, causing her to open her eyes to you, “so what are you doing here?”

“Hey Mary. They finally brought you over here. Cool.” She responded, her hand still moving. “Sorry I lied to you. I work full time, splitting my shifts between running tours over there and working back here.” Pulling her hand out from between her legs, Deanna stood up and walked over to you, bringing that same hand up to your face. “Smell that Mary. A few more minutes and that would be soaked.”

Just as you were about to protest that sudden action on her part, you took a deep breath. That was the first mistake. As you breathed in her scent, mixed in with the scent of nylon, you closed your eyes. You could feel your eyes rolling back in their sockets. The smell was intoxicating, and when you opened your eyes again, you found yourself holding her hand and licking her fingertips. The behavior was totally unlike you, but at that moment, you didn’t care. The taste was accentuating the smell, and the only thought on your mind was the desire for more.

With a giggle, you heard Deanna speak up, “I think someone is enjoying herself. Come here.” Deanna grabbed your hand and pulled you back over to the seat she had been sitting at. Thirty minutes later, you had signed the paperwork for working in the adult section of the museum. You signed a deal similar to what Deanna had, allowing you to split your shifts between both sides depending on what was needed. At first, you spent more time on the normal side, at least until they were able to hire and train a new tour guide. Then your time was more evenly split. When given the option, you often choose the adult side. Working there opened your eyes to new options. After finishing college three years ago, you were offered a promotion, putting you in charge of scheduling and training new hires. A year ago, you were offered an assistant manager position, which is where you are today.

Looking at the clock, you see that Vanessa is probably hitting the beginning of pantyhose with her group. As a few more people enter the museum, you pull your hand out from between your legs. Thinking about that day with Deanna always does that to you. Taking money and signing the customers up for the next tour, you remember all the fun you had with her as she showed you the ropes for working on that side of the museum. Getting on the intercom system, you call out a reminder to all customers that the final tour of the day begins in 15 minutes.

After Vanessa returns with the previous group, she takes the final group on their tour. Beginning the closing procedures, you put up a sign advertising closing time in thirty minutes and no more tours. You’ve done this so many times that you go through the motions without even looking at the guide sheet. Thirty minutes passes quickly, with you locking the front doors. You can hear Vanessa down the hall, and estimate that she has about five minutes left, so you grab a seat by the door. One person tries to get your attention from the outside. Unlocking the door, you ask what they need only to find out they are picking somebody up. Not recognizing the name as an employee, you figure they are on the tour and tell the person that they should be done in a few more minutes. With a thank you, the person goes back to their car.

Vanessa soon brings the tour group back to the front, answering a few questions along the way. With a smile you stand up and unlock the doors to let them out, thanking everyone for stopping by and reminding them that proceeds from the upcoming fashion show next month will help pay for some renovations to the museum. You get a few thanks for that as the final people leave. Locking the door, you turn to see Vanessa sitting behind the front desk with a tired look on her face. “That was a busy day. Good job handling everything Vanessa.”

“Thanks Mary. I hadn’t realized how much of a difference it makes when one guide is sick.” She takes off her heels, massaging the underside of her nylon clad feet. “My feet feel so sore. These small heels aren’t bad for normal days, but on days like this, they are torture.”

“That’s why I began keeping a pair with shorter and wider heels in my locker. Less arch and more stability made it easier bursa escort bayan on my foot. I’d also suggest looking into some support inserts. I used to get some and then cut them to fit the shoe if needed. Trust me, it helps.”

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll have to check that out this weekend. Well, I’m off to do my walkthrough.” With her heels off, Vanessa stands up and walks back through the museum to check for any stragglers.

You sit down behind the desk and continue working. Once finished here, you grab some paperwork. Vanessa comes out from the backroom and heads to the front door. Grabbing the rest of your paperwork, you meet her at the door to let her out.

“Okay, all clear. Mary, I had one question for you.”

“What’s up?”

Vanessa has a quizzical look on her face, “What’s through the adult door? I keep getting questions about that, and I’m not sure how to answer that.”

You laugh, much to her surprise. “I asked that once myself and you know what I was told? I was told to just answer ‘It’s another fifteen dollars to visit that side. Just stop at the front desk and they can help you.’ and to leave it at that. For the most part, after getting that answer two or three times, they will leave you alone. Now, you do receive a discount, but unfortunately for you, because it is an adult section, you have to be 18 years of age to go in. Give it two more months, and if you still want to know, come see me on your day off and pay the fee. I’ll take you through myself.”

“Really? That would be great Mary.”

Stopping her at that point, you continue. “When I first worked here, I spent my first two years of college running tours through here on evenings and weekends before I set foot in that area of the museum. I’m not suggesting you wait that long, but I would suggest that at your age, you’ll make a better impression on the boss if you don’t rush to see that side. Spend a few months after turning 18 becoming a good tour guide first. You’ll have the summer to do that anyway. If you are leaving town for college, go on the tour then instead of right after your 18th birthday. Trust me on that.”

Vanessa almost as an amused look on her face, as if another adult is telling her stuff she doesn’t want to hear. Yet, after a few seconds, her look changes a bit. “Actually, that makes sense. Thanks Mary. I better go home so my parents don’t worry too much. Have a good night.”

“You too Vanessa,” you call out as she walks away from the building. Closing the door, you lock up. Funny how she asked about that after you had been thinking about your first time. As you walk over towards the office door, you hear the employee exit door from the adult side of the museum slam shut. Setting your paperwork down on the front desk, you decide to do your final walkthrough now.

Entering the adult side, you begin down a walk you are quite familiar with. You go to each station and make sure everything is in place. As you get to about the halfway point, you hear some noises. Figuring that some employees are still around chatting, you continue what you are doing. Getting closer to the noise, you hear some giggling and muffled noises. A few more turns and you realize what the noises are. Some employees left several monitors on. Meant to show various examples of hosiery in media, one shows fashion shows, another shows clips from TV shows and movies, while a third shows pantyhose pornography. As you are walking over to where the switches are at, you notice some new material being shown. Realizing how long it’s been since you’ve been in here, you take a seat in one of the three recliners set up in this room. Originally for decoration, management quickly found that they needed to be included on the regular cleaning schedule. Feeling a bit horny, you sit in front of the pornography monitor.

The clips look new. It shows two women sitting dressed on a couch. But looking closer, you realize that underneath their normal clothing they are dressed head to toe in pantyhose. They are sitting there rubbing their hands along their bodies before one of them reaches over to help remove the other one’s skirt. You watch as they undress each other from their normal clothes, revealing nylon clad bodies. As they rub their pantyhosed hands all over each other, you find your own hand going down between your legs. The girls lay down on the couch, one on top of the other, rubbing their entire bodies against each other. As your hand rubs the pantyhose stretched tightly across your thighs, one girl gets down between the legs of the other one. With her face planted between the other girl’s legs, she rubs her face around, her tongue sticking out. Her other hand reaches up and slides underneath the waistband of her partner’s pantyhose, reaching down to run them against her pussy. The other girl massages her own breasts.

Suddenly, the clip changes. This time, it shows a single escort bursa girl sensually putting on a pair of pantyhose. Once she finishes, she stands up and moves around a bit before sitting back down. You then notice the pile of nylon on the bed. Grabbing another pair, she once again begins to sensually put them on, this time over the other pair. When she finishes, she grabs a pair of pantyhose, this time with a hole in the crotch, and puts this pair on over her upper body. You watch, your hand moving between your legs, as the girl puts on pair after pair, sometimes stockings, sometimes pantyhose. After the sixth pair, both top and bottom, she pulls a stocking over her head. Then, from off camera, a gentleman walks into view with what looks like a rather large stocking. You watch as he proceeds to help the girl into the stocking. As this is done, you realize that it has a hole at each end and extends the entire length of her body. A pantyhose tube. You’ve seen pictures of these online before, but haven’t had much lucking finding out how to get one.

As the clip once again changes, you stand up. You head to another spot in the museum where some toys are hidden. Grabbing a vibrator, you head back to your seat and watch the clips, grabbing a stocking on the way. You’ve seen this one before, a portion of a larger movie that involves a teacher and her student. Sliding the vibrator into the stocking you grabbed, you undo the long skirt you are wearing and slide it down a bit. Grabbing the waistband of your pantyhose, you lift it up and slide the vibrator underneath. Once the tip reaches your clit, you turn it on and hold it in place. While the teacher uses her student to demonstrate how to lick clit, you feel the pleasuring feelings of the vibrator flowing through your body. You move the tip around a bit, feeling the nylon sliding against your body, the feeling of which you’ve enjoyed since you were a little girl. The student sits on top of the teacher, her hands grasping her petite breasts. She lets her teacher’s hard manhood slide inside her, in and out, in and out, her stockings gripping his thighs as he holds onto her waist.

The clip changes again, this time showing an elegant woman in stockings masturbating to a video of two lesbians covered head to toe in fishnet bodystockings. When the woman slides a dildo inside, you move the vibrator down and position it for insertion. The video shows her pulling it out, then back in. It takes a few seconds, but you soon match the tempo set by the video. Within a few seconds, the nylon encasing the vibrator is moist from your own fluids. The nylon rubs against your inner walls as you rub the tip of the running vibrator back and forth against your g-spot. You’ve long known how to hit the spot that sends your body through waves of pleasure. As you watch the woman on the video prepare to orgasm, you relax your own body a bit. When she hits her peak and releases, so do you. You’re body shivers as your orgasm occurs, accentuated by the nylon covered vibrator pressed deeply against your g-spot. Reaching down with your other hand, you play with your clit, you’re body in such a moment of pleasure that you can’t think straight.

It seems like it lasts forever, but in reality, the orgasm lasted less than a minute. A previous boyfriend thought it was strange that you lasted so long, but as long as you can remember, you’ve never had fast orgasms. At first, you’re body was just plain sensitive, and reacted strongly to stimulation while being slow to deliver. Over time, and with much practice, you’ve been able to control you’re body so that you can last longer during sex.

Losing focus on the monitor, you catch it again just before it switches to another clip. As it does, you pull the vibrator out from between your legs and fix the recliner. Sitting there, looking at the soaked nylon covering the vibrator, you turn it off. Then, in a move reminiscent of a porn star, you slide the entire piece into your mouth. Sucking what you can off, you pull it out and lick it clean. It may seem odd to some, but you’ve long enjoyed the taste of cum, both from men and women. That is directly a result of your second boyfriend, who insisted that you let him go off in your mouth one night. It only took one taste to enjoy it. Once you have cleaned off as much as you can get, you stand up and reposition your clothing, sliding your fingers down for one more feel of yourself. When you do, you can tell that your body is ready for more when you feel yourself dripping some more fluids. With a smile, you decide to personally wash the toy and stocking at home tonight.

Shutting off the monitors and the DVD players connected to them, you shut off the lights and finish the walkthrough. Once back at the front desk, you grab your paperwork and head to the office to finish up. Ten minutes later, you are locking up and heading to your car, the nylon encased vibrator still in hand. Sitting down, you are unable to wait any longer. It gets turned on low and slid inside, where it gently pleasures you as you begin the drive home, where it can be unleashed on your body in a more private setting.

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