Spying on Kristen Ch. 02

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From Kristen’s diary:

I woke trembling this morning, because tonight was to be the night of my greatest and final humiliation at the hands of my math tutor, Mr. Culp. In the last three months, he has felt me up, manhandled my boobs, licked my pussy and made me come. He’s spewed semen all over my tits, in my hands and in my mouth. But he hadn’t fucked me. He was saving that for last, after my grades had gotten good enough for the $10,000 music scholarship I need to go to college.

We were to meet at the Lakeside Motel, where he’d rented a small secluded cabin by the lake. No one would be able to hear us. No one would be able to see us. He could do anything he wanted with me and to me, but in a few short hours it would all be over forever. I’d never have to see the slimy old bastard again.

My heart thudded dully in my head and my throat was so dry I could hardly swallow (and I knew I’d need to later) as I approached the cabin, dressed as he asked: thigh-high black leather boots with four-inch heels, short black leather skirt, skintight black sleeveless satin cowl-neck blouse, a choker necklace of bright white pearls. He wanted my hair loose and wild. But more than anything else, he wanted to be the first man ever to shove his fat, drooling cock deep into my pussy. I would have cried, but I had no more tears left.

As I approached the cabin in the cool twilight, I could see a man’s silhouette outlined through the curtains, sitting in a chair by the window, his chin in his hand. He had lit candles and placed them everywhere. I could also make out the outline of a champagne caddy by the bed, two frosted flutes on ice as well.

When I got to the door I could not bring myself to knock. Mr. Culp told me that if I didn’t go through with it, he’d go to the scholarship people and claim that I’d seduced him in exchange for the grades, that I’d done no work at all, and that would be that — $10,000 and my college education gone to the sky. My body wracked with dry sobs for a moment as I contemplated what he had in mind for me, as the memory of his salty hot cock flared on my tongue and I almost gagged. Finally, I raised my little white fist and knocked gently, hoping he wouldn’t hear.

A moment, and then the door opened slowly, a man’s shape black against the candlelight.

“Mr. Culp,” I whispered, “please don’t make me go through with this.”

“You won’t have to, Kristen.”

My head snapped up in wonder and my heart stopped for a second. My stomach fluttered, confused with relief, confusion and shame, because the man standing at the door wasn’t Mr. Culp. It was my father.

“Jesus!” I cried. “Dad! You almost gave me a heart attack!” After my head stopped reeling, I asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Come inside,” he said.

The room was designed for a romantic rendezvous. A wide, thick, sheepskin rug sprawled in front of a fireplace, unnecessary in the late spring. Besides the candles and champagne, the queen-sized bed had been made with black satin sheets, paintings of sunsets and gentle rolling hills hung from the walls, and in the center of it stood my dad, dressed in a black turtleneck, black jeans, black espadrilles and socks. He gestured to a red file folder on the desk.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Your e-mails and diary,” he said. “I have a confession to make, darling. I found out what that son of a bitch was doing to you and I read your files.”

I cried out and looked away, my cheeks blazing with shame.

“I printed it all out and tracked the bastard down,” Dad continued. “I explained to him that I was willing to put it all before the school board and the press. I told him that unless he resigned, and soon, he’d never work again, his wife would probably castrate him with a blunt knife, and we’d sue him for everything he was worth and more besides. If he knows what’s good for him, he’s quit already.”

“You spied on me?!”

“You couldn’t just expect me to stand by, could you? Not after what he was doing. If you prefer, though, we can go to the school board anyway. He deserves it.”

“NO!” I barked. “Jesus, I just want this to be over. But why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me at home?”

“Because Culp and I had our little chat about an hour canlı bahis ago, just as he was almost finished setting this up,” Dad said. “I’m sorry for spying, but would you rather have gone through with–“

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “I’m sorry, Dad. I wish you’d told me.”

“There wasn’t time.”

“Thank you,” I said, opening my arms for a hug. Dad seemed reluctant at first, and when we embraced I found out why. His cock was as stiff as a brass bedpost, and it burned against my pussy.

“Dad!” I snapped, surprised.

“I can’t help it, honey,” he replied. “Reading all that graphic description you wrote made me hot. Don’t worry. It’ll go away soon.”

What surprised me more was how turned on I was by it, that I could make my father get hard for me.

“Maybe I don’t want it to go away,” I said, looking up at him. “At least I know it’s because you love me, not because you want to humiliate me and lord your power over me.”

He tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him go.

“Kristen …”

“Please, Dad? Please?” I brought my face close to his. “I always wanted my first time to be with someone who really loved me,” I said, even as part of me shrieked “What are you doing!?” at the back of my mind.

“We should just stop this and go home,” Dad muttered, but he wasn’t letting go.

We stood together, Dad and I, suspended in the moment, lust crackling between our bodies and unable to let go. This was the point of no return. If either of us took one more step the other would follow, and we would dive deep into a maelstrom of incestuous passion neither of us had ever intended. Unless one of us took a step back, we’d end up in bed for sure.

Dad brushed a wisp of my hair out of my eyes. “My beautiful girl,” he whispered.

How different is a kiss when you want it! I brought my lips closer to his even as he dipped his head down to mine, and the kiss, ardent and torrid and slow, oozed down my spine and through my body like glowing lava. Once his tongue met mine, we melded together as one. I began to mewl in his arms, to grind my groin against his.

“Not a word to anyone,” he hissed as his teeth ran the length of my neck.


Dad’s hands ran all over my body, reveling in black satin softness. When his palms brushed the underside of my breasts, I moaned into his mouth. Our lips parted and Dad began to nuzzle my neck with his teeth. His love bites felt like lusty little electric shocks on my neck, in my ears. He’d pulled my blouse out now, dipped his hand down my skirt, running his fingers along the elastic of my lacy black underwear.

I responded fully to Dad’s caresses, my body aflame with passion and desire. I think every girl wonders what it would be like with her father. He is the first man who ever loved her, after all, unconditionally and completely. We want to be kissed on the lips sometimes, not just on the cheeks. When we think about cocks, we always wonder about the cock that created us, if that moment of conception was rapturous and romantic.

As I had been taught, I slipped my hand between us and squeezed the base of Dad’s dick, the junction between cock and balls. Even through his jeans and his underwear, I could feel hard, glowing warmth all but scorching my fingertips. My probing surprised Dad, and he stopped his eager explorations for a second to give me some room.

“Poor Dad,” I said. “Would Big Dick here like some breathing room?”

Before he could reply, I fell on my knees and unbuckled his belt. I popped the button on his jeans and slowly eased them down. Dad’s dick was a good inch longer than Mr. Culp’s, and I wondered how my untried pussy could possibly take it. But that wasn’t a problem right now. Right now, I wanted to reward the man who had saved me from blackmail and degradation. The prize Mr. Culp would have taken by coercion, I wanted to give to my Dad completely and willingly.

“Oh, Dad!”

It seemed so huge, my Daddy’s dick. It stood out as long and proud as the prow of a ship, its single eager eye glistening with a thick, manly drop of lubrication. I licked it off.

“Kristen …”

I flicked my tongue out again and teased the eye, which produced another salty drop. When I hefted Dad’s balls, they bahis siteleri were close and tight, two cannonballs ready to blast away. I stuck my tongue out a little ways, and licked slowly, tantalizingly to the tip of the shaft. Dad ran his fingers through my shiny black hair.

“I can’t tell you how badly I want this,” he whimpered. “It’s been years …”

I silenced him by taking his cockhead between my teeth; the last thing I needed to hear was how long it had been since Mom gave him a blow job. I had never been able to get Mr. Culp’s dick very far down my throat without gagging, but with Dad it was easy. Even though he had a longer and thicker prong than Mr. Culp, I was able to go almost all the way to the root, and I could do it because I loved my father.

Dad, for his part, was almost convulsing where he stood. He still managed to pull my blouse up; I could tell from the way he kept running his fingers over the fabric that he loved the black satin. Once he found my bra strap, he somehow managed to bend over enough to snap the clasp without choking me. My tits fell free, and they wobbled as I kept gobbling his ever-stiffening prick.

My jaw was beginning to hurt, and I needed a little air, so I stopped for a moment and looked up.

“Like this, Dad?”

“Jesus, honey, don’t stop now!”

I paused long enough to lean back on my hands, thrusting my breasts in Dad’s direction. He dropped to his knees and unbuttoned my blouse, slowly. When it fell away, I shed the bra as well and knelt before my Dad topless, my black leather skirt and thigh-high boots shimmering in the candlelight, the room filling with the thick, rich scent of our combined musk.

Dad dropped to his knees and took me in his arms, kissing me deeply and with love. Now he had full access to my upper body. It was my turn to tangle my fingers in his thick dark hair as he flicked my stiff nipple with his fiery tongue.

“Jesus, Dad! Yes! Yes! Keep doing that!”

Dad paid equal attention to each breast, teasing them, tasting them, mauling them in uncontrolled, joyous lust.

“Oh, Kristen, I love you, love you, love …”

He stopped only long enough to remove his turtleneck, and now flesh ground against flesh as we fell to the soft sheepskin, kissing wetly, caressing each other fervently, squirming in the rapture of our lust.

Now Dad parted the zipper on my skirt, and I lifted my ass off the rug to let him pull it off. I rolled onto my side and posed for Dad in the candlelight, clad now only in the glowing white choker, black lace panties and the boots.

“My darling,” Dad breathed, “I’ve never seen anything sexier.”

I tried various poses out on Dad as he removed the rest of his clothing. I started to undo the boots, but he said, “Don’t.” So I lay on my back and thrust my tits into the air until he was completely nude.

I have to say he had a magnificent body for a man in his forties. Unlike the couch potatoes most of them are, Dad goes swimming every morning before work, and as a result maintains a trim and hard figure. Shadows danced all over his body in the flickering candlelight, and his cock’s silhouette against the wall looked as large and looming as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Dad joined me on the rug and gently pushed me onto my back. I felt his tongue and lips trailing their way up the inside of my thighs until they reached my panties. Dad dug his fingers under the fabric, found the seam, and then, with tantalizing little bites, gnawed through it. Thrilling me beyond description, he slowly peeled them apart, ripped them from my body, and tossed them aside, leaving me clad only in high-heeled boots and choker.

Now, my back against the soft sheepskin, I uttered little moans and cries as Dad found my virgin pussy and began to lick away. Parting my cuntlips with the tip of his tongue, he licked along my slit until he found my stiff little clitty and took it between his teeth.

“Dad!” I cried. “Dad!”

A muffled grunt was his only reply as he licked and bit away at me. Very gently, he slipped a finger into my cunt and moved it around in short little strokes, coming right up to my hymen.

By now I had lost all control of my lower body and pounded my pussy into Dad’s face. bahis şirketleri He kept chugging away like a train engine, snorting and grunting. I pounded my hips faster and faster until Dad found just the right sweet angle.

“Coming, Dad! I’m coming, Dad!” I cried as my pussy let loose, gushing all over Dad’s untiring tongue. I slammed my thighs together, cutting off his air, I’m sure, because suddenly I saw his grinning face pop up at the edge of my vision and felt a skilled thumb press down on my clit, prompting yet another orgasm.

I fell back against the rug, breathing hard, almost to the point of hyperventilation. Dad’s shadow fell over me as he moved up my body and took me in his gentle arms. We lay there in the warm orange-yellow glow of the candles, kissing and folding while Dad gave my heart rate a chance to stabilize. I gently skimmed my fingers along the length of his long resolute erection, keeping it ready for its sweet triumph.

Our eyes locked, Dad eased me onto my back and lowered his body between my parted thighs. I glanced down, and saw his monstrous dickhead dip out of view. I reached down and grabbed it, tilting it toward my eager, sopping snatch. Happiness glowed in Dad’s eyes as he pushed oh so slowly forward, sliding that meaty telephone pole into me inch by inch, stopping right at the hymen, surprising me.

“Dad?” I asked. “What’s going on?”


Then he began to massage my clit with his thumb, making me wet and horny all over again, his stiff prick throbbing inside my wetness, little sparks of lust pulsing along my spine. Dad kissed me again and with a forceful shove broke through the thin membrane and making my eyes bulge out in surprise.

“Ow!” I gasped.

“Give it a minute, baby,” he whispered, and began to slowly move his dick inside of me as small rivulets of blood dribbled from me and stained the white sheepskin.

The pain subsided quickly, and my body took over. I soon figured out Dad’s rhythm, and I fucked back at him, matching my hip movements to his.

“Oh, good, baby girl, you’ve got it,” he wheezed as he began to slide more and more of his dick out of me, and then sliding it back in, with greater force.

“Tight pussy,” he growled as he dipped his head and shoved himself all the way in.

He lifted up a little and his thumb found my clit again. Between his rhythmic fucking and his talented thumbtip, once again I was at the edge of an orgasm, and when it hit I knew what Dad had in mind, because that was the moment I felt his mammoth manhood stiffen inside me.

“Now, Dad!” I cried. “Now! Let me have it!”

My hair splashed into my eyes as my head whipped back and forth in orgasm. Dad’s dick spat singeing jets of sperm deep into my clutching womb. He pulled out and shoved in again, triggering another round of coming for both of us.

“Kristen! Kristen!” he cried, his eyes closed tight, his face contorted, all love gone for the moment as he reveled in raving, incestuous passion.

Our arms clamped around one another’s bodies as the passion subsided, but we could not let go, not before our breathing returned to normal. At last, his dick shrinking inside me, we detached and lay panting on the soft sheepskin rug.

“Are you all right?” he said at last.

“How can you ask me that? That was the most thrilling, unforgettable–“

He stopped me with a kiss.

“We just broke every law in the book,” he said. “I shouldn’t have, but–“

“Shut up,” I said. “Don’t ruin this moment. I love you. There is no one who deserves me, deserves this, more than you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied. “You exceeded every fantasy I ever had. And I’m still having them.”

I nestled myself in his arms, and it wasn’t long before we were making love again. I got on top this time, and we took our time, our initial passion spent. This time was for loving and learning, because whatever Dad’s misgivings, I know we’ll overcome them. Whatever happens in the future, we will be lovers as long as we can be, and I know that will bring us closer together than we ever would have been as merely dad and daughter. That night we made love four times, and in the morning twice more.

I’m home now as I write this. My scholarship came through, and I’ll be off to college soon, to study music composition. I want Dad with me. I don’t want to meet anybody else, and I know we’ll find a way to be together, to be in love as only someone with a secret like ours can be.

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