Kim and Me Ch. 06

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You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 5 of “Kim and Me” first.

Kim and I walked into the house, Kim a bit more damply than me. When we got inside, I said, “Petal, if you like, I’ll throw your jeans and panties into the wash so you can wear them tomorrow if you like.”

Kim said “Despite the fact that I think you’re just trying to get my clothes off, it’s probably a good idea.”

“You may want to take a bubble bath and I can prepare some kind of nibbly food or even a full dinner,” I said.

“Okay, you’re definitely trying to get me naked, but for a bubble bath, I’m willing to go along with this idea,” Kim said.

I got a fluffy bath sheet from the towel closet next to the bathroom and handed it to Kim.

I picked up a small bottle from the bathroom counter. “I have several different kinds of bubble bath but I think you’ll like this one.” I opened the bottle and held it under her nose.

Kim sniffed and said, “Ooooh, yes, I do! It’s very exotic. What is it?’

“It’s got several different scents, but the strongest are Tunisian frankincense and amber. I get it down at a little shop in the Pike Street Market. Would you like to try it?” I said.

Kim said “I think I’m going to try this one—” she picked up an orange and lavender bubble bath package from a basket of bath salts “—and save the exotic one for tomorrow.” She looked in the mirror for a minute and said “What would you like me to change into? Since we’re not going out again this evening, I could get into one of those pretty nighties.”

“What makes you feel prettiest?” I asked.

“The white lace one” Kim said instantly. “It holds my breasts up and the friction of the lace on my nipples makes them rock hard when I’m wearing it. And the panties that go with it are crotchless.”

“Are they now?” I said.

“Yes. It makes me hot. I can play with any of my toys with them on and the panties don’t get in the way,” Kim said. In a softer voice, she said “You could fuck me with them on if you like.”

“I like!” I said enthusiastically. “Although I can think of another possibility for that outfit if you like.”

“What’s that?” Kim said.

“You could wear it when we webcam.”


“So you could look very pretty for the admiring audience and you could even play with your big purple dildo.

“”Ohhhh, God!” Kim said. “That would be amazing.”

“Throw your clothes down the laundry chute over there and leap into the bath. I’ll start the laundry and get us something in the way of food and we can figure out what happens next then.”

Kim threw her arms around my neck and said “You’re the most wonderful man!”

I kissed her and said, “The fan club has a lot to do with that.”

Kim gave me a smile full of dimples and headed into the bathroom. As I walked to the kitchen to start digging a few things out of the refrigerator, I heard the bathwater running and then the sounds of the bit of Gilbert & Sullivan that I was rapidly becoming accustomed to Kim singing whenever she was happy. From down the hall, the laundry chute door banged and, a moment later, I heard the sound of the suitcase being zipped open and then shut again. I had just put a tray of frozen pot-stickers in the oven when Kim walked into the kitchen stark naked, carrying the white lace nightie in one hand and the panties in the other. I took one look at her and said “My God, you are one hot babe!”

“Why, thank you, sir!” Kim said with a slight curtsy. She held the lace nightie and panties up to herself and said “See anything you like?”

“Absoposidefilutely!” I said. “Let me see…” I put my hand between her legs and tickled her lips with my middle finger. Kim was still hot and sticky from her session in the car 10 minutes before, so my finger didn’t meet any resistance. Kim said “Ohhhhhh!” and bit her lip.

We stood there in the kitchen almost motionless. Kim had her legs spread and I was standing in front of her feeling her up. After a minute or two of gentle finger-fucking, I said, “The bath awaits,” and pulled my hand away from her pussy. My finger was delightfully sticky and I sucked the tip noisily.

Kim took a deep breath and said “You are pure evil and must be destroyed… and I’m just the woman to do it!”

“Good; I’d hate to think I got a cut-rate demon-hunter.” I kissed her juicily and said “I’m going downstairs to start the laundry. Back in a few minutes.” Kim walked to the bathroom. I heard the water stop running and there was a gentle sploosh as she got in to the tub, followed by a long, ritual “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I smiled and walked downstairs.

Kim’s jeans and panties were on top of the laundry stack, along with the pullover blouse she’d been wearing. The blouse was a cold wash as it turned out, so I set it aside for the next load and sorted out a few pairs of jeans and miscellaneous cotton shirts of my own from the stack and threw them into the washing machine. I picked up Kim’s jeans to add them to the load and felt how wet they’d gotten. I dropped them canlı bahis in and then picked up her cotton panties, which had two small patches of dryness left, off to the sides. The rest of the fabric had gotten soaked. I buried my face in the crotch and smelled the fresh aroma of Kim in full rut. The smell made my dick throb. I threw them into the machine, dropped in detergent, and started the load.

I walked back upstairs and checked the oven timer. We still had another ten minutes for the potstickers. I hollered “Kim, would you like a glass of wine in there?”

Kim hollered back, “I’d love one! What have you got?”

“Oh, you know me; I’ve got some of everything. But I might suggest a Riesling for now. I have an ice wine for late night cheese and cracker mode, but that’s for much later.”

“You sure know how to bowl a girl over! And yes, Riesling’s fine!”

“Thank you, thank you!” I said. I popped the cork and poured glasses of wine for each of us and carried them into the bathroom. Kim was marinating in the oversized tub, framed but not hidden by bubbles. I waited for her to sit up a little, admiring how her breasts came further out of the water when she did so, and handed her a glass, then sat down on the edge of the tub. We clinked and drank.

Kim swallowed and said, “Lovely stuff!”

“I picked it up for us earlier today.” I took another sip and said “It’s very nice. I like the fresh taste.”

Kim inhaled the bouquet for a moment. “Smells almost like pears.” She took another swallow.

I inhaled and said “You’re right. I like this. I’ll have to get some more for next time.” I shifted the glass to my other hand so I could reach into the water and caress Kim’s thigh.

Kim ran her hand up my arm and said “You want to do this again?”

I said “Oh, heavens, yes! I don’t know when I’ve had a better time with someone. I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to do this again.”

“Good. I’ve never had a better time, either,” Kim said. “This is fantastic. I’ve been completely turned on since Thursday.”

I moved my hand up to Kim’s pussy and said “I’m very pleased, sweetie.”

Kim took another sip of wine, leaned back a little, and said “Mmmmm. You really like playing with me, don’t you?”

“Is this some kind of a trick question? Of course I like playing with you! I can’t get enough of you.”

Kim sank down into the tub a little more and put her feet up on the sides of the tub so she could spread her legs. Her pussy was just at the water line, covered with bubbles. She handed me her glass and I set it on the floor. One more sip of wine and I put mine next to it. I teased Kim’s clit for a couple minutes. She started rubbing her nipples and breathing deeply. I said “Would you like to cum again?”

Kim said dreamily “Yes, please.”

I paused my stroking and said “We could wait, you know.”

Kim opened her eyes and said “If you don’t keep rubbing me, I’m going to pull you into the tub right now and drown you.”

I said “Well, if you put it like that….” I resumed my rubbing and Kim closed her eyes again and sank into the tub until her shoulders were submerged. Spreading her pussy lips with my two fingers, I rubbed her clit from underneath with my thumb. Kim started shaking slightly so I sped up a little. She crested quickly and noisily and made a deep throaty noise for about 10 seconds. Kim grabbed my wrist with both hands and pushed my hand away and said “Stop, stop, stop!”

“I’m simply dazzled at how big you cum. And how often,” I said.

“It’s you,” Kim said.


“It’s true. Ever since yesterday afternoon, as soon as I cum, I feel like I should count to three and do it again. I keep throbbing and leaking. It’s just obscene. I love it!”

“I feel about the same, Kim. I’m in massive and total lust with you.” I sighed. “Are you done in the tub?”


“Good. If you’ll get out, I’m going to get in for a couple minutes, by which time the potstickers should be done.” I stood up and started taking off my shirt.

Kim said “You’re making potstickers?”

“Yes,” I said, “frozen ones. If you’d like tea with them, we can brew a pot, then eat potstickers and we can see who’s on the net at this point.”

“You treat me very nicely!” Kim said. She held her hand out to me and I helped her out of the tub. She looked incredible, too. Kim was all wet and had blobs of foam all over her. Her nipples were erect and her pussy lips were slightly distended. Her mound, always a little plump, looked very full. I set my shirt on the counter and picked up the towel. Kim raised her arms and I started drying her off slowly. It took a few minutes and I made sure everything was completely and carefully blotted dry. Kim approved of my attention to detail very audibly.

I finished undressing and got into the tub. I ran a little more hot water. Kim was standing naked and pink next to the tub. She knelt down by the side of the tub and handed me my wine from the floor. I said “Thank you, honey, you bahis siteleri treat me very nicely, too.” Kim picked her glass up and leaned over to me and whispered “Do you need my help washing?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Oh, I’d hate to think that you weren’t clean from head to toe. Or from your stern to your stem.”

“Yes, sweetie, please.”

Kim trailed her hand down my chest and washed my stomach with the flat of her hand. She moved lower and rubbed above the base of my cock, which was sticking up slightly above the water. Kim slid her hand down the front of my thigh and then up the inside of my thigh until she was cupping my balls. I felt her fingers slide down until they were pressing against my asshole. Kim pressed up a little and my prostate throbbed in response. She moved her hand back up and snaked it around my cock.

I said “Oh, yeah!” Kim started to stroke my cock. I moved my hips up, fucking into her hand. Kim smiled and stroked a little harder.

Things were feeling very good, but all of a sudden I heard the timer go off on the oven. “Oh, damn!” I said.

“I could take care of it for you and be back in a flash,” Kim said.

“No, I’ll do it; the oven’s annoying and I don’t want to risk you burning yourself.” I stood up and was about to step out when Kim pointed. I looked down and saw a great ball of bubbles on the tip of my very erect cock. It looked for all the world like a big mushroom.

Kim said “You’ve got a bad case of puffballs, mister!” and exploded with laughter. I laughed, too, and shook from side to side to dislodge the foam. Most of it fell off, but I still had a foam beard.

I sighed. “Give me that towel, you evil creature!” Kim handed me the towel, still snickering. I toweled off quickly and headed into the kitchen to deal with the potstickers.

The oven didn’t prove to be any more annoying than usual, which is to say that I got a small burn on my left wrist as I pulled the tray of potstickers out. In response to my “Ouch!” Kim hollered from the bedroom “Are you okay?” I hollered back “Yes, but I am really looking forward to remodeling the kitchen and getting rid of this oven!”

Remembering that I was nude and that part of me was sticking out much further than usual, I moved very slowly and carefully as I set the tray down on a trivet. I arranged the potstickers on a large plate and got out a jar of hoisin sauce and spooned a little into the center of the plate. I had just grabbed a couple pairs of chopsticks and two napkins from the drawer when I heard Kim’s voice at the door to the kitchen say “John?” I looked up… and dropped the napkins.

Kim had put on the white lace nightie. True to her words, it was a tie-around vest in lace with big ties in the front. The ties were clearly straining slightly to hold her breasts in place, which were covered with a frilly lace. Kim’s nipples were dark and engorged and stuck out over half an inch, dimpling the lace. The panties were in a matching lace but it was obvious they were crotchless: there was a diamond-shaped hole where I normally would have expected fabric. Kim’s hairy pussy was framed in lace but not obstructed at all.

The thing I hadn’t expected was that Kim also had on some kind of high-heeled “fuck-me” shoes made especially for bedroom wear. They were some kind of clear plastic with vinyl straps and they had an ankle strap with a large lace bow. Kim stood there with one leg forward and her hands on her hips.

I’d never seen anything so hot and sexy in my life and I could only stand and stare. I realized my mouth was open and I remember thinking “Close your mouth; you look like a fool” and then not being able to close it. I thought “Close your mouth, you idiot!” and nothing happened still. I shook my head a moment to break the spell and woke up a little; then I could close my mouth.

Closing my mouth was about the only thing I was able to do, though. Speech was clearly out of the question. Kim said “You like this?” and I wasn’t able to do more than make a little gasping noise at first. I managed to nod and then said “Yes.”

Kim came up to me and said “You didn’t have to say anything. I already knew you liked it. Look!” She reached down and I felt her touch the head of my cock gently. She brought her finger up to show me a huge, glistening drop of precum. I looked down and saw a splash on the floor where the first drop of precum had hit. As I looked, I could see another drop starting to form.

Kim licked the drop off of her finger and said “God, that’s sweet!” She dropped to her knees in front of me and said “You were interrupted in the bathroom. I’m going to finish you off right here.” She plunged her mouth over my cock all the way to the base. I threw my head back and half-groaned, half-yelled.

Kim held on to my ass and slammed me in and out. I put my hands on her head and pushed hard into her, fucking deep into her mouth. There was no finesse, no tongue-swirling; this was just hard lust filling her up. I started to cum and I didn’t stop thrusting. bahis şirketleri The cum felt like it was flowing out of my cock in a stream: no spurting, just one continuous wave that peaked every so often. Kim slurped hard three or four times and gulped once and there was cum dripping on the floor and I was still cumming!

She grabbed my ass and slammed me forward so that her tongue was tickling my balls and her mouth was wide open and she just held me there. I pressed her head into me hard and arched my back and felt my cum pumping and pumping for another few squirts. Kim pushed on my thighs to let her go and my cock fell out of her mouth. I was slightly deflated and there was cum and saliva all over my crotch, Kim, and the floor. I was still leaking cum but the flood had died down to a trickle.

Kim wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and licked her lips. She surveyed herself and the floor, smiled, and said “We may end up taking a lot of showers and baths in this relationship.” I handed her a clean dishtowel and she wiped her face and chest, then carefully wiped my cock and balls off, blotting the cum out of my pubic hair as well. I knelt down with her and we hugged and kissed hotly.

“God, I love you, Kim,” I said.

Kim said “I love you, too.” She hugged me tighter.

“You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever known. And I’ve known you forever. Wonderful!” I kissed her again and reveled in the smell of my cum on her breath.

Kim kissed me back for a moment and said “I like this, but my knees are killing me on this floor.”

“Uhh, mine, too, actually.” I stood up and helped her up, which was a bit tricky for her with the hot shoes on. “Just a moment,” I said, and I bent down and wiped up the wet spots on the floor. While I was down there, I kissed the insides of Kim’s thighs and ran my nose across her pussy. Yes, Kim was still very hot.

“I think we should go downstairs to my office. I was just about to announce that the potstickers were ready when you distracted me.” I looked down at myself. “But I think I’m a trifle underdressed. Give me one second.”

With a quick kiss, I ran down the hall to my bedroom and snagged a light, short cotton kimono. It had a pretty blue Japanese print design on it and it was big enough to wrap around but didn’t conceal much. But it’d keep me covered and would also block the occasional stray food drip while we ate.

When I returned, Kim said “You look handsome! Ask nicely and you might get your way with me.”

I preened my hair and said “Can I have my way with you, cutie?”

“Okay!” Kim said brightly. “Lead the way!”

“In this case, the way is downstairs.” I picked up the plate, the chopsticks, and the napkins and said “Walk this way.”

“If I could walk that way, I wouldn’t need the straight line.”

We headed down to my office. The house was large enough that I had turned much of the bottom half into my office. The main office area was 22′ x 13′ and I had lined it with 6′ conference tables to create an 18′ desk area, then put the monitors, printers, and other equipment down the desk. I could have several different work areas or even have a second person in working (which happened occasionally). Best of all, though, this had originally been a family room and so there was a second fireplace here (there was another large fireplace upstairs in the living room).

The weather had been good but the night was cool enough that a fire was not a bad idea. I chucked a handful of kindling and a few pieces of presto-log on the grate and then positioned a few chunks of an old apple tree that my neighbors had taken down when it got past the point of reviving. I balled up a few sheets of newspaper and shoved them under the grate and lit them. I turned and said “We’ll have a fire pretty quick.”

I’d set the plate down near the main computer station on the desk. I pulled up a second chair for Kim, who sat down daintily. She took a napkin and spread it over her chest. I handed her a pair of chopsticks and said “Right! You dig in and I’ll show you how this works.” Kim speared a potsticker, dipped it lightly in hoisin sauce, and took a big bite. Around the mouthful of food, she said “Fire away!”

“Okay, then. Here’s the camera,” I said, pointing to a webcam on the desk. “What we do is log onto an internet relay chat area and see who’s on.” I could see Kim trying to swallow quickly to ask me the obvious question and I said “An internet relay chat area is just like a BBS or AOL or CompuServe chat room except that it’s on a server somewhere on the net.” Kim nodded and swallowed and said “Yes, that was it, thank you.”

“Once we see who’s on, we can see where we’d like to log on and then the fun begins.”

“Can you keep the camera off me until I have a chance to get used to this?” Kim said. She sounded a little nervous.

“Of course, sweetie. And before we go any further, I just thought of something since we’re down here.” I took a big bite of a potsticker, then walked into the laundry room and hollered “Just a moment!” Everything in the washing machine went into the dryer. I added a Bounce sheet, washed the smell of fabric softener off of my hands in the laundry sink, then walked back to where Kim was and sat down next to her.

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