Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 02

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The Heart of Ashurbanipal:

All characters are 18 years or older. Historical figures are long dead but have given their approval to appear in this story. Much of this narrative wrote itself so blame it not me. If you are weirded out at any point think of how I felt being forced to write by the damn voice in my head saying ‘they’ll love it’ or ‘no don’t delete it, it’s awesome character development’. You have been warned, so without further prattle on my part here is part two of Spell, Crook and Handle.


*Onsen – Japanese hot spring or resort built around a hot spring


The World Court convened this month and ruled to empower a multinational agency for the preservation of antiquities. With the recent activities of terrorists and the destruction of not just national treasures but sites and artifacts that are considered treasures of humanity. This group will possess the rights to enter any nation under threat and handle those threats with extreme prejudice. A team of handpicked historians, archaeologists and anthropologists have been chosen to aid military forces in rescuing said treasures.

The scientific liaisons have undergone combat training with firearms and basic military tactics. After completing this training these men and women were dispatched to collect and secure specific artifacts that were considered under threat. These relics were marked and sent to museums worldwide with the promise that they would be repatriated when the threat was eliminated. The intelligence community began monitoring for signs of not just threats to life and limb but to historical treasures as well.

At the Heart of the Matter:

I leveled the pistol at my target and carefully squeezed off nine shots. When I had begun this training I had been uncomfortable with a weapon in my hands. Now I was at the range at least twice a week. After that little event in China I was one of the first people chosen for the Antiquities Preservation Taskforce. I had been to Bagdad twice and dropped into Syria once.

Bagdad had been pretty damn hairy but Syria was a fucking nightmare. They had completely underestimated the force we had been sent against. The soldiers managed to turn things around and though they were outnumbered we were the better trained force. I say we because I managed to rank up a few kills during the firefight. You’d be surprised what you are capable of when you are staring death in the eyes.

We managed to secure the relics with little problems after the firefight. I never thought I would ever see these antiquities much less hold them in my hands. There were three of us attached to the military force. We handpicked the rarest of the treasures to rescue and packed them for travel. The team was safely extracted and flown to Zurich. I had a layover there and enjoyed the hospitality of the Swiss government.

The three of us, Professor Tetsuo Watanabe, Doctor Emelia Vanderbloemen and I went to a local watering hole the Old Crow. While we had shared the intimacy of a firefight and the rescue of Syrian relics we knew little about each other. The military teams lived and trained together but the advisors were drawn from an availability pool. The three of us just happened to be free when the call came. So we spent the next few hours swapping stories.

Tetsuo was a short wiry fellow with a light dash of silver in his ebony hair. His eyes were pebbles of jet set in a handsome face with an easy smile. There was something new now that lurked behind his eyes. The hint of fear and pain was deeply etched there and would remain for years to come. I learned Tetsuo was a huge anime fan and he even had a fairly extensive costume collection. You find out a lot about people after a few beers. He invited us to visit him if we ever landed in Japan. He knew the best karaoke bars, onsen and restaurants in Tokyo.

Dr. Emelia Vanderbloemen was a tall leggy German born in the outskirts of Berlin. She was a western Berliner and very proud of her heritage. She was a natural blonde who wore her hair short for practical reasons. When you are venturing around in the wilds long hair could be considered a detriment. She was good looking the way a farm girl or even the girl next door type. She had bright blue eyes and a figure that got her a lot of attention. The top she was wearing showed off that ample cleavage quite nicely. Emelia shared a few interesting stories but I felt she was holding back. So I made a command decision and ordered a round of shots. Three rounds of shots later I was able to coerce one interesting story from Emelia and it was a doozy.

“So we snuck into the museum’s vault and ‘borrowed’ some clothing for the University Halloween party. Everything was fine until the head of the History department saw us and remarked at how authentic our costumes were. We took first place in the costume contest.”

We all laughed and then it was my turn. I was trying to decide what to share when I was ambushed by the pair. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Tell us about China,” Tetsuo said pouncing.

“Yeah, buca escort bayan what REALLY happened,” Emelia asked in that seductive tone. “All the files are sealed.”

“Well,” I said expecting this might happen. “There isn’t much I can share. There are a couple of governments involved in that little incident.”

“Oh there has to be something you can share,” Emelia pleaded.

“There are a few things not covered by the gag order,” I said and watched their eyes widen.

I launched into why we there in the first place. I told them about looking for a first dynasty temple to one of the Eight Immortals. They hung on every word. If it had been any other audience they would have been bored to tears. Until you’ve dug for buried treasure you don’t understand the thrill. Yes it is back breaking labor and requires a ton of patience but it is worth it. I set the stage describing the river valley and the local legends told by the indigenous people.

“They say that a monk that lived in the region centuries ago was able to bind Yaoguai, demons. It was said he was a Taoist sorcerer of the first order and a blood descendant of one of the Eight Immortals. I can say that we did find pottery that dated back to the first dynasty.”

Tetsuo just smiled while Emelia wanted more details. I shook my head telling her I had already pushed the boundaries of the court order. Reluctantly she backed off and took another sip of beer. It looked to me that Tetsuo was lost in thought so I left him to whatever had him enthralled. Emelia looked at her beer and the empty shot glasses and threw up her hands. She surrendered and plopped down some cash to help cover the tab. I watched her make her way with only a hint of a stagger out of the Old Crow. Tetsuo rose to the occasion and waved energetically to me as he followed Emelia out. I wondered if they were going to hook up or if he was just being a gentleman.

“None of my damn business,” I said as I polished off my beer.

“There is a lady looking for you.”

“A lady,” I said looking up at my server in confusion. “What kind of lady? Is she cute?”

“I will let you judge that for yourself,” another voice chimed in. I turned and looked up at the stunning brunette. “May I join you,” the newcomer asked.

“Two more shots, a beer for me and whatever the lady would like,” I said as I pulled out the chair nearest to me.

“Jack and coke,” the lady said as she sat down.

“So, what is one of the Saudi royal family doing in Zurich?”

The first salvo struck her between the eyes and her mask fell away. I took a finger and pushed her jaw up. I sat there as she recovered her composure. Our drinks arrived and she snatched both shots for herself and downed them in quick succession. I took a healthy swig of beer and continued.

“I have been briefed for any and all complications over my last assignment. There was quite an extensive file on your grandfather and his ties with Syria. For what it’s worth, your photo doesn’t do you justice.”

“I apologize,” she said. “I am unaccustomed to dealing with…”

“Is this easier,” I said switching to Arabic. “You may have to speak a little slower but I should be able to keep up.”

“Yes, thank you,” she said. “I have a job offer for you.”

“Well, I am currently my own man,” I told her and she looked at me puzzled. “I am between assignments.”

“Ah, then this opportunity may be quite fortunate,” She replied.

“Who, what and where,” I asked and she rewarded me with a gorgeous smile.

“This is a briefing of the object you are being employed to acquire and verify. There will also be a tactical team going with you to see to your safety. Workers will be assigned on an as needed basis.”

“Let me read this over and I’ll… what?”

“I’m afraid the file and I go together. The object in question is a national treasure and must be treated with great care and your utmost discretion.”

“I suggest we retire to my hotel room so I can look over your offer in privacy,” I said not expecting her to agree.

“Lead the way,” she said as she snatched up the file and returned it to her briefcase.

I walked up to the bar and paid the tab in full. I had to wait for my change so I looked over my shoulder at the pretty young thing. She was the epitome of Middle Eastern beauty. She stood about five foot two with a long mane of silky black hair. Her skin was smooth, dusky and free of blemish. She was stunning and any man her family chose for her would be damn lucky to have her.

The limo ride back to my hotel was not a great surprise. She was after all the granddaughter to one of the richest men on the planet. Though how much longer that would be was in question. I had sat in rapt attention when the press conference was held over the history making discovery by Richard Sterling. He had, if the testing proved true, a cold fusion device he had unearthed in the Egyptian desert. This could change life and history as we knew it. If they could reverse engineer that kind of technology oil producing nations escort buca would be in a world of hurt.

“So are you a virgin,” I asked and her eyes sharpened to laser points.

“How dare you ask me such a question? You don’t even know my name and… damn it you did it again!”

“You are Qadira and you didn’t answer my question,” I replied watching her cheeks flush even more.

“I don’t think that has any bearing on the current situation,” she said.

“True, but it shouldn’t take more than a half hour to read the brief,” I said looking her over blatantly.

“So you are thinking ahead is that it?”

“MMMHMMMM, and by the looks of it we could have an amazing time,” I said watching her blush even more.

We arrived at my hotel and I got out first. I offered her a hand out but she hesitated. I could see her steel herself and then take my hand. I helped her out and she glared at me. Two of her bodyguards followed us up but instead of going to my room we went straight up to the penthouse. I looked at her and she just winked. She had played me and I had fallen for it. I guess that made us even. The bodyguards remained near the elevator while Qadira led me to a cluster of couches and chairs that looked out thru a wall of windows. That wall faced the heart of Zurich and it was a glorious sight. I walked over to the windows and looked out at the wondrous mix of old world and cutting edge engineering.

I heard the pop of the cork as Qadira opened a bottle of wine. I took in her scent and like some sort of sexual bloodhound I was able to identify just how aroused she was. In my opinion it wouldn’t take much to break her restraint. I turned to face her and took the glass from her. I toasted to her and again she blushed.

“You aren’t used to someone being nice to you,” I said low enough for her to hear.

“No, I am not used to such things,” she admitted. “Are you always this bold with women you’ve barely met?”

“Only when they are as gorgeous as you are,” I said then sipped my wine. “MMMM, have you ever had someone fuck you up against a bank of windows?”

“No, it is a beautiful city,” she purred. “Are you offering to violate me and press my tits against cold hard glass?”

“In a heartbeat,” I growled watching the bodyguards carefully. “Let’s get this presentation over with and see what happens.”

She nodded and handed me her glass. Alone, she walked into the bedroom and returned with a laptop. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the top of the line holographic display. I actually went to the Numenor website and priced their top model and it was close to twenty grand. He, Nick Shaw, was like a living breathing Tony Stark and every I.T. guy’s hero. Qadira spoke to the laptop and it produced the files she requested. She asked one of the bodyguards to lower the lights. The holographic display came to life and there hovering near my head was a jewel. There had to be some sort of graphic augmentation because it looked like there was some sort of radiance at its core.

The jewel rotated and I could see it from all sides. The glow at its depths had a definite pulsing pattern to it, just like a heartbeat. I noticed markings at the bottom of the hologram and asked her about them. She explained those were verification stamps from the insurance agent that inspected the gem.

“Are you telling me your grandfather is in possession of such a stone,” I asked and she shook her head.

“Was in possession,” she replied a frown forming on her kissable lips. “A guest took the stone.”

“No shit, who would have the balls to do that,” I asked but she shook her head.

“That is not the issue here,” Qadira said her voice very professional now. “My grandfather has spent a small fortune to find another stone like the one he lost. He believes he has found such a treasure and he wants you to head the expedition.”

“I am flattered, but why me,” I asked and she smiled. She turned and ordered the bodyguards out of line of sight.

“My grandfather pulled quite a few strings to acquire this,” she said and footage that less than twenty people in the entire world had ever seen appeared. “This is China, no?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

Fifteen minutes later the video footage ended and I glared at her. I turned to leave when I felt her hand on my arm. She begged me not to go and at least listen to the offer. I stopped and turned. I faced her and she called out to one of the guards. He reappeared holding a metallic briefcase. He handed it to Qadira and returned to his position by the elevator. He motioned for his partner and he joined him by the elevator. Qadira set the case down and opened it. I was expecting currency of some sort not the small gold ingots. There must have been at least one hundred of them and I half expected to see Nazi swastika stamped on them. I looked at Qadira and she smiled.

“This is a down payment for your services. You will be provided whatever tools and equipment you require.”

“Let me read the files and see what I am getting myself into,” buca escort I said as I sat down on one of the couches.

Qadira brought over the files and sat down next to me. I heard the elevator doors close and knew we were alone. I began to read the files about the treasures just as Qadira upped the offer. I felt her hand on my thigh and her lips on my neck.

“How far are you willing to go to secure my services,” I asked looking over at her.

“As far as is needed,” she purred.

“I hope you swallow,” I said and returned my attention to the paperwork.

As I read the documents and looked at the photos Qadira moved to a kneeling position on the floor. She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. She gasped before she began to seal the deal. I paused when I felt her tongue lick the underside of my erection. I rewarded her with a soft moan as she went down on me. I skimmed the rest of the information and got what I needed as soon as I could. I set the folder to the side and grabbed her by the hair. She continued to work on me as I slide my fingers through her soft silky hair. After getting fully erect she sat back and did the math in her head.

“I’m not sure I can take all of that down my throat,” she admitted.

“Do your best,” I said as I unbuttoned her blouse. “What you have to worry is if you can take all of it in your pussy.”

“You are going to ruin me for my future husband,” she said as she lowered her mouth over the head of my cock.

“Like I’ve never heard that before,” I said and she giggled.

Qadira closed her eyes and licked and sucked as if it had been years since she gotten any. I bent down and helped her out of her blouse and bra. Damn, she had amazing tits and I couldn’t wait to taste them. They had to have been a large C cup bordering on a D. Her areoles were large and dark with cute little nipples that begged to be sucked and bit. I took off my shirt while she had her way with my cock. True she couldn’t deep-throat me but that didn’t diminish the pleasure she was giving me.

I watched as her cheeks caved in and I let out a yelp of pleasurable surprise. Her head bobbed up and down and she licked and sucked for all she was worth. I didn’t even try to fight my orgasm. I warned her that I was getting close. Qadira opened her eyes and looked up at me with that burning hunger that blazed so deep. I kept her gaze even as my orgasm swelled up and came crashing down. I cried out as cum pulsed down her throat. I watched as she swallowed and she smiled once she had achieved her goal.

“Not bad for my first time,” she admitted.

“That was your first blowjob,” I asked but she giggled.

“No silly, that was the first attempt at swallowing. You taste delicious by the way.”

Qadira stood up and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She turned to face the windows, bent over and grabbed her ankles. I leaned forward, grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down to those fine ankles of hers. She shivered when she felt my breath on her soaked pussy. I settled my hands on her ass cheeks as I buried my face between her legs. I tasted her and she let out a squeal of delight. I lapped at her labia and drank just a small spark of her life force. I had learned over the last seven years how to control the demonic hunger.

She whimpered and moaned as my tongue discovered her clit. I licked and suckled her sex as she managed to keep from falling over somehow. I spit on her puckered asshole and teased it with a fingertip to test the waters so to speak. I was pleasantly surprised when she moaned even louder and didn’t complain. I think my fascination began because of dear sweet Lily, my sister. I eased just the tip of my finger into her sphincter and felt her body shudder.

“Please quit teasing me,” Qadira moaned.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I replied as I eased two fingers into her tight little pussy.

“NNNNNNN, no I want it,” she begged as I began teasing both holes slowly.

“What is it that you want,” I asked feeling how her pussy was squeezing my fingers.

“You know, don’t make me say it,” she was shaking harder now. “So close… I’m going to lose my mind.”

“Tell me what you want,” I ordered now.

“UNNNNNN… I am so damn close,” she howled. “Give it to me… give me… damn you… give me your cock!”

I thrust my fingers as fast and hard as I could. I watched her as her orgasm shook her like a leaf in the wind. I took my fingers from her holes, licked them clean and then caught her up in my arms. She looked in my eyes and smiled. I held her until she had caught her breath.

“You taste divine,” I said.

“You are a very mean man,” she growled.

“Tell me that one minute from now,” I said as I stood up with her still in my arms.

I carried her towards the bank of windows and set her on her feet. I lightly touched her shoulders and faced her outward. I then I laid a hand on the small of her back and pushed until her nipples touched the cold glass. She flinched and cried out at the contact. I laid my hands on her hips and tugged until it was stuck out at the proper angle. Qadira lifted her arms up over her head and laid them on the glass in surrender. I stood behind her and teased her slit with the head of my cock. She whimpered and begged until she felt me push forward and slowly fill her.

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