Slave to My Son

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This is a sequel to Slave to my Son’s Bully. You might want to start with that one to understand where Amy and Jessica’s mind sets come from. It picks up after Amy and Jessica have been given to Amy’s son and Jessica’s daughter. Jake and April find themselves reluctant owners of their slave moms. There is incest in this story (obviously), as well as group sex, bondage, humiliation, and a bit OK, maybe more than just a bit) of discipline.

There is also a brief appearance by a character from one of my other stories in here. I put it in because I felt like doing it. I do that occasionally.


Slave to my Son:


Yeah, were April and I shocked when we walked in to Jerome’s Club House. He said that he had a graduation present for us, and it was something that he couldn’t take with him when he left. He insisted that it was something that he needed to give to us, since we were going to be staying around and would take care of it. April and I were baffled. We had no idea what it was, but he had been pretty cool with us lately, so we decided to at least see what it was. It would be just our luck that he would have one last prank to pull on us and saddle us with a large dog. Nope, it wasn’t a dog, but it turned out to be two pets.

“WHAT THE FUCK???” I heard my voice call out.

“MOM??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Rang through my ear in April’s voice.

As you already know, Jerome and his crew told us what was going on. I’m not going to get into all that here. Suffice it to say, April and I took our mothers home with us. That was a very quiet ride back to my house. April and I just sat in complete disbelief at what we had just learned. Mom and Jessica were in the back seat of my car also trying to come to terms with our new reality. Not a word was spoken during the entire trip home. I did notice that they were holding hands when I glanced in the mirror. I also couldn’t help notice that they were both subtly rocking on the seat. We probably should have taken the butt plugs out before we got in the car.

We got out of the car and made our way into the livingroom. This should be interesting. I made my way over to the wet bar and proceeded to get two tumblers with ice and poured a couple fingers of bourbon in each. Yeah, April and I were only 18, but this was what I would call ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’.

“Jake! You are only…” My glare shut mom up before she could finish what she was going to say.

Sitting on the couch beside April, I handed her one of the glasses saying something to the effect of ‘I think that we are going to need this’. She apparently agreed as she downed half of it. Mom and Jessica were standing in front of us, still wearing their short dresses, 4-inch heels, collars, and butt plugs. Yeah, we heard Jerome’s explanation, but now it was time to hear from our mom’s. Mom explained what had happened to start all of this, how it escalated, and how she had come to crave it. Jessica filled in her part as well. What caught April and I by surprise was hearing them tell us how they had become lovers and wanted to stay together. That’s when they hit us with the decision to sell Jessica’s house and have them move in with us – with April and my approval, of course.

April and I left them there as we went out in the back yard. We needed to talk and figure out what the hell we were going to do. We refilled our glasses and sat on the deck. The door was closed, so mom and Jessica couldn’t hear what we were saying.

“What – the fuck.” I breathed

“Yeah. This is totally fucked up.” She replied.

“So. What are we going to do? I mean, I understand that they are now lovers, and I can see the merits of all of us moving in together. What I am having a hard time with is all the rest of the shit. Are we supposed to sexually dominate out moms? I mean, what the hell do we do about that?” I asked.

After a few minutes of silence, April replied. “Moving in together is good. You guys have a bigger house and yard. That’s a no-brainer. As for the rest, I think that we try to forget about it and just move on. We just pretend everything is normal, and they will eventually forget about all that shit. Let them have sex with each other, and they will return to normal after a while.”

That was a good plan. Neither one of us was keen on sexually dominating our moms. We went with that. What could go wrong?


So, Jessica and April moved in with us over the weekend. She put her house up for sale, and life moved on. Jessica was sharing my bedroom, and April moved into Jake’s room. We all meshed together. Oh, there were the occasional ‘Ooops’ moments when Jessica and I would forget that we were actually supposed to have clothes on when wondering around the house. A couple of times either Jake or April would need to remind us that our butt plugs were showing when we bent over to pick something up. Other than that, everything was fine – until…


It had been a few months since the shit hit the fan after graduation. Jessica and I had teach that-bitch porno gotten really frustrated. Sure, we had sex with each other – A LOT, but we began to crave being owned. Really, we tried being good. We tried hard. We even tried taking turns dominating each other. FYI, a total submissive really sucks at dominating. It just doesn’t work. Nothing was working, and after a few months, we were reaching the breaking point.

So, that’s pretty much the situation when April and Jake walked into the home office and found Jessica and I in the middle of writing an ad on Craigslist for a gang bang. The screaming question was from April. Jessica and I looked up startled. We had the deer-in-the-headlights look on our face when we were caught.

“You know what? Don’t even bother answering. It’s pretty obvious what you are doing.” Jake commented.

Before we knew what was happening, Jessica was hauled across April’s lap, while I found myself in a similar position over Jake’s lap. The first few smacks hurt like hell. Neither one was holding anything back.

“Do you two sluts know how dangerous that is?” April admonished.

“Not only could you two sluts get hurt physically, but think of what would happen to our reputations if that ever got out.” Jake added as he was raining blows on my ass.

As I said, the first few blows hurt like hell. The next several began sending lightning bolts to my cunt. Oh, did I forget to mention that Jessica and I were only wearing our collars and butt plugs at the time? As the fire on my ass grew, my cunt became even more of a swamp. I felt myself involuntarily push my butt up as the smacks were raining down. It was around the twentieth smack that I heard Jessica cry out in orgasm. That broke the damn for me as the pain/pleasure washed over me.

“Holy shit!” Jake exclaimed as I was humping his legs. “She just had an orgasm from getting spanked.

“So did this one.” April confirmed. My jeans are drenched from her cunt.”

What can I say? Jessica and I are apparently pain whores. It took a few minutes before my brain unscrambled. When I was finally able to have coherent thoughts, Jessica and I were ordered into the livingroom and to serve our children drinks. Four ice cubes and two fingers of bourbon. Family discussion time. Jessica and I were to have just plain water. Jake and April were sitting on the couch. Jessica and I were instructed to kneel in front of them.

“We’ve seen this coming for the last week. We tried to avoid it and hoped that it wouldn’t happen, but here we are. April and I thought that if we could be as normal as possible, that the two of you would just get over everything and be normal again. Obviously, we were wrong.” Jake began.

“Jake and I have been discussing this situation in case it came up. We really hoped that the two of you wouldn’t make us do this, but it appears that we are left with no choice. You are forcing us to act in order to keep you two safe. You have just shown us that your cunts are overriding your good sense. “April continued.

“That being said, it is obvious that April and I need to take control of you two. Now, here’s how things are going to go from now on. First thing is that the two of you will move out of the Master bedroom and into the large guest room. Once that is done, you will then move our stuff from my room into the Master bedroom. It only makes sense that the Master and Mistress get the Master bedroom. Speaking of which, you are to now refer to us as Master and Mistress. As of this point forward, we are no longer your children. We are your owners.”

“Second rule.” April continued. “You are to be naked except for your collars and whatever else Jake and I decide while you are at the house – regardless of who else is here. If you need to go out, Jake and/or I will decide what you are to wear. You will wear exactly what you are told. Nothing more, and nothing less. We expect that our friends will be over from time to time, and the rules will stay in effect.”

It appeared that they would be taking turns explaining the new rules as Jake spoke again. “Next, you two will be in charge of all the household chores. You will cook, clean, do laundry, take out the trash, all yardwork, and anything else we command. The exception to the above rule is that you are allowed to use an apron while cooking.”

April’s turn again. “Finances. I am going into accounting, so I will be taking care of all the finances for the house. You will transfer all the money you two have into a joint account that Jake and I set up in our names. You will also transfer all investment accounts to us to manage. Any money that the two of you need for shopping or other things will need to be approved by me.”

“Also, since it is blatantly obvious that we can no longer trust the two of you to behave, I will be setting up strict controls on your computer access. Isn’t it ironic that parental controls were developed so that parents could control their kid’s computer use, but now your children win be using it to monitor their parent’s teamskeet porno use?”

April and Jake looked at each other and nodded in an unspoken agreement. Then April turned back to us and gave us the last rule. “We have agreed that we will also be using you two for sex. It could be either of us with either of you, both of us with either, or all of us together. Don’t get the idea that everything will be mutual – it won’t! We are in charge. When we say using, it means just that. We will be the ones using you. We have decided that since you two are slaves and not people, it wouldn’t be the same as cheating. When Jake and I are together, we make love. What we do to you will be just plain fucking. That also goes for any friends that we have over. They will also have free use of you with our approval.”

I think I squirted a bit as I heard that. I did notice a hitch in Jessica’s breath as well.

It was Jake’s turn to conclude. “That pretty much sums it all up. April and I believe that this is what it will take to keep you two from harming yourselves. Keep in mind that this is not a democracy. This is a dictatorship. You have zero say in anything. We make the rules, and you submit to them. Now, you need to decide what you want to do. If you agree, we move forward. If you disagree, April and I will move out and leave you to do what you want. Keep in mind that if we move out, we will cut all ties with both of you. We are not willing to watch as you destroy yourselves, and we do not want to be caught up in it.”

Nanoseconds. A second. Desi-second is a tenth of a second. A centi-second is a hundredth of a second. A millisecond is one thousandth of a second. A nano-second is one millionth of a second. I have heard that the human mind is the ultimate computer. It is capable of receiving billions of simultaneous inputs and processing them almost instantaneously. I firmly believe that all this input was processed and the output delivered within five nanoseconds.

“We wholeheartedly agree Master and Mistress,” Sounded in stereo.

“Good.” Jake proclaimed. “Now, you can consummate the agreement by using your mouths on us.”

As it turned out, I was kneeling in front of Jake, and Jessica was kneeling in front of April. I can tell you that it never even crossed my mind what we were about to do with who. At that point, I was no longer a mother; I was just a slave. I really don’t think that Jessica thought about incest either by the way she dove into April’s pussy. It must not have bothered Jake and April too much either, judging by the way they lifted their hips to make it easier for us to pull their shorts and underwear off.

Damn! I had no idea how big Jake was. True, he wasn’t as big as Jerome, but, then again, who was? I do know that he has at least as big of a cock as most of Jerome’s crew. Thank God that I was well adept at deepthroating big cocks at that point. I think that I surprised him as I pressed my nose into his stomach the first time I took him in my mouth. I kept it there for about -seconds as I milked him with my throat. I then pulled back and began licking his entire shaft as my hand massaged his balls. With the tip of his cock back in my mouth, I began licking the precum off the head. Damn, I loved the taste of him. Now it was time to get down to business. I began applying suction as I bobbed up and down, taking about half of his length each time. About every fifth time, I would take the entire thing down my throat and use my throat to massage his cock. His breathing was getting heavier by this time. I also noticed that April was making some noise as well.

“Damn, this slut is good at eating a pussy.” I heard April moan.

“Yeah, and this one sure know how to suck a cock.” Jake responded.

“Oh, God. I’m close. Are you ready?” April cried.

“OH, yeah. I’m there. Just say when.”


I pulled back as April cried out so just the tip of Jake’s cock was in my mouth. I wanted to taste everything, not just have it shoot straight down my throat. He began shooting straight into my mouth. My taste buds were working overtime as I swallowed as fast as I could. I didn’t lose one drop. I swished the last mouthful around enjoying the taste before a last swallow. I continued to lick and suck for a bit until I was assured that I had gotten every drop. I noticed that Jessica had a big smile on her face as we knelt back up as the kids recovered. Finally finding her voice, April ordered us to begin moving bedrooms.

So, that’s how our children took control of Jessica and me. After that, either on or both would just walk up and take us. I was as likely to find myself face deep in April’s pussy as I was to be bent over the couch with Jake’s cock up my ass. Sometimes doing both at the same time. Of course, Jessica and I continued to be together at night, and occasionally putting on a show for our kids in the living room. There were also frequent times when Jessica and I would be under the table serving them as Jake and April were eating dinner. Of course, punishments were tecavuz porno frequent for the slightest of transgressions.

It was about two weeks later when deliveries began. Boxes that had been ordered from on-line retailers. The delivery people were initially shocked, then very happy when Jessica and I would answer the door. The UPS girl ended up about half an hour behind schedule. The FEDEX guy was only 5-minutes late. I guess being balls deep in Jessica’s ass was a bit too much for him to handle.

The night after the first delivery, Jessica and I were called into the livingroom after dinner. We knew better than to open the boxes, so we had no idea what was in them. Jake and April had taken complete control of everything by that point. Jessica and I had been given garter belts, black seamed stockings, and open-toe 5-inch heels to wear that day. We had also been given orders to be completely shaved from the neck down by evening. So, there we were. We were standing in front of Jake and April as they sat on the couch. Our hands were behind our backs, feet shoulder width apart, backs straight, and chests thrust out.

“We want to let you know that we will be having a pool party and barbeque tomorrow. We will take care of making sure that you are properly outfitted for the party. There will be approximately 20 people here, so we expect you to be on your best behavior.”

Zero to High-beams in… hold on. My nipples have actually never been at zero since probably October. Let’s try that again. Babbling brook in my cunt to full on tsunami in 3.8 milliseconds. Yep, I also heard that longing whimper escape from Jessica.

“Now, to make sure that you two are properly prepared.” April announced as she stood up and pulled a large strap-on and jar of lube out of the box. Both of you kneel down at the coffee table. One on each end.”

Lake and April proceeded to undress as Jessica and I got into position. A few minutes later, April was behind me fucking my ass with her strap-on. Jake was doing the same to Jessica. They had flipped a coin to determine who started with who. They ended up switching four times by the end of the night. Jessica and I were finally sent to bed with huge butt plugs holding two loads of cum inside each of our asses.

Party time with the pets:

It was late morning. The house was clean, and everything was ready for the party. Jessica and I were just wearing our collars and butt plugs. Oh, and all are piercings were still permanently attached. We had been called into the livingroom to get ready for the party. Jack was wearing his board shorts and a tee-shirt. April had on a bikini top and shorts over her bikini bottoms. There was one of the boxes that was delivered the other day sitting on the table.

“OK. So, you two sluts like being submissive pets? Fine. We will make you our pets.” April said.

“Hands and knees, now.” Jake commanded.

OK. Describing the next 15-minutes is very difficult. It’s best to just explain the end results. Jake worked on me, while April fixed up Jessica. We were laid on our backs, while very tight latex was worked over our arms beginning from the elbows up to our hands and shoulders. Our hands were actually touching our shoulders with our elbows bent. I would be thankful later that they had a bit of padding on the elbow. They then did a similar thing with our legs, so our heels were pressed against our asses and padding was resting on our knees. We were rolled over, so we were ‘standing’ on our knees and elbows. Next, they pulled out new butt plugs with furry tails attached. Out came our old plugs, and in went the new plugs. The final details were that our hair was styled to hide our ears, and fuzzy doggie ears were clipped to our hears. Then April got out her eyeliner and drew whiskers on our faces. So, it was a puppy party.

Yes, it is really difficult to learn to walk on your knees and elbows. It took a bit of practice to figure it out, but we got it after several minutes. I snuck up behind Jessica once and stuck my nose in her crotch. It was hilarious as she jumped and fell over off balance. Damn she was soaked. I was too. I had forgotten all about the party as we were getting ready, until the doorbell rang. Then it fit me. We were about to be displayed like this to all of Jake and April’s friends. These were kids that I had known for several years, and had often given them advice. They looked up to me as a respected adult. Now, I was about to be completely humiliated by being displayed as nothing but a fuck puppy. Shit. I almost orgasmed at the thought.

We had our leashes clipped onto our collars, and they led us to the front door. There were four shocked faces staring at Jessica and I after the door was opened. Two guys and two girls. All four had been friends with Jake and April throughout high school. The humiliation was sending sparks right to my cunt.

“What the fuck?” Matt whispered.

“It’s kind of a long story, and I’ll tell everyone about it later.” Jake explained. “For now, let’s just say that Jerome had one last stunt to pull on April and me. Anyway, this is Red (indicating me), and that one (pointing to Jessica) is called Snowy. It should be easy to remember. Red for her red hair, and Snowy has white hair. Why don’t you guys take them out to the back yard to play.” He said as the two girls were handed our leashes.

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