Kay Pt. 03

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None of the characters in this story are real. They are amalgams of people I’ve met and admired, myself, and my rather peculiar imagination.

Day 2

Thorn awoke to the smells of coffee, toast, orange juice, and salt air. Kay was already up and still dressed in the same alluring robe from before. She was arranging breakfast on the table. At the moment, she was bent over the table enough to reveal she still didn’t have anything on under her robe.

“Morning, lover,” Thorn said.

“Hey.” Kay looked back over her shoulder. She smiled at him.

* * *

“Hey,” was a word Kay used a lot when they’d first started chatting online. While she was quick to learn reading and writing English, her original language was French and it had taken her a little longer to become a fluent speaker. Depending on her inflection, “Hey,” could mean anything from “Hello,” to “Oh my god! I want you so bad. You are driving me crazy!”

* * *

“Breakfast smells great,” Thorn said. “Looks good, too.” He pointedly eyed Kay’s scanty attire. “Did you let room service in like that?”

“She didn’t seem to mind,” Kay smiled. “She was very beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

“Hey.” She lowered her eyes.

Breakfast was wonderful. Kay had ordered Thorn’s favorite eggs, waffles and bacon. She had fresh fruit.

“What do you have planned for us today?” Thorn asked.

“Diving,” she said. She pointed outside toward the porch where two sets of diving gear were neatly arranged.

Thorn ate a bit more quickly. He loved diving and loved the Kay had been so thoughtful. While they ate, they talked about the various dives they’d been on.

After breakfast but before they carried the gear to the end of the small dock, Thorn checked out both respirators, the octopi, dive computers, and tank pressures. He hadn’t been diving for a while, but all the old rituals came swimming back up from the depths of his memory.

At the end of the dock, he helped Kay into her gear, put on his own, and holding hands, they jumped into the warm lagoon waters.

It was like jumping into a whole different world crowded with life. Schools of brightly colored fish glided along constantly morphing into new shapes. Sponges and corals grew nearly everywhere. A couple of rays that had been buried in the sand were startled by their arrival and skittered off to another patch of sand a few dozen yards away. Parrot fish grazed on the corals. Orange and black clown fish darted in and out of the stinging tentacles of the sea anemones. Barracuda swam past, showing off their menacing teeth.

Thorn was delighted to be diving with Kay. It has always been one of his favorite hobbies. It was all the better swimming beside Kay with her perfect figure embraced by a tight red one-piece that was both practical and flattering. The suit had no back to speak of, but covered Kay’s rear just enough to tease. In the front, the neck line dipped low enough to show off Kay’s amazing cleavage without worry that she’d have to deal with a sudden clothing malfunction.

They took their time enjoying the reef. Sometimes they just floated and watched the busy sea life bustle around them.

Even with all of nature’s beauty on display, Thorn found his gaze constantly returning to Kay. She was in her element, gliding along with graceful kicks. Behind her mask, her eyes were filled with delight and wonder.

Kay was happy. She’d been diving before, but she’d never seen such a profusion of life before. Having Thorn to share it with meant more to her than she’d expected. For all her romantic nature, Kay was practical. She had to be. As a cam model, she’d met hundreds of men. Every one of them was sure he was irresistible to her. Most told her how beautiful she was, how hot, how sexy. Many professed love. But for the most part, they were in love with the idea they could get the attention of a young beautiful woman. That they could satisfy her in a way no one else could, all evidence to the contrary.

Kay would never deny that she adored the attention. Who wouldn’t want to be told they were beautiful? The tips her admirers sent her triggered her vibrator, allowing her virtual lovers to caress her. She knew other cam models who had twenty or more orgasms a day. She herself preferred edging – being held at the brink of orgasm as long as possible.

She’d started cam modeling, like many other young women did, as a way to explore the feeling of being watched and admired. Her regular job was as a fashion model and designer. That, and an inherent shyness, made her decide to keep her face hidden. She worried that some of the businesses who hired her would be put off by the stigma attached to cam models. She quickly discovered that most of the people she encountered were kind and that the cam model community attracted the usual share of assholes. One of the things she liked about the platform she used was that it gave her the ability to silence and/or ban the jerks from her room. As a result, she attracted izmir escort bayan regular viewers who appreciated her slow teasing, men and women both. They liked her and she liked them in return. She’d become close to several of her visitors, but Thorn was the first she’d chosen to meet in person.

They had actually tried to meet before. Thorn lived near Boston and had invited her to meet him for coffee if she was ever going to be in the area. She did book a photo shoot near Boston and agreed to meet him, but she got cold feet at the last minute. She never went to the coffee shop. At the time, she was sure that was going to be the end of her relationship with Thorn. It wasn’t.

“Like I said,” he later told her in chat. “You were under no obligation. I was disappointed, but I don’t ever want you to do something you are uncomfortable with. I’m happy you are cautious. Maybe, after you get to know me better, we can try again. Next time, you get to pick the spot.”

“How about the Maldives?”

“Even the Maldives – wherever you like.”

Kay later realized that was the moment when she decided that she really would meet him.

Thorn, for his part, had been very disappointed when Kay didn’t show up at the coffee shop in Boston. He wasn’t entirely surprised. Though he hadn’t seen her face, Thorn knew she was beautiful, so beautiful that normally he wouldn’t even consider the possibility she would be interested in him. He didn’t think he was ugly, but he was a good deal older than Kay and he knew she could have her pick as far as good looking men were concerned. Not only that, he knew that many of the people who visited Kay’s room were far wealthier than he was. He’d never been able to match them in tips. That was one of the reasons he’d sought to engage Kay’s attention with his stories. His very first attempt at erotic fiction was for her.

Another part of Thorn was relieved Kay hadn’t shown up. What if she’d found him ugly? What if the age difference put her off? He told himself they would still be friends, but would she want that?

For whatever reason, Thorn has been relatively lucky in love. All of the women he’d been with had been lovely and intelligent. They were all attractive enough to make him wonder at their ability to see past his own flaws.

What Thorn didn’t realize for a long time was that women felt comfortable with him. his first goal wasn’t to get laid. He wanted to get to know the women he met and make them feel good. Ultimately, that’s where he got his pleasure, whether that was accomplished through solace, making them smile, or giving them a great orgasm.

After exploring the reef, the couple returned to the bungalow for a well-earned lunch. It served by a lovely dark-skinned beauty who spoke English with a bit of a sing song accent that Thorn associated with India. Her name was Marie. Her white uniform fit her perfectly accentuating her petite figure. After she laid out their meal, her dark eyes scanned them both and she said, “Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your stay more memorable.” She smiled at them with perfect white teeth, then fixed her eyes on Kay. “I am always at your disposal.”

“Who do you think she was offering to make memories with?” Kay teased.

“You, of course,” he replied. “Who wouldn’t want to make your stay here more memorable?”

“Is that an offer?” Kay smiled.


“Finish your lunch,” Kay said. “You’ll need your strength. I still have a lot planned for you today.”

“I don’t know. I’m pretty old. I might need a nap after that swim and this delicious food.”

“You just want to get me back into bed!”


“Alright, but only because I want you well-rested for later.” She smiled. “You finish up. I need to have a quick word with Marie.”

After a quick shower which included quite a lot of fondling and kissing, they tumbled into bed. Kay snuggled up to Thorn but resisted his attempts to take things further. “Rest now,” she said. “I have something special planned for you later.”

The long dive had taken a lot out of both of them so it wasn’t long before they fell asleep cuddled together naked on the bed.

After their nap, Kay wanted to visit the shops on one of the larger islands. Thorn drove the boat that came with the bungalow to the other island and spent a happy few hours watching Kay shop for some clothes and souvenirs to take home. She’d chosen to wear a shoulder less tube top similar to the one she’d worn the night they met. Regrettably, this one didn’t have the same tendency to slide off her breasts, though it was tight enough that Kay’s nipples were delightfully obvious beneath the thin cloth. She also wore a pair of high-cut bikini bottoms and a loose wrap-around skirt. She insisted on modeling a whole series of sexy outfits for Thorn. He was happy to carry her purchases so he had something to hide his often too obvious reaction to her teasing.

They ate a delicious meal at a restaurant on the island escort izmir and then took the boat back to their bungalow. When they arrived, Thorn was surprised to see Marie there. Evidently, Marie had been busy because the bedroom was lit with dozens of candles and there was a tray with covered dishes set up beside the bed. Sade was playing softly in the background.

“Now it’s time for dessert,” Kay said. “Marie offered to help.”

Kay set Thorn in a chair facing the bed with plenty of space in between. Then she started dancing, slowly swaying her hips in time to the music. She locked her eyes on Thorn’s and ran her fingers across her throat, her lips and her chest. Ever so slowly, she undid the wrap and let it fall to the floor.

Next, by slow degrees, Kay pulled her top down to expose her nipples. She dipped her fingers under the cloth to gently squeeze them and to titillate her breasts. All the while, she kept her eyes locked on his.

Thorn, out of curiosity, stole a glance over at Marie. He wasn’t surprised to see that she was watching Kay with open admiration. Marie had undone the top two buttons of her white uniform and had one hand inside her blouse caressing her own breast while the other was unsnapping her shorts.

Kay turned around and removed her top while Thorn watched her bikini-clad bottom sway. When she turned back around, she was covering her breasts with her hands. Gradually, she revealed bits of her perfect breasts as she squeezed them and brushed her fingers across her nipples. Finally, she was holding her breasts almost like she was offering them to Thorn.

Unable to resist, Thorn moved, only to find that Marie had moved behind him and she held his shoulders down. “No touching,” she whispered in his ear. “Not yet.”

While Kay continued to sway in time to the music, Marie pulled Thorn’s shirt up and off.

Kay nudged one strap of her bikini bottoms off one hip. She moved closer to Thorn until she was almost touching him, her belly button a tantalizing few inches from his face.

Thorn started to lean forward, but Marie’s hands on his bare shoulders gently restrained him. She whispered in his ear again, “Not yet.”

Kay danced backward and nudged the other strap off her other hip. Her nipples were rock hard and her areolas puffed out. She brushed her fingers across them again. She glanced at Thorn’s shorts. He certainly seemed to be enjoying the show.

Apparently, Marie was enjoying the show as well. Behind Thorn, Marie had taken off her own bra to reveal beautiful b-cup breasts capped with stiff chocolate brown nipples. She’d also taken down her thick black hair which cascaded down her back.

Kay still wasn’t entirely sure about including Marie, but when she’d taken the young woman into her confidence about her plans, Marie had volunteered. “What you are doing is so exciting,” she’d said. “Let me help you. You are so beautiful and your man is so handsome. It will be my honor!” The way she looked at Kay from half-lowered eye-lids sent a shiver of excitement down Kay’s spine. Kay definitely preferred men, but that didn’t mean that she hadn’t had the occasional stray fantasy about being with a woman. Certainly, enough women had visited her room and suggested some very interesting activities.

Now, Marie was already half-naked and looking at Kay with unconcealed interest. Kay grabbed a glass of wine Marie had left on the night stand and took a long sip. It helped along the glow of relaxation the wine at dinner had kindled.

As the next song started, Kay slowly pushed her bottoms down until they were as low as they could get without revealing her pussy. She slid her fingers inside and felt how wet she was getting.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can sit her,” Thorn said.

“Hey, this is my night,” Kay said. She dropped her bottoms and kicked them aside. Then she uncovered the dishes on the tray Marie had prepared.

“Oh my god,” Thorn said. He recognized the items. There was a jar of condensed milk and another full of sugar sprinkles. Kay had done a show on her site with those ingredients and Thorn had dreamed about it ever since.

Kay held up the jar of condensed milk and dipped two fingers in. Then she slowly smeared the sticky substance on her right breast.

At the same time, Marie got on her knees in front of Thorn. That was the first moment he realized she was also completely naked. She was beautiful – not, in Thorn’s opinion – quite so beautiful as Kay, but she certainly drew the eye and made the pulse race.

For her part, Marie was practically dripping with excitement. She had always liked both women and men, but most of her relationships had been with women. As soon as she’d first seen Kay, she’d wanted her. When Kay had come to talk to her, she’d felt like she’d been granted a wish.

“I want to surprise my lover,” Kay had said. “I’ve written out what I need.” She handed Marie an envelope.

Marie opened the envelope and scanned the contents. She realized that this izmir escort was her opportunity. “I would love to help you,” she said. “Anything you desire.”

Now, Marie was pulling the shorts off Thorn. He was clearly excited. His eyes widened when he looked at her and realized she was naked. Marie pulled off his briefs, releasing his erection. She smiled up at him and gave him a brief kiss on the head of his cock. She could taste his salty pre-cum.

Kay was, at the same time, pleased at Thorn’s enjoyment and a little jealous. She wanted all his attention on her. Well, she knew how to do that. She picked up the jar of sprinkles and poured a generous helping onto each breast.

Thorn had told Kay many times that she had perfect breasts and he meant it. They were gravity defying marvels with inch wide pink areolas that perfectly complemented the shape of her breasts. The areolas were capped by slightly darker nipples that gave away Kay’s state of arousal. Thorn was sure every plastic surgeon in the world dreamed of creating such perfect breasts. The colorful sprinkles she was now spreading over those delectable mounds just accentuated their shape and firmness. They had become a fantasy treat that conjured up connotations of ice cream sundaes along with the usual sexual arousal.

“How are you going to clean all those sprinkles off?” Thorn asked.

“I don’t know, how do you think?” Kay smiled. She licked some sprinkles off of her fingers suggestively. “Maybe you will help?” She fished out some more sticky condensed milk and rubbed it on her belly.

“I would be happy to help,” Thorn said.

“Me too,” said Marie.

Kay applied sprinkles to her belly. “You’ll have to do a good job and get every one.” Sprinkles that didn’t stick to her belly dotted her thighs. A number of them stuck to her mons where some of the milk had dripped. Some were sticking to her pussy lips which were wet with her own juices.

Kay turned around and smeared her ass cheeks with the sticky cream.

Marie simply couldn’t sit and watch any more. She got up and went over to Kay and knelt. “I can do these,” she said. She took some sprinkles and applied them to Kay’s heart-shaped ass.

When Kay and Marie were done, Kay looked like an erotic confection. Her breasts, belly, pubic mound, hips and butt were covered in sprinkles arranged to mimic to coverage of her daringly cut one-piece swimsuit. Marie even helped create sprinkle straps over Kay’s shoulders that met in the back and ran down her spine to her tailbone.

“I want you to take some pictures,” Kay said. “But you have to promise to keep them for yourself only.”

“I’ll never show them to anyone without your permission,” Thorn said.

“I put your camera bag under the chair,” Marie said. She was sucking the mixture of milk and sprinkles off her fingers one by one. Once she was done, she helped Kay apply a sparkly Mardi Gras mask covered with glitter and feathers that matched the colors of the sprinkles.

Meanwhile, Thorn got the camera out. Once the mask was in place, he started taking pictures from every angle. He posed Kay in ways that ranged from deliciously seductive to delectably playful. When he finished, she showed both women the pictures he’d taken.

Kay loved the pictures. She loved the way Thorn had used light and shadow to make her look so sexy. More than anything, she now wanted his hands and mouth on her body.

“I think it’s time for you to have your dessert,” she said to Thorn. “And you, too,” she said to Marie. She offered up her right hand to Thorn and her left to Marie. They started licking her fingers clean and sucking the stickiness off them.

Kay stood there reveling in the sensation of what Thorn and Marie were doing. Her blood was thrumming with excitement. Her nipples ached with the need to be touched. She could feel her own wetness running down her leg.

“I think we have to get all these stray ones off, first,” Thorn said. He licked at the sprinkles that were stuck to Kay’s lips, then the ones on her neck. Marie found stray bits up and down Kay’s back. The two took their time finding every stray sparkle.

After what seemed like a delightfully torturous eternity, Thorn started removing the sparkles from Kay’s right breast with his tongue. Marie went to work on the “straps” of sparkles running over Kay’s left shoulder. Kay had one hand on Thorn’s head. The other was making a sticky mess of her pussy lips and clitoris.

By the time Thorn started circling Kay’s right breast, slowly working his way inward toward her nipple, she was on the verge of cumming. She grabbed Thorn’s hand and pushed it between her legs.

Thorn teased Kay’s pussy, resisting the almost overpowering urge to slide his fingers inside her. Instead he ran his fingers up and down her wet sticky labia. He ran his fingers everywhere except her clitoris.

“That’s not fair!” Kay said.

“You aren’t the only one who gets to tease,” he said. He licked more sprinkles from her breast.

Maria, meanwhile, was working her way down Kay’s spine with licks and kisses. After she cleaned a little bit, she would run her tongue back up Kay’s back to her neck. She snaked one of her hands around to caress Kay’s breast.

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