Son You Know We Shouldn’t Ch. 02

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Michele hardly spoke to her son for the next three weeks. She was ashamed and confused by what she had done and blamed David for it to a large extent. As far as she was concerned he had cajoled her into masturbating him.

“God! What about if he brags about it at school!!!” she said to herself, worried almost sick.

But she couldn’t control her desires or her fantasies. She masturbated with her vibrator at least once a day and sometimes more often. She had kept the semen stained blouse and she held it to her face when she masturbated and she couldn’t help but imagine that it was her son thrusting into her with that rampant weapon of his rather than the cold plastic vibrator.

They hardly ever touched each other and she tried not to be alone with him. If he came into a room she left it.

Whenever David tried to bring up what had happened she cut him off.

“It was a mistake…………nothing bad happened………………….and it will never happen again in any case,” she said.

“I don’t want to talk about it David!” was all she had to say on the matter.

It was during this period that David installed the wireless video camera in his mother’s bedroom. He did it one day while she was at work; hiding it between the piles of blankets stacked on the top of her wardrobe; the lens barely visible.

He had purchased the camera online and it was tiny; about the same shape and size as a tube of lipstick. He could activate it remotely from his cell phone or from his computer. The camera also had a motion detector in the lens and would sit idle unless the motion detector detected a presence in the room when it would activate after a three minute delay. When he programmed the camera David figured that’s about how long it would take for his mother to begin undressing once she entered her bedroom.

Most of the time it recorded useless dark blurry images but sometimes he was rewarded with a strip show and occasionally his mother masturbated with the light on using the vibrator he knew she kept in her knicker drawer. When she masturbated with the light on she would look at pictures of young men in a magazine or put the satin blouse he had ejaculated into next to her face.

David felt unloved and betrayed. His mother seldom talked to him and avoided touching him. And he wanted her so bad. He plotted and schemed and eventually he came up with a plan. He put it into action one evening when she came home from work.

When she came home Michele could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen and she threw her jacket over the back of a chair and slumped exhausted on the couch. David sat down beside her and he saw her flinch. She pulled down the hem of her skirt covering her thighs.

“Mom we can’t keep going on like this.”

“I want to talk to you before we have dinner,” David said.

“You made dinner for us?” Michele smiled wanly at her son.

“Yes; your favourite; now I want to tell something but I don’t want you to get mad,” he replied.

“David I can’t promise that; I don’t know what you are going to say do I?” Michele said, frowning.

“You know what I mean; I want you to let me finish what I’m going to say before you get mad,” David answered.

“I don’t like the sound of this but go on,” Michele said resignedly

“I know you don’t want to talk about what we did but you have to listen to me,” David said.

“David I……….”

“Shut up and listen Mom!”

David had never raised his voice to his mother like this before and she was quite shocked.

“I’ve been to see the school counsellor.”

Michele paled visibly.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t told him what happened between us; but I’m going to unless you start acting more loving towards me. You can’t go on ignoring me and not touching me; it’s torture!”

“David I just don’t want to get you; how did you put it? ‘Tense.'” Michele replied.

“Well it’s like this Mom; if you don’t start behaving better I’m going to tell the school counsellor that you masturbated me; that I was an unwilling participant but because you were my mother I didn’t stop you.”

“It won’t make any difference what you say to defend yourself or if you deny it; you know how society feels about sex with minors. Even if they believe that I was willing, you will still be judged to be guilty of incest with a minor and they might even tell the police,” David said, callously.

Michele was visibly shaken; her worst fear had come true.

“David how can you be so cold!” she hissed.

“No mother; how can you be so cold!” he spat back.

“So here’s the deal; you get that yummy arse of yours upstairs and get undressed and lie on the bed; then I’m coming up to massage you; and then we’re having dinner. The massage will be a repayment for the one you gave me,” David grinned.

“Here’s the deal young man; if you ever refer to my backside that way again I’ll smack you across the mouth; and I’m not doing anything like what you ask. Don’t be ridiculous David; I’m your mother!” Michele snapped back, quite enraged.

“Ok Mom; stranded teens porno wait a minute then; I have my counsellor’s mobile number here in my cell-phone. She said I can call her any time I need to if I get any harmful feelings about myself. I feel the need to unburden myself,” David smiled wickedly.

Michele slapped the cell-phone from her son’s hand.

“Ok you little shit! It’s tit for tat then! You can give me a back rub but I won’t be naked; I’ll take off my blouse and skirt but I’ll have a towel over me,” she said resignedly.

“And your knickers,” David whispered.

“No David,” Michele insisted.

David picked up his cell-phone and began to play with the buttons.

“Ok! Ok! Ok! I’ll take off my knickers but the towel stays on!” Michele said.

“Ok mommy; I’ll see you in five then,” David smiled.

“You are a manipulative little bastard David. I’ll never forgive you for this,” Michele said, a single tear running down her face.

Alone in her bedroom Michele stripped off her blouse and skirt. She shimmied out of her panties but she kept on her white satin half-slip, her lacy red brassiere and her black high-heeled pumps. She was wearing ‘totally-nude’ pantyhose that were almost transparent and they clung to Michele’s buttocks and pubis like a second skin. She wished she had time to change into some control-tops so that she would be more protected but she could hear David’s footsteps on the stairs. She grabbed a large bath towel and lay down on the bed, arranged her half-slip over her thighs and covered her buttocks with the towel.

David came into his mother’s bedroom full of anticipation and he was a little disappointed to see that his mother was still wearing a slip and a bra.

“You’re not naked!” he said disappointedly.

“No David; the deal was blouse, skirt and knickers. You never stipulated slip, brassiere, stockings or shoes!” Michele said triumphantly.

“You tricked me!” he whined.

“Said the blackmailer to his victim; now stop whinging before I change my mind,” Michele said exasperatedly.

David kicked off his shoes and socks and then unbuckled his belt.

“What the hell are you doing David?” Michele hissed.

“Oh don’t worry I’m leaving my undies and shirt on mom; you never stipulated I had to be fully dressed!” David snapped back.

“Oh just get it over with!” Michele said resignedly, and buried her face in the pillow.

Michele felt her son climb on the bed and then he straddled her body. It was immediately apparent that he had an erection; she could feel it on her buttocks even through the towel. David began to stroke his mother’s back. Her skin was fair with a scattering of freckles. She had a few wrinkles as would be expected for a woman of her age and a little roll of fat around her waist.

Michele had to admit that it was quite soothing having her back rubbed; she was exhausted from work and emotionally drained from arguing with her son. David was massaging her shoulders and the top of her arms and despite the lump she could feel on her bum, he was behaving himself. Michele relaxed a little and began to enjoy the massage.

“You’re not half-bad at this David,” she mumbled, trying to diffuse the tension in the room.

“Glad you like it mom,” David smiled to himself.

He took his time working on his mother’s shoulders and arms and then down her back. By the time he got to her waist Michele was almost snoozing. Then she felt him scrunch down her body so that he straddling her legs.

“David!” she warned.

“Its ok mom I just needed to move down a bit so that I can get to your lower back.”

Michele could now feel her son’s erection against her leg; as he kneaded her lower back Michele could feel him pressing it against her thighs.

“David! What are you doing?”

“I’m massaging you mom; just relax!”

Michele felt reasonably safe; her buttocks and her sex were covered with her hose, slip and a towel, its not as if he was actually touching her anywhere inappropriate and he still had his underwear on. She let him continue and began to doze again after a few minutes.

David waited until he heard his mother’s breathing become deep and regular and then he pulled his cock out the front of Y-fronts. He had deliberately worn Y-fronts with this intent. His mother was unaware that her son was sliding his uncovered cock up and down her silken sheathed thigh. He looked down and saw the little silver trail of pre-seminal fluid on his mother’s gossamer thin pantyhose.

David was totally inflamed with lust; the feeling of his engorged member on his mother’s nylon-clad thigh was exceedingly more arousing than the feelings he had experienced when she had wanked him. His cock was actually touching her body! He was dry-humping his mother without her even knowing! It was such a turn on that he was afraid he would come at any second.

He would have to execute the next part of his plan soon.

“MMMmmm,” Michele purred.

“That’s quite good David; if you behave yourself student sex parties porno I might let you do this again.”

“What are you up to now?” Michele asked when she felt David begin to move.

Quickly David tore the towel off his mother’s buttocks and spun around so that he was sitting on her buttocks facing her feet. Michele began to struggle violently and she kicked her feet in an effort to dislodge him. David laughed; she had no chance, he was far too strong.

“David! David! Stop this at once!” she pleaded.

David ignored her and rode her like a bronco; his cock fitted nicely in the crease of her buttocks and her satin slip felt wonderful against his sensitive organ; he was glad she had left it on. Michele could feel David’s penis in the crevice of her buttocks and she soon figured out that her struggling was only providing him with further stimulation. She lay still.

“David; I’m going to make you regret this later you little bustard!” She reproached him.

David didn’t care.

“Oh don’t be silly mom; I just want to massage your legs,” he chuckled.

“That wasn’t part of the deal!”

Michele felt ridiculous; pinned to her own bed with her son sitting on her arse to hold her down.

David leant forward and slid his hands along his mother’s legs; her nylons hissed in the quiet room and his cock, trapped between his mother’s buttocks, began to throb. David stroked his mother’s nylon-sheathed legs, rubbing his hands from her ankles all the way up to just above her knees. Michele had to admit that it was soothing and a little arousing; despite her predicament she could feel herself becoming moist. She wished she had kept her knickers on; it would not take long for her to soak the gusset of her gossamer-thin hose.

She could tell that David was deliberately pushing his erection into the crevice of her bum; at least she still had two layers of fabric between his throbbing organ and her privates. If it was anyone other than her son doing it she would have to say that it felt quite sexy; but it was her son and it was wrong. But if she was honest with herself she would have to admit that it felt extremely sexy regardless.

“Mmmmm,’ she let out a little moan of contentment and David smiled.

He gradually worked his hands higher and higher up his mother’s silken legs until he was massaging her from her ankles to the tops of her thighs.

“David……….” his mother cautioned him; but her heart wasn’t in it.

Michele was thoroughly enjoying the massage and her cunt was sending out little waves of pleasure; she doubted she would climax but she was certainly enjoying her son’s ministrations. David slid his fingers under his mother’s slip and began to squeeze the cheeks of her ample behind.

“David……MMmmmmm; alright but you stop right there young man,” Michele moaned.

He flicked the slinky satin half-slip out of the way and was rewarded by the magnificent sight of his mother’s round bum encased in the transparent ‘totally-nude’ pantyhose. He could see the dark fissure between her buttocks and a few wisps of pubic hair. His tumescent cock slid along the seamless nylon as he began to once again massage his mother’s thighs and buttocks.

“Magnificent!” he uttered.

“Thank you; now behave yourself back there!” Michele laughed nervously.

Michele knew that the situation had gotten totally out of her control but she was quite flattered that her son admired her bottom and was prepared to let him keep massaging her as long he didn’t go any further. The whisper of her son’s fingers on her nylon-clad legs and buttocks and the contented sighs of both Michele and her son filled the room.

David’s cock was now very close to exploding; the feel of his sensitive organ rubbing against his mother’s silky arse was like having his cock caressed by butterfly wings. It was nearly time to execute the next part of his plan. Michele began to moan as she felt the sexual tension building; her sex was soaked and she longed to slide a finger in there, she was fully aroused and she decided that when David had finished massaging her she was going to bring herself off as soon as he left the room. She was conscious that her vagina was exuding the musky scent of arousal and she felt herself blush. She shivered.

“MMMmmm that is nice David but I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to stop now,” Michele sighed.

David grinned to himself and fumbled around in the folds of the quilt. Unbeknownst to his mother David had taken her vibrator from the top drawer of her bedside table before she came home from work and had had secreted it between the mattress and the base of her bed. When he had climbed on the bed he had tossed it on the quilt before he straddled her.

“What are you doing now David?” Michele felt her son remove his hand from her and fumble around on the bed.

David suddenly jammed the vibrator between his mother legs and pressed it to her sex and turned it on; instinctively Michele slammed her legs closed trapping submissive cuckolds porno the vibrator between her legs.

“David…………………………..Oh my god………………” Michele moaned as intense waves of pleasure wracked her body.

She couldn’t fight off her son now even if she wanted to; the vibrator pressing against her clitty invoked an earth-shattering orgasm. Michele writhed in ecstasy and her feet drummed on the bed. David slid off his mother’s buttocks and worked the vibrator in and out of his mother’s labia ensuring that the tip of the vibrator kneaded her clitty. Michele wantonly opened her legs to let her son work the vibrating plastic cock deeper inside her labia. She reached between her legs and slid her painted fingernails along the translucent gusset of her pantyhose and opened up a gaping hole.

“Ohhhh David you little bastard…………..Jesus……………oh my god!!!!” she moaned as David slid the pulsating toy into her vagina and thrummed her clitoris with his fingers.

Michele shamelessly raised herself up on her knees so that David could work the vibrator in and out of her dripping snatch. She abandoned any pretext of decorum as waves of pleasure emanated from her throbbing cunt and ran through her body. Ripples of intense sexual gratification circled her pulsing vagina and David could actually feel his mother’s cunt cling to the vibrator as he worked it in her.

David moved between his mother’s legs and fucked her with the vibrator as she bucked and writhed in pleasure.

“Ohhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!” Michele groaned wantonly, drumming her heels on the bed and shaking her head from side to side.

David’s cock was rock hard; the sight of his mother in the throes of orgasm as he plunged the vibrator in and out of her sopping cunt was the most erotic thing that he had ever seen.

Michele’s orgasm peaked and began to plateaux; it never actually fully receded and she wondered if she was going to be left in a constant state of arousal. Then she felt another orgasm building.

“Oh my god David I’m coming again!” she cried and began to shake.

David whipped the vibrator out of his mother’s cunt and prodded at her hairy cunt-lips with his steel-hard cock. Michele felt her son trying to enter her and despite the fact that she knew it was terribly wrong she needed relief. David was amazed when his mother raised her buttocks like a bitch in heat and then reached between her legs and positioned his penis inside the folds of her labia at the entrance to her vagina.

“Go on! Fuck me then! I know that’s what you’ve always wanted!” Michele groaned.

David slid into his mother’s sweet buttery cunt; impaling her on his cock. Michele pushed back against her son and began to buck. David couldn’t believe it! It was not only his first ever fuck; he was fucking his beautiful mother. He grasped her hips and began to grind himself against her so that her nylon-clad thighs stimulated his.

Michele was still at plateaux; being taken from behind like this very erotic and she was extremely aroused; but it would not bring her to orgasm. She needed pressure on her clitoris and her son was too inexperienced to know how to do that from this position.

To David’s disappointment his mother fell forward and his cock slipped out of her cunt with an audible plop. He was not disappointed for long. Michele rolled over onto her back and opened her legs invitingly. David knelt between them and pulled her half-slip out of the way; his mother’s cunt was framed by the hole she had ripped in her sheer hose. He wanted to explore it with his fingers; he wanted to taste it, but most all he wanted to fuck it. He tore off his Y-fronts and shirt so that he was naked.

His mother lifted her buttocks up off the bed and wriggled her crotch at him.

“Come on David; finish what you started. You’ve obviously planned this meticulously so take your spoils.”

“Fuck your mother David!” Michele moaned.

David fell forward onto his mother’s body and Michele wriggled her hips until she had his cock positioned at the entrance to her sopping vagina. She wrapped her arms around her son and lifted her legs and wrapped them around his lower back. She kissed him and let her tongue slide inside his mouth. She broke the kiss and licked David’s ear and then she drove her tongue into his ear.

“Fuck me David,” she panted.

She lifted her hips and drew his body to hers with her legs and he slowly slid inside her. Michele felt her son’s cock fill her tight snatch and then his groin ground against hers; the base of his thick cock stimulated her clitoris and she ground her crotch against his and began to fuck her son. She controlled the rhythm, gradually increasing the pace until their bodies were slamming together making ‘schlock-schlock-schlock’ sounds as their bodies slammed into each other. She made sure that David kept stimulating her clitty; teaching her son his first lesson in the art of bringing a woman to orgasm.

David was close to coming; his senses were overloaded; his cock was throbbing inside his mother’s tight tunnel; the feel of her body against his, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her sex mingled with her perfume, the sensation of her stocking-clad legs sliding along his flanks and back, the scratching of her high-heels as she encouraged him to fuck her faster. Michele dug her heels into him, using them like spurs.

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